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Founded: 1943

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Donor Contact: Mr. Luke Oravec

Member Since: January 10, 1995

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $34,593,723
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $845,951
   Total Revenue $35,439,674
   Total Expenses $31,607,093
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $836,101
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $21,462,331
Total Liabilities $2,325,222
Net Assets $19,137,109
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WorldVenture is a global Christian organization with over 550 workers serving in transformational ministries. We are a family of followers of Jesus who work to see multitudes of disciples compelled by the love of God and willing to risk all so that people are transformed by God, impacting their families, communities, and world. We serve in 60+ countries working to make disciples of Jesus throughout societies, ultimately contributing to establishing and strengthening local churches.

WorldVenture is ready right now to help Afghan refugees. Our network of global workers and community centers are already ministering to displaced peoples. We are ready to serve Afghan refugees with food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and more.
This project provides funds to the New Hope Center for Grieving Children and Teens, a safe place where children orphaned by civil war find hope. Staff help the orphans work through their trauma and grief and provide activities that focus the children on healing. Funds will be used to provide scholarships for the children to attend school, pay for much needed medical care, food and clothing. Donations will also pay for ministry expenses, furniture, and upcoming construction projects.
This project will fund the expansion of WorldVenture into new ministries of partnership with the rapidly growing church in China. Funds are needed for video production, promotional materials, web expansion, travel, conferences and partnership agreements.
Why does devastation reign over Congo? Natural disasters, war atrocities, civil unrest, deadly diseases, pandemics, grieving and orphaned children, years and years of repression. How can we help? What should we do? “Bring Jesus!” says Catharine Coon, a WorldVenture missionary in Uganda. She says the only lasting change that will happen in Africa will happen through lives transformed by Jesus Christ. Missionaries are so critical to representing Christ on the frontline.
The ongoing fund supports the needs of the entire mission family. It provides for the growth of the mission as well as the care of workers in more than 60 areas around the world. Your financial support will help us make sure that our missionaries have everything they need to be effective at what God has called them to do.
The Good Samaritan Fund has been established to enable WorldVenture to respond with Christian compassion to the physical and material needs of people, especially in disaster or crisis situations. In some instances, Good Samaritan funds may also be allocated for longer term development projects designed to meet the needs of people recovering from disaster circumstances. In recent years, the Good Samaritan Fund has been used to help meet the initial needs of war refugees in Lebanon.
Hope Alive! is a relief and development project focused on orphans and fragile families. Begun in 2002, the project works in the slums of Kampala, in the poor, rural area around the town of Masaka in southwestern Uganda, with refugees living near the border of Sudan, and in Ugandan IDP (internally displaced persons) camps near Gulu, in northern Uganda.
With each passing day, the news out of Japan remains grim in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disasters. News of the crippled nuclear reactors and release of radiation only compound the stress and grief of survivors. In these dark hours, many individuals and churches want to express the love of Jesus by giving to help relieve the immediate and overwhelming needs in Japan. The WorldVenture team in Japan is hosting the coordination of relief efforts in their ministry center.
In Myanmar, there are many concerns about food, clean water, sanitation, and the threat of diarrhea and cholera. Each of these continues to take their toll. WorldVenture has multiple ministry contacts in the region and we will be using secure approaches to provide support and relief to help these ministry partners. Please give today!
Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the central Philippines, placed thousands and thousands of the country’s most vulnerable people in danger. Response from God’s people and God’s church is needed now to help businesses rebuild.
In the past year, micro-financing projects have popped up across the Philippines. A rubber tree plantation is providing work and income for dozens of mountain farmers in Mindanao; a fishing boat was built and now 10 families in the village of San Vincenti, Samar, in central Philippines, are running their own fishing business and a small church planter is teaching groups of farmers agribusiness, animal husbandry, agriculture and horticulture.
A large percentage of Arab believers do not have a high school diploma. PTEE is developing an affordable, 12-course secondary equivalent diploma program that will initially be made available to church members in Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Algeria. Evangelicals have always been on the leading edge of educational reform, championing access to Christian education. Your support of this ministry will potentially help hundreds of adults develop ministry skills for leadership.
Donations to this project will support the growing Restoration Ministries, and future expansion of outreach in neighboring slums.
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