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10/40 Connections
Dig bore wells that plunge 180 feet into the earth to attain clean drinking water for unaccessed villages of North India. Relationships are built with local leaders and they (the local panchyat) provide concrete and donated public land while we provide the bore well. Through this partnership, villagers own and care for the well, and the honor of local church planters increases. We have installed over 95 water wells and have blessed over 40,000 people with clean water. Each well costs $884.
10/40 Connections
Among Urdu speakers, literacy merges with disciple-making instruction. With two motorcycles, four teachers, 11 villages, and nearly 200 students these classes reach into remote villages and lift up whole families and communities. Last year 65 people accepted Christ and in the process they also learned to read. Some read the Christmas story for the first time, another correctly read a contract and saved his family from being cheated, and older man gave a huge smile, & a young mom signed her name.
10/40 Connections
Lunch Change offers a direct & powerful point of access for you to impact the slums of India. Slum revitalization in India addresses the issue of poverty with a holistic approach through starting schools. Children receive education, daily food, medical check-ups, love from their teachers, and Christian songs and stories. Of the 23 schools we have started, 20 are now sustained by local tithing (through 75 new house churches). Each school of 30 children costs $4,000 per year to run.
10/40 Connections
At the border between Nepal and India, many young girls & women are trafficked into India. 10/40 has established a 25-bed safe home for victims of trafficking. Rescue at the borders leads to learning vocational skills & finding reputable jobs after leaving the home. When women return to their villages they often plant churches. The strategy enables us to extend both the justice & hope of Christ.
10/40 Connections
"Deep hope" - that is the meaning of Ummeed, our church planting and leadership development process. The majority of these first generation Christians show hot hearts for Jesus, and God has moved powerfully through these humble sisters. Over the past 11 years we have equipped more than 1,400 women as church planters, and they labor among 53 people groups (at least!). Equipping 40 women for a whole year involves two, week-long intensive sessions and costs $2.700.
70x7 Life Recovery
70x7 exists to catalyze the church, commerce, and communities to turn the cycle of incarceration and its consequences into a cycle of restoration and hope. We bring hope to men and women coming home from prison or jail by providing meaningful community, employment success, and a deepening relationship with God.
AbbaCare has been serving women and families facing unplanned pregnancies in the Winchester, VA area since 1988. We were so excited to open a second location in Martinsburg, WV in February 2020! Martinsburg is a very under-served area in desperate need of the message of HOPE and LIFE that only Jesus can bring. Your donation will help us maintain our new location as well as continue to serve in Winchester.
Acceleration In Mission Strategies
Targeting and reaching Unreached People Groups through indigenous workers taking the gospel and planting churches in areas where they have never heard the name of Jesus.
Advancing Native Missions
More than 3 billion people around the world have not even heard the gospel message. They don't live near a church, there is no pastor in their community, and they may not even know a single Christian. Compassionate Christians like you are changing that by giving to ANM. Every day, the gospel is reaching someone for the very first time, giving them hope and transforming their life. You can share that hope with someone today.
Advancing the Gospel in Angola
The Medical Center in Angola has 130 employees, consults with 60 patients daily, offers a functioning emergency room 24/7, including an operating room, wards, labs, x-ray services, ophthalmology services, and a pharmacy. There is a growing need for specialized physicians, critical care equipment, training, and related services for their staff. Click the link below and designate your gift to "the hospital."
Africa Inland Mission International
We are a Christian mission sending agency with a heart for Africa’s peoples. Through God’s grace, calling, and power, AIM is overcoming obstacles to make inroads and make disciples among Africa’s remaining unreached, wherever they may live – from the center of the continent to the cities of Europe. And through leadership training and mobilization of African missionaries, we are strengthening and partnering with African churches as we together engage the unreached.
Africa New Life Ministries International
This year, your year-end gift will position Africa New Life to enter 2020 equipped to meet the most important needs across all the communities we serve in Rwanda. Additionally, your gift will help us construct a permanent sponsorship office and nurse’s station in Karangazi, our newest community, so sponsored students there can receive the fullest academic, spiritual, and medical support from our community staff.
African Outreach Ministries
African Outreach Ministries is involved in training leaders in the southern African countries in the principles of Disciple Making Movements. These principles are based on Matthew 28:18-20 and encourage "organic" church multiplication that develops from discipleship-chains. These principles are a philosophy of ministry and not a program, but an encouragement to do "life on life" discipleship making that is purposefully directed towards reproduction.
Agape Flights
Mission Flight Partners are needed to help underwrite expenses associated with one or more mission flights annually. Flight sponsorship opportunities begin at $5,000 and are funded on a year-by-year or special gift basis. Mission Flight Partners may choose to underwrite a flight in recognition of a special person or occasion. Partners are also encouraged to meet and pray with the pilots of their sponsored flight and are provided with photos from the mission flight.
Alfalit International
Founded by 3 missionaries, Alfalit provides life-changing literacy training throughout the world and in the US. Our mission is to create hope and opportunity through literacy and education in order to improve individual lives, raise self-esteem and to share the love of Jesus Christ so that people will come to know and believe in Him and follow His teachings and be enabled to apply Christian principles in lives, homes, and communities.
Alliance for Children Everywhere
When we find a family that can be helped toward self-sustainability with the gift of a few dollars we will help them purchase what they need to start that business. These gifts are under $200 and we do not ask that they be repaid but rather that the person help somone else when they are able.
Amazon Outreach
There are 33,000 unreached villages on the Amazon River and our goal is to adopt one tributary at a time providing a church and school within reach of every believer in every area. After evangelizing new believers, this ministry builds a place to worship and study God’s word. For the past 10 years Amazon Outreach’s short term teams have been serving the villagers by helping plant and build new churches while at the same time ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of the villagers.
Amazon Outreach
Imagine a villager on a remote tributary of the Amazon River without glasses to see. It’s been years since they threaded a needle, hooked a fish, or read their Bible. Amazon Outreach’s short term teams minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the villagers. Thousands of glasses are given for clear vision while at the same time a new vision for Christ is presented. Amazon Outreach has the opportunity to reach thousands of lives in the 33,000 unreached villages on the river.
American Bible Society
Poor reading skills are linked to crime, poverty and homelessness. You can help children in low-income neighborhoods build a foundation for a bright future by teaching them to read through our 16-week Bibles-based reading program. Your gift provides Bibles, Bible-based reading materials, teacher training and more to reach the hearts and souls of America’s children.
American Friends of International China Concern
Our Community Outreach Project is taking huge steps to prevent abandonment in China. The project offers urgent support to parents of children with high needs by giving them the essential tools and skills they will need to provide care. We offer support groups, physical therapy, respite services, advocacy for education and vocational training opportunities.
American Leprosy Missions
Your gift will relieve suffering and transform lives through caring for and curing people with leprosy and Buruli ulcer. Needed funds go to the prevention of disabilities, education, job assistance, and comfort in Jesus' love. Jesus said, "Freely you have received. Freely give." Please give now to help those in need.
AMG International
AMG National Workers are the hands and feet of AMG in the countries where we work; men and women reaching out to their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. AMG Missionaries serve in numerous countries around the world in various capacities. Some are church planters, others help lead our ministries alongside our national leadership while others provide support roles that are vital to the effective proclamation of the Gospel in their cultural context.
AMG International
Showing the love of Christ through medical care quickly breaks down walls and opens hearts. AMG operates medical facilities ranging in scope from basic-care clinics in places like Haiti and Uganda, to leprosy clinics and an ophthalmological surgery center in India, to the state-of-the art, full-service St. Luke's hospital in Greece.
Anglican House Media Ministry
Anglican House Media Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and Ministry Partner of the Anglican Church in North America. The work of publishing is managed by volunteer executive officers overseeing various freelance professionals in the important aspects of publishing— editing, book layout and design, typesetting, artwork, cover design, e commerce, website management, accounting, and the resultant creation of the electronic files used to print books.
Armenian Relief and Development Association
ARDA’s mission is to provide spiritual, physical, and educational assistance, as well as promote self-sustaining opportunities to the Armenian people in the name of Jesus Christ. We are responsive to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, ministering to the needs of the most vulnerable and socially deprived children, elderly, and families. Now is a great time for you to partner with this life changing ministry to help the neediest of all Armenians.
Ascent 121
Survivors of commercial sexual exploitation present with unique needs for clinical support where continuity is vital. Each year Ascent 121 provides clinical recovery services for over a hundred central Indiana teens, including advocacy and recovery services, as well as residential and community-based clinical care. Discipleship is at the heart of our work, and we have seen God’s hand in their restoration and healing. Donate to help continue and expand these much-needed programs!
ASON International
We are starting a 5 acre development project near Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa. The first priority is a well and septic tank so that all the buildings can have adequate bathroom facilities for schools, church, technical training facility, media center and theological school. Cost will be about $15,000.
Assist Church Expansion
To help preserve the Gospel footprint across North America, we are partnering with 30 Charis Fellowship churches for Revitalization and Restart over the next 5 years giving these church communities a restored hope and a New Day.
Assist Church Expansion
Assist Church Expansion exists to catalyze new churches, sites, mergers and adoptions, as well as the revitalization, refresh and restart of existing churches, that will expand a movement of Legacy Churches. A Legacy Church is a healthy, sustainable church that is self-supporting, self-governed, and effectively reaches its community. These churches are committed to supporting further expansion and resourcing more than themselves through funding, leadership development, networking and partnership
Assist Church Expansion
Assist Church Expansion is an evolution of GBCanada USA – a church planting initiative of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC) dedicated to cultivating a movement of churches across Canada. In 2017, GBCanada USA expanded its mandate to include the USA, and also broadened its scope beyond church planting to address all facets of church growth including adoptions, mergers and multisites.
Association of Related Churches
We are an association of relational churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.
Attack Poverty
Friends of Uganda is a community development initiative of Attack Poverty. We empower Ugandans to attack poverty in their lives and community through the collaboration of great people and organizations who care. We strive to provide safe water access, plant churches, develop leaders, and educate. Join us in this effort.
Avant Ministries
Avant Ministries is a non-denominational international mission sending agency. Help us keep planting churches where the church does not exist. Focusing on unreached people, Avant sends specially-selected ministry teams to areas of the world with less than two percent evangelical witness. Your gift to the overall ministry of Avant will be used where needed most.
Avant Ministries
Teams of missionaries are currently raising field support to be able to plant the church where the church does not exist. Your financial support to this team will prepare them for field assignment.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
BMDMI founded and operates two Bible Institutes - one in Honduras and one in Nicaragua. These institutes provide theological and church training to pastors and church leaders free of charge. Full-time and part-time programs of study provide flexibility for students and are aimed at strengthening the leadership of BMDMI churches in these two countries.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
In Guaimaca, Honduras, BMDMI leads multiple ministry projects under the flagship ministry of the Centro Medico de Especialidades. In this medical clinic, patients receive year-round clinical care, as well as occasional surgical treatments led by North American physicals and medical professionals. Additionally, BMDMI coordinates ministry in the areas of vocational training, clean water, food distribution, and evangelism!
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
Since 1974, BMDMI has established more than 150 churches in remote villages in Honduras and Nicaragua. Many of these congregations cannot fully afford to build a place of worship and/or Sunday school rooms in which to meet. Construction efforts are led by a full-time BMDMI missionary and are completed by BMDMI short-term team volunteers.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
The Good Shepherd Christian Academy (GSCA) is dedicated to providing a high quality, bilingual education to students. The GSCA houses 13 classrooms and serves more than 130 students, including those who are residents of BMDMI's Good Shepherd Children's Home.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
The Mount of Olives Christian School serves more than 350 students enrolled from preschool through high school in San Gregario, Nicaragua. Students are offered the chance to move ahead with a quality, Christ-centered education as well as the tools needed to grow into productive citizens.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
In 2012, BMDMI extended its mission into Nepal and is currently working to establish medical, dental, and educational programs to reach the hurting in one of the world’s most desolate countries.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
Project Life® is a follow-up ministry of BMDMI’s Short-Term Medical Mission Trips. As Team Members encounter patients who require more intense and specialized medical treatment, the patients are referred to the Project Life® program, which works to make the procedures possible through providing the means for necessary treatment. Project Life® cases have included treatments such as open-heart surgery, cleft palate surgery, and burn.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
Short-term Mission Teams with BMDMI work to provide medical care, dental care, veterinarian care, construction efforts, and direct evangelism to people living in remote villages throughout Honduras, Nicaragua, and Nepal. Each year, short-term team volunteers treat more than 100,000 patients, fill more than 500,000 prescriptions, and distribute more than 30,000 Bibles while sharing the Gospel with everyone they meet.
Barry Wood Evangelistic Association
Funds are needed to help provide buildings for new congregations to meet for worship. Up to $10,000 is needed for each new construction.
Barry Wood Evangelistic Association
Portable Solar video equipment makes it possible to go into remote areas and show Jesus films and provide HIV education.
Beautiful Feet Ministries
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Rom 10:15). Beautiful Feet began in 1981 when two seminary students shared coffee, donuts, and the Gospel with homeless men in Fort Worth, Texas. Decades later, Beautiful Feet has its own facility where the ministry conducts worship services, Bible studies, discipleship and counseling, as well as providing a soup kitchen and various other resources to those in need. Please consider donating to this multi-faceted ministry.
Beautiful Feet Ministries
Beautiful Feet Ministries Of Tanzania Exists To Bring Hope And Healing To The Lost And Hurting People Of Tanzania By Restoring Hope To Children & Families, Providing Healthcare, And Investing In Christian Leaders.
BethanyKids heals African children and transforms lives through pediatric surgery in Kenya, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. Children can, through surgery, gain independence and a chance to succeed in life. BethanyKids has provided surgery for more than 16,000 children since we began work in 2004. Many of these children can now attend school and will have jobs someday, rather than requiring someone else to care for them for the rest of their lives.
