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His Feet International's mission is to evangelize tribes and peoples who have never heard the gospel. Make disciples and empower leaders. Encourage faith in God and faith in His Word. Plant indigenous churches. Provide biblical, kingdom training in evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, and ministry to the poor. They desire to demonstrate the love of God through meeting both practical and spiritual needs of the poor, the outcast, and those Jesus would consider “the least of my brothers and sisters.”

'The Forgotten Community' Is a neglected shantytown-like village in the Philippines. His Feet International is the only ministry currently working in the 'forgotten community' The extreme neglect during covid-19 that this community faced, even while other villages received help is what caused the community to name itself The Forgotten Community. The community has no electricity. Will you help remind the community of over 100 families that although the government has forgotten about them, God ha
For $40 you can help feed a leprosy victim for one month! We work in over several different leprosy quarantine villages in the worlds most populated country. Each leprosy camp contains 10-20 victims. Every $800 raised will feed all people in at least 1 leprosy village. We provide rice, cooking oil, blankets, clothes, toiletries, haircuts, Bibles, and other Christian resources. Within these colonies, churches have been planted and we are reaching people with the gospel.
Inside Burma near the Thai/Burma border live hundreds of refugee children. There are multiple children's homes housing anywhere from 40-70 children each. These children have been displaced from their families due to the Myanmar military coup. The children have fled to safety leaving their families and villages behind. Many of them have traveled long distances by foot to reach the safety and refuge of the children's homes. When you give to this need, you are helping a child find safety. If you gi
Giving to this cause helps us to train national missionaries and house church leaders to reach unreached people groups! Through your financial support and prayer, we are able to host discipleship and leadership trainings for new believers to be equipped as church leaders! This, along with resources such as Bibles and discipleship training materials disciples are able to make disciples!
Indigenous Missionaries serving the Lord in their native country are in need of support to help their kids receive an education. Please consider being a blessing to those that are a blessing to others. Many of these children's parents are faithfully serving in some of the harshest nations in the world. Please consider supporting these children and help their parents pay for schooling. $200 will provide a month of schooling per child.
Stand with us in prayer and financial support for our persecuted brothers and sisters! There are nearly 300 million Christians who are suffering intense persecution. In Asia, it is estimated that 2 out of every 5 countries persecute believers. Many face confiscation of property, destruction and closure of churches, loss of jobs, house arrest, imprisonment and more. Help us to provide care for the persecuted through Biblical trainings, Pastoral care retreats, and financial support for those in a
His Feet Interantional is providing for refugees and internally displaced persons around Afghanistan and Myanmar. His Feet International is providing relief for those whose economic situation has been devastated by Covid-19.
There are about 7,000 unreached people groups around the world that have never been reached by the Gospel. Many of these have no Bible in their language and no churches. Most have never even heard the name of Jesus! Help us go into the 10/40 window to equip and mobilize indigenous workers to reach the unreached! Giving to this cause serves as an opportunity for the gospel to be shared, disciples to be raised through pastoral training, and churches to be planted! Will you help us reach the unreac
His Feet International has been part of the distribution of tens of thousands of Bibles, evangelism, and Christian training materials. Some even in ethnic tribal languages! There is a great need for Bibles and materials to be distributed. Join us financially and through prayer to provide the Word in rural areas and cities that are difficult to get Bibles in! We also provide MP3 tracks with the Bible, Christian life teaching, and worship music!
We work with Unreached People Groups that are located in a geographical region referred to as the 10/40 Window, a rectangular area between the north latitude lines of 10- and 40-degrees, which encompasses North Africa, the Middle East and all of South Asia.
Provide a Bible for tribal People living in war zones or gospel-restricted nations. His Feet International regularly supplies Bibles for those in need. In war zones, Bibles can be destroyed when people flee. In persecuted nations, Bibles are contraband and can be impossible to buy. They can also get confiscated by hostile governments. Our teams and partners have unique relationships to get Bibles to those in need. The average cost for a Bible in a tribal language is $15.00. It is our goal to sup
Did you know that there are around 773 million illiterate people in the world? Most of whom are women. When you give a $30 gift, you are helping those who have no way to Read the Bible finally get a chance to experience the amazing word of God! We will distribute audio Bibles to those living in indigenous regions, mainly in Asia, who have no ability or means to read the Bible. Audio Bibles also service those who have no written language!
Leprosy is a cruel disease that affects the nervous system and causes nerve damage. The dead nerves no longer feel wound and injuries, so the area becomes damaged and infected. This disease has taken the hands, feet, and even eyelids of its victims. The most devastating part however is the rejection they face. We have the unique opportunity to teach them about Jesus as well as provide medical care, supplies, water, and shower and development projects to reduce wound infection rate! Will you supp
Emergency relief includes those affected by Covid-19 shutdowns, medical emergencies, those trapped in sex-slavery, natural disasters, and any critical need that may come up with those we serve all over! Your donations and prayers keep us in a unique position to show God's love in practical ways!
Provide crucial medical care to leprosy victims living inside leprosy quarantine villages. These leprosy victims live in villages on remote mountains. Our team travels monthly to several leprosy colonies to clean and treat rotting flesh. Leprosy victims require constant care as they cannot feel pain due to nerve damage. Typically hospitals wont treat them to due the stigma around leprosy and the victims are physically incapable of ever leaving the colony.
His Feet International has a long history of providing emergency relief and meeting critical needs for God’s family. His Feet has responded to the needs of those devastated by fires, floods, and medical conditions.
Children of parents who are affected by leprosy are seen as outcasts in society. Sponsor a child to attend a Bible camp where they will receive love, care, food, and the opportunity to learn about God! For $150, a child will be sent to Bible camp!
Help people hear the name of Jesus for the first time: In nations hostile to the Gospel, underground indigenous missionaries are reaching unreached people groups. They do this with little support from churches and they serve knowing they are risking arrest, fines, and even imprisonment. For $300 we can pay the rent for one of these missionary families for one month. They are grateful for any help they can receive. When you give to this need, you are directly supporting the ministries of indigeno
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