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10/40 Connections
Dig bore wells that plunge 180 feet into the earth to attain clean drinking water for unaccessed villages of North India. Relationships are built with local leaders and they (the local panchyat) provide concrete and donated public land while we provide the bore well. Through this partnership, villagers own and care for the well, and the honor of local church planters increases. We have installed over 95 water wells and have blessed over 40,000 people with clean water. Each well costs $884.
127 Worldwide
We exist to help believers across the globe work together, using their God-given gifts to live out James 1:27. Everything we do is ultimately aimed at supporting our local leaders' work of caring for the Orphans, Widows, and Vulnerable communities.
18ten Ministries
18ten is a faith-based charitable organization created to respond to the needs of orphans and other disadvantaged children in Central America. We enlist local churches and Christians to perform this work in the areas where they live. We want to bring glory to God by sharing the love of Jesus Christ in Central America.
A Child's Hope International
It’s no secret that children in our own community and around the world are hungry. They are hungry not only for food and water, but also hope and purpose. Learn about the realities of hunger and lack of access to clean drinking water that exist in our modern world and how each of us has an opportunity to become a solution provider.
A Rocha USA
A Rocha is an international family of Christian conservation organizations. Our mission is restoring both people and places through collaborative, community-based conservation. We believe it is vital that Christians better understand our role in God’s full creation and our responsibilities to help it flourish. Working alongside a wide range of people and organizations; engaging churches, schools, neighborhood groups, and land-owners.
AbbaCare’s ministry is more crucial than ever to those facing unplanned pregnancy. Pandemic fears and financial concerns add to our clients' reasons for considering abortion. We come alongside these women and men with the love and support they need to see past the uncertainty of the present. Also, many of our clients have lost income as a result of Covid. As we provide them with diapers and other essentials for their baby, we have additional opportunities to share the love of Christ with them.
Acceleration In Mission Strategies
The current crisis in Afghanistan has resulted in horrific upheaval among followers of Jesus. Fearing for their lives, many Afghan Christians have fled their homes and spent their savings in hope of finding safety. Make a donation to the Afghan Relief Fund of AIMS.ORG to provide immediate food and financial support for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.
Acceleration In Mission Strategies
Targeting and reaching Unreached People Groups through indigenous workers taking the gospel and planting churches in areas where they have never heard the name of Jesus.
Administer Justice
Injustice can be overwhelming. The needs seem insurmountable and the resources limited. God is bigger than our limited resources! Will you share your loaves and fishes? Will you share two days wages? Will you be part of God’s miraculous work in the lives of broken people in need of gospel justice? Thank you for doing your part!
Adventures in Missions
Church-to-Church offers American churches the opportunity to spiritually and physically support a sister church internationally (examples: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, Cuba, etc). These partnerships are also offered domestically in disaster relief areas and through our Native American ministries on Indian reservations throughout the United States. Please help us as we offer partnerships and true relationship in areas of great need.
Adventures in Missions
Support the Ambassador Mission Trip program in which high school students participate in trips from two weeks up to a month. Whether it’s a sports camp in Romania, a prayer walk in a Guatemalan volcano, or earthquake relief in Haiti, it will be an adventure they will never forget!
Adventures in Missions
This initiative seeks to empower internally displaced people in Kenya, Africa who have been refugees within their own country and living in tents since 2007. We focus on five areas of need: water, land, community center, a charcoal project, and businesses for women.
Adventures in Missions
Orphans are close to the heart of Adventures In Missions, as we believe God cares deeply for the fatherless. Support our work in fulfilling James 1:27 by giving to the Orphan Fund.
AdventureServe Ministries
AdventureServe Ministries was established in 1980 to create Christ-centered community and encourage growth through confrontational experiences with God, self, others, and nature. We specialize in planning and leading powerful missions and wilderness adventure experiences in Tennessee and Kentucky. We provide practical service to community members while transforming youth into mature Christians who respond to the needs around them.
Africa Renewal Ministries
Help us to provide relief in Uganda during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.
African Children's Mission
At African Chil­dren’s Mission, we reach out to children in destitute circumstances, both physically and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to enable them to grow and develop in a secure environment. We use Christian values and principles as the foundation of our ministry and programs, guiding these children into a responsible, productive life, and discipling them through word and example.
African Children's Mission
For over two-decades, ACM has helped care for destitute children while sharing the true gospel with them. Over the years, we have seen many ACM sponsored children grow up to care for others the same way ACM cared for them. Additionally, ACM continues to provide deep discipleship and leadership training to local pastors and community members. Please visit our site to see what God is doing in and through ACM.
Aglow International
There are an estimated 27 million human trafficking victims worldwide. Aglow has a call like Nehemiah: to build the wall of protection for trafficked children and adults by supporting anti-trafficking organizations through prayer, local partnership, and through education to spread awareness about anti-trafficking efforts and how to make a difference in your own community as well as around the world.
Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association
We are committed to proclaiming the Gospel through evangelism, discipleship, strengthening the family, equipping Hispanic christian leaders and providing ministry resources for the Hispanic church worldwide. Our purpose is to win for Christ the greatest possible number of people, motivate the church to live a consistent life style of evangelism, and go where He sends us sparing none of the sacrifices He demands of us.
Alliance for Children Everywhere
When we find a family that can be helped toward self-sustainability with the gift of a few dollars we will help them purchase what they need to start that business. These gifts are under $200 and we do not ask that they be repaid but rather that the person help somone else when they are able.
Alliance for Children Everywhere
Chronic hunger is epidemic in Zambia where many families can only manage to eat once a day, or even every other day. $20 provides supplemental food for a child. This critical help is given to display the Love of Jesus Christ. Please indicate "feeding" on the comments section of the donate page on our website
Amazi Water
We share the vision of many others in this beautiful land: a land restored, a land refreshed and renewed, overflowing with change and opportunity. Think East Africa is the primary, in-country partner for clean water projects. Together with dynamic organizations we are developing a national water strategy with the goal of providing sustainable access to clean water for every Burundian community by the end of 2028.
Amazima Ministries International
Our sponsorship program is focused on providing the opportunity for children in the Buziika area to receive education, nutrition, and medical care that would otherwise not be available to them. Each child is also assigned a mentor, a trained social worker who monitors their growth, makes sure all their needs are being met, and builds an encouraging relationship with his or her family. We share God's love with these children and help disciple them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Amazon Outreach
Imagine a villager on a remote tributary of the Amazon River without glasses to see. It’s been years since they threaded a needle, hooked a fish, or read their Bible. Amazon Outreach’s short term teams minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the villagers. Thousands of glasses are given for clear vision while at the same time a new vision for Christ is presented. Amazon Outreach has the opportunity to reach thousands of lives in the 33,000 unreached villages on the river.
Amazon Outreach
This ministry’s focus is to provide clean drinking water for the Brazilians living along the thousands of tributaries of the Amazon River. Our goal is to drill water wells in villages while at the same time sharing the gospel with those who have never heard. Headed up by a Brazilian drilling team equipped with a water well drilling boat, Amazon Outreach has the potential opportunity to reach thousands of lives in the 33,000 unreached villages on the river.
American Bible Society
Last year, 50 million people went hungry at some point because they couldn’t afford to buy food. That’s one of every six Americans. Day after day, more hurting souls turn to the American Bible Society for help. Your gift today will help provide physical and spiritual nourishment in the form of food and Bibles for hundreds of thousands of children and their families in some of America’s most impoverished communities.
American Leprosy Missions
Your gift will relieve suffering and transform lives through caring for and curing people with leprosy and Buruli ulcer. Needed funds go to the prevention of disabilities, education, job assistance, and comfort in Jesus' love. Jesus said, "Freely you have received. Freely give." Please give now to help those in need.
AMG International
AMG is working along the borders of Afghanistan, providing food, basic supplies, and assistance for refugees fleeing the country.
AMG International
Providing food, hygiene, and basic needs for those affected by worldwide lockdowns and/or the virus itself.
AMG International
Faced with emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, AMG International's disaster relief ministry stands ready to provide desperately needed assistance when the need arises. AMG International has a long history of disaster relief. In fact, AMG was born in the 1940’s to help provide for the needs, both physical and spiritual, of war-torn Greece during and following World War II.
AMG International
Showing the love of Christ through medical care quickly breaks down walls and opens hearts. AMG operates medical facilities ranging in scope from basic-care clinics in places like Haiti and Uganda, to leprosy clinics and an ophthalmological surgery center in India, to the state-of-the art, full-service St. Luke's hospital in Greece.
Ananias House
Ananias House seeks to preserve the rich Christian heritage of Biblical times, and, in the face of darkness and despair, proclaim the light and hope of Jesus Christ to believers and peoples of other faiths alike through meeting practical and tangible needs, knowing that it is often in the darkest times that the power of God is most evident.
Armenian Relief and Development Association
ARDA’s mission is to provide spiritual, physical, and educational assistance, as well as promote self-sustaining opportunities to the Armenian people in the name of Jesus Christ. We are responsive to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, ministering to the needs of the most vulnerable and socially deprived children, elderly, and families. Now is a great time for you to partner with this life changing ministry to help the neediest of all Armenians.
Asian Access LIFE Ministries
Needed: a secure digital platform providing leaders with a safe place! Here's what your gift will do: • Enable our leaders to stay connected securely and learn from each other, • Allow leaders and pastors to get proper information on COVID-19 to one another and their congregations, • Remove the fear of persecution for those living under governments where Christians are persecuted, and • Support a revival in process! Click the link for more info.
Asian Partners International
In hundreds of railway stations in the nation of India, thousands of children have been kicked out, abandoned, and sometimes literally thrown off of trains by their families. These children, some as young as 3 years old, find that their daily existence is a struggle. Words like Hope and Future are completely foreign to them. Please consider contributing to this mission and help us rescue these children while giving them hope and a future!
Attack Poverty
Friends of Uganda is a community development initiative of Attack Poverty. We empower Ugandans to attack poverty in their lives and community through the collaboration of great people and organizations who care. We strive to provide safe water access, plant churches, develop leaders, and educate. Join us in this effort.
Austin Disaster Relief Network
Giving where it matters most into ADRN’s General Fund equips ADRN with the resources needed, including personnel, supporting materials, equipment, and other disaster related materials to help us fulfill our mission to meet the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of those affected by disaster.
Avenue of Life
Central to our mission is our commitment to equip and mobilize the community. Our goal is to facilitate the journey from hand-outs (emergency relief) in crisis, to hand-ups (individual betterment) for those ready to rise above their circumstances, to hand-offs (community development) to indigenous leaders of a transformed community. Please be a part of our mission!
The vision of B2THEWORLD is to bless children, parents and families in countries that are recovering from war through transformative educational institutions. The goal is not just to build schools or send teachers, but to provide an education that transforms the lives of those involved. We also aim to comfort children who's families have been torn apart by war.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
In Guaimaca, Honduras, BMDMI leads multiple ministry projects under the flagship ministry of the Centro Medico de Especialidades. In this medical clinic, patients receive year-round clinical care, as well as occasional surgical treatments led by North American physicals and medical professionals. Additionally, BMDMI coordinates ministry in the areas of vocational training, clean water, food distribution, and evangelism!
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
Short-term Mission Teams with BMDMI work to provide medical care, dental care, veterinarian care, construction efforts, and direct evangelism to people living in remote villages throughout Honduras, Nicaragua, and Nepal. Each year, short-term team volunteers treat more than 100,000 patients, fill more than 500,000 prescriptions, and distribute more than 30,000 Bibles while sharing the Gospel with everyone they meet.
Barry Wood Evangelistic Association
The Sukuma people live in near poverty and without clean water to drink, so many children die from sicknesses related to bad water and malaria. The village of Mwabayanda has a Christian community of 200 believers but had no place to worship and no water to drink except from small ponds that cattle and wild animals drink from. Since a well can cost $6000-$8000 to complete, every donation is helpful and needed.
