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Elizabethtown, PA

Founded: 1992

Tel: (717) 546-0208


Top LeaderMr. Matt Durkee

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Member Since: November 8, 2002

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $1,398,916
   Noncash Donations $1,554
   Other Revenue $115,239
   Total Revenue $1,515,709
   Total Expenses $1,056,524
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $3,792,103
Total Liabilities $1,273,178
Net Assets $2,518,925
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Friends in Action, Intl. supports mission work in areas of limited infrastructure by using construction projects to speed the Gospel to those who have never heard. FIA is involved with 10+ construction projects in 6 remote locations! Each building projects assists nationals or missionaries in practical ways, demonstrating God’s love to unreached people groups. Volunteers have built medical clinics, bridges, schools, homes, and airstrips. We have shipped containers of supplies and provided equipment to project sites. FIA provides vocational training for mechanics, welding, wood-working, construction, and other skills to support local families and fulfill project needs.

Friends in Action has partnered with the Rama for more than a decade. Their homeland is overcrowded with over 1,400 people (200 families, with 3-4 families residing in each house) on the tiny island. Since 2004, Friends in Action (FIA) has worked with the Rama to develop a new village on the nearby mainland, including a water system, workshop, housing for work teams and national missionaries, and a cultural training center for the Rama. Each effort enables FIA to teach life-skills.
Construction on the Indigenous Training Center located in the remote bush regions outside Guayaramerin, Bolivia began in 2012. Because many Bolivians lack a high school diploma, they cannot afford (and are not permitted to) attend seminary. Often those saved through FIA’s El Misionero medical riverboat or Inspiracion radio ministries have no way to attend church or receive the discipleship needed to become spiritual leaders among their own people.
Thanks to generous volunteers, FIA’s headquarters building in Middletown, Pennsylvania was completed at a reduced cost in 2015. Housing all the planning, communication, and commissioning of work teams and supplies under one roof has greatly increased our efficiency and effectiveness in speeding up efforts to get the Gospel to those who haven’t heard the Good News. The building gives us room to keep growing our team—providing better support and service to our missionaries.
We are working with missionaries by providing Medical First-Aid kits. These kits are five-gallon buckets that are filled to the brim with supplies for basic first-aid and even minor emergencies. Sutures, gauze and even antibiotic ointment are difficult to find in third-world countries. Each medical bucket costs about $75.00 each to purchase and ship. Our goal is to provide 100 buckets per year.
With no guaranteed free, public schooling available in remote areas of Papua New Guinea, national workers struggle to pay even the bus transports that can cost up to 1/3 of their yearly wages! Give the gift of education and ensure all these children can reach their God-given potential! $1,100 will pay the transportation fees for approximately 15 of FIA’s workers’ children. For as little as $75, one more Wewak child will have access to schooling next year!
Approximately 1/2 of the students at the University of Divine Grace, Moldova come from Central Asia, where being a Christian can be dangerous. Although Moldova is not considered a remote location, we know our investment into these students’ lives will take the Gospel to countries with doors closed to the rest of the world. $2,000 can cover the annual costs towards tuition, books, and study materials to equip a student to reach their homeland.
The NiVan people of Vanuatu have more than an hour walk one way to fetch water from unsanitary sources during the dry season. Steeped in superstition and belief in the local witch doctor, your gift of clean water will transform more than just the NiVan’s health. Thirty chiefs are ready to open their villages to the Gospel, as FIA runs gravity-fed piping from a mountain to 3,000 people, 3 schools, and 2 medical clinics below! Be part of sharing the “Living Water” with the NiVan people.
In a land dominated by Islam, striking water on ground thought to be cursed by deceased ancestors is a powerful demonstration of the power of Jesus. Every year FIA drills approximately 60 wells in West Africa, and at each drilling site, the Gospel is proclaimed. One well provides clean water and an opportunity to hear the Gospel to about 500 people. This means that conservatively more than 30,000 people receive physical and spiritual water each year!
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