BethanyKids trains Christian African general surgeons as pediatric surgeons through a 3-year training program accredited by the College of Surgeons of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). The training takes place in Kijabe, Kenya.
Bethesda Mission
The Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community is the annual fundraising walk that benefits local health and human service agencies in Pennsylvania. The primary goal of the walk is to help participating organizations raise money for their individual missions. All funds raised by Bethesda supporters go directly to Bethesda Mission and will benefit our Medical/Dental Clinics. Join the walk in Harrisburg. Make a difference one step at a time!
The Isaan Church Multiplication Project seeks to glorify God by catalyzing a movement of disciple making and church planting among the Theravada Buddhist peoples of Northeast Thailand and Laos. The core mission is to train, mentor, coach and equip local church planters and church leaders, together with their teams, to start simple, reproducing churches which impact their communities and also reach out in mission to other people groups. To learn more, please visit
Church Planting Movements (CPM) foster obedient disciples and churches that keep reproducing. This process is an extremely efficient way to reach the 1/3 of the world that has literally never heard of the Lord Jesus. Would you like to help? To help, please visit
Missionary women (global workers) want to be engaged in the vision and work of what it is to partner with the Holy Spirit for the launch of Church Planting Movements/Disciple Making Movements. In most cases, missionary women are not able to attend CPM/DMM trainings because of childcare, schooling, or financial needs. Most times it is the men who are able to access this equipping directly. To learn more, please visit our page.
Bible Basics International
Since 1973, Bible Basics International has been expanding the Church of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth through the systematic communication of God’s Word. BBI’s goal is to ESTABLISH churches where there are few or none. BBI also seeks to EQUIP churches and train spiritual leaders to expand this work and carry it on once the missionary presence is no longer necessary. BBI comes alongside to ASSIST leaders to grow strong churches that ultimately become church planting movements themselves.
Bible Fellowship Church
For over 150 years, we have been Expanding Fellowship of Churches United to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have more than sixty-five local churches in seven states and two in Mexico. We cooperate in Church Planting (Church Extension Ministries), Worldwide Missions, (Board of Missions), a family camp (Pinebrook Bible Conference) and a children's camp (Victory Valley Camp). We also support Fellowship Community, a retirement community for our seniors.
Bible League International
For those who cannot read, the Bible is a closed book. Bible-based literacy programs present the life-transforming Word of God to the less-educated, poor, and marginalized, helping them meet Jesus as they work toward a better future through learning to read.
Bible League International
As the Scriptures take root in the lives of believers, BIble League helps congregations learn how to establish new churches. Christian leaders called by God and sent out from the local church are equipped through hands-on training that teaches participants the five steps of church planting: evangelism, discipleship, membership, leadership, and worship.
Bibles for the World
At Bibles For The World, it is our passion to ensure that everyone has the chance to read God's precious Word. Consider an existence without knowing the true and living God. What would life be like without God’s Word guiding, enlightening encouraging and comforting you? Please consider becoming a part of this ministry of bringing God's Word to the nations.
Bibles for the World
Bibles For The World supports the Trinity College & Seminary, in Manipur, NE India, an internationally-accredited seminary with about 130 students up to the M.Div. level. Students from India, Burma, Nepal, and Bhutan may be sponsored at the Diploma, B.Th., and M.Div. levels. The seminary also has an ongoing expansion program to reach a capacity of 300 students (Gideon's Army), preparing the future generation of pastors, evangelists. church-planters and missionaries.
BigLife International
Biglife Empowers Believers Worldwide to Reach and Disciple Their Own People for Jesus Christ! There are no countries off limits to Biglife because we train and disciple the people from that country to go out and reach their own people! This model works extremely well, because there is no time wasted with language and culture training - the workers already live there, know the language, know the culture & false religions, and therefore are already knowledgeable on methods to evangelize and disc
Blessings International
Medicines for Orphans is a Blessings effort to provide much needed vitamins and pharmaceuticals to children in orphanages around the world. The Emergency Disaster Relief Fund was set up by Blessings International to provide free medicines and medical supplies to teams traveling to disaster areas.
Body of Christ Community Clinic
Donate today and help The Body of Christ Community Clinic fulfill their vision to have a Christ-centered healthy community!
Bright Hope International
When you purchase and redeem a Bright Hope Coin, you become part of an important mission that creates sustainable solutions for the extreme poor. The Bright Hope Coin is like a gift card. Redeem the coin on over 40 different programs featured in Bright Hope’s online catalog. You can use your Bright Hope Coin to support the projects that mean the most to you. Hope for Today programs supply urgent needs like food and water. Hope for Tomorrow programs support education, job training, an
Bright Hope International
Rice is the most consumed food of the Haitian diet. However, Haiti’s rice production is insufficient to meet the need, making them highly dependent on imported rice. The best way to increase rice yield requires a consistent water supply. And an irrigation system would provide the water needed by the rice farmers in Ferrier to sustain the fields. Your gift provides a Haitian farmer with a microenterprise opportunity that would allow him to purchase a complete solar-powered irrigation system
Bright Hope International
You can launch a person, family, or community from a position of poverty to one of self-sustainability by giving them access to safe water. Often a community will have an old pump that no longer produces water. This is tragic because for around $100 a broken pump can be repaired—bringing clean and safe water to those nearby. Access to safe water saves lives by reducing water-related diseases, freeing children to go to school, and providing a hygienic way to dispose of waste and a means
But God Ministries
The Bread of Life (Pen Lavi) Malnutrition Center is located in Ganthier, Haiti. Children with severe acute malnutrition need very specialized daily care to get better. Before Pen Lavi opened, malnourished patients were sent 2 hours away to an unfamiliar place. Parents had difficulty visiting and could not receive needed nutrition education and counseling. Pen Lavi and its staff help these children heal physically, and educate and encourage parents while sharing the love of Jesus.
By The Hand Club For Kids
Individuals are needed who are willing to contribute financially to help make a difference for generations to come. When you partner with By The Hand, you are helping kids realize their full potential--academically, physically and spiritually. Don't underestimate the impact that your gift can have in the life of a child nor the influence that a transformed life can have throughout a community in need. Your support can make a difference for generations to come.
Calvary Family of Churches
The Calvary Family of Churches is an organization that actively supports the infrastructure, planting, and replanting of our member churches. The Calvary Family of Churches is made up of an interdependent family of self-sustaining, self-governing, self-replicating churches that share: a common family name (Calvary Church), a common family doctrine, common core commitments, common family traits, and common family affiliations.
Capitol Commission
Support the National Staff that provides administrative support to the state ministries by receipting all donations to Capitol Commission, providing leadership, fund raising expertise, website presence, health coverage, retirement match funding, payroll administration, and social media support and encouragement.
Central India Christian Mission
CICM’s continued outreach to the people of India is completely dependent upon God’s blessings and the prayers and resources from faithful partners. Will you consider being a part of CICM’s ministry? Your help can make a difference in the life of a child, a family who needs to hear about Christ, a patient at CICM’s hospital, an evangelist who needs your prayers.
Children of Mexico
Niños de México operates a medical clinic with a professional doctor on call at all times. The doctor attends the staff and the 60 children in Niños’ care. Niños also operates a mobile medical clinic that takes teams each month to a remote mountain village (Chilapa) several hours away. While some of the team cares for the medical needs of the villagers, other staff members and Niños’ older children teach from the Bible to all who will listen.
Children of Promise
Each child receives basic health care benefits as part of their sponsorship through Children of Promise. However, sometimes a child has a special medical need that cannot be met by the monthly sponsorship amount such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, or special optical issues. This fund allows us to offer this medical assistance when otherwise it would not be possible. It also covers such things as assistance to sponsored children in the event of natural disasters or unusual emergencies.
Children of the Nations
Children of the Nations® (COTN®) provides children with holistic care built on a foundation of sustainable practices. Our WARM (Water, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Microenterprise) practices focus on an integrated approach to sustainability. In each instance, we seek long-term solutions that will help the children and families we serve lift themselves out of poverty for good. Join this effort and empower children today, tomorrow, and forever!
Children of the Nations
Children of the Nations Haitian Staff have mobilized to partner with agencies on the ground in areas most affected by the recent earthquake. A magnitude 7.2 (M 7.2) earthquake struck Haiti on August 14th and the death toll has risen to over 2200. The poorest country in the Americas is in urgent need of medical, food and sanitation assistance.
Children's Shelter of Cebu
From vitamins to math books to baby bottles, there are various special projects you can select to provide for our children who are in a loving home in Cebu City, Philippines. These kids were once abandoned, neglected and abused. Today they are being loved, taught and counseled in a place full of God's love!
Choices Pregnancy Services
Help us help those who need it most. By becoming a monthly donor you will receive ministry updates and information as well as invitations to special events that promote life. Your financial support makes a difference!
CHOSEN is a ministry serving the whole Christian Church, working interdenominational to advance health care in economically deprived countries. We have shipped millions of dollars worth of new and remanufactured medical equipment to medical mission facilities. Equipment from CHOSEN is thoroughly tested and, if required, is reconditioned and restored to working order with all accessories included. Please support CHOSEN as we try to further promote good stewardship!
Christ for the Crescent World
We are compelled by the love of Christ to make Him known to all the people of the world, including Muslims. We offer a variety of materials and DVDs centered on the truth of God’s Word, communicated with a spirit of love and truth. Your support will enable you to be part of what God is doing among Muslims.
Christ For The Nations
The Christ For the Nations Native Church Program puts a roof on a church somewhere in the world, on average every 33 hours, around the clock. Since 1962, with the help of faithful partners this program has helped 12,400 churches – and counting, in over 100 nations. It offers the opportunity for anybody and everybody (individuals, families, businesses, youth groups) to be involved in missions in a loving and practical way. Thanks for your help.
Christ Health Care Ministry
Christ Healthcare Ministry promotes solutions to address the unmet physical and spiritual needs of low-income residents of Greater New York. We provide primary care, health information, referrals to existing health care entities, and Christian spiritual counseling.
Christ Reaching Asia Mission Worldwide (CRAM)
To take the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia by meeting their physical needs, we gain the opportunity to meet their spiritual need. Until all have heard… Pray. Your faithful and earnest prayers provide the foundational spiritual resource needed in places where the enemy has a stronghold. Give. Your financial investment provides... The startup costs for planting churches, feeding programs, child sponsorships and so much more. Launches the spread of the Gospel to a forgotten people
Christ's International Ministry
The vision of the Centre International d'Evangelisation et des Missions, which is also called the Christ's International Ministry is to evangelize the Congo and the surrounding region by planting churches, training pastors and leaders and challenge these church planters to establish churches in their origin areas.
North Africa has provided Christianity with some of its most distinguished theologians, such as Augustine, Origen, Tertullian and Cyprian. However, since the seventh century A.D., North Africa has been dominated by Islam. Recently, national churches have begun to re-emerge. These churches need encouragement, training, and assistance with reaching neglected areas. Become a financial partner today and help us continue to establish churches in North Africa!
Christian Blind Mission International
Become a CBM partner and you can give miracles of sight, ability and hope every month! Your gift will offer children hope, take whole families and communities out of grinding poverty, and build bridges between them and their communities.
Christian Counseling & Training Center
We train Biblical counselors and teachers to assist local churches and to help meet related needs. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between faith and life so that as the individual's relationship with God grows, they begin to live for God's glory. As change takes place, they experience His peace and joy.
Christian Friends of Korea
Walking tractors come in sets that include the tractor, a trailer, tiller, plow, and irrigation pump. They are used by rural facilities 5-8 hours each day and generally last 5-6 years before needing replacement. We have provided tractors to all of our 28 supported facilities but need funds for replacement parts to keep them in good working order. Replacement tires, belts, and parts for 1 walking tractor set: $360 / Total 2016 Goal: 28 Sets
Christian Friends of Korea
Clean, abundant water has transformed health and daily living at 11 of our supported care centers so far. CFK teams install water tanks, a solar powered pump, and a gravity-fed piping system to a secured existing water source or a newly drilled well. There are 18 centers that still urgently need clean water. Dill 1 Water Well: $3,000-$5,000 / Water Distribution System Materials: $25,000 / 1 Water Filter: $60 / Total 2016 Goal: $112,100
Christian Friends of Korea
These kits include the most basic diagnostic tools such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometers, hand crank battery lanterns, and other items in a bag marked with CFK's logo. These kits provide the basic tools necessary for medical personnel to carry out their vital work. 1 Doctor's Kit: $180 / 1 Nurse's Kit: $120 / Total 2016 Goal: 100 Doctor/100 Nurses Kits/$30,000
Christian Friends of Korea
Gifts to our general funds help us keep our daily operations going, support shipping costs for food/medicine/medical supplies, and fund replacement parts/repairs. General Funds also give us flexibility to start new initiatives and respond quickly to emergencies or natural disasters. Service Fee for 1 Container of Medicine and Medial Supplies: $5,000-$15,000 / Shipping/Inspection costs for 40ft Container Shipment: $6,500 / Monthly mortgage and utilities: $1,380 / Total 2016 Goal: $185,000
Christian Friends of Korea
More than 15% of the DPRK's 24 million people are likely to have chronic hepatitis B infection, and at least 25% of this group will likely die prematurely from progressive liver disease. Right now, there is no therapy available in the DPRK for chronic hepatitis B. However, CFK is working with multiple partners to give long-term access to therapies to suppress the virus and prevent liver damage, preserving both health and life and alleviating considerable suffering.
