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Founded: 1981

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Financial Data

   Cash Donations $3,491,611
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $12,120
   Total Revenue $3,503,731
   Total Expenses $3,565,194
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $-571,040
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $2,694,359
Total Liabilities $227,727
Net Assets $2,466,632
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Fiscal year ending 12/31/2020 covers 15 months following fiscal year end change.

Childcare Worldwide transforms children’s lives by exposing them to the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing for their physical needs and sponsoring their education. We connect sponsors with children through Christ-based Life Centers. With sponsors and Life Centers removing barriers, children grow spiritually and physically into thriving productive adults. The biblical gospel is the primary message we deliver to underprivileged children and we provide holistic care to remove any barrier to fully hearing and understanding the Good News of Jesus Christ. With Christ as their cornerstone, children can succeed in school and throughout all areas of their lives.

Provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity. Not only will your child have food, clean water and access to medical care as needed, they will receive an education that leads to employment, giving them the skills to provide for themselves. In addition, your child will hear about Jesus and be trained to have Christ-like character. For only $40 per month, you can radically change a child's life. Sponsor a child today!
Bibles are a “luxury” for poor families simply trying to survive. Often multiple families must share a single Bible. But for just $16 you can give a child their very own Bible to help them grow and learn about Jesus.
Right now, hundreds of children are drinking dirty water. They risk pain, disease and even death with every sip, but they have no other options. Thankfully, you can help! You can help build clean water tanks and distribute water filters to families in need. Each gift will save children hours of hard labor, and transform the community’s health. Through our church partners, your gift will even help introduce children to the Living Water found in Jesus!
Easter Parties are an incredible opportunity to tangibly demonstrate hope and joy to a child in need. Each celebration reminds a child how precious they are – both to a caring person like you and to Jesus, who loved them enough to die on the cross. At each Easter Party, children experience singing, fun games, and special refreshments that remind them of the joy that happens because of Jesus. They will each get a special devotional book that will encourage them to grow in their faith. More import
Sometimes a child loses their sponsor. When that happens, we can’t bear to see their education or discipleship interrupted. Your gift will “fill in the gap,” supporting a child until a new sponsor can be found. Thanks to you, they can continue working towards a brighter future and growing in faith. $480 will ensure a child can stay in school and continue their discipleship for a full year.
You can share a meal with impoverished children for just $1 per meal! Each meal strengthens their health, helps them focus better in school, and improves their quality of life. Best of all, each meal opens the door to sharing the Gospel! Give a meal today to help them thrive both physically and spiritually.
In poor communities, many families live in make-shift shelters of corrugated metal and scrap wood. But for an average of just $5,500 you can give a family a new start in life. With a stable foundation, solid walls, and even electricity, this is a fully functional and furnished home – including bunk beds for the kids!
Without access to running water, there are thousands of children who are forced to gather water from muddy, contaminated ponds or purchase it from unreliable, unpurified sources. And this dirty water is destroying their lives. Water-borne diseases prevent them from attending school and their Life Centers, and can even threaten their very lives. Thankfully, there is a simple solution! A household water filter can clean even the dirtiest water, leaving it completely safe to drink! And YOUR G
Send a child to a Life Center to introduce them to the best gift of all: Jesus! At our Life Centers, children meet weekly for a day of fun, but more importantly, for a day of discipleship. Through Bible study, songs and games, our curriculum helps them connect Biblical principles to their day-to-day life, and helps them walk closer with Jesus every day. A gift of any amount will help a child's faith grow. You can support a child in this program for just $5 a month, or $60 for an entire yea
With this gift, you’re providing a healthy meal for a child at one of our Life Centers. For many, it is the best meal they have all week, full of the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. But more importantly, each meal removes the pain and distraction of hunger! By filling their bellies you’re helping them focus and engage better in our spiritual development curriculum, and walk closer with Jesus!
Beat the buzz! Mosquito nets are one of our most powerful tools in fighting deadly diseases like malaria and yellow fever. These specially treated mosquito nets repel the pesky, dangerous bugs, while keeping kids safe and snug in their beds. $16 provides one mosquito net.
Many of our sponsored children have large families with several siblings. It’s such a joy when a child gets sponsored and is able to attend a Life Center, but often this leaves their siblings back at home. However, we want to be sure that EVERY child gets support. For just $20/mo you can provide a sibling with access to a Life Center where they will hear the Gospel of Jesus, receive clean water, and a nutritious meal. If you are interested in a 1-to-1 writing relationship that provides education
Your gift to our Starfish Medical Fund provides critical medical care for children whose families can’t afford it. From casts for broken legs, to life-saving surgeries, to crucial antibiotics, the Starfish Fund restores health to children in desperate need. $100 provides life-saving medical care.
Help Childcare Worldwide effectively and efficiently get food and care to children who need it most. With a donation of $50 or even $100, you can have a valuable impact on the lives of children in need.
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