India Partners

Eugene, OR

Founded: 1994

Tel: (541) 683-0696


Donor Contact: Mr. John Sparks

Member Since: May 1, 2002

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $2,685,477
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $11,552
   Total Revenue $2,697,029
   Total Expenses $2,092,671
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $1,809,957
Total Liabilities $32,530
Net Assets $1,777,427
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India Partners is Christian charity committed to supporting self-help ministry projects in India. We believe in helping the people of India help themselves, with God's grace. India Partners works with Christian indigenous organizations in India that are seeking self-sufficiency. Projects include: sponsoring a child, widow, teacher or pastor, developing orphanages and schools, village development, disaster relief, sharing the Gospel of Christ, literacy programs, vocational training, prison ministry, rescuing women and children from the red-light districts, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) projects, sewing schools, building hospitals and clinics, short-term teams, training the physically disabled, fishery, water, and agricultural projects.

Your gift will help provide soft blankets, giving warmth and protection to those in need during the winter. This is a simple yet profound way to serve those in India. $10.50 per blanket
You can help establish a chicken farm that will support pastors' families and orphaned children. After the first batch of chickens, the farm will be self-sustainable. $10 will purchase five chicks and provide their feed.
1/3 of India's children cannot attend elementary school, usually because there is no local school to attend. Over the years, people like you have helped to build schools that now serve children in poor villages. Today, you can help keep them open and running. $65 provides one week of education for 50 students;
Share the hope of Christmas with homeless children in India! Help thousands of children from the streets to hear the Christmas story, receive a food packet, a snack and a gift of clothing. $30 for 5 children
40 - 80 million people in India are disabled, and 52 percent of them cannot read or write. You can provide computer and handicraft training to high school and college-age students who are physically disabled. They also learn how to apply for and secure jobs. $75 for one month of tuition; $900 for one year of tuition per student
Save a rural family from hunger by blessing them with a goat! Hearty and easy to raise, goats are a great way to help a family increase their income. Goats are start-up capital for a small entrepreneur. Selling just one goat is very profitable and can provide a family with food and other necessities. Your gift also includes feed for one full year. $130 per goat
You can provide hostel housing and meals for young disabled adults who are learning computer skills and how to get jobs. The 40-80 million disabled people in India face discrimination on a daily basis, but this loving hostel provides a supportive atmosphere where students can study and succeed. $100 for one month of healthy hostel living for one student
The mortality rate for children in India is staggering: 63 out of every 1000 children will die by age 5. One way to lower this number is through village health clinics that serve people in remote tribal areas of India. Services provided are like many they would receive in a hospital if they had access to one. $100 covers the non-medicine expenses for one clinic; $640 covers the medicines for one clinic
70% of all recorded cases of leprosy in the world occur in India. However, it’s often a simple eye or urinary tract infection that leads to severe illness or even death in India. You can help provide medicines to families who cannot afford them, and prevent minor ailments from turning into severe medical issues. $50 will provide medicines for 70 people; $150 will provide medicines for 210 people
8 out of the 9 malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are prevalent where India Partners works in India. You can help provide insecticide-treated mosquito nets, which are a cost-effective method of preventing malaria. $10 provides one malaria-preventing mosquito net
Prisons in India are over-crowded. A cell designed for only 50 inmates often holds nearly 180. In this dark and cramped environment, you can help bring literacy, Bible classes, vocational training and the hope of Christ to those awaiting trial or even death. $125 to reach 5 prisoners for one year
More than 2.3 million girls and women in India are believed to be working in the sex industry against their will. You can help rescue women and children from the red-light districts and relocate them to loving safe homes. At the safe homes, women and children receive counseling, education, vocational training, food and accommodations under the committed care of a houseparent couple. $7.08 provides one night in a safe house; $70.80 provides 10 nights in a safe house
618 million women over the age of 15 in India are illiterate, which greatly restricts their opportunities to earn an income. With your help, India Partners runs five tailoring schools where young women can take free sewing classes and acquire practical job skills. Upon graduation, each woman receives a treadle sewing machine to help start her own home tailoring business. Over 500 women have graduated since the schools began in 1993. $105 provides a sewing machine for one graduate
India has more malnourished children than any other country in the world. Widows in India are neglected and left to fend for themselves in the Indian culture. For $35/month, you can give the hope of God to a child or widow in need. Your sponsorship will provide food, clothing, medical care, and education or vocational training, if appropriate. Your friend will also learn about Jesus.
37% of people over the age of 15 in India cannot read or write - a total of 440 million. Many poor villagers are illiterate and restricted only to labor jobs. You can help poor villagers become literate, broadening their job opportunities for the future. $25 to teach 1 person to read & write or, $100 to teach 4 people to read & write
An Indian buffalo produces about 50% more milk than a cow. The milk is also richer, making it an excellent source of nutrition. A family can sell the extra milk and earn a sustainable income. $695 per buffalo
128 million people in India lack safe water, and 21 percent of all communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe drinking water. You can provide water wells and clean drinking water for families in rural villages, helping to prevent waterborne illnesses like typhoid and stomach worms. $165 provides one water well for at least 100 people
You can mobilize physically disabled individuals with the gift of a wheelchair or hand-powered tricycle. These tools are vital for attending vocational training, as well as for overall mobility in daily life. $120 provides one wheelchair or hand-powered tricycle
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