Christian Friends of Korea
In North Korea, most non-surgical rest home patients prefer to sleep on the floor (Korean style). We want to send more interlocking high density foam mats that both cushion and insulate patients from the hard and often unheated floors. Mat for 1 Patient: $27 / Mats for 100 Patients: $2,700 / Total 2016 Goal: $33,750
Christian Friends of Korea
Many facilities have 30-50 year old roofs, drafty doors and windows, and lack of wall and floor tile. In 2013, twelve facilities asked for support to either update current buildings or construct new patient wards, and several more places have requested similar support. CFK assits by supplying new windows, doors, roofing/ceiling materials, and floor/wall tile providing the materials needed for the care centers to complete construction themselves. Total 2016 Goal: $228,000
Christian Friends of Korea
After sundown, utter darkness describes most CFK supported care centers in North Korea. In 2014, CFK began a project to equip these facilities with solar powered lighting that will allow patients and staff the ability to read, work, and care for patients after the sun goes down. The self-contained system supports 12V LED lighting, and USB charging ports for cell phones, portable lights or other USB rechargeable electronics. 1 12V, 18AH Lighting Sytem: $825 / Total 2016 Goal: 100 Systems
Christian Friends of Korea
The Ministry of Public Health has invited us to organize more training events led by international specialists. Donations towards training initiatives will help us support medical expert travel, training supplies, and expand our on-site medical library. Travel Expenses for One Person: $5,000 / Total 2016 Goal: $120,000 / National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Development and Support / Total 2016 Goal: $190,000
Christian Health Service Corps
The Christian Health Service Corps missionary providers serve the poor of the world, often in places where there is no access to healthcare services. Nine million children around the world die each year because they lack access to healthcare and disease prevention services. Your partnership makes the lifesaving services they provide possible. Please pray about partnering with us.
Christian Healthcare Centers
Since 2015, Christian Healthcare Centers has provided a different approach to healthcare for both doctors and their patients. As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization operating independently from the constraints associated with traditional insurance reimbursement, CHC is free to focus exclusively on patients and their wellness – physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. We believe doctors should work for their patients, not an insurance company or a government bureaucracy.
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
CMM’s mission is to inspire, educate, and equip medical missionaries. A bimonthly e-newsletter, international rotation scholarships, and pre-field orientation sessions train medical missionaries to advance the cause of missions and international health care in their work for Christ. Medical missionaries in the field are encouraged and challenged through the monthly epistle. Effectiveness is increased through consulting services and management training.
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Medical and dental teams are treating thousands of the poor and needy internationally with life-saving procedures along with the provision of much needed medications and/or orthopedic equipment and supplies. Through the care provided in these clinics, patients become open to prayer and the sharing of the Gospel. The average cost per patient for medication is only $2.
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Over fifty medical/dental and surgical teams are sent out annually on 1-2 week trips into developing countries around the world to share their faith and expertise among the poor and needy. These missions are planned with national partners to open doors of opportunity for the national partners to share the Gospel message, disciple new believers, plant churches, grow national churches, and demonstrate the love and the compassion of Christ in a material way.
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
CMDA’s Washington office is a liaison with Congress, the administration, and policy organizations, presenting life-honoring perspectives through the national media, and publishing resources on vital issues.
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Grassroots campaigns are organized to promote and support life-honoring legislation and referendums at the state level on physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, and other ethical issues.
Christian World Outreach
CWO has 7 churches in the northwestern part of Haiti and one in Port-au-Prince. Leadership training assists those working in the churches as pastors, lay leaders, and ministry leaders make a difference in the communities where they live. In a country where people do not have the answers, they often look to their pastors and church for solutions. The training sessions teach pastors how to deal with the practical and spiritual questions people are facing on a daily basis.
Christians in Action
Asian Relief Medical Services (ARMS) provides free medical/dental treatment and spiritual encouragement to countries in Asia and Latin America including the Philippines, Guatemala and Cambodia. Join us for an upcoming short-term mission trip or make a donation to help with trip costs, medicines, and other needs for the ministry.
Church Ministries International
Church Ministries International is driven by the vision to see the effective results of the Encounter with God Movement duplicated around the world. We are convinced that Encounter with God is a solid strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission given the new paradigms of modern missions. Your financial contributions help CMI develop dynamic, evangelistic and multiplying networks of churches in the great cities of Latin America.
Join Cityteam to see Disciple Making Movements spread throughout the US and internationally. Disciple Making Movements are made up of authentic disciples who are committed to reaching their community with the transformational message of the Gospel. This movement is spreading at an explosive rate because it is simple, sustainable, and scalable.
Commission to Every Nation
Commission to Every Nation is an interdenominational mission organization which helps ordinary people partner with God to accomplish the extraordinary! We have over 700 missionaries in more than 60 countries serving in a variety of ministries.
Communitas International
Christian Associates has been working in Europe since the early 80’s. We plant churches in major European centres. With currently around 30 projects across the European map, our desire is to create contemporary communities of faith that seek to bless and impact their context and demonstrate that following Jesus is a viable and positive answer to European secularism today. Support the work of CAI by giving today!
Compassion Evangelical Hospital
Please consider partnering with Compassion Evangelical Hospital by giving to finance the construction of the buildings and to support operational costs for the next few years. We expect that the revenues generated from inexpensive clinic visits, inpatient care, and surgeries will eventually offset staff salaries and other operational costs. The hospital and clinic are expected to become financially independent once fully constructed and fully functional.
Compassion International
Support Compassion's core programs by addressing obstacles like natural disasters and health epidemics. Make a tax-deductible donation today.
Connect International
Our mission is to serve the Lord by organizing summer camps for the rest and rehabilitation of widows and orphans whose husbands and fathers have been killed during the war in eastern Ukraine since 2014. These women and children often live in deep depression, disappointed with the state’s attitude toward them as well as the indifference and callousness of society. Many are in financial need. But their main need is Jesus Christ.
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference has joined other Christians in our nation in making extraordinary followers of Jesus through a church planting movement that raises up new churches. We believe that by the year 2020 over one-half of the member churches in the Conference will be healthy reproducing churches started by the CCCC. A majority of these new churches will be planted in major metropolitan areas and will reach people from every generation and ethnic group.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Cornerstone Assistance Network was established to meet the needs and restore the hope of individuals and families suffering under the burden of poverty. Cornerstone serves thousands each year with emergency food, clothing and furniture; free medical, educational and employment services. Cornerstone’s vision is to complete renovations and continue expanding and creating needed services. Please help us to complete Phase II of this project. An additional $2,766,000 will complete the renovation.
Cross International
There is a transformation taking place in impoverished areas of the Philippines! Cross asks for donations to help CCT assist 1,000 poor, but ambitious, families to build profitable, faith-based businesses with micro-loans, low interest rates and weekly fellowship groups where about 30 “partners” meet to study the Bible and encourage each other in business goals and financial discipline.
Cross International
Cholera swept through an impoverished area of Zambia killing children, families, and devastating villages. A “post-mortem” of the outbreak revealed the unsafe water and unsanitary conditions that allowed the disease to run rampant. This project will educate villagers about sanitation and hygiene, and provide them with wells, latrines, rubbish pits and hygienic dish racks. Your gift can help tens of thousands of villages prevent tragic illness and untimely death for generations to come.
Cross International
Christian Foundation for Democracy (CFD) is a clearinghouse that accepts donated goods from organizations such as Cross, and distributes them to those in need. Food, clothing, medicines, medical supplies and equipment are supplied to needy hospitals, orphanages, prisons, feeding programs and families throughout the Dominican Republic . Cross receives donated goods from generous corporations, and relies on contributions to cover the cost to ship those goods to CFD.
Cross International
An important role in a successful surgery is food; especially for growing children. Without the strength from nutritious meals children’s bodies are more at risk to problems during surgery and recovery is difficult. Cross supports a feeding program at a Christian hospital in the Dominican Republic that provides life-changing surgeries to poor children suffering from birth defects and spine and bone disorders. Three meals are given each day to the children, their parents, and the hospital staff.
Cross International
A shattered healthcare system complicated by poverty prevents many Afghans from seeking critical obstetric or surgical care. In 2005 a top-notch, Christian-based general and surgical care hospital opened in Kabul. High risk pregnancies, infections, and burn victims are commonly seen; as are the correctable birth defects and injuries. Most patients have no money to pay for the surgery they desperately need. Your gift will give them the surgery that could save their lives or make them whole again.
Cross International
Instead of scavenging the garbage dump or wandering the dangerous streets, Guatemala City’s poorest children can find a safe haven at Potter’s House after-school program. With your help, fifty students will receive tutoring, clothes, school supplies, food, medical checkups, Bible-based teaching, and hope for the future. Potter’s House relies on funds from Cross to keep the program going, so that children can gain the tools they need to overcome poverty.
Cross International
HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among adults in Guyana and one of the top killers of children under 5. AIDS orphans and children living with the disease have nowhere to turn for help. Ruimveldt Children’s Home & Care Center offers a safe haven to these children, providing them with the love and care they need. The 16 children living at RCHCC receive three nutritious meals a day, specialized medical care, and education. They are also shown the love of Christ through daily Bible study.
Cross International
In the poorest countries, chronic malnutrition causes birth defects and makes children vulnerable to spine and bone disorders. Tragically, many of these conditions go untreated because local hospitals are understaffed and the families cannot afford surgery. Christian orthopedic hospitals, supported by Cross, provide top-notch surgery, rehabilitative care, and pastoral counseling for disabled children around the world.
Cross International
More than 90 orphans are lovingly cared for at the orphanage. They come to TIC thin, malnourished and with deeply wounded spirits, but the love of Christ transforms these orphans into healthy, happy children! TIC also has a primary school and a clinic. Providing meals to the orphans and lunch to 120 children (including 30 poor neighbor children) is very costly. Other basic operational expenses are also a burden. Cross seeks the help of U.S. Christians to support TIC's important work.
Cross International
New Life Children's Home, a ministry of World Harvest Missions, began in 1977 as an outreach program for starving and sick children living in Haiti's mountain villages. It is now home to 80 orphaned, abandoned, and handicapped children from Port-au-Prince. In addition to a safe home, meals, and education, the children are showered with the love of Christ through the care of the dedicated staff. The home also nurses sick children back to health - especially those suffering from malnutrition.
Crossover Global
Crossover has prioritized the necessity of providing Gospel-access to unreached people groups as a critical problem to address. Our team understands that, though spiritual needs are everywhere, access to the message of Christ’s love and forgiveness is not. Therefore, we seek provide Gospel-access to unreached people through the planting of multiplying churches.
Crossroads Care Center
Crossroads Care Center helps women and men who are involved in an unplanned pregnancy to choose life for their unborn children. We help them make decisions based on factual, godly information that allows them to understand that their child is a gift from God, created in His image. Last year we had over 2200 appointments, doing pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI/STD testing and treatment and peer counseling. We also teach sexual risk avoidance at the center and in 52 public and private schools.
Crossroads Global Initiative
We facilitate evangelistic work and church planting movements in strategic places throughout the developed world. We want to see local churches in the communities actively reproducing indigenous churches as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by facilitating strategic evangelistic work, both with and apart from national church partners, for the purpose of church multiplication, that is, planting churches that plant churches.
Isolated in the mountains of Asia, in a place vocational ministry workers can’t legally enter, nomadic highland herders are cut off from the gospel and have never even heard the name of Jesus. Children live at boarding schools nine months a year, where a special focus is learning English. Crossworld teams are taking e-readers loaded with content designed to help children learn to read, write and speak English, and the content includes Bible stories!
CURE International
Our goal is to bring hope and healing to children with treatable physical disabilities. In the developing world, many untreated conditions seriously limit a child's ability to play, go to school and become a productive member of the community. By correcting their disabilities, we are able to bring hope and joy back to their lives and enable them to led fully functioning lives.
DOOR International
God is bringing His Word and reproducing Christian fellowship to the world's 35-40,000,000 Deaf. D.O.O.R. Int'l. engages Deaf Christians, trains them in sign language Bible translation, evangelism (testimony and Scripture) and church-planting (worship skills and Christian leadership concepts), and sends them out to share through story, drama, song and dialogue resulting in Deaf Christian fellowships. DOOR partners with the Wycliffe Global Alliance, IMB, Faith Comes By Hearing and others.
DOOR International
The first Nigerian Sign Language Bible stories are ready to be shared. Using proven methodologies, Deaf 2 by 2 Teams (evangelist/church-planters) are living in concentrated Deaf population areas in Nigeria, meeting with Deaf, sharing Bible stories and testimony, planting churches, and training Deaf Christians to become leaders in their new local Deaf Christian Fellowships. Join with us in helping them be successful as they go out.
Door of Hope International
At Door of Hope International, we are working to strengthen and rebuild the suffering church in countries where persecution and intolerance to Christianity exists. We are currently working in over 25 countries to translate, print, and distribute Bibles and Christian Literature. We are also working to distribute humanitarian aid to suffering Christians and support pastors in countries of religious intolerance.
Doulos Partners
We believe that the greatest way to advance the gospel is through church planting and we are committed to do that at both the international and domestic levels. The majority of our efforts are in the area of international planting. However, we are fully aware that there are more churches closing their doors in America than are being opened and that is cause for great concern. Help support Doulos Partners so we can continue to plant churches around the world!
Dream Centers
Join Dream Centers in writing hope-filled endings to the stories of women and children. Poverty is a deeply rooted issue and impacts families generation after generation. Dream Centers uses your donations to support women and children through Mary’s Home and Women’s Clinic as they break the cycle of poverty and begin to rebuild their dreams.
Dynamic Church Planting International
At DCPI we train church planters in countries around the world. With a DNA of reproduction, on average our ministry launches a new church plant for every $85 invested. In fact, since 1994, we have trained more than 63,000 leaders who have planted more than 172,000 churches in 95 countries around the world. The average church has seen 46 people come to Christ—more than 8,000,000. An investment of $85 could be the greatest investment you or your church has ever made.
East-West Ministries International
The JESUS Film projectors are an innovative way to bring the Good News to distant villages. With a solar-powered projection system, our national partners are able to carry the complete contents of the projection system, along with their other belongings for a week, in a simple backpack.
Disaster Relief, Assisting Vulnerable Communities, Droughts, Medical Facilities, At-Risk Children. Our In-Kind Donations Program is helping communities throughout the region.