Beall Ministries/ dba Sons of Thunder Ministry
In a land as rich with natural resources as Zambia, it is astonishing that there are millions in danger of starvation throughout the country. A 10,000 acre farm is designed to meet the objective of training Zambian nationals toward autonomy and freedom. National families come to our farm, including church leaders and village leaders, at our invitation, to be trained in solid agricultural practices. Your financial support will help these people acquire a sense of self-reliance.
Beautiful Feet Ministries
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Rom 10:15). Beautiful Feet began in 1981 when two seminary students shared coffee, donuts, and the Gospel with homeless men in Fort Worth, Texas. Decades later, Beautiful Feet has its own facility where the ministry conducts worship services, Bible studies, discipleship and counseling, as well as providing a soup kitchen and various other resources to those in need. Please consider donating to this multi-faceted ministry.
BigLife International
Biglife has multiple relief and rescue teams on the ground in Afghanistan meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the persecuted and distressed. Biglife has already helped dozens of families to safety, with hundreds more desperately requesting our help.
Blessings International
Medicines for Orphans is a Blessings effort to provide much needed vitamins and pharmaceuticals to children in orphanages around the world. The Emergency Disaster Relief Fund was set up by Blessings International to provide free medicines and medical supplies to teams traveling to disaster areas.
Blessman International
Blessman International is engaged in training students and families in agriculture methods, poultry production, and fish farming. Food raised is used to support child feeding programs, school feeding programs and sustainable food sources for communities.
Blessman International
Blessman International is involved in the distribution of food and providing food for 7,500 children weekly in South Africa.
Blessman International
Blessman International is engaged with poor rural schools in rural South Africa to provide safe, clean, environmentally friendly toilets for children and communities.
Blessman International
Donations can take on many forms. We are looking for sewn items such as tassel tied fleece blankets, clothing, rag dolls, eyeglass cases etc. Patterns for many of these items are available on our website as well as information on where to send them. If you can sew, you can bless a child in need!
Blood:Water Mission
We strive to end the water crisis in sub-Saharan Africa through multi-year granting partnerships with African organizations. Our funding of partners with WaSH projects includes: Creating safe water access through wells, filtration systems, rain tanks, protected springs, and other solutions based on local conditions and expertise; Providing sanitation and hygiene training alongside water solutions to ensure maximum health benefits; Training local leaders; Formation of water committees.
Bread of Life Mission
Support the Bread of Life Mission and help change lives. We have been helping the poor, homeless, and hurting in Seattle for 70 years!
Bridges for Peace
There are times when everything seems to break down at once. That is how it seems in Israel as we receive multiple requests for help from one end of the country to the other. The 18+ months of pandemic have stretched the finances of many towns, institutions and families to a breaking point. I am convinced that God has a heart to help each of them and that Bridges for Peace is acting as His hands and feet reaching out with love to encourage and meet practical needs. Let me share some of those nee
Bright Hope International
When you purchase and redeem a Bright Hope Coin, you become part of an important mission that creates sustainable solutions for the extreme poor. The Bright Hope Coin is like a gift card. Redeem the coin on over 40 different programs featured in Bright Hope’s online catalog. You can use your Bright Hope Coin to support the projects that mean the most to you. Hope for Today programs supply urgent needs like food and water. Hope for Tomorrow programs support education, job training, an
Bright Hope International
Rice is the most consumed food of the Haitian diet. However, Haiti’s rice production is insufficient to meet the need, making them highly dependent on imported rice. The best way to increase rice yield requires a consistent water supply. And an irrigation system would provide the water needed by the rice farmers in Ferrier to sustain the fields. Your gift provides a Haitian farmer with a microenterprise opportunity that would allow him to purchase a complete solar-powered irrigation system
Bright Hope International
Your gift to support our Most Urgent Needs fund will be directed to where needs are most pressing. Sometimes that means feeding school children, repairing a well, or providing food for a whole community during a crisis. It’s tough to predict when an urgent need will present itself, so having a well-funded MUN account is critical for being prepared to meet the need when it arises. Through gifts from Allies like you, we can always be ready to help provide Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity f
Bright Hope International
You can launch a person, family, or community from a position of poverty to one of self-sustainability by giving them access to safe water. Often a community will have an old pump that no longer produces water. This is tragic because for around $100 a broken pump can be repaired—bringing clean and safe water to those nearby. Access to safe water saves lives by reducing water-related diseases, freeing children to go to school, and providing a hygienic way to dispose of waste and a means
Buffalo City Mission
Just $1.98 provides a hot meal! For people who haven’t eaten in days, a plate piled high with hot food is an incredible blessing. But, if they happen to also be hungry for hope as most of the guests are, you might say that a Mission meal is just the “appetizer" and mealtimes are opportunities to tell people about the other vital services at the Buffalo City Mission. The food on their plates just whets the appetites for change. Help feed the hungry!
But God Ministries
The Bread of Life (Pen Lavi) Malnutrition Center is located in Ganthier, Haiti. Children with severe acute malnutrition need very specialized daily care to get better. Before Pen Lavi opened, malnourished patients were sent 2 hours away to an unfamiliar place. Parents had difficulty visiting and could not receive needed nutrition education and counseling. Pen Lavi and its staff help these children heal physically, and educate and encourage parents while sharing the love of Jesus.
Byelorussian Mission
To plant new churches in cities in Belarus and Ukraine where no evangelical church presently exists. To work with orphanages to head off a looming sociological disaster when an entire generation of young adults, who have known nothing but an institutional social background, will be unleashed on the Belarus/Ukraine society. To reach young adults at the University and High School level and bring them the Gospel message of Jesus’ saving grace.
Camino Global
On Saturday, April 16, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador with devastating consequences. Thousands are injured and displaced, and the death toll is well over 500. The magnitude and scope of this earthquake make it Ecuador's worst disaster in 60 years. The need is urgent.
Camino Global
The need is urgent. You can help. Waves of natural disasters have devastated the globe. Camino Global is directly involved in helping with relief in the aftermath of the recent tragedies in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Cuba and beyond. We’re grateful for any gift you’re led to give today to support these relief efforts.
Capital City Rescue Mission
We proclaim the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless and needy. We serve them with God’s love by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical clinic, and recovery and reentry programs.
CARE for AIDS operates centers in multiple communities throughout Kenya. Each center is located within a local Kenyan church and has two counselors who guide a class of 80 clients at a time through a nine-month program. Throughout the program these clients experience transformation in five key areas; physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual. Please help fund this much needed program!
CareCenter Ministries
The Basket is a food program that serves over 10,000 individuals annually, giving boxes of food that will feed a family for three to five days. Our mission is to support and strengthen the poor, so they can eventually give back to the community in both body and spirit. The bulk of the food is purchased from the North Texas Food Bank for fourteen cents per pound. Because of this, your contributions can be used to help many people. Donations are welcomed!
Casas por Cristo
Casas por Cristo is a short term missions organization that builds homes for families in need in Juárez and Acuña, México, as well as Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. In four days, volunteer teams transform an empty lot into a complete home. Families served receive a renewed trust in God’s love and faithfulness as volunteers are awakened to the realities of poverty and the importance of sharing God’s love through serving others.
Central Union Mission
Meals-A-Month donors are a very special group of friends who ensure that the Mission's ministry continues month after month, all year long. Since one complete meal costs $2.09, a donation of $22.99 will provide 11 nutritious "meals a month." Help provide food for the hungry and homeless and make a difference in Jesus' name every single month!
Childcare Worldwide
Provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity. Not only will your child have food, clean water and access to medical care as needed, they will receive an education that leads to employment, giving them the skills to provide for themselves. In addition, your child will hear about Jesus and be trained to have Christ-like character. For only $40 per month, you can radically change a child's life. Sponsor a child today!
Children of Grace
Children of Grace works primarily through child sponsorship. Sponsors commit to paying an annual or monthly amount to support an AIDS orphan living in Uganda. Sponsorship provides children with access to an education, healthcare and nutrition.
Children of Promise
Children of Promise offers food, education, health care, and spiritual nurture to over 4,500 children in 29 countries. Sponsors generously give to support their children monthly at $32, $38, or $50. COP retains 20% to "make it all happen." This covers about 50% of the funds necessary to run the ministry. We must depend upon individuals, groups, and churches to help us provide the remaining funds to operate the ministry. Please consider supporting the "Making It All Happen" Fund.
Children of Promise
As an international child sponsorship program in 29 countries, Children of Promise periodically faces the issue of sponsors who cannot continue to sponsor their children in need. Rather than stop the children's benefits (food, schooling, health care, and spiritual nurture), we utilize the Unsponsored Children Fund to cover their benefits until we find new sponsors. This provides stability and continuity to the children's experience. Monthly sponsorship amounts are $32, $38, and $50.
Children of the Nations
You can bring a smile to a child halfway around the world! SmilePacks contain items children need to thrive, such as Bibles, school supplies, and hygiene products. They help us go above and beyond in providing for our children’s physical, spiritual, and educational needs. SmilePacks are a practical way for you, your church, or your company to help a child in need.
Children of the Nations
COTN staff and children are praying for the families around the world that have been impacted or have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 virus. As concerns grow, and the ever changing landscape of the virus evolves, many have asked, what can I do to help? Below are 3 immediate ways you, your church or business can help: 1. Pray with us that the impact of this virus will be both limited and quickly contained. 2. Provide Hygiene supplies that prevent the spread of illness and disease.
Children of the Nations
Children of the Nations® (COTN®) provides children with holistic care built on a foundation of sustainable practices. Our WARM (Water, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Microenterprise) practices focus on an integrated approach to sustainability. In each instance, we seek long-term solutions that will help the children and families we serve lift themselves out of poverty for good. Join this effort and empower children today, tomorrow, and forever!
Children of the Nations
Children of the Nations Haitian Staff have mobilized to partner with agencies on the ground in areas most affected by the recent earthquake. A magnitude 7.2 (M 7.2) earthquake struck Haiti on August 14th and the death toll has risen to over 2200. The poorest country in the Americas is in urgent need of medical, food and sanitation assistance.
Children Rescue Mission
Children Rescue Mission is an interdenominational Christian mission called by God to serve the Nepali people. Established in 2006, it is our passion to share the gospel, rescue at-risk children in Nepal from poverty and educate young people and their parents about the dangers of human trafficking. We do this primarily by starting, equipping and mobilizing Christian churches and through child sponsorships.
Children's HopeChest
Children's HopeChest responds to God's desire to create a world where every orphan knows Him, experiences the blessing of family, and acquires the skills necessary for independent life. Please donate today to help a child in need.
Children's Hunger Fund
A Food Pak is a twenty-pound box full of nutritious foods—canned fruit and vegetables, dried beans and pasta, cooking oil, soup mix, granola bars, and peanut butter. A Food Pak may seem like a small thing, but something special happens when it is delivered to a helpless child by someone who cares. Consider making a donation to CHF and provide the most effective way to care for a needy family by bringing help directly to their door!
Children's Hunger Fund
Children's Hunger Fund is in close contact with our partners in Guatemala. We are positioned to provide food and other aid to families through a network of churches in the communities likely to suffer as a result of this volcanic eruption.
Children's Hunger Fund
As Hurricane Dorian advances and intensifies, we are accepting financial gifts to allow our partners on the ground to respond swiftly to the needs of children and families impacted by the force of the hurricane. Please pray with us for families being impacted. Your gifts will allow CHF to respond quickly, getting help and care to victims of the storm.
Children's Hunger Fund
Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) is responding with food and aid to help those impacted by Hurricane Iota in Central America. CHF has Mercy Networks in Honduras and El Salvador, and church partners in Nicaragua. Food and aid will be distributed by the Mercy Networks and church partners in country. Your gift will allow us to respond immediately by providing help and hope.
Children's Hunger Fund
Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) is responding to COVID-19 by providing food and aid for children and families in need. CHF works through corporate relationships and a global network of churches, making it possible to meet people around the world at the point of their need.The coronavirus was unexpected, and the need for assistance is immediate. Your gift to COVID-19 Relief allows us to respond with help and the love of Christ.
