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Way Cool Angel's vision is to reach out to all people and model God's genuine love to the world. Our goal is to transform lives and to bring a future and a hope to all who need encouragement. We are bringing the "Good News" to the ends of the earth, to the Jew first and also the Nations; making disciples and teaching them to observe all the things God has commanded us. Way Cool Angel's desire is to "walk together," Jews and the Nations, as "One New Man" in the Messiah. We model and teach God's Love using the original context of the Bible.

Cabo San Lucas has been hit yearly by major storms and hurricanes. The amount of destruction the wind and flooding leave in their paths have been historic. Many impoverished families were left without homes, food, water, shelter, electricity, gas, and the necessities to live. Lives were lost and some were never found. Our Vidas Cambiadas program began after the 2014 hurricane Odile which left terrible destruction, fear and devastation.
The location is named "Caribe" but it's anything but the Caribbean. This is the location of the most needy in Cabo living in a riverbed filled with shacks, barefoot children, stray dogs, discarded garbage etc. There is no running water, sewage or garbage pickup. The electricity is taken from main roads in any way they can get it to their dwelling. It is here that God reaches out to them from a precious church that serves abused women, their children and families. Help bring the Lord to Caribe.
The cycle of poverty is a vicious circle which can be changed through education. We offer a hand-up to the impoverished families of Mexico by investing in the education and vocational training of adults, children and youth. Lucrative careers can be attained through achieving success in areas such as: technology, carpentry, English and Spanish reading, writing, translation, art, design, gourmet cooking, planting, harvesting, construction, finance, music, public speaking and presentation skills.
Tourism is the main industry of Cabo bringing nationals from all over Mexico for work opportunities and three million tourists annually from around the world to vacation. “Tourism with a Cause” opens the door for tourists to have more than a vacation with a chance to “give back” and serve the community of Cabo. While most tourists are being served by the local people, Tourism with a Cause flips the coin and brings tourists to meet and develop relationships with the local community.
WayCool Health brings well-being and healing to the community through special short-term chiropractic and medical events through the generosity and kindness of visiting professionals. This is an opportunity for licensed tourists to use their medical skills and talents to help the local community. Many local families in Cabo cannot afford chiropractic or other specialized medical services. Some simply resolve themselves to live in perpetual pain for years.
WayCool Learning was birthed out of an unfortunate education system that does not properly prepare children for a promising career and rewarding future. All children deserve to have a bright future and hope for their lives. Built upon a foundation of life and learning, WayCool Learning homeschool program brings enjoyment to learning together with functional family training while receiving the skills necessary to ensure a successful future.
A warm friendly smile changes the lives of the people around us. However, many people do not smile as they are embarrassed by the condition of rotting or missing teeth. A beautiful smile can be protected through proper dental care that begins when we are children. Most people today cringe at the thought of going to the dentist. Our first thoughts are those of fear and trepidation at having to face the scary noises of the dentist office alone. Not so with WayCool Smiles!
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