Join the Integrity Movement

Join the Integrity Movement.

ECFA is a growing community of leading churches and ministries committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity. It takes intentional, hard work to maintain integrity and earn trust. Let us help you on your journey.

Why Become ECFA Accredited?

To communicate your commitment to standards of high integrity. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) is an accountability partner to confirm a ministry's commitment to the ECFA Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™ in the areas of board governance, financial management, and fundraising.

Display the ECFA Seal

As an ECFA member, you will display the ECFA seal to your ministry partners to show that your organization has achieved this "symbol of trust" and is committed to operating above reproach.

Access Trust-Building Resources

ECFA regularly produces relevant, content to continually equip and encourage our accredited members. You'll have full access to our library of articles, eBooks, webinars, and more on topics like board governance, financial management, and fundraising.

Never Walk Alone

Our team of experienced, professional staff with accounting, finance, and law credentials will be by your side as a coach helping you pursue high standards and pointing you to helpful resources.

ECFA membership contributes to the integrity and witness of the entire Christian community.

It's undeniable the image of Christian ministry has been scarred by the actions of a select few organizations. Membership in ECFA is a powerful statement that a ministry acts responsibly and honors its commitment to accountability.

ECFA is not self-regulation. It is peer accountability, a biblical demonstration of the church caring for its own.

Peer accountability has proven effective in many professions, such as accounting, legal, medical, and higher education. Although ECFA membership spans a broad spectrum within the evangelical Christian community, common denominators link member organizations.

Spiritually, all proclaim, "Jesus is Lord!" as each unique organization creatively spreads the good news of the Gospel. Functionally, all must raise and spend funds to accomplish their mission goals. Despite many factors that segment ministries, ECFA membership utilizes these common denominators to unify the Christian community.

ECFA was formed in response to threatened legislation.

The fact that so many organizations have voluntarily submitted themselves to ECFA's independent standards of accountability has clearly forestalled this threat. As a viable accreditation agency, ECFA helps preserve freedom from governmental intrusion for all ministries – including those who are not members of ECFA.

Independent academic researchers have documented that ECFA membership is a factor in the favorable contribution decisions of a sizable percentage of the Christian donor public. Increasingly, donors are looking for the ECFA seal before they give.

ECFA Is Recognized by the Secular Nonprofit Community

ECFA's influence and reputation have grown tremendously among the various communities in which it operates. ECFA is an active, respected participant in the secular philanthropic community in the U.S.

ECFA has an ongoing reciprocal relationship with the office of the Attorney General in many states. It is a regular participant in NASCO (the National Association of State Charity Officials). It has provided comments on various issues to the Internal Revenue Service.

Although it is not a lobbying or trade organization, ECFA has been a significant resource to various members of Congress regarding legislation that might impact the "faith-based" community. ECFA has participated with others in signing various petitions or filing "friend of the court" briefs on several judicial cases.

ECFA conducts press interviews frequently.

These range from the best-known news agencies to many regional and specialized media outlets, including the Christian press. Whenever there is a scandal in the charity world—regardless of whether the organization in question is an ECFA member or not—these media outlets often consult ECFA.

The more ministries adhere to ECFA standards, the more trust the world will have in each individual ministry.

Our membership's growing awareness of ECFA's impact directly relates to the seal's value. This increased recognition by the membership is due to ECFA's firm stance in upholding its Standards. ECFA's best work is done in biblical confrontation behind closed doors.

Professionalism, fairness, objectivity, and consistency are cornerstones of the general operating practice of ECFA's Standards Advisory Committee (SAC) and Board.

ECFA's Board and Standards Advisory Committee members are among the finest experts in the country. This expertise is exhibited in ECFA's many published opinions and commentaries on technical issues.

Inspiring confidence in givers is a high priority in ECFA's mission of enhancing trust.

More than ever, donors are investing their money in causes they believe in and organizations that display integrity and transparency in their work. The new generation of givers no longer starts from a place of trust in ministries, giving organizations that display the ECFA seal a head start on building trust with donors.

ECFA is frequently promoted through Christian media outlets, public service announcements, and digital and print ads. ECFA's website reaches the masses and continues to expand. Ministry profiles are available online with a link to each member organization's website. In addition, the public utilizes ECFA's toll-free number daily to verify membership, obtain profiles, and obtain other information about charitable giving.

ECFA is the best defense for any ministry falsely accused of wrongdoing.

ECFA's independence is a key to its success in denying accreditation and vigorously defending its members in good standing when appropriate.

3 Easy Steps to Apply:

Easy online application. After taking a few minutes to complete the short accreditation application, you’ll submit the requested supporting documents or email them to us later, whichever works best for you!

Receive coaching from the ECFA team. Once your application is submitted, you’ll be assigned an experienced coach from the ECFA staff for a call to walk you through our accreditation requirements and to provide help or resources to your organization in meeting ECFA’s standards.

Final review and approval. After coaching and review by the ECFA staff, your completed application will be shared with ECFA’s board of directors for final review. You’ll be notified as soon as possible when your application has been approved.

An estimated 14 million givers support ECFA-accredited organizations

97% of ECFA members renew their accreditation each year.

ECFA is the largest nonprofit accreditor in the U.S. and the only one with biblically based standards of accountability.

ECFA members serve 2 billion people globally each year through the great diversity of ministry.

ECFA members' total revenue ranges from $50,000 to over $4 billion.

Local churches are the fastest-growing membership segment of ECFA.

Innovative Resources

Accredited churches and nonprofits have unlimited access to our vast library of resources to help you excel in leadership, financial accountability, board governance, and much more.

Start Your Application

Accredited churches and nonprofits have unlimited access to our vast library of resources to help you excel in leadership, financial accountability, board governance, and much more.

"Fostering the Family deeply values our ECFA accreditation and it has, in so many ways, sustained us this year, specifically through the coaching and webinars we have benefited from. I cannot tell you enough how ECFA has impacted me to take our nonprofit to the next level. Fresh Wind is sailing into our entity and giving us the breath we need to keep going."


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