Plain Compassion Crisis Response

Honey Brook, PA

Founded: 2014

Tel: (717) 833-4727


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Member Since: June 1, 2018

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   Cash Donations $632,297
   Noncash Donations $220,784
   Other Revenue $19,140
   Total Revenue $872,221
   Total Expenses $659,064
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Other $0
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Total Assets $356,463
Total Liabilities $91,519
Net Assets $264,944
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Plain Compassion Crisis Response (PCCR) was organized as a nonprofit organization to provide international disaster response services to refugees and others in peril and to share the love of God where it hasn't been shared before. PCCR provides significant humanitarian aid to individuals in immediate distress in the regions served, whether they are affected by natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, and tornadoes, or man-made disasters such as wars, famines, or economic disasters.

Our purpose is to provide international disaster response services as a means of showing God's Love, and for opening doors to share the Good News to the lost and dying who have not heard. Our vision is to spread the love of God through disaster relief and humanitarian aid and to equip this generation with the leadership skills needed to live a God-honoring life in today's world.
We are deploying a four-person team to Turkey. Our objective is to assess the needs that are showing up on social media forums and to assist where needed. At this point, we’re expecting to start with medical and rescue operations. The latest reports are of 11,200 dead, but that number is expected to rise to over 18,000 in the coming days. The region is still experiencing massive aftershocks and buildings are collapsing, in some cases while the search for survivors is ongoing. We are also a
Hurricane Ian is currently looking like a catastrophic event and is predicted to make landfall this afternoon as a high-end category 4 or even a category 5 hurricane. Our goal is to go in, assess the situation as it unfolds, and help where we can. Pray for us as we respond to this situation!
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