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Millions of people in Nepal and India do not have access to clean water or the Gospel. Quenched drills clean water wells and empowers local pastors to share the Gospel so that communities can be healthier physically and spiritually. We start by partnering with indigenous pastors in Nepal and India. After having them go through a vetting process, we train them in our systems. They will go and identify areas that need clean water and also are unreached by the gospel. They will take a well application gathering info on the area, families, etc in need. If approved, we hire local labor to get the well drilled and installed. Then the pastor will hold a public well dedication ceremony where they will use John 4 and Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman to share the gospel with them. After this, the pastor will return several times to build relationships with them. Part of this process is to give them WASH training, where they learn hygiene and sanitation. If there are new believers created from this, they will then go through our RAD training - Rapidly Advancing Disciples. Over the course of 2 months, they will meet for 8 full days to learn: what it means to follow Christ, how to share their faith, and how to plant and grow a healthy church. Our goal is for the well to become a multiplying and thriving church.

At Quenched, we know you want to change the world. You can give the people of Nepal and India hope by partnering with us to bring them clean water and the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.
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