White Fields

San Marcos, CA

Founded: 1955

Tel: (760) 846-8610

Website: http://www.whitefields.org/

Top LeaderRev. Steve Wheeler

Donor Contact: Mrs. Cristiana Perry

Member Since: December 29, 2014

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $528,183
   Noncash Donations $5,970
   Other Revenue $14,848
   Total Revenue $549,001
   Total Expenses $745,966
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $194,086
Total Liabilities $712
Net Assets $193,374
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White Fields specializes in providing start-up salary support to indigenous pastors starting local evangelical churches among their own people in countries outside North America. The goal is to support pastors who already know the language and the culture. These pastors and their families live with and like the people in the poor community they are reaching. In addition to sharing the Gospel and teaching biblical discipleship, the newly started church seeks to transform the entire community through compassion ministry and livelihood development. The newly planted church helps the believers establish a means of feeding themselves.

Providing education is an important way to help the children in destitute and impoverished communities to grow out of their poverty. Providing Bible Training to young leaders will allow more churches to become established in the next generation. Both of these goals are being accomplished in our Bible School Ministry.
We are committed to starting strong self-sustaining churches. The national pastor and his family live among their own people at the standard of living of their community. Through the growing network of churches being established in an impoverished area, we introduce Micro-Enterprises that allow the new believers in the church to grow economically and solve their poverty. We lead Bible Schools to train future pastors, build water projects, and medical clinics alongside the churches.
Assisting the poor to grow their own micro-enterprise is a great way to solve poverty. Rather than just waiting for a handout, the impoverished people can manage their own income generating project to earn a living. Families can begin to feed themselves. Parents can enroll children in school.
While our ministry establishes a new church in an impoverished village, we support drilling a well or building a rainwater storage harvesting tank. Through this ministry, the local church can provide water to all the neighbors in the surrounding community.
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