ECHOcuba’s network of over 800 churches and ministries in Cuba are independent from the government controlled Cuban Council of Churches. However, Cuba continues to be won for Christ, with over 3,000 house churches and seminaries dedicated to spreading the Good News. The politically independent churches conduct a range of social projects, from elderly and child care, educational and pastoral support, to micro-enterprise, business, and community leadership development.
Elam Ministries
We train leaders for fruitful, effective ministry in the Iran region. We Equip the Iranian church with Bibles and resources for evangelism and discipleship. We send the Gospel into the Iran region through trained evangelists, church planters and Christian media.
Empart USA
If it's more important to you that your financial gift meets the greatest need than what specific category you give to- this may be the perfect opportunity for you. At any given time there are critical needs that come up unexpectedly, or ministry areas that currently have a greater need for funding than others. When that happens, a gift that is designated to “where most needed” is a true blessing to our ministry. Thank you for considering investing in this important way.
Empower Ministries International
One of the most powerful ways to be involved in effective missions today is through the support of national workers. Through Empower Ministries International, you can partner with dedicated national workers & their ministries without ever leaving America. Your partnership will result in churches being planted & people coming to Christ. National worker support provides food, housing, clothing & transportation money enabling an indigenous pastors & their families to evangelize & plant churches.
Encompass World Partners
In taking the gospel to the least reached, our goal is to train disciples of Jesus who can then continue to share Him in their own countries. Our Ethne Initiative in Africa allows us to partner strategically in prayer and financial support with national church planters in the C.A.R., Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, and Sudan. Through our Ethne Initiative in Africa, local evangelists pursue least-reached people groups in their own countries. In most cases, these evangelists have made the difficult c
Endure International
Contribute to Endure International as we help establish viable, reproductive, biblically-sound and self-supporting churches in every major city across the Middle East.
Engedi Refuge Ministries
What does Engedi Mean? An oasis, a sanctuary, safe haven or refuge. A place of safety and protection. We are a faith-based restoration program for adult women who are suffering from the effects of sexual exploitation. Our ministry is focused on safe housing, holistic restoration, and education. Your support is helping Heal the Past, Redeem the Present, and Change the Future for victims of sex trafficking.
Equip India
Our vision is to see India and the surrounding nations of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka transformed by The Word of God. Our mission is to glorify God by preparing every church to be a ‘Great Commission Church,’ equipped to prepare their whole church for personal witnessing and to educate their members in the fundamentals of the faith.
Equipping Leaders International
The crying need of the church worldwide is leadership development. It is estimated that 30,000 churches are started each year but 85% of those leaders have no formal Biblical training. We intentionally focus on training those nationals who have the capacity and calling to train others. By leveraging our influence in this way we are experiencing exponential results. We primarily train church leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs in developing countries. Partner with us.
Ethiopia ACT
We are a gospel-centered, multi-cultural team actively loving the “least of these" of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We work to reconcile people to God through Jesus Christ, and to reconcile them to themselves, others and creation—all resulting in the planting, growing, and maturing of churches that in turn transform lives and communities through faithful witnesses to the Gospel.
European Christian Mission International
The primary objective of ECM International is to plant churches in Europe. We are committed to planting and developing churches and imparting to them the vision to multiply in the local community, nationally and internationally. Further the work of this ministry by giving today!
Evangelism Resources
Evangelism Resources has adopted 29 Unreached People Groups (UPGS) for concentrated evangelism, church planting, and discipleship. Graduates of ER's Schools of Evangelism are being equipped to minister among these groups to spread the gospel, and the ultimate goal is for indigenous members of these people groups to be equipped through Portable Bible Schools and School of Evangelism training to reach their own people! Gifts to UPG ministry provide funds for training programs.
Evangelism Resources
Evangelism Resources currently has 34 Schools of Evangelism in operation in fifteen nations. These schools train young men and women in the most effective means of evangelism. Graduates are eqipped to reach whole regions and people groups, many of which are unreached. Each student that attends an SOE costs $400 for nine months of training. Schools train 30 at a time, so an SOE operating at full capacity costs $12,000 a year. If all 34 SOEs are at full capacity, it will cost $408,000 yearly.
Every Nation Churches & Ministries
Every Nation's current church-planting strategy focuses on assessment, training, and continual support. The core elements of our training are Assessment Center, Bootcamp, Coaching, Consulting, and Clusters — otherwise known as ABC3.
Every Nation Churches & Ministries
Every Nation World Missions trains both short-term and long-term cross-cultural missionaries, who go to the nations, make disciples, establish churches and train indigenous leaders to impact their own cultures for Christ.
Every Nation Churches & Ministries
Since it was established in 1994, Every Nation Churches & Ministries has been making disciples, training leaders, and planting churches on six continents. We believe that the most effective strategy to advance God's kingdom in an area is to plant a church in that area. Help further the work of this ministry to honor God and advance His kingdom by giving today!
Faith and Learning International
FOCUS supports children from the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. These children are supported financially through individual sponsorship so that they have the opportunity to attend school and also be provided with their basic needs.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
FAME has initiated a scholarship program for nationals, called the Impact Partners Scholarship Program. There is not adequate access to quality healthcare in most developing countries and we can no longer depend on doctors and nurses from the west to help stand in the gap. There are qualified, dependable indigenous students who only lack the limited resource of funding in order to make a significant difference in their own culture and community. Please consider becoming an Impact Partner today.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
FAME has been blessed with a full warehouse of medical supplies. There are Christian hospitals and clinics around the world that have critical shortages for medicine and many other medical supplies. Your gift can help send these critical items to those who need them most.
FAME - Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism
As God provides resources, FAME seeks to subsidize funding for healthcare projects. Working in partnership with international missions that serve communities with little or no medical care, FAME helps equip them with the necessary tools to provide quality healthcare. Your gift can help in providing the funds for clinics, hospitals, and mobile medical units that are life saving.
FARMS International
FARMS use a unique micro-credit program to assist families and churches to break out of poverty using their own skills and talents. FARMS International is an opportunity for you to "do good" for your poor brothers and sisters in an exciting and practical way.
FCOP International
FCOP International is a church planting movement that cares for widows, orphans, and separated children in need in the nation of Cambodia. Through church planting and services such as medical and dental care, wells and water filtration, micro-enterprise, prison ministry, food and clothing distribution, disaster relief and many more, FCOP is changing the nation of Cambodia, one life at a time.
Feeding the Orphans
We provide water wells and a church plant in remote villages across Ghana, Africa. By offering clean drinking water to villagers we are able to bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches exists to help the local church accomplish the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). Our Vision The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches will help the local church accomplish its mission by: Preserving adherence to our shared statement of faith. Providing and facilitating opportunities to birth new churches globally. Investing in and caring for present and future Church leaders.
Filter Of Hope
Our goal is simple: to change the world through the distribution of these highly-effective and affordable water filters. We work to save lives, create healthy families, and offer the promise of a future. For just $40, you can provide clean water to a family in need and give them hope and life.
Fishhook International
This program assists the children of AIDS patients in south India who are in dire need of financial support due to their parents' loss of health and in most cases employment. If parents are deceased or unable to care for their children, Fishhook identifies able family members to take them in. All funds are managed by the AIDS clinic social workers, who take each child for school enrollment and hand out supplies to the families during regular house visits. You can sponsor one of these children.
Fishhook International
The Jaya Para Medical School trains destitute young people to be nurses dedicated to improving health in rural India. This school is improving life for two different groups of people. First, it trains young women and men who would otherwise be denied an education because of poverty, caste or societal barriers. Second, the school seeks to address health problems in villages that have no access to medical care by sending out well-trained professionals who have a passion to serve those in need.
Fishhook International
One of Fishhook's responses to India’s poverty is our Sewing Training Program in south India. In this 6-month program women are taught to be seamstresses at no cost to them. At the end of the training each woman receives the gift of a new sewing machine. Every year about 80 women are trained in this program. With new skills and a sewing machine these women are equipped to earn a decent living for their families. Thus, these families have a pathway out of poverty. And many come to Christ also.
Fishhook International
Fishhook's partners in India oversee more than 400 native evangelists who go into unreached villages to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Operation World, India has more and larger people groups with no Christian church or Christian workers than any other country in the world. So these evangelists travel into villages where there are no believers talking to people, handing out tracts, sharing the Gospel in any way they can. The goal is to establish congregations of new believers.
Five Talents USA
Five Talents (FT) was conceived as way to empower the global church to meaningfully respond to extreme poverty. FT helps people find a sustainable path out of poverty through micro-enterprise development, in short, starting their own small businesses. Participants learn how to plan and manage their finances and how to start and grow a small business. Working in partnership with local churches in some of the world’s poorest areas, we help women and men to identify, develop, and use their God-giv
Four Corners Ministries
Life Beads was created in 2013 to empower the women of the Kinene community of northern Uganda. Women were among the hardest hit by the decades-long guerilla war. The rebel militia led by Joseph Kony resorted to abducting children and indoctrinating them into their ranks. The Acholi women and girls were forced to serve the rebels in unimaginable ways. Now the fighting has ceased, but the scars of war remain. Many women were left homeless, hopeless, and without family support to provide for their
Four Corners Ministries
In June of 2012, missionaries with Four Corners started a bible study on Sunday afternoons with a few of the workers on the Abaana’s Hope land, meeting under the shade of shea trees. By the end of summer, there were 20 to 25 adults meeting each week along with some of the village children. As God’s Spirit moved in the hearts of the people, their new faith was shared, and God started growing His church at Abaana’s Hope. The spot under the shade trees was soon taken over by the large number of chi
Four Corners Ministries
Vision: An abiding network of gospel centered, Bible saturated, African led churches. Mission: Equip and entrust leaders to strengthen and establish churches.
Four Corners Ministries
Abaana’s Hope follows Christ’s command by giving aid to Uganda’s poor, sick, and suffering, especially vulnerable children. Above all, we exist to proclaim the good news of salvation that comes through a relationship with Christ. The war in northern Uganda has been called the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world. For 24 long years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the government of Uganda waged a war that left nearly two million innocent civilians caught in the middle. The U
Freedom to Lead International
FTL believes now is the time to develop leaders in these societies – this is a new frontier. FTL provides an innovative program to help storycentric leaders follow Jesus’ way of leading. Leaders have tremendous influence in their communities. People are eager to follow leaders who lead like Jesus, serving effectively with compassion and integrity.
Friends in Action International
We are working with missionaries by providing Medical First-Aid kits. These kits are five-gallon buckets that are filled to the brim with supplies for basic first-aid and even minor emergencies. Sutures, gauze and even antibiotic ointment are difficult to find in third-world countries. Each medical bucket costs about $75.00 each to purchase and ship. Our goal is to provide 100 buckets per year.
Frontier Labourers for Christ
The Barefoot Doctors Program is an effective and tested means to provide health care for people in rural Burma (Myanmar). Our Barefoot Doctors trainees provide life-saving health care to regions of Burma where there is no other medical care. As leaders in their communities, these men and women from the country's most neglected regions: Kachin, Shan, Rakhine, and Chin states learn from medical professionals to diagnose and treat a variety of common tropical and majority world ailments.
Future Leadership Foundation
A Christian college is financially helping FLF by investing their pre-owned second generation iPads into two global seminaries, one in Belarus, one in Ukraine. The seminaries--faculty and students--are investing $84 per machine. FLF is stepping up to raise $42 each for a goal of the requested total of 330 iPads. Can you help us by 1 September with this great ministry tool placed into the hands of committed and courageous seminary students.
Genesis Community Health
Our clinic is an integrated healthcare facility providing primary medical care, basic dental, mental health, specialty referral, and medication assistance to those who are uninsured and have a lower income. When you give to support the work of Genesis, you provide fuel for improving the health and well being of people and communities. You are coming alongside a “neighbor” and helping him or her build a ladder out of their situation.
GFM Ministries
GFM's schools and education programs enable holistic, self-sustaining change in marginalized and impoverished communities. These free schools also bring the opportunity for the Good News to be shared with villagers as relationships of trust and gratitude are built. Education and the Gospel work hand in hand. What a better way to help a child, than to equip them both for this life, and eternity?
GFM Ministries
We believe micro-lending is the most sustainable and effective way to alleviate poverty. When you donate through GFM, your one-time gift is issued to a hard working family living in extreme poverty. After the loan gets repaid, it is immediately reissued to another qualified applicant, so your one-time donation continues to give, indefinitely.
Global Assist
Global Assist is working with indigenous partner ministries in India and Ethiopia . With over one billion people, India is the second largest populated country in the world. Yet only eight percent of the population is Christian and that eight percent make up the second largest religious minority in India. Ethiopia is the second most populous African country with less than 5% being true followers of Jesus. Will you help us bring the Gospel to the people of these countries?
Global Disciples
Global Disciples' discipleship-mission trainings focus on partnering with the local, indigenous church to develop a program which produces disciples who are able to make new disciples and plant churches among least-reached peoples. A discipleship-mission program trains participants to be Christ-like in their character and live as ambassadors of Jesus who make disciples and reach the world with the Gospel.
Global Disciples
A small business can provide a church planter with both income and identity when seeking to reach people living in a context resistant or hostile to the Gospel. Once in the community, they work to build redemptive relationships with neighbors, customers, and suppliers. A church planter finishes a 5 day training able to take their God-given skills to develop a business that supports their family, provides a needed service, creates jobs, and earns the trust and respect of the community.
GlobalGrace Fellowship
Support Go Ye Fellowship as we enable cross-cultural Christian workers to carry out the specific call and vision God has given them. We serve as the vital link between the missionaries and those who send them. We provide financial administration, prayer-letters and mailing lists services as well as prayer and practical help.
Go To Nations
Become a faithful partner of Go To Nations and continue the work of our missionaries who are taking the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting, lost and dying world!
