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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries

Ministry Description
It is the vision of World Compassion to transform the world with the loving touch of Jesus Christ. Our mission is taking the message of Jesus Christ to nations that are hostile to the Gospel, working with local bodies of believers to support the spiritual and physical transformation of lives. We are creative, strategic and consistent in presenting the message of Jesus Christ to these peoples and nations through church planting and evangelism, training and discipleship, literature distribution and humanitarian outreach.
Ministry Details
Location: Tulsa, OK
Founded: 1971
Tel: (918) 492-2858
Top Leader: Mr. Jason M Law
Donor Contact: Mrs. Beth Law
Member Since: March 25, 2010
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In 2010 World Compassion Terry Law Ministries began distributing Farsi Bibles and "The Story of Jesus" booklets in Iran. For $7.20 we can print and distribute a Farsi Bible to believers in Iran who have not had access to much needed Bible resources. "The Story of Jesus" 16-page, full color 'printed preacher' salvation message costs only 18 cents each to print and distribute to those in need in Iran. We have placed over 60,000 Farsi Bibles into Iran as of January 2016.
Providing for the care and welfare of children in Burma including a home for 24 girls and 24 boys, nutritional meals, education, clothing, medical care, activities, Christian teaching, social skills, all in a solid, Christian, family environment. We are raising these children as we would our very own, bringing hope, health, love, education and Jesus Christ to each one, in a home built for them near our church facility in Burma.
In Myanmar World Compassion Terry Law Ministries has indigenous pastors who are reaching the Burmese people with the Gospel, evangelizing in villages and planting churches throughout the country. We assist these pastors to become self-sufficient so they can build more churches as well as living and educational facilities for the many homeless children abandoned in the streets and subject to child trafficking.
Since 2006 we have distributed over 45,000 pairs of children's and youth athletic style shoes along with a Bible and The Story of Jesus booklets in Iraq. These evangelism tools have helped open the door for us to reach young and old alike. Our goal is reaching as many children and youth as possible so that we can change hearts to change homes to change regions and ultimately nations.
Living Sound is a fresh new outreach of World Compassion that draws upon the legacy of our original organization - Living Sound International. Our desire is to ignite a young generation to take the world by storm with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - using music, entertainment, and youth activities as a relevant and dynamic platform globally.
World Compassion has humanitarian outreach to Syrian and Internally Displaced Iraqi refugees located in northern Iraq as well as those travelling across Europe, displaced by the civil war in Syria and terrorism of ISIS. World Compassion provides regular distributions of food, Bibles, Christian literature and discipleship materials through indigenous pastors who present the Gospel as part of this compassion evangelism. We also provide medical outreach and other ministry opportunities.
For nearly 25 years World Compassion has printed and distributed The Story of Jesus booklets in more than 70 languages or dialects. This 16 page colorfully illustrated booklet presents the Gospel in a very simple yet compelling way. Over 27 million copies have been printed and distributed. At an average cost of just 18 cents each, The Story of Jesus booklet is one of the most powerful and cost effective evangelism tools available. We use these booklets in the Middle East and Asia.
Through our ABC Bible Curriculum and China Mission School programs, we are helping bring new levels of training/discipleship to believers in China and Burma. These extensive programs provide foundational teaching from the Bible including leadership, marriage, and evangelism. Over 300 hours of in-depth teaching through ABC help ground new believers so they can be empowered to reach others with the Gospel. Our Ministry Training Center in Burma is raising up young Christian leaders to reach Burma.
Unite My City is an outreach of World Compassion designed to work with local churches and Christian organizations to build strong and defined unity in the Body of Christ. This is done through collaborative outreach in cities as well as training in leadership, mission and ministry areas - helping to better establish the local church, create unity and develop more effective and efficient ministry.
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