India Gospel League - North America

Hudson, OH

Founded: 1994

Tel: (330) 650-5900


Donor Contact: Mr. Scott Pfeiffer

Member Since: April 30, 2002

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $3,459,791
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $35
   Total Revenue $3,459,826
   Total Expenses $3,339,295
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $660,545
Total Liabilities $576
Net Assets $659,969
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The India Gospel League - North America (IGL-NA) is a U.S. agency established to promote and support the work of the India Gospel League (IGL), an indigenous bible centered ministry focusing on rural India. IGL's four key ministry areas are Evangelism & Church Planting, Children's Ministry, Medical Outreach, and Rural & Economic Development. More than 90,000 village churches have been planted by IGL in the past 25 years, and from these, hope is shining out to a world darkened by desperate poverty and ancient idolatry. IGL-NA exists to serve, fund and pray for the leaders in the field. Our mission is to raise awareness and encourage involvement and support through both prayer and financial resources among the people of North America for IGL programs and initiatives.

In many poverty-stricken and remote villages across South Asia, medical care is unavailable. Often men, women and children have to walk many kilometers to receive even basic treatments, and beyond this, lower-caste villagers would not likely be able to pay for needed services. In light of this, IGL provides free or affordable medical care through village clinics, tele-medicine centers or at Sharon Hospital located on our main mission base.
As a child sponsor you have the unique opportunity to change the life of a child forever by providing housing, nutritious meals, medical care, education, and more. You will be personally connected to a child who will write to you and pray for you by name. Your sponsored child will join the ranks of more than 25,000 that we have served in the recent years, through more than 125 day cares, study centers, schools, and children’s homes scattered across South Asia.
After planting a church in a village, we work specifically with the local pastor regarding the physical and economic needs faced by the people in his region. Many villagers are extremely poor and most have little or no opportunity for advancement. As a result, villages remain in a cycle of poverty. With the compassion of Christ, we help church leaders reach out with care; from clean water wells to nutritious food to literacy and skills training, and more.
The Gospel changes everything! That’s why we always lead with Christ’s Good News when planting a village church. Indigenous pastors are the cornerstone of IGL’s evangelism and church planting efforts, taking up residence in unreached villages to share God’s Word and serve the needy. Pastors in IGL’s network place a high value on leadership development, discipleship, and expanding the reach of the Gospel. Most have made a personal commitment to reach one new village a year.
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