Go To Nations
Each year, Go To Nations conducts numerous medical clinic outreaches around the world. The doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals who participate in these short-term trips give generously of their time and talents--literally becoming the healing hands of Jesus Christ to the sick and the poor. Donate now to support this vital ministry.
God's Littlest Angels
The GLA NICU is what stands between life and death for many of these babies. Partnering with us means offering Haitian families the chance to see their tiny baby live and thrive even when born too little and too early. Your donation helps to provide IV therapy, oxygen, special medication, and other life-saving therapy. Once the babies are well, most return to their birth families. Sponsors receive monthly updates that include a current photo and a little story about the NICU.
Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb
We would like to thank all of our donors in advance. Because of your support, Good Samaritan is able to be a place that points people to the one thing that will really get us through the hard times in life, the love and strength of Jesus. We urge you to pray about either giving for the first time or increasing your giving in such a critical time for our community.
Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett
Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ through the provision of health and dental services exclusively targeting the poor and uninsured. Our goals are to provide quality low-cost primary healthcare and dental services to the uninsured, decrease demand of the uninsured for non-emergent services at the emergency room, and provide matriculating healthcare professionals with experience serving disadvantaged populations. Achieving our goals helps to eliminate health disparities for poor and
Gospel Revival Ministries
Our strategy is to reach, save, and disciple an entire unreached village, enabling them to become self-supporting in 2 to 4 years. $200-$500 per month will fully fund "Reach A Village" for one unreached village. Please give today and become part of this wonderful opportunity to get involved in the Great Commission!
Grateful Hearts Ministries
The vision of Grateful Hearts is for the lives of women to be transformed from the cycle of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration to lives of purpose and spiritual wholeness. We share God’s love and faithfulness with women in their transition through the court system to recovery, restoration of families, and productive living in the community.
Great Commission Association of Southern Baptist Churches
We believe that the Right Relationships and the Right Resources at the Right Time can dramatically improve the outlook and performance of God’s pastors and His churches. At GCA, we are committed to investing in the health and happiness of our pastors and their families – and providing the resources they need to build strong churches.
Great Lakes District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
The Great Commission Fund (GCF) gives Alliance people the opportunity to reach a lost world with the hope of Jesus. It gives missionaries and other C&MA workers the freedom to answer their call to ministry without the worry of fund-raising.
Greater Europe Mission
GEM wants to mobilize and activate disciples of Jesus who want to leverage their time and talents to make disciples among the peoples of Europe. The work of discipling all peoples of Europe by GEM missionaries is only possible through partnership with people like you. By giving to a person or project, you're serving alongside them in God's work of reaching Europe to change the world!
Greenwood Pathway House
Pathway works with each client as an individual, based on his or her own “story”, and we tailor a case plan according to what works best for that client. By forming strong, trusting relationships with those in our care, we can usually isolate what has caused the brokenness; then God does the mending using our hands—and yours. We are so grateful for Pathway’s phenomenal growth since 2014, and we’re excited about how God will expand the reach & effectiveness of this ministry in the coming years.
GTi Hope
We work with indigenous partners in South Asia to provide holistic literacy courses, self-empowerment training and tools, and training programs for leaders who transform families and communities through education and spiritual development. We provide borewells for villages in need of clean water.
Haiti Hope Alliance
Our mission is committed to the spreading of the Gospel and meeting the needs of the Haitian people through economic development and empowerment.
Hands of The Carpenter
Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is a faith-based nonprofit community that uniquely serves low/fixed income single mothers and widows by addressing the often overlooked issue of transportation. Hands provides automobile donation/placement, repair, maintenance, and related education to keep women on the road towards economic self-sufficiency. Hands welcomes volunteers with some car repair experience to help with minor repairs and maintenance on clients’ vehicles and to prepare donated cars for use.
Harvest Field Corners
In today's challenging economic times, every ministry dollar needs to work hard and travel far. By combining qualified loans with biblical principles of stewardship and tithing, your ministry investment will benefit and bless the Pakistani Christian entrepreneurs and their families. It also educates their children, strengthens their churches and Christian communities, while promoting a Gospel outreach within their sphere of influence.
Harvesters International Ministries
Pokot Outreach Ministry operates medical clinics at most of the mission stations. In Kapenguria, POM has operated its own clinic since 1997 and on an average day treats about 100 patients. POM has also experimented with mobile medical units that go into the most remote areas of the bush. As Harvesters International Missions (HIM) continues to build mission stations with clinics, the need for these mobile units is decreasing. Will you help support native medical staff?
Harvesters International Ministries
The Pokot live in a remote area of Kenya where little or no medical facilities are available. Pokot Outreach Ministries has established clinics to help meet the needs of the people, but medicine is difficult to find and costly - many of the hospitals do not even have medicines. When the people come for treatment it is imperative that the necessary medicines are available to be able to treat their illnesses and save lives.
Harvesters Ministries
Our aim is to reach as many people with the Gospel as possible and to disciple them to become mature, disciple making disciples. We use a strategic blueprint called ‘Saturation Mapping’ to multiply these church plants. By using this powerful and proven method to multiply church plants, we’re opening the way for more people in more places to hear and respond to the Gospel than ever before.
Harvesters Reaching the Nations
Built on Harvesters’ foundational mission to provide discipleship, education and health care to orphans as well as vulnerable women and children, our mission at HHH is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a ministry of health care to women and children.
Heal Africa USA
The HEAL Africa teaching hospital in Goma is one of only three referral hospitals in the DR Congo. The 197 bed hospital provides surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine as well as providing a range of Family Medicine care and consultations. It is the hospital of choice for good care in the region. Area residents come to the hospital for quality eye care and dentistry. Consider donating to the “Adopt-A-Bed” project or other aspects of the ministry.
Healing Haiti
Help build three brick fired ovens for bread and pizzas. Once finished, we will select 25 different poor families to work at the Grace Village Community Kitchen. We will furnish each family the raw ingredients and training to build their own bakery business. They will be able to bake enough breads and pizzas not only to feed their family but also to sell, purchase additional ingredients bake more goods to keep their business going. This self-sustaining job creation makes life-sustaining change.
Healing Waters International
Would you like to see safe water provided in the name of Jesus in every poor community of the world? Support Healing Waters International as we empower local ministry partners to bring physical, social and spiritual transformation to poor communities by providing sustainable, safe water solutions. We currently operate in twelve countries located in Latin America and Africa.
Health Outreach to the Middle East (H.O.M.E.)
H.O.M.E. exists to bring physical, psychological, and spiritual healing to poor and suffering people in the Middle East in the name of Christ. For a multitude of reasons, from civil wars, political and economic difficulties, to resource scarcity, many impoverished people live in this part of the world and are deprived of appropriate healthcare. The mission of H.O.M.E. is to provide adequate and high quality healthcare services to even the poorest of the poor.
Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association (HCMA)
HCMA (Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association) Chaplains are theologically educated, pastorally experienced, and clinically trained ministers who are certified by a professional chaplaincy organization and serve as an integral member of a healthcare team. Many HCMA Chaplains depend on individuals, churches, foundations and other organizations to provide their financial support. Consider giving to an individual Chaplain or to the HCMA Chaplains' Benevolence Fund.
Heart for Lebanon
The New Horizons Community Center is an initiative in the South of Lebanon to reach out to Muslim Bedouin and Gypsy communities that have been shunned by society. The center opened with a school for children who have never attended school in their lives. Now dental and medical care are provided to these communities and sewing classes have begun for the women to earn a sustainable income rather than sending their children to the streets to beg. Change a whole community for Christ!
Heartlight Ministries Foundation
We provide a safe haven for struggling teens at our residential counseling center. Our atmosphere of relationships creates an arena of change for teens and parents lost in a broken world. We then offer help and direction for parents of all teens through our materials, parenting resources, seminars, and conferences all dedicated to offering effective and practical ways for parents to counter the influence today’s culture is having on their child.
Heavenly Treasures
The mission of Heavenly Treasures is to assist people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their handiwork and creativity. We focus on projects that allow the development of a micro enterprise, leading them down the path to self-sufficiency. Your donations support our operations, mission team and merchandising efforts so we can continue to work together to change lives around the world! Whether large or small, every donation represents a changed life!
Helps Ministries
Helps Ministries provides facility planning & architectural design services to like-minded Christian missions and ministries in the U.S. and overseas. We are committed to helping evangelical ministries spread the Good News of Jesus by providing professional design services not only at lower costs, but with a clear understanding of the challenges that such organizations encounter when creating or expanding existing ministries. Help us continue providing this important service by donating today.
Here's Life Africa
Every dollar raised sees two people come to Christ. That means $500 can save an entire village. We believe everyone can participate. Help us saturate Central and Eastern Africa with the Gospel and see over 3 million people come to Christ and many of those be discipled.
His Heart Foundation
His Heart Foundation is confident that as we draw closer to God we will draw closer to one another. That is why we are passionate about our work in mental health, mentoring, and restoration. We are committed to breaking the stigma of mental illness by serving local churches and individuals - so that they will know that there is hope and healing for their minds, bodies, souls, and relationships.
Holt International Children's Services
Honor someone special with a gift of hope to children and families in need. Visit our website to view items in Holt’s Gifts of Hope catalog.
Hope and Help International
Giving a livelihood gift is one way to share the love of Christ by meeting physical needs. Especially during times like these, when some people are not allowed to work, these gifts become even more important. Gifts like livestock can often be used to help pastors and others in villages, sometimes giving them a way to support their families and could even enable them to start a small business. You can choose to give chickens, a cow, a goat, pigs, sewing machine, or water buffalo.
Hope Beyond Bridges
Our mission is to bring hope to the homeless through developing lasting relationships and sharing the radical grace and truth of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to providing warm, nutritious meals, clothing, and other assistance to the hungry and homeless under bridges, in camps and/or along the streets and freeways of Houston, Harris & Montgomery counties.
Hope for India
We come alongside indigenous worshiping groups and missions in every corner of India, equipping them to do the work God has called them to do. The churches they plant are theirs. We provide the training, resources, and accountability to help them be self-sustaining and successful. Our Church planting programs were developed by Indians, for Indians, and have been designed to work effectively within the specific physical, emotional, and social challenges faced by Indians.
Hope Haven
Partner with us as we serve people with disabilities. Almost 300 adults celebrate living independently thanks to Hope Haven's housing options developed in response to requests from individuals with disabilities and their families. More than a thousand people continue to be served in life-changing ways through Hope Haven services across the region. Thousands more have been impacted by Hope Haven International Ministries through the delivery of wheelchairs to those in developing countries.
Hope Pregnancy Centers
Hope Pregnancy Centers, Inc., dba Hope Women's Centers exists to encourage and equip women to make informed choices regarding unplanned pregnancies. All of our services are free and confidential. To donate, call (954) 724-0005.
Hope Walks
An estimated 2 million children face a lifetime of disability and exclusion from a treatable condition called clubfoot. Clubfoot, leaves the foot twisted inward and upward making walking difficult or impossible; but with early treatment, using simple casts, these feet can be corrected freeing them to walk, run, get an education and achieve their God-given abilities. As in John 9, we use clubfoot as an opportunity to bring glory to God. Join us in offering hope and freedom from disability.
One of the most challenging elements of any organization can be funding. Our programs are growing and we need to keep our resources on pace with that growth. We want to be able to respond and include every child who comes to our program for help. We do all we can to be good stewards of the funds with which we are blessed. Your gift will help provide incredible dream-come-true moments for some very sick kids. Will you consider partnering with us in this work?
IHS Global
Healthcare Witness Training is occurring on global, regional, and local levels utilizing indigenous trainers who have been equipped and discipled for the task. Newly trained witnesses return to their healthcare workplace with tools and a vision to capture moments with their patients for Jesus. From South Africa to Siberia, from East Asia to Peru, IHS Global – trained witnesses are touching patients for Jesus. Contact us about funding training sessions around the globe.
Illyricum Movement
Church planting in Albania is vital. Your donation will help us find an existing healthy church that wants to adopt a new church plant, to train and mentor potential leaders, and send Albanian missionaries to plant and establish other churches. Please help us!
Impact Latin America
Impact Latin America mobilizes resources to equip Latin American leaders to multiply disciples, leaders and churches to participate in God’s transformation of people and communities. As a pro-church, non-profit organization, ILA develops and delivers educational, financial and human resources so that women and men who are influencing others are trained, coached and cared for.
Impact Middle East
IME sees firsthand how God is at work in the Middle East. Through house churches and ministries to refugees, Impact Middle East empowers Arab Christ-followers to share the grace and truth of Jesus among the least reached. Your partnership in giving assists IME in multiplying house churches, serving the flood of refugees, and in the training and equipping of emerging leaders in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
In His Image International
In His Image International uses medicine to bring hope to those in desperate need. Dozens of overseas trips have been conducted involving family medicine education, medical clinics and disaster relief trips. Over 5,000 local nationals and medical professionals have been trained and educated by In His Image medical teams and well over 16,000 individuals have received life-changing medical care. Your donation helps the ongoing work of transforming nations through medical education and healthcare.
India Gospel League - North America
In many poverty-stricken and remote villages across South Asia, medical care is unavailable. Often men, women and children have to walk many kilometers to receive even basic treatments, and beyond this, lower-caste villagers would not likely be able to pay for needed services. In light of this, IGL provides free or affordable medical care through village clinics, tele-medicine centers or at Sharon Hospital located on our main mission base.
India Gospel League - North America
After planting a church in a village, we work specifically with the local pastor regarding the physical and economic needs faced by the people in his region. Many villagers are extremely poor and most have little or no opportunity for advancement. As a result, villages remain in a cycle of poverty. With the compassion of Christ, we help church leaders reach out with care; from clean water wells to nutritious food to literacy and skills training, and more.
India Gospel Outreach
IGO sponsors full-time Indian evangelists who plant dynamic churches among India's unreached peoples. Our evangelists plant churches in new areas with no previous church. There is no congregation to support them. When you support an evangelist, you receive a brief bio about the evangelist and his ministry, along with prayer suggestions.
