Accreditation Fee Schedule

Nonprofit Fees

The below fees are for the period 11/01/2022 through 10/30/2023

If your financial statements are not yet complete, please estimate your cash contribution revenue and total revenue on which the ECFA Accreditation Fee is calculated.

When financial statements are submitted the appropriate adjustments will be made and ECFA will either refund or send an invoice for the difference in accreditation fee if necessary.

A. Cash contribution income for the latest 12-month fiscal year

 At LeastBut Less ThanAccreditation Fee
$500,000,000 $18,005

B. Total Revenue

 At LeastBut Less ThanAccreditation Fee
$30,000,000 $3,375
Nonprofit Fees

How to Calculate Cash Donated Income

Total Cash Donated Income 

Cash donated income includes cash contributions received in all net asset classes (unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted)

To further explain cash donated income, it includes:

  • Special event (banquets, golf outings, etc.) revenue net of direct expenses
  • Private foundation grant money received
  • Donated marketable securities (publicly-held) received
  • Pledges (net pledges recorded as assets and revenue) (1)

Cash donated income excludes:

  • Government grants (federal, state, and local)
  • Privately-held securities
  • Noncash gifts (gifts of services, real estate, clothing, furniture, etc.) -- Note: the donation of publicly-held marketable securities is considered as cash contributions for the purposes of this calculation

(1) ECFA provides members an option of only including payments on pledges in cash donated income instead of net pledges.  Either method must be consistently followed for ECFA fee calculation purposes.