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Birmingham, AL

Founded: 1982

Tel: (205) 979-2400


Top LeaderDr. Bobby Wilson

Donor Contact: Ms. Heather Thornburgh

Member Since: May 14, 2012

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $1,278,896
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $180,028
   Total Revenue $1,458,924
   Total Expenses $1,389,427
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   for the Year
Other $0
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Total Assets $1,531,242
Total Liabilities $2,937
Net Assets $1,528,305
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World Reach, Inc. is a global, evangelical mission organization serving fields in East Africa, Central and South America, Europe and the United States. Our mission is to reach the world with the gospel of Christ through the local church. We carry out our mission through evangelism, discipleship training, church planting, leadership development, and physical relief efforts.

The World Reach Orphanage houses children who are orphaned, rejected, neglected or ignored by society. Many end up on the street if no one intervenes. Kenyan “House Mothers” raise the children in a loving Christian environment where they are provided shelter, food, schooling (which is not free in Kenya), medical attention, and Christian discipleship. A gift of $1,200 annually or $100 monthly will help support and educate one child. World Reach cares for 22 orphans
World Reach's mission is to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ through partnering with local, indigenous churches. We carry out our mission through evangelism, discipleship training, church planting, leadership development, and physical relief efforts. Invest in the lives of missionaries bringing the Gospel to the nations. Provide training to local pastors who are striving to reach their communities with the Gospel. Contribute to children in need so they can have a bright future. There
La Roca Christian School began in 2005 with 20 children attending preschool. It has added a grade each year and now has over 265 students enrolled in preschool through 12th grade. The school started with the purpose of meeting the educational and spiritual needs of Peruvian children, where no bilingual Christian school existed. The school also serves as an important evangelistic outreach for the families.
World Reach provides basic health care and services at a greatly subsidized cost in the rural community of Muthetheni, Kenya, where people have difficulty affording medical care. Medical concerns of the community include: fungal infections, malnutrition, malaria, typhoid, sanitation, water contamination, AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, prenatal and post-natal care. The clinic operates as "the hands and feet of Jesus", meeting both physical and spiritual needs.
La Roca Prenatal Center opened its doors in November 2007. Trained volunteer staff members counsel, disciple and encourage pregnant teenage girls and women in choosing life for their unborn children. The rate of abortion in Peru is extremely high, and World Reach uses La Roca Prenatal Center as a vessel to the choice of life and to spreading God’s love and hope to young women throughout the process of pregnancy. Medical and dental services are offered as well as a baby shower for each woman.
Andrew & Luba Bulyhin of Ukraine have been part of World Reach since 2000. In 2012, Andrew began the role of church planter to help establish a church for the growing number of international students coming to study at local universities in Sumy, Ukraine. Over 1,000 students that represent over 40 countries converge in Sumy. Andrew's focus is on developing relationships with university students, sharing the Gospel, and getting students connected to the Church family.
Our Mobile Bible Institutes train national pastors, aspiring pastors and other church leaders in the Word of God, that they in turn may further the kingdom of God among their own people. We work in close cooperation with the local indigenous church using Biblical curriculum to train and equip the pastoral students, most of whom are bivocational.
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