India Partners
Save a rural family from hunger by blessing them with a goat! Hearty and easy to raise, goats are a great way to help a family increase their income. Goats are start-up capital for a small entrepreneur. Selling just one goat is very profitable and can provide a family with food and other necessities. Your gift also includes feed for one full year. $130 per goat
India Partners
The mortality rate for children in India is staggering: 63 out of every 1000 children will die by age 5. One way to lower this number is through village health clinics that serve people in remote tribal areas of India. Services provided are like many they would receive in a hospital if they had access to one. $100 covers the non-medicine expenses for one clinic; $640 covers the medicines for one clinic
India Partners
8 out of the 9 malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are prevalent where India Partners works in India. You can help provide insecticide-treated mosquito nets, which are a cost-effective method of preventing malaria. $10 provides one malaria-preventing mosquito net
India Partners
Prisons in India are over-crowded. A cell designed for only 50 inmates often holds nearly 180. In this dark and cramped environment, you can help bring literacy, Bible classes, vocational training and the hope of Christ to those awaiting trial or even death. $125 to reach 5 prisoners for one year
India Partners
618 million women over the age of 15 in India are illiterate, which greatly restricts their opportunities to earn an income. With your help, India Partners runs five tailoring schools where young women can take free sewing classes and acquire practical job skills. Upon graduation, each woman receives a treadle sewing machine to help start her own home tailoring business. Over 500 women have graduated since the schools began in 1993. $105 provides a sewing machine for one graduate
India Partners
37% of people over the age of 15 in India cannot read or write - a total of 440 million. Many poor villagers are illiterate and restricted only to labor jobs. You can help poor villagers become literate, broadening their job opportunities for the future. $25 to teach 1 person to read & write or, $100 to teach 4 people to read & write
India Partners
An Indian buffalo produces about 50% more milk than a cow. The milk is also richer, making it an excellent source of nutrition. A family can sell the extra milk and earn a sustainable income. $695 per buffalo
Indopartners Agency
In 2003, three men with deep roots in Indonesia launched Indopartners. The goal was to add value to what Indonesian teams were already doing by helping financially, sending US teams to bolster their efforts, and training Indonesian ministry leaders. Indopartners continues to serve the Indonesian church through mentoring, training, and sharing resources. We also link U.S. churches and agencies in ministry partnerships. We are expanding our electronic outreach ministries as well.
International Cooperating Ministries
ICM works with in-country Church-growth partners to advance the Kingdom of God by applying strategies built upon two core competencies: 1. The distribution of powerful Bible-teaching materials in multiple languages to make disciples for His Church; and 2. The financial and procedural support to construct church buildings for congregations seeking to impact their communities for Christ. These two points of focus, working together to carry the Word throughout nations, have matured into a proven st
International Mission Board, SBC
Your gifts send missionaries to unreached peoples and places to evangelize, disciple, and plant indigenous churches through their incarnational presence. They equip national believers through church planting training, deaf leader training; provide written, oral, and audio/video Scripture resources all for the glory of God.
International Needs
International Needs’ economic development programs provide pathways for moving above the poverty of living on $2 a day. Learning marketable skills, having the opportunity to start a small business, and living free from human trafficking are all vital parts of building a solid economic future.
International Needs
Medical professionals from the US volunteer to serve on medical trips where they partner with resident physicians, nurses, dentists, and optometrists in the host country to provide free care that covers everything from wound care to malaria - and eyeglasses! Ongoing care is provided by International Needs medical clinics, ensuring consistent care for communities.
International Partnerships
International Partnerships' missionaries have camping outreach programs each summer. These are especially effective in reaching the lost adult men of Ukraine for Christ. Camping equipment is needed to implement these programs; items include tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and cooking gear.
International Partnerships
International Partnerships trains up lay leaders to help with the ministry. These servants learn what it means to be an active disciple of Christ. They help to teach Bible classes, develop and participate in outreach opportunities (e.g. camps), and be actively involved in church leadership. The program costs $11,000 (USD), lasts four days, trains up 100 leaders, averaging $110 per person.
International Partnerships
Ukrainians have difficulty raising funds in their own country for support, as most in their country are atheistic or Orthodox. For approximately $500 USD per month, you can provide enough support for one Ukrainian missionary to work daily to help lead people to Christ.
International Partnerships
International Partnerships gathers its staff from all of the oblasts where IP ministers live throughout Ukraine twice per year for this vital staff training conference. The staff receives training and guidance on Biblical principles used in reaching the lost for Christ; they are encouraged and grow in their faith. They depart equipped to work in the rocky-soil environment of Ukraine. The cost for 35 staff, six days of training, is $5,100 (USD).
International Project
Everything that we do flows out of our vision of planting reproducible churches among the 52 unreached people groups in New York City and the 6,500 unreached people groups in the world. Our 10-month EQUIP missionary training teaches the principles that will lead to reproducible church planting and gives future missionaries plenty of experience putting these principles into practice while doing ministry in New York City.
Interserve USA
In East Asia, we are working to educate expatriate children as well as youth at local schools and universities. We are partnering with other organizations to increase effective student work. We provide medical and dental services, and help with community development. Please donate today!
Interserve USA
Interserve sends and supports Christians who provide helpful career service, and who share the gospel among unreached people in the Arab World and Asia. They work in many professions: medicine, education, business, the sciences, development, social work, engineering, building trades, and more; in partnership with churches and other like-minded, non-governmental organizations. Because these are poor and/or closed countries, most that are sent need financial support from individuals or churches.
Interserve USA
In Bangladesh, Interserve is working with hospitals, clinics and community health programs. We are partnering with other organizations to increase effective student work, providing theological education, and teaching in a local Christian school. Please give today!
Into-Africa is building churches in Sierra Leone, West Africa. By funding these projects you are helping to strengthen communities, change lives and impact nations. With your support, Into-Africa can continue its mission to build projects helping the African people.
Involved for Life
Our unique approach to women's reproductive health comes from a resolve to offer more services than Planned Parenthood except abortion and ADDING prenatal care, abortion pill reversal, and post-abortion exams & recovery. We partner pregnant women with mentors during their pregnancy & the first year of their child's life. We PROACTIVELY exercise our pro-life muscles by combatting abortion, and infant & maternal mortality through addressing medical, emotional, and spiritual health of at-risk women
Involved for Life
Garland is an area in the DFW area that is unique in it does not have a hospital available to its residents. When Baylor closed and left a few years ago, almost all OB/GYNs left as well. It is a true medical desert for women in their reproductive years. The Lord has laid on our hearts to open a satellite location in Garland, with an emphasis to the large Hispanic and Vietnamese communities who live there, as well as serving other underserved females with fully comprehensive health services.
Involved for Life
Become a financial partner of Involved for Life, Inc. and work with us to make it possible to reach out to women and their children in our community at a critical time of need with essential services and hope! These ongoing months and now years of living in a Pandemic has greatly increased the stress levels and depression in the population we are serving. Working through a Lifestyle Medical Model we support the whole woman by addressing her medical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
Involved for Life
We have served through invitation with our mobile pregnancy center on multiple community college campuses beginning in the Fall of 2014! We have continued to see this ministry grow and are in need of additional funds for medical personnel and operational costs of our mobile unit as we serve as a pro-life presence on college campuses and area community health fairs.
Iris Global
Iris Global exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in all its aspects, but most especially through our particular calling to serve the very poor: the destitute, the lost, the broken and the forgotten. It is our conviction that the Spirit of God has asked us to make this love concrete in the world, incarnate in our thoughts, our bodies, our lives and our every action.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
Using GPS guided technology, the ITEC UAVs do not require a pilot to steer, navigate, or land. The drone can be programmed with a flight plan to deliver packages to a specific location, making hard to reach areas accessible. This opens up a whole new way of overcoming harsh weather conditions, night travel, adverse terrain, and limited financial resources to minister to people who are beyond roads.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
Transportation can be a challenge in the majority world. ITEC desires to come alongside mission-minded individuals interested in serving in remote areas through aviation, ground transportation, and waterways. By partnering, consulting, and even training, we aim to support those God is calling into this field.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
‘Training’ instead of ‘doing’ on short-term trips is a critical part of our model. ITEC work with trusted partners and mature believers, teaching them new skills that meet needs in their communities as a door opener to share the Gospel. We train indigenous believers with dental, medical, eyesight, film, mechanical, and farming skills so they can meet needs in their community, opening doors to the Gospel.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
Stories of people suffering without Christ and in tremendous tooth pain are hard to hear. Our dental training focuses primarily on equipping mature believers in extracting teeth in a short six day training. Equipping the locals allows both the physical and spiritual ministry to continue after our team returns.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
ITEC's Eyesight training is easy to learn and equips indigenous Christ-followers with the skills they need to identify and treat common eyesight problems. Glasses are packaged into ministry-ready kits that are equipped with 200 pairs of glasses. This opens doors for the indigenous church to meet eyesight needs locally and share the Gospel.
ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center Inc.)
I-MED is a highly-focused medical training program designed to make it possible for indigenous non-health care workers to learn to offer safe and effective health care services to those who otherwise would not have access to medical care. When medical services are not available, anyone who can bring life-saving skills to a community has an instant platform for sharing their motivation for providing that health care. Equipping the local church to provide these services to the community makes Chri
For more than 65 years, JAARS has helped make Bible translation possible. We support over 70 partner organizations around the world with transportation, technology, media and training. From aviation and intercultural training to research and development, advocacy and a range of other support services it is the very core of our work to make Bible translation possible. Your gift to Core Mission Fund supports our entire ministry.
Steep, endless mountain ranges. Dense rainforest. Ocean waves as far as you can see. What do these areas have in common? Besides great beauty and evidence of God’s creative hand, they are where the remote, often forgotten people of the world live. And they’re all geographical barriers to Bible translators who desire to reach those people with God’s Word. JAARS has 70+ years of experience solving these transportation problems so that people living and working off the grid can focus on the work Go
Your gift can move Bible translation and Scripture distribution forward through the projects our partners need most. We often find great ways to help our partners around the world and can respond to their most pressing and strategic needs.These are usually projects that are crucial for Bible translation ands have a timing issue that requires immediate funding. We will post updates and photos to so you can see exactly how your gift helped Bible translation.
Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary
The mission statement of Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary is: “Equipping spiritual leaders for planting and strengthening churches in the Arab World.” JETS has a vision to provide both formal accredited bachelor, master and doctoral programs, as well as non-formal training programs, through a variety of delivery methods with field training. Your gift helps raise up leaders to plant and develop Christian churches in the Arab world.
Josiah Venture
Purchase river rafting equipment for evangelistic camps to reach more young people in Ukraine.
Josiah Venture
Using conferences and seminars, provide training to pastors and elders that will equip them to lead healthy, reproducing churches.
Joyce Meyer Ministries
In some cases, there is not health care available and in others it is just too expensive. Through medical missions we seek to reach those who are in need with medical care and the love of Christ. Each year, we reach thousands with free medical care through our hospitals in Ethiopia and Cambodia. We also provide care through our medical clinics in El Salvador and India, as well as Dental Clinics in Kosovo and Israel. We conduct 10-12 short term medical/dental outreaches every year.
Kalamazoo Area Christian Retirement Association
The Park Village Pines, a Christian Assisted Living Center, is a place where resident comfort and caring is a full-time commitment. We are located in a quiet, natural setting in Michigan, but we are not far from friends and family. We provide medication monitoring services, 24 hour staff and emergency care, and consultations with residents' health care professionals. Call (269) 372-1928 for donation information.
Katy Christian Ministries
We have Social Service Departments that offer emergency financial assistance, a Food Pantry, a Crisis Center that houses the Domestic Abuse Center and the Sexual Assault Center, Resale Store, and Donation Center. We rely on area churches, local businesses, corporations, and individuals for support. There are many opportunities to get involved and to help us fulfill our mission: “Transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community."
Kingdom Causes Bellflower
KCB has developed partnerships with individual donors and volunteers, churches, non-profit organizations, and government officials in order to create long-term solutions for community development, including housing, job creation, and neighborhood development. While programs and services have evolved over the years, KCB has maintained a focus on being a catalyst for change within the community by building coalitions that are focused on the personal and economic development of area residents.
Kingdom Global Ministries
Our purpose is to expand the Kingdom of God through connecting & growing people in men's, women's, and mission's ministries. KGM connects Kingdom-minded businessmen, pastors, ministers with global leaders—individuals working on the ministry fields of their native nations through church-planting, orphanages, and humanitarian projects, to create expansion in the Kingdom of God. Your donations change the world!
Kinship United
Warm Blankets Orphan Care is a non-profit Christian mission, dedicated to the rescue of orphans and widows through third world church planting and orphanage outreach. Orphans are raised in Christian Church Homes where they are loved and nurtured. Church Homes provide for the physical needs of the children, but more importantly, their educational, emotional and spiritual needs. James 1:27
Kupenda for the Children
Our world is home to more than half a billion children with disabilities. The great majority of these children live in developing nations and do not have access to education or medical care and are excluded from community life. Since 1999, Kupenda has been working with local leaders to help these children access the care and loving inclusion they deserve.
In 2010 our naitonal missionaries launched NETS, an evangelism and church planting effort in Bolivia's Lomerio region. "Redes" is the Spanish word for "nets", and REDES is an acronym for Relating, Evangelizing, Discipling, Training, and Serving. But NETS is more than church planting. Project leaders engage their communities in ways to help in their daily lives, such as health, hygiene, and micro-businesses.
Launch Global
Through innovation, collaboration, and creativity, Launch Global works to rally the body of Christ, sound the call, and equip laborers for the harvest. Our vision is to see God ignite a movement of young adults who are consumed with a vision and passion to see every ethnic people group reached with the good news of Jesus Christ in this generation.
