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Interserve USA

Ministry Description
International Service Fellowship (InterserveUSA), one of the ten National Councils and Interserve International, formerly known as BMMF International, has served Christ since 1852. It presently ministers in South Asia and the Middle East and in some National Council countries to which these people have migrated. Interserve provides medical, educational, professional and technical personnel for ministry in cooperation with the national church, mission, or government agencies. Our purpose is to establish a Christian presence in the country and to be available for lifestyle witness and the establishment of Christian churches as opportunities arise.
Ministry Details
Location: Upper Darby, PA
Founded: 1964
Tel: (610) 352-0581
Top Leader: Mr. Mark Huffman
Donor Contact: Mr. Rob Dolan
Member Since: September 1, 1987
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In East Asia, we are working to educate expatriate children as well as youth at local schools and universities. We are partnering with other organizations to increase effective student work. We provide medical and dental services, and help with community development. Please donate today!
Interserve sends and supports Christians who provide helpful career service, and who share the gospel among unreached people in the Arab World and Asia. They work in many professions: medicine, education, business, the sciences, development, social work, engineering, building trades, and more; in partnership with churches and other like-minded, non-governmental organizations. Because these are poor and/or closed countries, most that are sent need financial support from individuals or churches.
In Bangladesh, Interserve is working with hospitals, clinics and community health programs. We are partnering with other organizations to increase effective student work, providing theological education, and teaching in a local Christian school. Please give today!
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