Chosen Children Ministries
CCM short-term mission teams minister to the people of Nicaragua by providing labor and materials for needed construction. CCM teams build churches, class rooms, small homes, walls, wells, ramps, and more. Construction projects are assigned to teams based on the skill and number of team members. As with all avenues of CCM, sharing the Gospel is key. Local Nicaraguans often help with construction work giving mission team members the opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel.
Chosen Children Ministries
Chosen Children Ministries (CCM) partners with evangelistic churches across the United States to send nearly 1,100 short-term mission teams to Nicaragua each year. These mission teams minister to children and adults through construction, bible teaching, humanitarian aid, church planting, and other activities centered around evangelism.
Chosen Children Ministries
Working with partnerships with families who are already active in CCM established barrio churches to break the cycle of generational poverty and hopelessness by teaching skills and developing work opportunities to enable these families to meet their specific needs. Includes providing uniforms and supplies enabling children to attend school, assisting families grow or begin small businesses, and providing equipment, supplies, and training for community farming.
Chosen People Ministries
Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Reaching out across the globe and taking the message of the Messiah to the Jewish community. Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to Chosen People Ministries!
Christ for the Island World
Working through Indonesian nationals, our mission is to reach Indonesians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We minister through our Indonesian Field Director, providing financial support for evangelists and church planters in underevangelized areas of East Indonesia. Through our Living Water Program, we construct numerous life-saving clean water facilities in remote villages. To make a donation, please contact Christ for the Island World 1400 Battleground Ave., Ste 116-H, Greensboro, NC 27408.
Christ's Body
Over the years, through prayer, support, and the efforts of thousands of volunteers and partners, Christ’s Body Ministries has been the “Hands and Feet” of the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We serve poor, homeless, and broken people 365 days a year. Support the work of Christ's Body by giving today!
Christian Adoption Services
Will you commit to showing the love of Christ to the children of Liberia in a tangible way? Without your support these children must work in the markets or on the side of busy streets, live as servants in exchange for food and a place to sleep, or pound rocks all day as a means of survival. Your monthly support of $40 will provide food, clothing, medical care and education for one of these precious children of God.
Christian Aid Ministries
CAM has a program in place to coordinate volunteers, mostly Amish and Mennonites, to cleanup and rebuild in natural disaster areas in the USA. Volunteers on the DRS (Disaster Response Services) and Rapid Response projects have the blessing of being the hands and feet of Jesus to people who have lost earthly possessions and, in some cases, family members. Help support CAM’s cleanup and rebuilding projects in disaster areas in the USA by giving today!
Christian Aid Ministries
Emergency food aid | Christian literature | Soap, disinfectant and preventive supplies | and more! . . . CAM has launched a CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project. This is to respond to the increasing number of physical and spiritual needs and opportunities coming to our attention from the poorer areas of the world, as well as the United States, as a result of this pandemic. Check out our website for project details.
Christian Aid Ministries
In India’s COVID crisis, many of the people that we don’t hear about in the news are the marginalized, the poorest, and others who need a helping hand to bring them and their families through this terrible time. Many lives are at stake and vulnerable families are in crisis. The economic impact of COVID-19 has brought long-term problems to India's poor, especially to impoverished day laborers. Our contacts in India are rising to the overwhelming task of meeting desperate needs.
Christian Aid Ministries
This program helps victims of war, famine, and natural disasters around the world. Supporters' donations provide emergency food, medicines, clothing, shelter, or other aid, and sometimes rebuilding. CAM's main priority in all International Crisis (IC) projects is to distribute Christian literature and share the love of Christ, sometimes in closed and dark places of the world.
Christian Aid Ministries Foundation
Did you know you can donate assets such as grain or cattle to support kingdom work? Are you selling your farm or business and need help with capital gains tax issues? Would you like help from a Biblical perspective on establishing a will or trust? Christian Aid Ministries Foundation's mission is to educate, motivate, and assist supporters in biblical stewardship planning. Our Biblical Stewardship Services department may be able to help you with the following services: ? Estate design assis
Christian Blind Mission International
Become a CBM partner and you can give miracles of sight, ability and hope every month! Your gift will offer children hope, take whole families and communities out of grinding poverty, and build bridges between them and their communities.
Christian Educators Outreach
At Christian Educators Outreach, we are helping abandoned kids in Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, South Africa, Serbia, and the USA. Your donation will help us bring these children food and share the Gospel.
Christian Freedom International
Provide aid, Bible and vocational training, shelter, food, Bibles, and security cameras for persecuted Christians and churches. Also, provide monthly Covid aid to impoverished Christians in areas of persecution. You can also sponsor a persecuted believer and provide for critical, basic needs such as food, clothing, Bibles and other Christian literature, educational aid, medicine and medical care. Sponsorship means that you will not only enjoy a rewarding relationship through ongoing corresponde
Christian Friends of Israel-America
Christian Friends of Israel (CFI), based in Jerusalem for 27 years, has a project to reach out to the families under stress and constant threat of rocket attacks. CFI visits and comforts the stricken families. Many times assistance is provided for medical expenses. Survivors of bus bombings endure years of rehabilitation. David's Shield is an outreach to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). CFI provides fleece jackets for warmth, t-shirts, and hiking accessories like backpacks and water bottles.
Christian Friends of Israel-USA
Please consider blessing Israel by providing practical assistance for new immigrants, soldiers, Holocaust survivors, the community of believers, victims of terror and other under-privileged in the land.
Christian Friends of Korea
Walking tractors come in sets that include the tractor, a trailer, tiller, plow, and irrigation pump. They are used by rural facilities 5-8 hours each day and generally last 5-6 years before needing replacement. We have provided tractors to all of our 28 supported facilities but need funds for replacement parts to keep them in good working order. Replacement tires, belts, and parts for 1 walking tractor set: $360 / Total 2016 Goal: 28 Sets
Christian Friends of Korea
Clean, abundant water has transformed health and daily living at 11 of our supported care centers so far. CFK teams install water tanks, a solar powered pump, and a gravity-fed piping system to a secured existing water source or a newly drilled well. There are 18 centers that still urgently need clean water. Dill 1 Water Well: $3,000-$5,000 / Water Distribution System Materials: $25,000 / 1 Water Filter: $60 / Total 2016 Goal: $112,100
Christian Friends of Korea
These kits include the most basic diagnostic tools such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometers, hand crank battery lanterns, and other items in a bag marked with CFK's logo. These kits provide the basic tools necessary for medical personnel to carry out their vital work. 1 Doctor's Kit: $180 / 1 Nurse's Kit: $120 / Total 2016 Goal: 100 Doctor/100 Nurses Kits/$30,000
Christian Friends of Korea
Gifts to our general funds help us keep our daily operations going, support shipping costs for food/medicine/medical supplies, and fund replacement parts/repairs. General Funds also give us flexibility to start new initiatives and respond quickly to emergencies or natural disasters. Service Fee for 1 Container of Medicine and Medial Supplies: $5,000-$15,000 / Shipping/Inspection costs for 40ft Container Shipment: $6,500 / Monthly mortgage and utilities: $1,380 / Total 2016 Goal: $185,000
Christian Friends of Korea
More than 15% of the DPRK's 24 million people are likely to have chronic hepatitis B infection, and at least 25% of this group will likely die prematurely from progressive liver disease. Right now, there is no therapy available in the DPRK for chronic hepatitis B. However, CFK is working with multiple partners to give long-term access to therapies to suppress the virus and prevent liver damage, preserving both health and life and alleviating considerable suffering.
Christian Friends of Korea
In North Korea, most non-surgical rest home patients prefer to sleep on the floor (Korean style). We want to send more interlocking high density foam mats that both cushion and insulate patients from the hard and often unheated floors. Mat for 1 Patient: $27 / Mats for 100 Patients: $2,700 / Total 2016 Goal: $33,750
Christian Friends of Korea
Many facilities have 30-50 year old roofs, drafty doors and windows, and lack of wall and floor tile. In 2013, twelve facilities asked for support to either update current buildings or construct new patient wards, and several more places have requested similar support. CFK assits by supplying new windows, doors, roofing/ceiling materials, and floor/wall tile providing the materials needed for the care centers to complete construction themselves. Total 2016 Goal: $228,000
Christian Friends of Korea
After sundown, utter darkness describes most CFK supported care centers in North Korea. In 2014, CFK began a project to equip these facilities with solar powered lighting that will allow patients and staff the ability to read, work, and care for patients after the sun goes down. The self-contained system supports 12V LED lighting, and USB charging ports for cell phones, portable lights or other USB rechargeable electronics. 1 12V, 18AH Lighting Sytem: $825 / Total 2016 Goal: 100 Systems
Christian Friends of Korea
The Ministry of Public Health has invited us to organize more training events led by international specialists. Donations towards training initiatives will help us support medical expert travel, training supplies, and expand our on-site medical library. Travel Expenses for One Person: $5,000 / Total 2016 Goal: $120,000 / National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Development and Support / Total 2016 Goal: $190,000
Christian Health Service Corps
The Christian Health Service Corps missionary providers serve the poor of the world, often in places where there is no access to healthcare services. Nine million children around the world die each year because they lack access to healthcare and disease prevention services. Your partnership makes the lifesaving services they provide possible. Please pray about partnering with us.
Christian HELP Foundation
During this Coronavirus pandemic, Christian HELP continues to serve those hungry and out of work. All donations received will be matched by a generous donor up to $50,000.00
Christians in Action
Your faithful support to this fund enables us to respond at the time of the need. In recent years the fund has provided support to national pastors in Sierra Leone during civil war, necessary supplies for victims of a typhoon that hit central Philippines, and food for isolated villagers in West Africa during the Ebola crisis. Thank you for your prayers and contributions.
Church of God Ministries
The Disaster Relief Fund for the Church of God (Anderson, IN) is administered by Church of God Ministries, Inc. The fund provides humanitarian assistance to churches and individuals affected by natural or man-made disasters.
City Mission of Findlay
The goals of the City Mission are: 1. To provide temporary lodging and food for people in need of emergency help. 2. To give counsel, guidance, comfort, and a Christian witness to those with spiritual needs. 3. To cooperate with city and state agencies along with other religious and charitable organizations in helping the poor and needy. Further the work of City Mission of Findlay Ohio by making a donation today!
City Mission of Schenectady
The mission of the Food Services Department has three parts: to support the Discipleship Program, to provide good nutrition, and to consistently deliver excellent service. Please give today to help us provide much needed food to the community!
City Rescue Mission
Since 1960, City Rescue Mission has been a center for transformation, changing lives plagued with addiction, poverty, mental illness and homelessness to lives filled with stability, health and hope. Support the work of City Rescue Mission as we can continue to be a center for transforming lives of the least, the last and the lost.
City Rescue Mission of New Castle
Help the City Rescue Mission provide essential feeding and shelter services in Christian love to the hungry, hurting, and homeless in western Pennsylvania. Learn more about us at
You can make a difference in the lives of people struggling with poverty, homelessness and addiction by partnering with Cityteam to offer help and hope through hot meals, shelter, addiction recovery, and more. Together, we are helping to transform a lives, heal families, and break the cycle of destructive behavior or poverty. By reaching one person at a time to help meet their immediate needs and introduce them to the hope that only God can provide, we see real changes in each person's life.
Coachella Valley Rescue Mission
CVRM is committed to enveloping the hungry and hurting men, women and children who come for a hot meal or shelter with the love of Jesus Christ. We serve over 600 meals a day and offer over 7,000 food boxes for families and 70,000 safe bed nights per year. Our programs include overnight shelter, case management, and a one year discipleship program. We could not provide help to the least, the last, and the lost without the generosity of our donors. We are 92% funded through private donations.
Come Over and Help
During the winter time the main financial burden for poor families in Eastern Europe and Russia is paying for public utilities. Most of the families spend 50% of their monthly income on these utilities. The Winter Help Program provides the neediest familes with food, heating, and medication. Please consider taking part in supporting these families.
Compassion International
Support Compassion's core programs by addressing obstacles like natural disasters and health epidemics. Make a tax-deductible donation today.
Compassion International
When natural disasters strike, Compassion's Disaster Relief Fund provides sponsored children and their families with food, clothing and basic supplies to help them cope and begin to rebuild their lives.
