World Mission

Comstock Park, MI

Founded: 1994

Tel: (616) 534-5689


Top LeaderMr. Gregory Kelley

Donor Contact: Mrs. Susan Delauter

Member Since: February 22, 2011

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $1,924,546
   Noncash Donations $539,433
   Other Revenue $1,393,412
   Total Revenue $3,857,391
   Total Expenses $3,319,593
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $4,231,080
Total Liabilities $975,156
Net Assets $3,255,924
Nonprofits need operating reserves.
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World Mission is a Christian nonprofit organization focusing on the distribution of The Treasure (audio Bibles) throughout the world. We are most interested in reaching the people groups that are still considered unreached. These groups have less than 2% of their population identified as Christians and are highly illiterate. They are concentrated in the 10-40 Window, an area encompassing Africa, the middle east and Asia from 10 degrees north of the equator to 40 degrees north of the equator. We reach these people through a network of national partners who are from these communities and speak the language(s). We often combine distribution of the Treasure and Christian teaching with Humanitarian Aid such as providing wells and water filters for fresh water, and food and shelter assistance during natural disasters. We rely on a network of prayer support and funding from individuals, organizations, our World Mission Thrift stores, and recycling projects.

Zoe Waters shares both physical water and the living water of Jesus Christ with those with limited or no access to clean water and the gospel. We provide strategically located clean water solutions to meet the basic physical need for clean water. This creates a trust that opens the door to share the gospel message in the native language through various technological methods.
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