International Partnerships

Boone, NC

Founded: 1997

Tel: (828) 406-3182


Top LeaderMr. Thomas Bates

Donor Contact: Ms. Brandy Ezzell

Member Since: September 4, 2003

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $347,163
   Noncash Donations $20,041
   Other Revenue $1,080
   Total Revenue $368,284
   Total Expenses $328,288
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $396,265
Total Liabilities $0
Net Assets $396,265
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Vision - To see influencers (university educated) of Ukraine in vibrant, multiplying churches. Mission - Reaching the ones who touch thousands. Goals - To bring people to Christ, to help new believers grow spiritually, to equip lay leaders and to plant vibrant, multiplying churches.

International Partnerships' missionaries have camping outreach programs each summer. These are especially effective in reaching the lost adult men of Ukraine for Christ. Camping equipment is needed to implement these programs; items include tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and cooking gear.
International Partnerships trains up lay leaders to help with the ministry. These servants learn what it means to be an active disciple of Christ. They help to teach Bible classes, develop and participate in outreach opportunities (e.g. camps), and be actively involved in church leadership. The program costs $11,000 (USD), lasts four days, trains up 100 leaders, averaging $110 per person.
Ukrainians have difficulty raising funds in their own country for support, as most in their country are atheistic or Orthodox. For approximately $500 USD per month, you can provide enough support for one Ukrainian missionary to work daily to help lead people to Christ.
Since war began in Eastern Ukraine, International Partnership churches have ferried food, blankets, and medications to civilians caught in the horrific crossfire. We initiated a Facebook volunteer movement called Wings of Generosity and Care. More than 3200 have joined to help the most vulnerable – the very young and the very old, stranded in the war zone. We have led over 150 teams of volunteers to bring help to these towns and villages still under artillery fire.
International Partnerships gathers its staff from all of the oblasts where IP ministers live throughout Ukraine twice per year for this vital staff training conference. The staff receives training and guidance on Biblical principles used in reaching the lost for Christ; they are encouraged and grow in their faith. They depart equipped to work in the rocky-soil environment of Ukraine. The cost for 35 staff, six days of training, is $5,100 (USD).
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