LeaderSource SGA
The mission of LeaderSource SGA (our official organization name is Strategic Global Assistance) is to catalyze and strengthen indigenous movements of healthy leader development and care, and thereby accelerate church planting and disciple-making, especially in areas of the world where Christianity is growing rapidly. In short, we equip churches to build healthy leaders.
Life Pacific University
Life Pacific College educates leaders for a lifetime of ministry. Do you want to see the good news of Jesus Christ carried throughout the nation and around the world? Our Spirit-filled, biblically trained students and graduates minister in more than 40 countries and throughout the United States. When you give to Life Pacific College, you give to young men and women that are dreaming big about the possibilities of a future dedicated to following the individual blueprint God wrote on their heart.
LifeHouse of Houston
LifeHouse is a Christ-centered ministry ensuring life for unborn children by providing opportunities for housing, help, and hope for young women during their pregnancies and beyond. Regardless of how God brings them to LifeHouse, each woman is greeted by Christian house parents who care for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being until she delivers her baby or secures alternate living arrangements.
Lifeline Christian Mission
Multiply the local church! Regional Bible institutes develop new leaders through 2 or 4-year programs. Students attend classes and receive hands-on experience by working with local pastors. Vibrant churches are planted to expand God’s Kingdom around the world! These churches reflect their local community to be more effective in outreach and sharing God’s Word. Discipleship training is imperative to multiply churches! Church staff and leaders learn how to disciple others in their communi
Lifeline Christian Mission
We want to create possibilities, inspire passion, and equip local churches to impact their community for the Kingdom of Christ! -Befriend a community -Start a container outfitting -Go on a mission trip
Lifeline Christian Mission
Better health enables families to live life to the fullest! When a local church assesses their community's condition, the church can be a catalyst for care, prevention, and education, all while sharing God's love. During disasters and in times of food insecurity, coming alongside a local church empowers them to provide needed resources and to walk with struggling families during their crisis. We walk alongside churches and communities who struggle with health care. Our goal is to support
Lighthouse for Christ Mission
Each year 30,000+ patients seeking visual help come to Lighthouse Eye Centre in Mombasa, Kenya. Your gift of $100 will provide world-class eye care and restore sight to 2 blind adults. $200 will give sight to a blind baby or child, many who will see their parents faces for the first time! Each year tens of thousands respond the the simple Gospel message using the critically acclaimed Jesus Film. Medical services open the door and hearts of Kenyans to hear about Jesus.
Lighthouse Outreach Center
The Lighthouse Outreach Center is a Christian organization that provides food, shelter and clothing for homeless people that exhibit feelings of hopelessness. We provide this with a family atmosphere of love and peace; teaching them of our Lord Jesus Christ and providing the resources it takes to guide and direct them to be self-sufficient citizens in our community. We are the only 24-hour homeless shelter within a 50-mile radius. No donation is too small, it all adds up.
Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center
Because Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center believes every life matters, we provide free, confidential support to make the choice of life possible for women, men and teens facing unplanned pregnancies and related concerns. Our services include ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, parenting preparation with material aid, STD testing, relationship education, and post-abortion support. Donate today to provide young adults with compassionate life support! Call (973) 238-9047 to partner.
Literacy & Evangelism International
Our ministry will encourage literacy in the Yom language by developing primers with Bible content, printing the primers and promoting the Yom literacy program. This project will enable the Yom people, a population of 300,000, to learn to read the Bible, disciple believers, share the Gospel with non-believers, strengthen existing churches and establish new churches. Project Budget: $18,650
Living Hope Global Ministries
MCM, International is working to provide educational and medical programs to Chinese nationals. Your financial support will help us to provide training and support for teachers, translators, and medical staff. To donate, call (215) 542-0777.
Living Room Ministries International
Kimbilio Hospice (Refuge in Swahili) is a 24 bed, inpatient ministry to all ages with terminal illness. Our services include pain management, medical care, spiritual, and bereavement support. Living Room provides counseling for families during the patient’s illness and death. Weprovide care for outpatients, at risk children, mortuary, and physical therapy care. Construction has begun on Phase 1 of our 2nd site in Eldoret which will include a 38 bed hospice, physical therapy, and a chapel.
Ludhiana Christian Medical College Board
Statistics indicate that there are over 12 million curably blind people in India. The Mobile Eye Service of Christian Medical College & Hospital is meeting the challenge of restoring vision and preventing blindness through its eye camp outreach program: screening students for visual problems, treatment of eye diseases, surgery for the curably blind, and public education for prevention of blindness. Nearly all ophthalmic surgical procedures can be performed in a mobile eye hospital.
Lutheran Bible Translators
Lutheran Bible Translation brings the Word of God to those people who do not have God's Word in their own heart language. We also teach them how to read and write their own language and develop their own system of reading and writing. We do this by establishing relationships with these people first.
Macedonian Service Foundation
Mission's promotion has been an original goal and purpose of the ministry. The men and women of Macedonian have helped and continue to help churches across the U.S. and in several foreign countries with missions conferences. Would you consider helping too by making a donation today!
Made to Flourish
We empower pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities. We believe the local church as God designed it is the hope of the world. Our desire is to empower pastors and churches to be more beautiful in their expression and effective in their mission.
MAP International
MAP International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities. Recognized for our 99% efficiency rating, we respond to the needs of those we serve by providing medicines, preventing disease, and promoting health to create real hope and lasting change. Visit to learn more, or go to to learn how you can get involved.
MasterKey Ministries of Grayson County
We focus on strengthening families by helping them overcome physical, educational, and spiritual obstacles to success. We focus on the low-income and limited-English populations in our community, offering programs to help meet immediate needs, empowerment programs that lead to a better future, and the eternal hope only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Media Dream
How can we reach Millions for Christ? Alkarma TV (the Vine) is 24/7 Arabic Christian Satellite TV that broadcasts the powerful Direct uncompromised salvation message of the Gospel with Christ's love to Arabic speaking and Islamic people in all the nations of the world, so that their eyes might be opened to accept the salvation of our Lord Jesus and to win millions for Christ. Alkarma TV programming focused on evangelism, discipleship, prayer, and praise. We broadcast the gospel on 10 Satellites
Medical Ministries International
When you Adopt A Box for $40, your donation will sponsor the shipment of one box of life-saving supplies to those in need. Your box, along with about 500 others, will be sent in a 40-foot cargo container to physicians who are serving in some of the poorest places in the world. Once your box has shipped out of the country, you’ll receive a report with details about where your box has shipped to and who it will benefit.
Medical Missions Outreach
Medical Missions Outreach works tirelessly in underdeveloped countries around the globe to offer quality, ethical medical care to those who need it most. We assemble and mobilize teams of medical professionals backed by non-medical volunteers to share the love of Christ using the tool of medicine.
Mercy Community Healthcare
Chronically ill children often have 3,5,8,10 or more specialist providing care along with the primary care pediatrician. Mercy Children's Clinic Chronic Care Medical Home is the first in the United States to provide comprehensive, holistic management of this care including autism diagnostics. Like a "general contractor" for a building, Mercy's pediatric MD's will manage all the "sub contractors" - actually sub-specialist in this case to see that all aspects of the care are coordinated.
Mercy Ships
Through your support of Mercy Ships, you can help bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor around the world! Your donation impacts the lives of people in developing nations as we follow the example of Jesus in serving people with little or no access to health care, and little or no hope.
Mercy Ships
By sponsoring one of our crew members today, you will become a valued partner – a crewmate! As a crewmate, you are helping us make a lasting impact on the people of West Africa. Your gift to support a crew member allows us to maximize the direct support Mercy Ships receives to bring hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. Your commitment helps us transform lives through surgical intervention, dental or visual care, community development or agriculture.
Mercy Ships
By volunteering short-term or long-term you can support Mercy Ships as we follow the example of Jesus to bring hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor. We have opportunities available on board the world largest non-governmental hospital ship, the m/v Africa Mercy as well as our national offices around the world.
Mercy's Gate
For 25 years, Northern Churches Care (now Mercy's Gate) has consistently served those in need through our emergency crisis support programs. Mercy's Gate is a faith-based but not faith required non-profit human services agency. We are inviting you to partner with us to keep children and their families in their homes, ultimately preventing homelessness. Just $200 will prevent a family from being on the streets.
Metropolitan District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
Metropolitan District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance derives its mission from Acts 1:8 which teaches us to be engaged in the making of Christ-followers locally (here), regionally (there), and around the world (everywhere). The Metropolitan District serves all of New Jersey, the 5 boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Rockland, Orange, Putnam, and Westchester Counties of New York. The Metropolitan District serves over 100 churches with nearly 400 licensed workers.
Mexican Medical Ministries
Many times, as we are doing community outreaches, we come across people in desperate need of surgery. When we ask, "Why haven't you had this done?" they reply that they don't have enough money. We work with the patients to encourage them to pay what they can, then this fund is accessed to make up the difference.
MidAmerica Baptist Conference
The recent history of Converge MidAmerica Church Planting (formerly Midwest Church Planting) has been a remarkable example of God at work. Time after time, a vision is cast for an area of MidAmerica in need of a solid church presence—and God has led.
MidAmerica District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance
You can help build Christ’s Church around the world by donating online to the Great Commission Fund. This central funding vehicle allows our international workers to focus on ministry rather than raising financial support.
Middle East Reformed Fellowship
In MERF's church planting ministry, we are assisting national churches already active in the countries of Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, the Arabian Gulf and Indonesia. Please contribute today as we minister to isolated underground churches in several Muslim countries that are closed to open gospel ministry.
Ministries of Jesus
Christian medical and dental professionals, as well as many other health care providers who are exceptional leaders in the medical community, donate their time, talents, and resources to serve those in need at the Ministries of Jesus at no cost to the patient. Please help us help others.
Ministry Essentials Int'l
We are passionate about two things: Growing in intimacy with the Trinity and inviting others to the same. We long for an extravagant devotion that embraces intimacy with God as the foundation for all things vibrant, joyful, and enduring.
Minorities For Christ International
MFCI is a faith-based mission agency. Your donation will use to send missionaries to minority groups to begin a ministry, train disciples, and to build Christ-pleasing churches. The ministry's primary focus is to commission missionaries to enter into the minorities to equip and support local disciples to become cross-cultured and cross-national missionaries, who preach the Gospel in their own language and establish the local churches of God’s will.
Missio International
Raising funds, coordinating prayer, strategizing leadership, cultivating relationships! That is what Missio International does in Romania! Support us as spread the Gospel of Jesus in Eastern Europe.
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Help MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) bring desperately needed aid and assistance to needy people in remote places. You can help open the doors to the Gospel in places you'll never go. Avgas keeps most of our airplanes flying. In some areas it's $19 a gallon! Please help MAF to cover these costs.
Mission Eurasia
Through our Ministry to Unreached People, Mission Eurasia is training young Christian leaders to share the gospel with people in the most remote regions of Eurasia. By planting churches, distributing Scripture in various languages, and working with our local missionary partners, we are able to share God's Word with people who have no other access to it.
Mission India
Children aren't just the leaders of tomorrow; they're the leaders of today. Our Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs introduce children to Jesus through games, songs, and prayer, while also providing free tutoring and a safe place to just be a kid. When they share what they've learned at home, their parents are intrigued—and entire families come to know Christ. Your gift of $24 enrolls a child in a Year-Long Bible Club. You can sponsor an entire club of 40 children with your gift of $960.
Mission India
India' Christians are motivated like never before to reach their nation for Christ. 500,000 villages and communities in India haven’t heard the Gospel. But when you introduce a community to Jesus, amazing things happen! The name of Jesus brings hope and change to places saturated in spiritual bondage. You can provide a full year of training for a Church Planter with a gift of $2,400, launching them on a lifetime of mission work.
Mission India
With nearly 300 million illiterate adults, India is the most illiterate nation on earth. Adult Literacy Classes open doors into closed communities and have the power to change lives in radical ways. In addition to learning reading, writing, and math, holistic transformation unfolds as students learn how to increase income, take better care of their families, and are introduced to Jesus. Your gift of $40 will sponsor a student in an Adult Literacy Class for a full year.
Mission Metroplex
Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex began in 1986 as a way to meet the spiritual needs of unchurched people in Arlington, Texas. The first goal was to begin 5 Bible Studies in apartment communities and neighborhoods in one year. It has grown to 294 Bible Studies with 4,200 in attendance. Bibles are always needed along with resources of all kinds to help people get on their feet so they can care for their families.
Mission ONE
Mission ONE is focused primarily on planting churches among unreached peoples, those who have little or no access to hearing the gospel of Christ. Most of the national missionaries supported by Mission ONE are laboring among Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or animistic people. More than 80% of the national missionaries supported by Mission ONE live in the “10-40 Window,” where the vast majority of unreached people live.
Mission ONE
Mission ONE has always believed that the local church is God’s primary instrument for world evangelization. This is reflected both by our services to churches in North America — and in our partnerships with indigenous and international ministries in Africa and Asia, which have a strong local-church-ministry orientation.
Mission Safety International
Support Mission Safety International as we provide aviation safety training so that more supplies are distributed to needy people, more medical services are given for hurting people, fewer missionaries make dangerous treks through the jungle, more time is spent spreading the Gospel, and there are fewer aircraft accidents!
Mission Safety International
Help fund the travel costs of MSI staff and highly qualified volunteers as we travel to remote areas of the globe conducting safety seminars and consultations to promote safety and encourage God's servants working in missionary aviation.
Mission To Haiti
We believe that sustainable, God-honoring change will come through the hands of the Haitian people. We give sponsors the opportunity to help children or young people receive a Christian education and vocational training. They also receive meals and medical care. It is the open door to bring children and families to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Recently we hired Dr. Burgie Bellevue to serve in our clinic. She used to be a sponsored child! Your support makes a difference.
Mission to the World (PCA)
Through our various ministry opportunities you will find giving options for Church Planting, Mercy, Church based Relief, Theological Education and many others.