Compassion Radio
The Door of Hope Project is a partnership between Compassion Radio and a mission church in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since this project began, 1,500 babies have been rescued from certain death! We are currently partnering with Door of Hope towards the building of their newest endeavor, the Children’s Village. This is a community designed to give abandoned babies the most ‘normal’ and healthy life possible while they are growing up to adulthood.
Connect International
Our mission is to serve the Lord by organizing summer camps for the rest and rehabilitation of widows and orphans whose husbands and fathers have been killed during the war in eastern Ukraine since 2014. These women and children often live in deep depression, disappointed with the state’s attitude toward them as well as the indifference and callousness of society. Many are in financial need. But their main need is Jesus Christ.
Convoy of Hope
Convoy of Hope mobilizes resources and trains churches and other groups to conduct community outreaches, respond to disasters, and direct other compassion initiatives in the United States and around the world. Convoy of Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves in the United States and around the world providing disaster relief, building supply lines, and sponsoring outreaches to the poor and hurting in communities.
Convoy of Hope
With millions of children going hungry and lacking access to clean drinking water each day, we focus heavily on providing the basic necessities of life to those in need. Currently, Convoy of Hope is expanding its feeding initiatives to more than 100,000 children in seven nations. We also provide clean and safe water, teach community leaders agricultural techniques, and help provide healthy living environments and education.
Convoy of Hope
Hurricane Dorian's sheer force crumpled cars, smashed homes, and knocked down trees all over the Bahamas. Floodwaters rose so quickly that it trapped many residents on top of their houses. Members of Convoy of Hope’s International Disaster Services team deployed to the islands early this morning, taking solar lanterns and water filters for immediate distribution. The team will work with partners, based in Nassau, to assess needs and respond accordingly.
Corazón de Esperanza
Corazón de Esperanza, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope to orphaned children, at-risk teens and impoverished women of Northern Perú through the support of youth transitional homes, orphanages, schools, youth development, women’s sustainability projects, short term mission trips and volunteer programs.
Corazón de Esperanza
Corazón de Esperanza, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope to orphaned children, at-risk teens and impoverished women of Northern Perú through the support of youth transitional homes, orphanages, schools, youth development, women’s sustainability projects, short term mission trips and volunteer programs.
Coreluv International
We work in impoverished areas to provide an orphan’s six basic needs and to see hope returned to children, families and communities across the nations. We work directly with children who have lost one or both of their parents and often lost all hope. A top priority at Coreluv is to provide each of our kids with a loving home!
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Cornerstone Health Services offers a free Medical Clinic serving the uninsured in Tarrant County. The newly expanded clinic provides non-emergency care to families ineligible to obtain healthcare through other services. The mission is to provide quality comprehensive healthcare to our patients, diabetic and healthy heart education, cooking classes and a fitness facility. Now available is a vision clinic for cataract and other eye procedures for Tarrant Co. residents.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Reentry Services Division is dedicated to serving men and women released from prison to Tarrant County. It provides case management and supportive services in order to transition previously incarcerated persons to the community through spiritual accountability by helping them attain self-sufficiency, improved relationships and personal responsibility. The Reentry Services team utilizes mentoring, supportive services, job training, job placement and transitional housing to accomplish this.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Provides emergency food, clothing, furniture and appliances through a voucher to the Cornerstone Thrift Store. The Thrift Store is open to the public as well as to clients, three days per week and serves as a job-training site for retail industry trainees.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Transitional and Permanent Housing is offered through scattered site housing which provides up to 24 months of rental and utility assistance to homeless families. All participants receive intensive case management services. The New Life Center offers 18 homeless men a seamless transition from rehabilitation services as they emerge from drug addiction. The Promise House offers housing to women as a part of re-entry services. The Housing Dept. builds low income housing for those who qualify.
Covenant Mercies
Help break the cycle of poverty and restore children to everything God created them to be as His image-bearers. Your support provides orphans in Uganda, Zambia, and Ethiopia with education, clothing, hygienic supplies, nutritional support, Christian teaching, vocational training, and healthcare. Partner with Covenant Mercies and local indigenous churches through one-time gifts or child sponsorship, and join in the Lord’s calling on His people – the privilege and duty of caring for orphans.
Crisis Aid International
In response to the urgent needs created by the COVID – 19, we are continuing and expanding the food program for families experiencing food shortages. We are also continuing to work with local school officials to identify and assist families needing help. In addition we have launched a NEW program to work with local churches to identify elderly and disabled people who are shut-ins, the homeless and families needing help. 100% of donations to this project will be used for buying and delivering the
Crisis Aid International
An outreach located in South Saint Louis that demonstrates love and care through acts of kindness. The center provides food, clothing, and hygiene items in abundance. Special programs include “Back to School” supplies, turkeys with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Children's Christmas party, Bible Study. Children and adult programs are designed to practically apply the Word of God to the individual in an effort to provide “hope, healing and restoration” for their future.
CRISTA Ministries
World Concern is a Christian global relief and development organization. With our supporters, our faith compels us to extend life-saving help and opportunity to people facing the most profound human challenges of extreme poverty. The solutions we offer create lasting, sustainable change. Our areas of expertise include disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance and health.
Cross International
The 6,600 students who attend the 18 CBC schools would not be able to stay alert and learn were it not for the meal they enjoy daily; the only meal most will eat that day. Avoiding unnecessary customs costs and while helping the local economy, CBC purchases all of the food for its schools and orphanage from Haitian suppliers. Our drivers are dedicated Christians who willingly face the risk of kidnapping and robbery to transport the food to the schools.
Cross International
Cholera swept through an impoverished area of Zambia killing children, families, and devastating villages. A “post-mortem” of the outbreak revealed the unsafe water and unsanitary conditions that allowed the disease to run rampant. This project will educate villagers about sanitation and hygiene, and provide them with wells, latrines, rubbish pits and hygienic dish racks. Your gift can help tens of thousands of villages prevent tragic illness and untimely death for generations to come.
Cross International
Christian Foundation for Democracy (CFD) is a clearinghouse that accepts donated goods from organizations such as Cross, and distributes them to those in need. Food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies and equipment are supplied to needy hospitals, orphanages, prisons, feeding programs and families throughout the Dominican Republic . Cross receives donated goods from generous corporations, and relies on contributions to cover the cost to ship those goods to CFD.
Cross International
When the Haiti earthquake struck several years ago, Cross mobilized donors and trusted Haitian mission partners to rush immediate aid to traumatized refugees. We shipped food, water and medical supplies to survivors as quickly as possible. More than two years later, the healing process continues. Cross is still working hard to meet the needs of our Haitian partners and the communities they serve—communities that need food, housing, medical care, education and the hope of Jesus Christ.
Cross International
El Shaddai Ministries provides a Christian education for more than 500 students in impoverished Haiti. With education, these children have an chance to climb out of the poverty that permeates their lives. Many families are so poor they typically eat only one meal a day. Hunger impedes learning; so El Shaddai provides a hearty meal for students twice a week. They want to serve 5 weekly meals, but lack the funds to do so. With your gift, needy students can focus on learning unimpeded by hunger.
Cross International
Education is the key to escaping poverty. But when poor children are malnourished and hungry, they can't learn. Elohim Christian Elementary School in Peru is solving the problem by providing a daily breakfast, lunch, and snack to more than 100 malnourished students. With Cross' help, Elohim is saving these children from having to work on the streets just to buy their next meal, while also introducing the Gospel of Christ. A gift of $102 will help nourish a hungry child for an entire school year.
Cross International
Espoir “Hope” Village provides a loving home for physically and mentally challenged children. The home does not have access to the city water supply, so they have been purchasing truckloads of water, which has been a strain on their budget. Due to the country’s recent hurricane crises, costs for all goods and services have risen sharply. A well would not only provide a continuous supply of water, it would also free up funds to offset the home’s rising operational costs.
Cross International
An important role in a successful surgery is food; especially for growing children. Without the strength from nutritious meals children’s bodies are more at risk to problems during surgery and recovery is difficult. Cross supports a feeding program at a Christian hospital in the Dominican Republic that provides life-changing surgeries to poor children suffering from birth defects and spine and bone disorders. Three meals are given each day to the children, their parents, and the hospital staff.
Cross International
Thousands of Haitians cross the border into the Dominican Republic, hoping to find work and a better life. They often find themselves practically enslaved as their families live in conditions worse than what they left behind. Making only $3 per day, these immigrant cane-cutters don’t have enough money to feed their families, going days without food. Working through a Christian development group, MEBSH, Cross provides supplemental food bags — filled with beans, oil rice, flour, and sardines.
Cross International
When 11 hungry children orphaned by a hurricane were found huddled in an abandoned building, a group of Christian women (with help from Cross) clothed, fed them, and they found families to take them in. The women continued to cook meals for the orphans and their new families, keeping them nourished and monitoring their care. That was in 2004. Today these women still cook the food that Cross ships in. They now feed nearly 170 orphans, plus the many homeless from the impoverished neighborhood.
Cross International
Instead of scavenging the garbage dump or wandering the dangerous streets, Guatemala City’s poorest children can find a safe haven at Potter’s House after-school program. With your help, fifty students will receive tutoring, clothes, school supplies, food, medical checkups, Bible-based teaching, and hope for the future. Potter’s House relies on funds from Cross to keep the program going, so that children can gain the tools they need to overcome poverty.
Cross International
The Salvation Army operates several social outreach programs through a network of its own churches and in cooperation with other local organizations. They serve the poorest and marginalized people in underserved areas, which are plagued by criminality and gang activity. One of the biggest needs in these areas is food as many people, especially children, suffer from malnutrition. With support from Cross, the Salvation Army runs a feeding program for 180 people, who receive food once a month.
Cross International
One in every 12 people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under 5. Responding to this urgent need, Cross is shipping containers of Vitafood to developing countries so local Christian ministries can feed starving people. Vitafood is a nutritionally-balanced food product specifically developed for malnourished and starving children. It is a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and includes 25 essential vitamins and minerals sealed in an airtight packet.
Cross International
New Life Children's Home, a ministry of World Harvest Missions, began in 1977 as an outreach program for starving and sick children living in Haiti's mountain villages. It is now home to 80 orphaned, abandoned, and handicapped children from Port-au-Prince. In addition to a safe home, meals, and education, the children are showered with the love of Christ through the care of the dedicated staff. The home also nurses sick children back to health - especially those suffering from malnutrition.
Crossfire Ministries
We are in desperate need of some pantry staples such as, flour, sugar, oil, salt, baking soda, baking powder, etc. We are also in need of any and all non-perishable food items. Partner with us in helping to feed the hungry in our community. Financial donations or donations of items accepted anytime!
Crossfire Ministries
The need for coats is greater than ever and the cold weather is quickly approaching. Partner with us in providing warmth for families. Consider partnering with us in this coat drive!
Crossing Borders Ministry
Support Crossing Borders as we help North Korean refugees by providing protection, food, clothing, medicine while sharing the love of Jesus.
As the world endures COVID-19, wars and disasters, our local missionary teams serving in Central Asia and the Middle East are now preparing to help a new wave of refugees. The crisis in Afghanistan has left thousands fleeing for their lives. Individuals and families in need of help are flooding into neighboring countries. Cru missionary teams are on the ground and mobilized to help now by providing Survival Kits to refugees and others like them who are in the middle of crisis. Each kit i
Jesus left us with a great mission. And to accomplish it, He told us we would do even greater works than He did. Incredible, isn’t it? Every time we give food to hungry orphans, water to thirsty villagers or blankets to young refugees we do it in Jesus’ name. Together we carry out His greater works — and share His love with people worldwide.
Denver Rescue Mission
Your donation helps feed, shelter and provide critical services to the less fortunate in the Denver Metro area. Please give today!
Design Outreach
At Design Outreach, we desire to share the love of God by developing sustainable technologies that help alleviate global poverty. The poor of the world have big dreams—what they lack is access and opportunity. By developing and providing innovative solutions for partners combating global poverty, we can help unlock the doors that lead to long-term community development and self-sufficiency. Together, we can create lasting change—join us!
