Mission Eurasia

Wheaton, IL

Founded: 1991

Tel: (630) 462-1739

Website: http://www.missioneurasia.org

Top LeaderMr. Sergey Rakhuba

Donor Contact: Mrs. Diane Knopp

Member Since: June 29, 1993

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $5,021,856
   Noncash Donations $2,544,781
   Other Revenue $237,421
   Total Revenue $7,804,058
   Total Expenses $7,411,538
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $4,079,309
Total Liabilities $101,952
Net Assets $3,977,357
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The mission of Mission Eurasia is to promote indigenous evangelism, church-planting, church growth, and Christian leadership in the former Soviet Union by developing creative and strategic ministries and facilitating partnerships between nationals and Western Christians.

We created our "I Care" program to help care for the great needs of more than two million refugees who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. In partnership with local churches, we are providing aid in the form of family food packs, clothing, wheelchairs, other essential items, and Scripture pieces. We are also providing counseling materials and training seminars for local pastors working with the refugee population.
Mission Eurasia continues to mobilize and equip evangelical churches in Eurasia/the former Soviet Union in their fight against the COVID-19 crisis. We're focused on preparing thousands of pastors and Next Generation leaders to give spiritual and practical leadership in this critical time. The needs are enormous! Your support and partnership help provide specialized training for moments like this, essential food, medicine, and life-changing Good News that only the gospel can provide.
Through Gift of Hope, orphans and other needy children in Eurasia, including refugee children in Ukraine, can experience the joy of Christmas and learn about the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, by receiving a Gift of Hope that is filled with toys, sweets, warm mittens, and other needed items, and a copy of a children's Bible or other appropriate Christian literature.
Through our Ministry to Unreached People, Mission Eurasia is training young Christian leaders to share the gospel with people in the most remote regions of Eurasia. By planting churches, distributing Scripture in various languages, and working with our local missionary partners, we are able to share God's Word with people who have no other access to it.
A new component of our School Without Walls program, our Next Generation Professional Leaders Initiative, is designed to train at least 1,000 young professionals annually to share the gospel with their peers and professional spheres of influence. Through special forums and seminars, we are preparing Christian professional leaders in Eurasia and Israel for effective ministry.
We are using our Religious Freedom Initiative to work with government leaders in Eurasia to advocate for religious freedom reform, while also providing support for Christians who are being persecuted, and even imprisoned, for their faith. We are also promoting reconciliation between Christian leaders from Russia and Ukraine by organizing and hosting reconciliation forums and consultations.
Mission Eurasia is committed to providing copies of God's Word to the lost and hurting throughout Eurasia. By partnering with Bible translators and publishers, we are developing specially designed Bibles and other Scripture pieces for specific audiences, such as children, youth, and Muslims, in the various native languages of Eurasia. We also support and encourage young national authors in Eurasia to publish Christian literature through our Young Evangelical Authors Series.
Mission Eurasia organizes and leads summer Bible camps throughout Eurasia to share God's love, hope and healing with at least 5,000 needy children and youth in Eurasia annually, including refugee children from war-torn Ukraine. Summer Bible camps continue to be one of Mission Eurasia's most effective evangelistic outreaches to children in Eurasia.
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