ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)

Dunnellon, FL

Founded: 1999

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We believe that God has gifted all believers to play a part in the Great Commission. To this end, ITEC develops tools and training programs for the indigenous church, trains indigenous-national Christ-followers, and equips others to do the same both domestically and abroad. Our goal is to eliminate the potential for dependency by partnering with, training alongside, and learning from the indigenous church. We call this interdependency, a concept found in passages throughout the Bible, and directly in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.

Developing new tools, technology, and training can give indigenous believers new ways to meet needs and share the Gospel in their communities. Engineers and outside-the-box thinkers at ITEC have a history of developing tools designed for frontier areas with the hope of seeing physical needs met.
Using GPS guided technology, the ITEC UAVs do not require a pilot to steer, navigate, or land. The drone can be programmed with a flight plan to deliver packages to a specific location, making hard to reach areas accessible. This opens up a whole new way of overcoming harsh weather conditions, night travel, adverse terrain, and limited financial resources to minister to people who are beyond roads.
The Great Commission is a call to all [Matthew 28:18-20]. ITEC desires to inspire, equip, and guide churches and people, both in the US and abroad, interested in having a long term impact on a short term training trip. While ITEC does not have all the answers, our goal is to encourage and grow Great Commission participation while focusing on sustainability and cultural sensitivity. Imagine seeing churches and organization partnering all over the world, interdependent on each other (1 Corinthians
Transportation can be a challenge in the majority world. ITEC desires to come alongside mission-minded individuals interested in serving in remote areas through aviation, ground transportation, and waterways. By partnering, consulting, and even training, we aim to support those God is calling into this field.
‘Training’ instead of ‘doing’ on short-term trips is a critical part of our model. ITEC work with trusted partners and mature believers, teaching them new skills that meet needs in their communities as a door opener to share the Gospel. We train indigenous believers with dental, medical, eyesight, film, mechanical, and farming skills so they can meet needs in their community, opening doors to the Gospel.
Stories of people suffering without Christ and in tremendous tooth pain are hard to hear. Our dental training focuses primarily on equipping mature believers in extracting teeth in a short six day training. Equipping the locals allows both the physical and spiritual ministry to continue after our team returns.
ITEC's Eyesight training is easy to learn and equips indigenous Christ-followers with the skills they need to identify and treat common eyesight problems. Glasses are packaged into ministry-ready kits that are equipped with 200 pairs of glasses. This opens doors for the indigenous church to meet eyesight needs locally and share the Gospel.
Agriculture represents the livelihood of billions of people around the globe. Our team focuses on teaching conservation agriculture principles to Christ-followers in a short training that can help increase yields. In agriculture-centered communities around the globe, greater yields represent substantial opportunity for indigenous believers to share Christ and meeting needs around them.
The whole world has been transformed by the smartphone and technology revolution. Even in rural areas in developing nations, people are browsing social media and watching videos on YouTube. Our film training was developed to train and equip indigenous Gospel Storytellers to capture stories of redemption that are all around them in their local language.
It’s not uncommon to see thousands of motorcycles or a handful of generators as we travel. We all know that maintaining engines is hard work regardless of your culture, country, or context. By equipping the local Christ-followers with skills and knowledge to help maintain and repair small engines, they can help others in their community with their engine issues and have an opportunity to share their faith.
I-MED is a highly-focused medical training program designed to make it possible for indigenous non-health care workers to learn to offer safe and effective health care services to those who otherwise would not have access to medical care. When medical services are not available, anyone who can bring life-saving skills to a community has an instant platform for sharing their motivation for providing that health care. Equipping the local church to provide these services to the community makes Chri
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