Designs for Hope
Designs for Hope’s strategy is simple but effective. They empower local pastors, organizations and ministries to ignite their communities for the gospel of Christ by designing products that result in sustainable energy, clean water, and other innovations, and getting those products into the hands of the disciple-makers in those communities. Your gift helps further this life-giving ministry.
Destiny Rescue USA
You can fund a rescue and set the next child free! The average cost to free a child from sexual slavery and help her begin her new life of freedom is $1500. Your funds will be used for vital aspects of rescue operations including: - Reconnaissance missions to locate and verify underaged victims - Trust-building visits where covert agents and caseworkers interact with a girl in order to offer her freedom - Tactical and investigation gear used to gather evidence and perform operations
Door of Hope International
At Door of Hope International, we are working to strengthen and rebuild the suffering church in countries where persecution and intolerance to Christianity exists. We are currently working in over 25 countries to translate, print, and distribute Bibles and Christian Literature. We are also working to distribute humanitarian aid to suffering Christians and support pastors in countries of religious intolerance.
Earth Mission
We are committed to meeting the physical needs of people as a reflection of our Christian beliefs. We do this by providing culturally sensitive, efficient and sustainable solutions to problems that require technical or medical skills, and by mobilizing prayer and financial support.
ECHO, Inc.
Equip farming families in the developing world, missionaries and those serving the poor with training in the agricultural skills, seeds and appropriate technologies to feed their families and communities. ECHO trainings share tested knowledge and proven practices so that farmers struggling against the daily realities of hunger and poverty can restore depleted soils, manage limited water supplies, propagate higher-quality seed, and produce their own natural fertilizers.
Disaster Relief, Assisting Vulnerable Communities, Droughts, Medical Facilities, At-Risk Children. Our In-Kind Donations Program is helping communities throughout the region.
Travel to Cuba can be a life-changing experience. You can join our mission trips and bring humanitarian aid to churches and to Cubans in need. Learn first-hand about the Cuban Church and culture. Observe ongoing missions projects and interact with Christians working with local churches. Meet individuals benefiting from these ministries such as children, elderly, and the handicapped, as well as see the beauty of the island.
Disaster Preparedness; Disaster Response; Food Security; Humanitarian Assistance; and Strengthening Resilience of Vulnerable Communities. The overall purpose of our Relief Programs is to benefit disaster victims, reduce the suffering of the most vulnerable groups in the Americas, and to provide tools & resources needed to increase their preparedness & self-sufficiency.
ECHOcuba’s network of over 800 churches and ministries in Cuba are independent from the government controlled Cuban Council of Churches. However, Cuba continues to be won for Christ, with over 3,000 house churches and seminaries dedicated to spreading the Good News. The politically independent churches conduct a range of social projects, from elderly and child care, educational and pastoral support, to micro-enterprise, business, and community leadership development.
Eight Days of Hope
Eight Days of Hope was meant to be a one-time visit to the Gulf Coast with a handful of people after Hurricane Katrina. God has allowed this ministry to blossom into so much more! Thousands of volunteers have ministered to people’s needs after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Irene, Isaac, flooding in Iowa and Tennessee, and tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama. Eight Days of Hope has one goal: Love people and serve people as Jesus loves us! Your donation enables us to respond rapidly to those in need.
Eight Days of Hope
Eight Days of Hope is actively engaged in responding to the victims of Hurricane Dorian. Eight Days of Hope is a non-profit organization that has successfully restored or rebuilt 2,760 homes following natural disasters since 2005. Volunteers from all 50 states and ten countries have worked over 1,067,425 hours during the first fifteen rebuilding events alone. In addition, our Rapid Response team has traveled to 19 different communities and has blessed 1,870 families within three days of the dis
Empart USA
If it's more important to you that your financial gift meets the greatest need than what specific category you give to- this may be the perfect opportunity for you. At any given time there are critical needs that come up unexpectedly, or ministry areas that currently have a greater need for funding than others. When that happens, a gift that is designated to “where most needed” is a true blessing to our ministry. Thank you for considering investing in this important way.
Empower One
Empowerment is at the very core of our strategy. We believe our African partners are far more effective disciple makers, church planters, bible school teachers, missionaries and elementary school teachers than we would be in Africa.
Encompass World Partners
We live in a world where one person is forcibly displaced roughly every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution (UNHCR, 2020). The global population is on the move, and God is powerfully working amidst the crises to open the eyes of the displaced to Himself (Acts 17:26-27). God is calling believers to join Him in caring for the migrants and displaced who have been thrust from their homes and are in need of everything to rebuild their lives – housing and food, relief supplies, emoti
Engage Hope Ministries
Engage Hope works with 11 ministry partners in areas of extreme poverty in Uganda and Mexico who have been the hands and feet of Jesus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Emergency Relief Program has helped provide food, housing, bibles, Christian education, & vocational training during the pandemic. If you would like to help, please click on the link and choose COVID19 Response as your donation option.
Engaging Worlds
We work in persecuted contexts where others have found little success. Engaging Worlds desires to bridge any otherness that hinders the Gospel from taking root among the unreached. Our vision is reproducing fellowships of Christ-followers among communities where traditional outreach is failing. We believe that a new approach to Bible translation, within the context of discipleship, will provide a path for God’s Word to take root among these communities.
Erie City Mission
Hope begins with a meal. It's the first step towards addiction recovery, job skill training and spiritual renewal. You can help someone get started towards a new life by providing, home-cooked meals and other vital services.
The focus of our efforts is to eliminate the double jeopardy of poverty and its manifestations that hinder the empowerment of women and children, by engaging in the following three steps in order to provide a holistic approach in restoring vulnerable communities.
In addition to providing training and resources, EvanTell is actively engaged in ministry and outreach around the world. Through involvement with churches, community outreach groups and international ministries, we lead or participate in evangelistic efforts alongside believers from just about any type of ministry model.
Every Child Ministries
We desire to expand our staff of African missionaries to enable us to reach out to broken & outcast children. We also have several current staff members who are underfunded. Shares of $50, $20 or even $10 a month can be a help. Details of individual African missionary staff needing support are available on request.
Every Child Ministries
Children found in vulnerable situations are rescued before being placed in one of our projects for ongoing help,evangelism, and discipleship. Our staff in both Uganda and Ghana are trained to spot abandoned & vulnerable children that may need help. Give to the Rescue Fund so we have funds on hand when a rescue is needed.
Extreme Response International
ER is stepping into the void left by the indefinite closure of our after-school programs for vulnerable kids in response to the Coronavirus. Closing our doors is depriving them of the healthy lunch we serve daily. For many kids, it's the only nutritious food they receive. We are now buying groceries and safely distributing them to these families. We need your help to keep this food distribution going. To donate, use the link and write "Emergency Food" in the notes.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
FAME has been blessed with a full warehouse of medical supplies. There are Christian hospitals and clinics around the world that have critical shortages for medicine and many other medical supplies. Your gift can help send these critical items to those who need them most.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
FAME is passionate in taking help and hope in the name of Christ to the unreached and underserved in the world through medical evangelism.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
As God provides resources, FAME seeks to subsidize funding for healthcare projects. Working in partnership with international missions that serve communities with little or no medical care, FAME helps equip them with the necessary tools to provide quality healthcare. Your gift can help in providing the funds for clinics, hospitals, and mobile medical units that are life saving.
Feed My Sheep
We understand that you have a lot that you could be doing with your money. We hope you will find that Feed My Sheep is an excellent place to give. Our mission works because of support from the Maui community. Your donation can make a big difference for Maui's hungry. A gift of $3.50 can feed a person for 1 week. Please consider a contribution.
Feed the Hunger
We are very grateful to have been able to ship 276,480 meals, along with aid relief supplies this morning to the Bahamas. Food and supplies will be taken down to Florida then to the Bahamas into the hands of a church in Freeport who will distribute the supplies to residents there.
Feeding the Orphans
We provide water wells and a church plant in remote villages across Ghana, Africa. By offering clean drinking water to villagers we are able to bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Fellowship International Mission
This project provides food, medical supplies, blankets, building materials, and other aid to help Mexico City area victims of the October 2017 earthquake.
Fellowship International Mission
This project provides supplies, materials, and assistance in the Oaxaca, Mexico area to victims of the October 2017 earthquake.
Filter Of Hope
Our goal is simple: to change the world through the distribution of these highly-effective and affordable water filters. We work to save lives, create healthy families, and offer the promise of a future. For just $40, you can provide clean water to a family in need and give them hope and life.
FIRE International
Christopher Farms International develops farms in order to feed the hungry. The first one has been established near Davao City, the Philippines. Funds will go toward developing the farms as well as providing food for needy children and families. Funds are also utilized to help needy children receive an education in order to stop the cycle of poverty for future generations.
FIRE International
FIRE International has over 140 missionaries around the world. We offer the opportunity to contribute to individual’s personal support, humanitarian projects, orphanage and children's home projects, building and land projects, schools, etc.
First Love International Ministries
We launched a capital fund campaign that so that we can be used of God to rescue children from an otherwise hopeless situation in the slums of Kibera and Mitumba. Operation Hope gets its name from a verse found in the book of Jeremiah where God is speaking…"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. Support this campaign by making a donation today!
Forgotten Voices International
Every single day in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe 1,000 children become orphaned. However, while the number of orphans in Africa has been exponentially growing, so has something else - the Christian church. Our model provides a path to sustainable, community-based orphan care through local churches. Join us in providing hope!
Forward Edge International
Oaxaca, Mexico is among the poorest regions in Latin America. Three out of four people lack access to basic necessities like food, water, education and health care. Trigo y Miel is a child sponsorship program bringing hope to children and their families in this area through a nutritious feeding program, a tutoring center, and spiritual instruction.
Four Corners Ministries
Living Stones Christian School at Abaana’s Hope is a groundbreaking experiment in African education. A quality education is simply an impossible dream to poor, rural Ugandans. LSCS is making that impossible dream a reality. Using an integrated Christian curriculum designed especially for Ugandan children, LSCS is providing a top-quality education for its students. The typical Ugandan student is taught using rote memory techniques that fail to equip students to think for themselves and solve comp
Four Corners Ministries
Since its inception, FCM has had a heart to serve the people of South Sudan. The situation on the ground in this country continues to grow worse every single day. Even before the current conflict, 50.6% of South Sudan’s population lived below the poverty line. South Sudan is now in the midst of a violent civil war. As the war continues to escalate, it has become nearly impossible for humanitarian organizations to deliver the much-needed aid the country so desperately needs. South Sudan is one of
Four Corners Ministries
Abaana’s Hope follows Christ’s command by giving aid to Uganda’s poor, sick, and suffering, especially vulnerable children. Above all, we exist to proclaim the good news of salvation that comes through a relationship with Christ. The war in northern Uganda has been called the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world. For 24 long years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the government of Uganda waged a war that left nearly two million innocent civilians caught in the middle. The U
Four States Christian Missions
The Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission provides up to 30 consecutive nights of overnight shelter to transient men who are homeless and would otherwise be living on the streets or in the woods. Each guest is given a personal care package containing enough personal hygiene products to last thirty days. A change of clothing is also made available if needed. A hot meal is provided following the evening chapel service. Participants are encouraged to join a program with steps to life recovery.
Free the Oppressed DBA Free Burma Rangers
The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement working to bring help, hope and love to people in the conflict zones of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan. Working in conjunction with local ethnic pro-democracy groups, FBR trains, supplies, and later coordinates with what become highly mobile multipurpose relief teams. After training these teams provide critical emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and human rights documentation in their home regions.
Friends in Action International
The NiVan people of Vanuatu have more than an hour walk one way to fetch water from unsanitary sources during the dry season. Steeped in superstition and belief in the local witch doctor, your gift of clean water will transform more than just the NiVan’s health. Thirty chiefs are ready to open their villages to the Gospel, as FIA runs gravity-fed piping from a mountain to 3,000 people, 3 schools, and 2 medical clinics below! Be part of sharing the “Living Water” with the NiVan people.
