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Way Cool Angel's vision is to reach out to all people and model God's genuine love to the world. Our goal is to transform lives and to bring a future and a hope to all who need encouragement. We are bringing the "Good News" to the ends of the earth, to the Jew first and also the Nations; making disciples and teaching them to observe all the things God has commanded us. Way Cool Angel's desire is to "walk together," Jews and the Nations, as "One New Man" in the Messiah. We model and teach God's Love using the original context of the Bible.

Our repeating 7-week Changed Lives program gathers, helps, and feeds families while gifting groceries, clothing, necessities and toys. We train on receiving with appreciation and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. We build family relationships that transform lives for the better. We replace fear, devastation, loss and crime with a future and a hope.
As the world comes to a grinding halt with the dangerous Coronavirus, Way Cool Angels is on the front lines training those in abject poverty how to clean and be clean. We are gifting those in need with groceries, necessities and toys. We are building relationships with those in need to replace fear, loneliness and desperation with God's peace, love, joy and a future in Him.
“Tourism with a Cause” opens the door for tourists to have more than a vacation with a chance to “give back” and serve the community of Cabo. While most tourists are being served by the local people, Tourism with a Cause flips the coin and brings tourists to meet and develop relationships with the local community. Tourists find that as they are serving the local community, everyone involved is richly blessed including them!
Music has the unique ability to go beyond what we hear and even what our mind can comprehend. In these days, not a day goes by when the cry of conflict and war in the world are not heard. Music has a way of softening even the hardest of hearts to bring peace, love, and joy to those who hear it. Music is medicinal to people who are hurting from the pain of life. We evangelize to the world through music.
We offer cultural programs to raise the level of learning and bring meaning to traditional celebrations. Whether weddings or yearly special holidays, we celebrate with learning, food and fun to discover and share why and how these traditions and practices came to be. We uncover the beginning of the traditions and share the original meanings and biblical history that are sometimes lost over many generations. We rediscover rich and valuable lessons that are relevant for our lives today.
WayCool Health brings well-being and healing to the community through special short-term chiropractic and medical events through the generosity and kindness of visiting professionals. This is an opportunity for licensed tourists to use their medical skills and talents to help the local community. Many local families in Cabo cannot afford chiropractic, vision or other specialized medical services. With WayCool health, we bring life, healing and love to needy communities.
Built upon a foundation of life and learning, WayCool Learning homeschool program brings enjoyment to learning with functional family training. English/Spanish, reading, translation, Biblical values, math, project management, public speaking, finances, technology, construction, gardening, painting, photography, cooking, cleaning, decorating, etiquette, dressing for success, creating a healthy family and giving to others are some of the valuable lessons that are building strong futures.
The cycle of poverty is a vicious circle which can be altered in a positive way through education. We offer a hand-up to the impoverished families of Mexico by investing in the education and vocational training of adults, children and youth. Lucrative jobs can be theirs through achieving competency in areas such as: technology, carpentry, English and Spanish reading and writing, translation, art, design, gourmet cooking, planting, construction, finance, music, public speaking and more!
A warm friendly smile changes the lives of the people around us. However, many people do not smile as they are embarrassed by the condition of rotting or missing teeth. A beautiful smile can be protected through proper dental care that begins when we are children. Most people today cringe at the thought of going to the dentist. Not so with WayCool Smiles!
Tucked inside many countries are uniquely interesting and charming places that tourists typically do not have the opportunity to experience. WayCool Wonderful world brings participants an opportunity to make new friends, learn about and explore new places and discover new delights that bring appreciation, biblical and historical learning, excitement and joy.
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