Operation Mobilization

Tyrone, GA

Founded: 1958

Tel: (770) 631-0432

Website: http://www.omusa.org

Top LeaderMr. Andrew Scott

Donor Contact: Ms. Lorraine Burt

Member Since: February 1, 1984

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $30,007,199
   Noncash Donations $511,191
   Other Revenue $2,980,325
   Total Revenue $33,498,715
   Total Expenses $33,699,814
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $9,190,037
Total Liabilities $2,053,044
Net Assets $7,136,993
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Operation Mobilization (OM) exists to create vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached, transforming their communities.

In 1970, OM launched an innovative, international ship ministry. Since then, the ships, Logos, Logos II, Doulos and now Logos Hope, have welcomed over 39 million people in more than 497 cities in 155 nations. Since 1970: 50 million scripture portions have been distributed; 4.8 million people have attended conferences and other events on board; hundreds of tons of books donated; tens of thousands have come to faith in Christ.
All over the world, we meet children who lack food, medicine, and educational opportunities. Above all, they lack the hope of the good news of Jesus Christ. OM’s Children in Need Fund exists to care for these young lives, reaching out to thousands needy children in many countries with the love of Jesus. Your financial partnership with this project will be used to fund OM's ministries to children around the world.
OM is truly an international mission, with work in over 110 nations. OM’s strategy has always been to train and equip national Christians for leadership. Today, OM is led and staffed by capable and godly national believers in many of these countries. Currently over 100 nationalities are counted among our staff members. Though there are many benefits of national missionaries, one of the challenges they face is raising their personal financial support.
OM is working in over 110 countries where our teams are sharing the Gospel and bring God’s love through hundreds of ministry projects. Sometimes, due to a relatively small shortfall of funding, a strategic need is not met or a program will be cancelled. Your support will fund small-scale strategic projects, vital projects that are nearly but not quite fully funded by other means, and urgent technical and support needs.
According to Operation World, Operation Mobilization (OM) has the largest missions presence in the Muslim world. Among Muslim peoples, exciting things are happening spiritually. In spite of oppression and persecution Muslims are coming to faith. The OM teams working among Muslims for the last half century have a vision to reach out with the Gospel to all who have yet to receive Christ.
Relief and development projects are an integrated part of OM ministries that come face to face with overwhelming suffering and need on a daily basis. OM teams are seeking to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of these hurting people in the spirit and love of Jesus. Your financial partnership with this project will be used to fund OM relief and development ministries.
Once, European Christians told the world about Jesus. Today’s “Christian” Europe is spiritually bankrupt. Yet, in the midst of brokenness, God is restoring hope to Europe. In more than 30 nations across the continent, OM teams are living out the reality of the Gospel as they provide practical help, build friendships and share truth. Together with the European church, OM is caring for the unwanted, loving Muslims, empowering the next generations, and reawakening the religious.
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