Friends in Action International
In a land dominated by Islam, striking water on ground thought to be cursed by deceased ancestors is a powerful demonstration of the power of Jesus. Every year FIA drills approximately 60 wells in West Africa, and at each drilling site, the Gospel is proclaimed. One well provides clean water and an opportunity to hear the Gospel to about 500 people. This means that conservatively more than 30,000 people receive physical and spiritual water each year!
Friends of Tenwek
Tenwek’s Community Health & Development programs provide community-based health care and appropriate development within needy communities. This holistic ministry focuses on taking God’s hope to the individuals, families and communities that need it the most.
Fulaa Lifeline International
Fulaa Lifeline International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since 1996 Fulaa Lifeline International has been working to meet the needs of children who have become refugees in South Sudan and Uganda.
General Baptist Council of Associations
The General Baptist Bible College has been educating Christian leaders in the southern Philippines since 1965. The school is composed of primary, secondary, and college level programs. Davao City mayor, Sara Duterte, placed the city on community quarantine on March 15, 2020. Under the executive order, community quarantine rules require people to stay in their homes and only leave for work, food or medicine, take out garbage, or go to the hospital. Mass gatherings are suspended as well, includ
GFM Ministries
Engaging sustainable solutions to the root causes of poverty, we seek to impact communities holistically through economic development, education, humanitarian aid, and more. We work alongside the poor and oppressed, bringing God's hope and opportunity for transformed lives. Join us in breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy while sharing God’s love.
GIFTS Men's Shelter
The goal of GIFTS is to provide hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ to men who have lost their way. At GIFTS, men are empowered by challenging their thinking and changing their attitudes. They learn to embrace the love of Jesus and move forward in their lives knowing that they are cared for and loved not only by our Heavenly Father but also by their GIFTS family.
Global Advance
Alpha Relief mobilizes and educates the global Body of Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in countries where Christians are persecuted. Our primary focus is providing Christ-centered relief, evangelism, and discipleship resources to persecuted Christians. Alpha Relief is a conduit for resources from the West to meet the strategic needs of believers in places where religious freedom is limited.
Global Heart Ministries
Global Heart Ministries creates satellite television programming in the heart languages of The Middle East and Central Asia featuring TV hosts from these regions. With programs “by their own people, for their own people” the programs have high impact. Our pastor training overseas and our multi-lingual websites advance the Gospel message through church planting and discipleship.
Global Hope
By becoming a Global Hope child sponsor, you commit to $39/month that provides a child with many benefits. Your donations help pay for in-country staff who care for your child every day, as well as the basic necessities of life, including food, shelter, medical care, and education. You can also write letters to your child to let them know you are thinking of and praying for them. You may also visit your child by going on a Global Hope mission trip. Sponsor a child in need today!
Global Hope India
GHI partners with local churches and village leaders to draft a viable Village Development Plan (VDP) to provide sustainable solutions for clean drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, and food. The average VDP costs $4,000 and impacts more than 200 people. We invite every family, church, company, and small group to sponsor one village.You can be used to bring lasting hope and measurable change to a village in India. Please give today!
Global Mobilization Ministries
We work with local churches, mission leaders, and local missionaries to identify business platforms that can be used for mission outreach and also generating resources for mission work in the region. “Business as Mission” projects to-date include a typing and photocopying business, a small grocery kiosk selling staple foods, a grain storage and commodities speculating business, a guest house, and a tree farm. We welcome your participation.
Global Outreach
At Global Outreach, we believe that God has called us to go in Christian compassion and love in an effort to alleviate spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental suffering around the world. We feel that God is leading us to care for orphans and widows and support indigenous Pastors and Christian ministries in such places as India, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bosnia.
Global Outreach International
We mobilize and support men and women -- sent by the Church -- at zero cost to them, passing through 100% of their donations and taking no administrative cut. Your gifts allow us to sustain and expand our missionary care, as well as grow our missions family, so that more people in more places can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Go To Nations
Each year, Go To Nations conducts numerous medical clinic outreaches around the world. The doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals who participate in these short-term trips give generously of their time and talents--literally becoming the healing hands of Jesus Christ to the sick and the poor. Donate now to support this vital ministry.
Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County
Consider partnering with GSN, a network of non-profits located in Hamilton County who support Good Samaritan in its effort to assess the true needs of clients and assist them with county-wide support services, while reducing duplication of effort. Donations are critical to GSN in helping us fulfill our financial assistance and budget needs!
GoServ Global
A devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on August 14, 2021, threatening the lives of its people who'd already faced decades of humanitarian crises. The death toll and homeless toll continues to rise into the thousands. GoServ Global is on the ground, assessing survivors' needs, delivering much needed food and medical supplies while converting two of it's local churches in to Triage centers. Make a gift today to help deliver hope to Hatian survivors via medical supplies, wells and
GoServ Global
GoServ Global shares God’s love by responding to disaster, empowering sustainable community development and creating world change through hands-on involvement. Responding to Disaster –GoServ Global brings expertise in equipment operation, safety and volunteer management to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in helping local churches and communities respond to disaster. Empowering Community Development – GoServ Global transforms the lives of the impoverished by providing for basic human
Gospel Rescue Mission
Remodeling a former daycare to be able to serve those in poverty with shelter, life skills classes, meals, food bank and so much more!
Gospel Rescue Mission
GRM’s ministry is based on Jesus’ instruction to us in Matthew 25:35-36. By providing shelter and two meals a day, it’s our prayer that this temporary assistance might open doors to get our guests back on their feet. We have a food pantry to provide food assistance and help with utilities for individuals and families who need some extra help with the basic necessities. We also partner with several agencies in order to ensure that we can meet the needs in our community.
Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson
For over fifty years, the Rescue Mission here in Tucson has been a relief for those caught in the shackles of homelessness and addiction, cutting through the chains of circumstances binding these men and women and reestablishing them on the road of freedom and hope. Give today and continue our work to not only meet the physical needs of these precious souls, but also meet their spiritual, educational and job related needs.
Grace International
Our beautiful 2-story "Love of Jesus Girls' Home" building was severely damaged by the Easter Sunday, 2010 earthquake and cannot be repaired to be safe enough for the orphaned girls to live in it. They have been living outside, under tents and plastic tarps since the earthquake. We need your help now to build a safe earthquake proof building where the children can live with peace of mind.
Grace International
The Lord's Kitchen program was established on Easter Sunday in 2010 with the intent of feeding over 5,000 2010 earthquake survivors, including children that live as refugees under tents and tarps on our mission compound. Your financial support is greatly needed in order to continue the feeding. Pastors with their churches and all who care are welcome to come and host a week of this outreach thus feeding their Haitian brothers and sisters both physically and spiritually.
Grace International Children's Foundation
For only $30/month, you can give hope for a brighter future to an orphaned child at Lulwanda Children's Home in Uganda. Your sponsorship will help cover the costs of caring for the child, including medical care, an excellent education, Christian discipleship, and a loving family environment. You will receive a photo and biography, plus semi-annual updates on the progress of your sponsored child. You can send letters, photos and birthday cards to Lulwanda for delivery to your child.
Grace Mission
Beginning in 2006, we have 30 children in our orphanage in Limbe, Haiti. The work is a challenge as the kids bring much baggage with them from their early years of life. Thankfully, we are seeing good progress in many of the kids' lives as they grow in the Lord. We are using the ABEKA school program to give them an education and a great Biblical basis.
Haiti Hope Alliance
Our mission is committed to the spreading of the Gospel and meeting the needs of the Haitian people through economic development and empowerment.
Hand2Hand delivers nutritious food to students over the weekends and on extended school breaks by mobilizing churches, schools, individuals, and businesses to join together, providing hope and opportunity to thrive.
Hands and Feet Project
Provide funds necessary to care for orphans in Haiti and Nicaragua. Sponsor a child in Haiti and provide food, clothing, medical expenses, utilities, and school tuition. Through the orphan prevention program, we educate, mentor and provide formula and milk for mothers on the verge of giving up their children.
Hands of Love Foundation
Break the cycle of hopelessness by helping a child realize his or her full potential. For $40/month your child will receive: Nutritious meals, education, school supplies, Christ-centered training, clothes, a bed, a mosquito net, and basic hygiene products. In return for your sponsorship you will receive: Information about your child, an updated photo once a year, letters from your child twice a year, the opportunity to send letters, monthly updates from Hands of Love USA.
Harvesters International Ministries
In a good year, the Pokot tribe receives an annual rainfall of 3.5", however, only one of the past five years has produced even that much rain. This semi-nomadic tribe settles into communities where there is water present. Harvester's goal is to dig no less than 10 water wells per year to help bring clean, fresh water to the people and their animals. With a water source they can also improve their agriculture thus adding variety to their diet.
Harvesters Reaching the Nations
A campaign benefiting all of the children at Harvesters Reaching the Nations: Funds raised through this campaign represent a contribution to the entire mission of Harvesters. Donations will be used where needed most to help meet Harvesters' mission to disciple, educate and care for orphans worldwide.
Harvesters Reaching the Nations
This campaign is a call to invest in the lives of those we serve in Sudan by serving as a sponsor for an orphan, widow, teacher or classroom of students. As the Lord declares in Jeremiah 29:11, He plans to prosper us…and plans to give us hope and a future. That is OUR promise to those children we serve - a hope and a future filled with the blessings of God’s kingdom. Our sponsorship program has many opportunities to enrich the lives of those in need.
Healing Haiti
Help build three brick fired ovens for bread and pizzas. Once finished, we will select 25 different poor families to work at the Grace Village Community Kitchen. We will furnish each family the raw ingredients and training to build their own bakery business. They will be able to bake enough breads and pizzas not only to feed their family but also to sell, purchase additional ingredients bake more goods to keep their business going. This self-sustaining job creation makes life-sustaining change.
Healing Hands International
Our mission is to aid, equip, and empower those in need around the world in the name of Jesus Christ so they might experience God’s healing grace. Our vision is a world that is full of hope where physical needs are met and hearts are surrendered to Jesus Christ. At the core of Healing Hands International reside our mission, vision, and values. Everything we do as an organization is driven by these principles.
Healing Waters International
Would you like to see safe water provided in the name of Jesus in every poor community of the world? Support Healing Waters International as we empower local ministry partners to bring physical, social and spiritual transformation to poor communities by providing sustainable, safe water solutions. We currently operate in twelve countries located in Latin America and Africa.
Health Outreach to the Middle East (H.O.M.E.)
H.O.M.E. exists to bring physical, psychological, and spiritual healing to poor and suffering people in the Middle East in the name of Christ. For a multitude of reasons, from civil wars, political and economic difficulties, to resource scarcity, many impoverished people live in this part of the world and are deprived of appropriate healthcare. The mission of H.O.M.E. is to provide adequate and high quality healthcare services to even the poorest of the poor.
Heart for Lebanon
Heart for Lebanon provides bi-annual leadership training to top level ministry leaders and pastors in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. Leaders are mentored through a holistic process of leadership development. Impact the Christian influencers in the Middle East with your support!
Heart for Lebanon
Heart for Lebanon serves in a politically volatile region with many security challenges. We believe that being "the hands and feet of Jesus Christ" we need to be one of the first to respond to man-made and natural disasters as they arise by providing for people's basic needs of food, safety, and shelter. Once material needs are met, healing and restoration of hearts can begin. Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Lebanon are the focus of our humanitarian aid and showing the love of Christ.
Heart to Honduras
We work with Honduran communities, local leaders, and churches in their own development process to improve lives spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and materially. We use the strengths of the local community to identify and address all pertinent areas related to holistic community development such as clean water, adequate housing, clothing, healthcare, education, income-producing opportunities, spiritual life and growth, family health, infrastructures. Please Give!
Hearts In Action International
The Jungle School (TJS) is run by Hearts in Action. It offers a quality education, nutrition and healthcare in one of the poorest areas of Guatemala, the Peten Jungle. TJS is currently building its first computer lab and desiring to add classrooms for art, music and vocational occupations. We are truly transforming generations. Immediate Funds are needed to build these facilities and to feed and educate over 250 students. TJS is 100% funded through donations. Please visit us at
Heaven's Family
Although so many things have been changing in the last several days, there's one thing that hasn't changed: Heaven's Family is still helping you transform lives around the world. We're so happy you are a part of this family—heaven's family. We're all under unprecedented hardship right now. But for the poor around the world, however, the impact is severe. Your compassion is needed now more than ever.
Heaven's Family
Around the world right now, desperation is crushing many families. But where there are hurting people, there is fertile ground for hope in Jesus. You can make a difference. Your special gift to Heaven's Family's 2020 Matching Gift Challenge will maximize the number of lives we can together impact in Jesus' name. Give now and have your gift matched.
HEED Uganda
Addressing poverty begins with addressing the vital needs a community needs to thrive. HEED is focused on bringing fullness of life to one, remote community and its children. Through our primary and high school, local church, a community clinic, and community trainings HEED serves the body, mind, and spirit of children and their community.
Help The Persecuted
As radical groups target Christians, we are responding with urgent, real-time support to the persecuted through our field teams and trusted partners on the ground. Your partnership helps the Body of Christ not only survive, but thrive in hostile regions. Our goal is to build long-term discipleship relationships that empower the church to flourish—even in hostile regions.
Helping Hands Foreign Missions
When you sponsor a child through Helping Hands, you choose to make a difference in the life of one child, while at the same time, giving hope to many other children. Your sponsorship gift is combined with other gifts and is used to make the greatest impact. Your gift is used wisely and appropriately, and it will make a difference in the lives of the neediest children!
Helping Up Mission
Together we can make a difference in the lives of people in our community who most need our help! When homeless and chemically dependent men get the right kind of help, they can get well. No one person or organization can do this alone. We need to work together. Please partner with us in changing lives today!
His Helping Hands
His Helping Hands is a benevolence and evangelistic ministry to help those living in the Wichita, KS area who have need of household items. With donations of items from members of the community and with the help of volunteers, HHH is able to provide a wide variety of services including giving away clothing, food, furniture, and household items to those who have need. At the time of distribution, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with the clients.
Home School Legal Defense Association
Since 2000, the Home School Foundation has been assisting financially struggling homeschooling families by providing grants for the cost of curriculum and other emergency needs. This enables them to continue teaching their children at home. Your gift gives hope and help to widows, single parents, families with children with special needs, military families, and those affected by natural disaster. Thank you for helping them press on!
Homes of Love
Homes of Love is committed to the long-term care of our children in a loving family atmosphere. It is our desire is to provide for their day-to-day needs, as well as a few “special” extras. Your generous charitable gifts enable us to give generously to the children who the Lord has entrusted to us. "They will not hunger or thirst, nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down; For He who has compassion on them will lead them and will guide them to springs of water.” Isaiah 49:10
Hope and Help International
For many children growing up in rural South Asia, poverty, hunger, lack of medical care, threat of being trafficked, and little access to education are daily realities. But thru Hope and Help, you can make a life-saving difference. Sponsor a child and she/he will have access to all that's been lacking, and more importantly, hear the gospel of Jesus Christ which will make an eternal difference. Sponsor one child or sponsor a whole school and change the culture of a village!
Hope and Help International
Giving a livelihood gift is one way to share the love of Christ by meeting physical needs. Especially during times like these, when some people are not allowed to work, these gifts become even more important. Gifts like livestock can often be used to help pastors and others in villages, sometimes giving them a way to support their families and could even enable them to start a small business. You can choose to give chickens, a cow, a goat, pigs, sewing machine, or water buffalo.
Hope for the Hungry
To fully provide for a child in our orphanages, it costs $88 per month. Giving to our kids' homes will give them food, shelter and water every day. Please give today! To donate, call (254) 939-0124.
Hope Force International
Support Hope Force International's efforts to utilize a Christian worldview by bringing crisis-trained volunteers into the aftermath of disasters. Our mission is to alleviate suffering caused by disasters and chronic human need through stimulating the global Christian community into compassionate action.
Hope Force International
Hope Force is interfacing with various partners, as well as domestic groups desiring to engage in Haiti in the aftermath of the destruction. Hope Force International is committed to response, relief and recovery.
Hope Force International
The Refuge of Hope will provide housing and support services to disaster workers so they can continue to serve those affected by crisis. HFI envisions a mobile air dome that can be used by Hope Force Reservists and volunteers from a variety of organizations. The unit will provide housing and a base of operation to expedite immediate and long-term disaster response efforts.
Hope House Ministries
Hope House Ministries exists to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty through gospel restoration. Poverty is much bigger than lacking material things. Poverty is rooted in broken relationships with others, with ourselves, and ultimately with God. Our goal is to help people see that only the restoring power of the gospel can truly overcome their poverty.
HOPE International
Since 1997, HOPE International has invested in dreams through Christ-centered microenterprise development, empowering families to put their God-given resources to work and inviting them into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. HOPE is passionate about seeing men and women equipped to provide for their families, meet needs in their churches and communities, and build a thriving marketplace.
Hope Ministries
Hope Ministries rescues those who are homeless, hungry, abused or addicted in central Iowa with food, clothing, emergency shelter and Christ-centered life recovery. Join us in Giving Hope and Changing Lives! Learn more at
Hope Partners International
Legacy Ministries International is a global, Christ-centered, Bible-focused ministry of edification, evangelism, discipleship, relief and development. To donate, call (800) 906-6906.
Hope Ranch of Montana
Hope Ranch International seeks to follow God in Ethiopia by defending the cause of the fatherless and poor. We help provide hope through love, nutrition, education, shelter, clothing, and health care to needy and orphaned children through child/family support. A vital component is self-generating income and training to sponsor children's parents and guardians. Hope Ranch International comes along side local indigenous NGO's coordinating all sponsorship, sponsor travel, and project development.
Hope Seeds
Hope Seeds sends a Family Pack of Garden seed containing 10 varieties of vegetables, plus a devotional and education tract.
Hope Seeds
Hope Seeds sends a Cloth tote bag containing a blanket, human care items, and an assortment of quality garden seeds and devotional.
HOPE South Florida
Together we are building hope for the over 4,000 men, women, and children who find themselves homeless in Broward County. Through our housing initiatives, we are building tangible hope for those in need. Your financial support will help us to see broken families renewed and lives restored.
Hope Unlimited for Children
In the poverty stricken areas of Brazil, it is common to see children running barefoot around sewage or wearing only a dirty t-shirt. Your donation of only $10 dresses a child in what may be the first set of decent clothes they have ever worn in their lives. Please give today!
City of Hope has been honored for it's impact in bringing peace to an area known for clan violence and cattle theft and for building schools for the orphans in Tanzania.
Hopegivers International
For just $35 a month you can help support a Hope Home filled with orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children. Your sponsorship will provide the children with food, shelter, medical care, an education, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ.
Icthus International
During this time of covid-19 quarantine many of the Icthus children of impoverished families in Latin America are suffering. Their parents have lost the means to provide for basic needs such as food. Your gift will help provide emergency aid and food to poor Icthus kids and their families as well as help more children have the Icthus ministry.
Impact Middle East
IME sees firsthand how God is at work in the Middle East. Through house churches and ministries to refugees, Impact Middle East empowers Arab Christ-followers to share the grace and truth of Jesus among the least reached. Your partnership in giving assists IME in multiplying house churches, serving the flood of refugees, and in the training and equipping of emerging leaders in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
In His Image International
In His Image International uses medicine to bring hope to those in desperate need. Dozens of overseas trips have been conducted involving family medicine education, medical clinics and disaster relief trips. Over 5,000 local nationals and medical professionals have been trained and educated by In His Image medical teams and well over 16,000 individuals have received life-changing medical care. Your donation helps the ongoing work of transforming nations through medical education and healthcare.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Bread of Life, founded by Richard and Brooke Nungesser, serves Polish homeless people by offering them hot meals, warm clothing, counseling, and most importantly, hope in Jesus Christ.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Kelly and Cherise Smith minister in the area of Zulu Natal South Africa to HIV/AIDS victims and their families. They use their farm property to provide education and relief for HIV/AIDS victims in order to share the Gospel with them.
India Evangelical Mission
Sponsor a college student for $50 US dollars per month. This money will be applied to the schooling and living expenses of your sponsored student. Expenses include room and board, tuition, and necessary school supplies. It also helps provide for clothing and medical needs. The Bible College provides an environment that encourages the students to become ministers of the Word of God.
India Gospel League - North America
After planting a church in a village, we work specifically with the local pastor regarding the physical and economic needs faced by the people in his region. Many villagers are extremely poor and most have little or no opportunity for advancement. As a result, villages remain in a cycle of poverty. With the compassion of Christ, we help church leaders reach out with care; from clean water wells to nutritious food to literacy and skills training, and more.
India Partners
Your gift will help provide soft blankets, giving warmth and protection to those in need during the winter. This is a simple yet profound way to serve those in India. $10.50 per blanket
India Partners
1/3 of India's children cannot attend elementary school, usually because there is no local school to attend. Over the years, people like you have helped to build schools that now serve children in poor villages. Today, you can help keep them open and running. $65 provides one week of education for 50 students;
India Partners
Share the hope of Christmas with homeless children in India! Help thousands of children from the streets to hear the Christmas story, receive a food packet, a snack and a gift of clothing. $30 for 5 children
India Partners
40 - 80 million people in India are disabled, and 52 percent of them cannot read or write. You can provide computer and handicraft training to high school and college-age students who are physically disabled. They also learn how to apply for and secure jobs. $75 for one month of tuition; $900 for one year of tuition per student
India Partners
Save a rural family from hunger by blessing them with a goat! Hearty and easy to raise, goats are a great way to help a family increase their income. Goats are start-up capital for a small entrepreneur. Selling just one goat is very profitable and can provide a family with food and other necessities. Your gift also includes feed for one full year. $130 per goat
India Partners
You can provide hostel housing and meals for young disabled adults who are learning computer skills and how to get jobs. The 40-80 million disabled people in India face discrimination on a daily basis, but this loving hostel provides a supportive atmosphere where students can study and succeed. $100 for one month of healthy hostel living for one student
India Partners
The mortality rate for children in India is staggering: 63 out of every 1000 children will die by age 5. One way to lower this number is through village health clinics that serve people in remote tribal areas of India. Services provided are like many they would receive in a hospital if they had access to one. $100 covers the non-medicine expenses for one clinic; $640 covers the medicines for one clinic
India Partners
70% of all recorded cases of leprosy in the world occur in India. However, it’s often a simple eye or urinary tract infection that leads to severe illness or even death in India. You can help provide medicines to families who cannot afford them, and prevent minor ailments from turning into severe medical issues. $50 will provide medicines for 70 people; $150 will provide medicines for 210 people
India Partners
8 out of the 9 malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are prevalent where India Partners works in India. You can help provide insecticide-treated mosquito nets, which are a cost-effective method of preventing malaria. $10 provides one malaria-preventing mosquito net
India Partners
618 million women over the age of 15 in India are illiterate, which greatly restricts their opportunities to earn an income. With your help, India Partners runs five tailoring schools where young women can take free sewing classes and acquire practical job skills. Upon graduation, each woman receives a treadle sewing machine to help start her own home tailoring business. Over 500 women have graduated since the schools began in 1993. $105 provides a sewing machine for one graduate
India Partners
37% of people over the age of 15 in India cannot read or write - a total of 440 million. Many poor villagers are illiterate and restricted only to labor jobs. You can help poor villagers become literate, broadening their job opportunities for the future. $25 to teach 1 person to read & write or, $100 to teach 4 people to read & write
India Partners
An Indian buffalo produces about 50% more milk than a cow. The milk is also richer, making it an excellent source of nutrition. A family can sell the extra milk and earn a sustainable income. $695 per buffalo
India Partners
128 million people in India lack safe water, and 21 percent of all communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe drinking water. You can provide water wells and clean drinking water for families in rural villages, helping to prevent waterborne illnesses like typhoid and stomach worms. $165 provides one water well for at least 100 people
India Partners
You can mobilize physically disabled individuals with the gift of a wheelchair or hand-powered tricycle. These tools are vital for attending vocational training, as well as for overall mobility in daily life. $120 provides one wheelchair or hand-powered tricycle
InStep International
Since the beginning of InStep, our vision has been to link resources that matter. In doing so, we believe we can make a distinct difference in people’s lives immediately and ultimately in the Kingdom of God. Further the work of InStep International by contributing to one of our primary giving opportunities: Leadership Development, Humanitarian/Charitable Relief and Education and Leadership Preparation.
International Aid
We are continuing to work with our partners in the hurricane disaster areas of Texas, Florida, and some of the islands in the Caribbean – providing more than 10 truckloads of relief items. Our network partners will continue to work with us and let us know what is needed. Recovery from the recent onslaught of these disasters will take a very long time, and there is an overwhelming amount of need.
International Aid
For every $1 donated, we provide $71 worth of medical equipment, supplies and healthcare resources to people in areas of greatest need, all around the world and in our own country.
International Aid
Already hitting the Bahamas at Category 5 intensity, Hurricane Dorian is headed toward Florida. International Aid is in contact with our partners in the affected areas and has alerted our Alabama partner in preparation to distribute disaster relief that has previously been staged for just such an eventuality. Your prayers and financial support are needed in order to serve the victims of this disaster and other similar disasters.
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
IDES has the ways and means to get funds into Afghanistan to continue meeting the needs of IDPs and others who are suffering during this crisis. Your help will ensure the flow of resources they desperately need, all while sharing the love of Christ.
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
Hurricane Ida made landfall just before noon on Sunday, August 29th. Ida made landfall as a category 4 hurricane with winds of 145mph. The hurricane lead to widespread power outages leaving all of New Orleans dark.
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
IDES sheds are for families to have a safe place to store salvaged belongings after a disaster occurs. This program is a tool for the local church to reach out into its own community during a time of need in the name of Jesus Christ.
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
IDES has begun relief efforts with out partners in Haiti following this devastating earthquake. To learn more, or donate to these efforts, click the link below!
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
IDES continues to monitor Hurricane Dorian and has been in contact with a number of our partners along the east coast. We will give updates as we assess the needs of people affected by the hurricane. As we are tracking Dorian, IDES continues to work in Dayton, Ohio and our U.S. Disaster Response Coordinators are on site in the tornado affected areas where there will be shed building this week for those affected. Thank you for your continued prayers!
International Messengers
DTC is a ministry of International Messengers that was established to provide the training, personal character development, and missionary experience for those from the Middle East and N Africa planning to serve in missions. Your financial support will help offset the cost for the program: minimal housing and food during the 3 month training plus a one year stipend during internship of $250 dollars per month. Each individual raises $50 per month locally to give them a stake in the training proc
International Needs
In some regions of the world, unsafe water causes more deaths than armed conflicts. International Needs addresses the urgent need for food and clean water in some of the most remote and poverty-stricken areas of the world. School food programs and agricultural development initiatives give nutritional support while rainwater catchment systems are installed or bore wells are dug, providing life-giving safe water.
International Needs
Transformed lives and changed communities are truly accomplished only through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ is at the core of all International Needs programs. That is why the gospel is shared with all whom we encounter and why we directly support church planters and community workers throughout the world.
International Needs
Medical professionals from the US volunteer to serve on medical trips where they partner with resident physicians, nurses, dentists, and optometrists in the host country to provide free care that covers everything from wound care to malaria - and eyeglasses! Ongoing care is provided by International Needs medical clinics, ensuring consistent care for communities.
International Technical Electric & Construction
Conversion of a shipping container to provide electricity and a water treatment unit through the use of Solar Panels. Approximate costs $150,000.
Interserve USA
Interserve sends and supports Christians who provide helpful career service, and who share the gospel among unreached people in the Arab World and Asia. They work in many professions: medicine, education, business, the sciences, development, social work, engineering, building trades, and more; in partnership with churches and other like-minded, non-governmental organizations. Because these are poor and/or closed countries, most that are sent need financial support from individuals or churches.
Emergency funds go to support the immediate needs of foster youth in America and impoverished families in Ethiopia whose daily lives have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis. These demographics are in immediate need of water, food, and hygiene supplies to meet basic survival needs, as well as maintain the path to self-sufficiency after the COVID19 crisis.
Iranian Christians International
Partner with us today to minister and evangelize to the approximately 8 million Iranians and Afghans living outside their countries. We also nurture, equip, and train Iranian and Afghan believers in their Christian walk.
Iranian Christians International
Many Muslims in Iran and Afghanistan are turning to Christ. However, under the Islamic law (Shari'a) this is considered to be apostasy. Some persecution is carried out by the apostate’s family, but many of these Christian believers are arrested, interrogated, threatened, beaten, tortured, and even martyred by their government. ICI has helped over 1,000 persecuted families over the past 25 years by documenting their cases for immigration to a safe country and advocating on their behalf.
Iris Global
Iris Global exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in all its aspects, but most especially through our particular calling to serve the very poor: the destitute, the lost, the broken and the forgotten. It is our conviction that the Spirit of God has asked us to make this love concrete in the world, incarnate in our thoughts, our bodies, our lives and our every action.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
Using GPS guided technology, the ITEC UAVs do not require a pilot to steer, navigate, or land. The drone can be programmed with a flight plan to deliver packages to a specific location, making hard to reach areas accessible. This opens up a whole new way of overcoming harsh weather conditions, night travel, adverse terrain, and limited financial resources to minister to people who are beyond roads.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
Agriculture represents the livelihood of billions of people around the globe. Our team focuses on teaching conservation agriculture principles to Christ-followers in a short training that can help increase yields. In agriculture-centered communities around the globe, greater yields represent substantial opportunity for indigenous believers to share Christ and meeting needs around them.
Jericho Partnership
Jericho is dependent on the financial generosity of individuals and groups who want to help transform the lives of those who are most vulnerable – our youth, homeless, and other at-risk populations.
Jericho Road Ministries
Jericho Road Ministries seeks to lovingly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the economically, emotionally and spiritually impoverished by responding to their basic physical and emotional needs and by promoting Christian growth. Opportunities for service include work in our food bank, thrift stores and shelters.
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Millions of children die every year due to poor nutrition. Their families cannot provide them with the basic necessities to survive. It is our hope to save as many lives as we can and also share the love of Christ and give them hope for the future. Children receive a nutritious meal and receive a Bible lesson at our feeding sites. In many cases, this is the child’s only meal they will receive for the day. Our distribution sites supply enough food for families of five to seven people
Joyce Meyer Ministries
We desperately want to bring relief to as many people as we can by providing this basic necessity through our water relief programs. Water brings the community together, improves health, and deters young girls and women from being subjected to human trafficking. Our Well of Life Projects, consists of a church and a bore well. The project will service an entire community both physically and spirituality. The bore well will draw the people to the area to receive clean, safe drinking water.
Jubal Band Ministries
Our vision is expanding God’s kingdom in Iran and all Farsi speakers in the Middle East by transforming their lives. Our heart is helping Iranian and Farsi speakers to grow in the knowledge of the Bible and Christian lifestyle and disciple and equip them to serve one another faithfully face to face and through media and taking believers from the milk of the word to the meet, and from religion to reality.
Juna Amagara Ministries
For only $35.00 per month, about a dollar a day, you can save the life of an orphan child in Uganda. In a place where there is no working welfare system, where tens of thousands of children live in child-headed families, where they do hard, menial labor just to earn one meal a day, you can give a child hope. You may choose to sponsor a specific child or simply donate to help as many as possible.
Justice and Mercy International
Annual flooding in the Amazon region is continuing to worsen. More than 167 million people have been affected by recent rainfall, and parts of the area have been declared in a state of emergency. JMI can offer immediate assistance through distributing food bags to families that have been displaced by flooding.
Justice and Mercy International
Medical care in the Amazon is sometimes simply non-existent. JMA strives to make medical care and aid available to those we serve. When a need arises for medical attention, we partner with local doctors to make access available for these vital services. Your gift provides access to often life-saving care that many families and communities could not afford otherwise.
Justice Ventures International
A Justice Ventures Ally is an individual or organization who wishes to invest financially in JVI’s work of promoting freedom for victims of injustice. Consider participating financially with JVI’s work on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to promote justice and strengthen our ventures.
Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries
At Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, we provide the homeless with healthy, nutritious meals. In addition to feeding the body, souls are fed as well by the loving attention of the staff and the Christian environment. Our guests can receive shelter, hygiene products, a hot shower, and much more. Homeless men, women, and children can start on the road to a new, healthy life, and your act of kindness could be the spark that makes this happen.
Kenya Hope
For $35.00 a month you can sponsor a child and invest in a life! Your help will put a child in school, provide a healthy meal every day, and pay for clothes and medical help.
Kids Around the World
You can make a one-time donation to our Food Program and help make a difference in a child’s life. Your donation will go towards helping provide food for starving children all over the world. Donations make it possible for us to order more supplies and cover the costs of shipping food worldwide. All donations are tax deductible. With the cost of each meal being 25 cents, your donation can go a long way.
Kids for the Kingdom
At Kids for the Kingdom our mission statement is to transform the living conditions and spiritual lives of children, widows, and families - especially in third world, politically sensitive, disaster sites, and war-torn countries - so that they can transform their nation for Christ. We are currently reaching 168,652 children, widows and families in fourteen different countries through feeding programs, Bible clubs, and Micro-Enterprise loan programs.
Kingdom Workers
Together we are working alongside communities at home and around the world. Everything we do is possible thanks to the support of people like you. People who believe it is possible to bring real change to people's lives—change that is not just for the moment, but for eternity. Discover how we put our mission into action and make a difference in someone's life today.
Kokomo Rescue Mission
The Mission provides free meals twice daily, free clothing, and household goods for the under-resourced. Emergency shelter is available for men, women and children. Long-term shelter programs are also available for both men and women. We address the underlying causes of homelessness through biblical counseling, education, vocational training and mentoring, and refer to other services as needed.
Las Vegas Rescue Mission
What role can you fill in helping the homeless and needy of Las Vegas? By giving a gift of any size, you are helping to provide meals, shelter, and life-changing services to those who are experiencing hunger and homelessness in Las Vegas. There are also many ways to give of your time through volunteer opportunities.
LDi Foundation, Inc.
Help us to continue to provide leadership development services including teaching, experiential learning, and family services in East Asia and the Middle East. These offerings lay the groundwork for the relationships at the heart of our calling. Help people discover the transformation only Christ can make--from the inside out!
Levant Ministries
The heartbeat of our ministry is to see the Middle East healed and restored by the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about seeing the Gospel reach the Levant, and we do this through mobilizing the next generation, planting life-giving churches, and creating dynamic media content. Levant literally means “rising” and was used to imply the rising of the sun in the east. We believe it is a powerful symbol and foreshadowing of how the Lord will use us to transform the Levant.
Lexington Rescue Mission
We expect to serve more than 40,000 meals to homeless and hungry people in Lexington.Your secure online gift blesses each and every person it touches, lifting the spirits of all those who come to the Mission seeking a meal, a bed and the chance for a new life.
Life in Abundance International
Join us as we seek to mobilize the local church to restore health, renew hope and inspire lasting transformation for Africa's most vulnerable families. Give to help transform the communities LIA serves for the long-term.
LIFE Outreach International Association of Churches
At the heart of LIFE’S mission is Jesus’ command, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” (Mark 16:15 NKJV). In every outreach, be it Mission Feeding, LIFE Centers, Water for LIFE or Homes for LIFE, we cultivate every opportunity to share the Gospel.
LIFE Outreach International Association of Churches
With the help of our friends, Mission Feeding provides food for 500,000 hungry children in Africa every day. God has used this outreach to save the lives of more than 7 million children, and that's why we say: "There's a miracle of life and love in every bowl!"
LIFE Outreach International Association of Churches
Water for LIFE not only delivers safe, clear water with every well, but the wells become an ongoing witness of the love of God in the community. Every well is a wonderful gift of life, made possible with the help of our friends.