Rivers of the World (ROW) was founded in 1995 by Reverend Ben Mathes to tackle critical needs of unreached parts of the world – areas no one else was reaching. The Mathes Pastor Training School is a multi-country project which teaches indigenous pastors how to build and grow a church. This is a huge effort resulting in hundreds of people giving their lives to Christ! We shall leave no stone unturned. Support this ongoing project in the Dominican Republic and Belize.
Missionary Air Group
Missionary Air Group needs an additional aircraft to bring life saving medical care, critical logistic support - and the gospel of Jesus Christ - to remote villages, gospel workers, and missionary hospitals serving the remote people groups of Central America.
Missionary Ventures International
You can help an indigenous pastor reach out to his own hurting people with the love and message of Christ. Indigenous pastors need so little to get started. Sponsorship of a pastor is one of the best investments one can make in missions. Missionary Ventures' missionaries identify indigenous pastors and leaders whom God has called. They have seen the fruit of the pastors' work first-hand. The indigenous Christian leader is then financially sponsored for one year.
Missionary Ventures International
Our missionaries are the heart and soul of Missionary Ventures. These heroes of the faith are the ones on the ground, out in the field, making disciples, forming relationships, pioneering new work, and carrying out the mission of Missionary Ventures. They are also multipliers, forming and empowering others to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
We invite you to become an investor in the outreach for the Kingdom. Faithful servants in His service would not be able to reach those in need with the Gospel without faithful financial partners. Choose to support an individual missionary(ies), project(s), ministry(ies), a specific country or “where needed most”. You will be able to select a one-time gift, or monthly gift.
Mississippi Christian Family Services
Mississippi Christian Family Services is a ministry dedicated to teaching adults with physical and/or mental disabilities the skills necessary to reach his/her highest attainable level of independent living. To donate call (662) 873-9055.
MMS Aviation
MMS prepares aircraft for missions while training aircraft mechanics for mission service. We provide short term mission field assistance through Rapid Response Teams.
Morning Star Development
A woman's influence is the glue that binds family together. The Literacy and Basic Business Skills (LaBBs) is the training that equips her with skills that unleash her hidden potential to create and sustain meaningful income to prosper her family emotionally and economically. When women engage in income generation with dignity and courage dreams are unlocked, children receive education and life-giving transformation of communities flows. The empowerment of Afghan women means a hope and a future
Morning Star Development
Afghanistan has the highest rate of infant mortality in the world. Morning Star is committed to saving mothers and babies and promoting life that brings health, joy and a future for all. The Birth Life Saving Skills (BLiSS) program is saving babies daily in the battle to end preventable, maternal, newborn and child mortality in Afghanistan. Where BLiSS is implemented we experience an 80% improvement in mother and baby health. The course is taught to men and women who become conduits of health a
mPower Approach
mPower partners with local indigenous churches to equip their leaders with the training and the operational skills for them to provide dental and medical care for their communities. These new skills break down barriers to the Gospel and allow the local Christians to carry out their calling to proclaim the name of Christ in a self-sustaining manner. The impact left behind is life-changing for generations to come. Your donation would help make another training possible!
Mustard Seed International
Our vision is to see the cities of Japan saturated with and impacted by gospel-centered churches that further the global cause of Jesus Christ.
Mustard Seed Network
We want to see the cities of Japan saturated with and impacted by gospel-centered churches that further the global cause of Jesus Christ. We Recruit and train church planters, catalyze church plants, support church planters and church plants.
National Embryo Donation Center
The life-affirming National Embryo Donation Center saves the tiniest lives and helps couples (mostly those who are infertile) have the children they've always dreamed of. When you support us, you're giving the gifts of life and hope! Embryo adoption is the only way for a mother to become pregnant with her adopted child, and we are devoted to the belief that life begins at conception.
We are "a school without walls" that provides an affordable, high-quality Christian education for everyone. Our mission is to build authentic faith and train Christian leaders around the world.
New Beginnings Center of Hope
An Empowered decision is an Informed decision.
New Harvest Missions International
NHMI relies on God’s people to help us meet all our needs. God has faithfully provided for us over the past 15 years through the generous gifts of individuals, churches, ministries, and foundations. We have seen tremendous growth and impact with ripple effects of our ministry in Muslim West Africa. We continue to rely on your gifts to meet our ministry needs. Through supporters like you, we can reach more and extend God’s kingdom in West Africa.
New Life Advance International
Support (NLAI) as we evangelize the least reached peoples of the earth. We value innovation and we seek to develop gifted, creative leaders, both American and foreign national, who will pioneer new approaches to church planting, business as mission and children's ministry.
New Life for Haiti
It is the mission of New Life for Haiti to give children a chance at a future, to meet the urgent needs of families, to foster new economic opportunities, and to influence cultural thinking toward a sustainable change while acting as the hands and feet of Jesus to bring the life-giving and hopeful message of Christ. Help us educate and feed children, provide medical clinics and surgeries, and bring clean water to villages that desperately need it.
New Mission Systems International
As a missionary training and sending organization, NMSI fosters the emergence of Jesus-following communities globally. Our vision is to support and place people in fields of service to minister God's love so that people of all nations may be saved. We are solidly evangelical in belief and unashamedly evangelistic in action, knowing that we are commanded to disciple the nations. Globally, we serve in over 30 countries meeting a wide range of spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.
NEXT Worldwide
NEXT is committed to serving pastors and churches worldwide to help them realize their vision of reaching their communities and countries by planting new churches where a witness for Christ formerly did not exist; churches that are committed to "being a church-planting church that plants church-planting churches."
North America Indigenous Ministries
NAIM recognizes that First Nations people have an innate credibility among their own people. Native believers often have a greater ability to communicate the Gospel to their home communities and families than outsiders have. They have lived and shared the same experience. First Nations Partnership seeks to come alongside Native people who are entering ministry. We are involved in recruiting, mentoring and providing support for First Nation workers.
North America Indigenous Ministries
NAIM is a multicultural team that exists to glorify God through building the Church by making disciples among North American Indigenous peoples, to reach the world for Christ. NAIM is committed to a covenant relationship with the First Nations Church, resulting in vibrant ministry to its community and beyond.
North American Mission Board
The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® changes lives forever by empowering North American missionaries to bring the gospel to the lost. With over 269 million lost people, North America and its major cities are some of the most spiritually dark places in the world. Join us on the mission to equip every missionary and reach every lost person in the United States and Canada.
Northeast of the Well
The name NorthEast of the Well comes from scripture, in John chapter 4, where a woman has a life-changing encounter with Christ. We go to places of desperate need, with a focus on those in recovery and restoration. NorthEast of the Well is all about finding people in their brokenness. We serve a diverse body of women, men and children committed to rebuilding their lives as followers of Christ.
Obria Medical Clinics PNW
Every day comes with new choices. Our goal is to empower and enable our clients to make safe and informed decisions for their future. Our friendly staff and volunteers are here to serve with love and compassion. Obria Clinics PNW is supported by our generous community. Your financial contributions help support our operating costs so we can provide medical services free of charge.
OC International
The Movement for African National Initiatives" (MANI)... The purpose of MANI is to bring key pastors and church leaders together from all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa with the goal of seeing whole nation movements of evangelism, church-planting, prayer and holistic transformation either launched or facilitated in each of these nations.
OC International
Support the OC USA team as we conduct a pilot ministry in Central California. This is an "Alpha Test" of a strategy to do research within a county to identify where there are churches and where there are no churches. We will then organize an effort to do saturation church planting. We need $10,000.
Ohio Valley District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance
The Ohio Valley District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s mission statement is: To know and exalt Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King; and to complete His great commission. With missionaries in Israel, Japan, Hungary, the Dominican Republic, and Africa, the Ohio Valley District has global impact. At home in the Ohio Valley, ministries serve men, women, children, and youth.
OMF International
Despite the genocide and war in the 1960s and 70s which decimated the Church, Christianity in Cambodia has grown steadily over the past 50 years! Today there are an estimated 2,000 house churches. Church leaders, often from Buddhist-backgrounds, need significant training and discipleship to lead their churches. The Fellowship Churches of Cambodia (FCC) partners with local leaders providing leadership training, evangelism and discipleship ministries and church building projects.
OMF International
There are an estimated 8.6 million Hmong. Most Hmong are animists and have yet to hear about Jesus Christ. Hmong believers have a great opportunity to share the gospel through storytelling which enables biblical truths about Jesus Christ to be shared simply and relationally. By training Hmong church leaders in oral teaching methods, or storytelling, we hope to see greater effectiveness in the spiritual growth of the Hmong churches.
OMF International
The majority of the 1.1 million Maguindanaon people live in North Cotabato and Maguindanao provinces of the Philippines and have yet to be fully reached with the gospel. Our team aims to share God’s message with Maguindanaons and equip them to form reproducible communities of believers that influence other Muslim people groups and beyond. Our team serves Maguindanaons through a nursery school, adult literacy education, student sponsorships/assistance and administrative support.
OMF International
Radio broadcasts are a powerful tool in areas unreached by the gospel. Many in the Mekong region can’t read and have never even seen a Bible; but many do own radios and listen as they go through their work day. Evangelistic messages, Bible teachings and testimonies have a huge impact on nonbelievers and are also an encouragement to believers in hostile situations. This project provides funding for the production and airing of radio programs in numerous minority languages.
OMF International
OMF missionaries are targeting the almost 100 districts without a church in Isaan, NE Thailand, where millions of people have never heard the gospel. Personal evangelism in rural areas is combined with mobilizing existing churches and believers along with radio and Internet outreach to saturate Isaan with the gospel. Costs include distributing children’s Bibles, training to plant churches in unreached areas, organizing outreaches in villages and providing resources for further growth.
OMF International
Thai Buddhists are open to attending evangelistic events during festive holidays. Running children’s activities, teaching English and sharing meals are all ways we share Christ. Literature that is appropriate is often warmly accepted. Each can help Thai Buddhists learn and respond to the gospel. Project funds are used for the production and distribution of tracts and other biblical literature plus the distributing of MP3 players containing audio scriptures for semi-literate individuals.
OMF International
The Home of Hope provides love to marginalized children in North Vietnam. A core group of young-adult believers are committed to serving vulnerable children & are eager to transform communities by planting churches. Funds cover rent for a training center, sponsorships of children & an outreach program focused on a nearby town & two districts which have not been influenced by Christ. In the future, the ministry hopes to purchase a training center for long-term use.
OMF International
Believers in Vietnam want to share their faith but do not know how. Our team is mobilizing and sending Vietnamese believers into areas among two of the largest unreached people groups. We also want to start a worldwide prayer movement for these two unreached groups. Funds will provide gospel training events on how to share one's faith and provide for travel and training costs, printing training materials and distribution of prayer guides.
The Children’s Crisis Fund (CCF) helps us respond quickly to disasters and provides preventative medical care. From an unexpected medical need to a natural disaster that devastates a community, CCF brings hope to a child, so that they know they are known, cared for, and deeply loved.
New Life Home in Nairobi, Kenya provides a compassionate and secure home for abandoned and orphaned infants. It is within this shelter that these defenseless children receive physical care, and have their emotional and spiritual needs nurtured as well. New Life Home desires to communicate to each small child that they have worth and their lives are important.
Operation Mobilization
OM is truly an international mission, with work in over 110 nations. OM’s strategy has always been to train and equip national Christians for leadership. Today, OM is led and staffed by capable and godly national believers in many of these countries. Currently over 100 nationalities are counted among our staff members. Though there are many benefits of national missionaries, one of the challenges they face is raising their personal financial support.
Operation Mobilization
Relief and development projects are an integrated part of OM ministries that come face to face with overwhelming suffering and need on a daily basis. OM teams are seeking to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of these hurting people in the spirit and love of Jesus. Your financial partnership with this project will be used to fund OM relief and development ministries.
Operation Mobilization
Once, European Christians told the world about Jesus. Today’s “Christian” Europe is spiritually bankrupt. Yet, in the midst of brokenness, God is restoring hope to Europe. In more than 30 nations across the continent, OM teams are living out the reality of the Gospel as they provide practical help, build friendships and share truth. Together with the European church, OM is caring for the unwanted, loving Muslims, empowering the next generations, and reawakening the religious.
Operation Renewed Hope
Operation Renewed Hope provides the opportunity for medical professionals, skilled or unskilled laborers, and teens to serve God through week-long medical missions throughout the world. We have several week-long worldwide missions planned in areas throughout the world. The Operation Renewed Hope calendar is filling up and we desperately need volunteers and donations.
Orchard Hill Church
Our mission - It is to give hope, to give care, to show love, and impact lives. It is to help the whole person - mind, body, and soul - and, most importantly, to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. Today, we do this primarily through our partnership with Hope Baptist Church in Cap Haitien, helping to plant churches in Northern Haiti, changing individuals, families, and communities.
Out of the Ashes
Out of the Ashes works with kids labeled as “dump kids” from Korah, Ethiopia. Due to extreme poverty, many families are unable to provide for their children. Lacking options, parents send their children (as young as 6 years old) to scavenge in the trash dump. OA works to quite literally pull kids out of the ashes of the trash dump by providing schooling, food, medical and hygiene care, clothing, and counseling. These critical services are only possible through the generosity of donors like you.
Pacific Mission Aviation
Aircraft based on the islands of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia and Manila, and the Philippines span the gap between the island states and the outer-islands, providing faster and efficient access to food supplies, medical care and educational needs.
Our Mission is to serve Pakistani Christians in their witness to Jesus Christ and the gospel through exceptional television programming.
Palm Missionary Ministries
Some of the poorest people on the planet are found in Latin America. Palm Missionary Ministries, Inc. is helping ministries that work with the illiterate population in Ecuador. Your financial support will help us evangelize while we educate the people in Ecuador.
Palouse Care Network
Palouse Care Network is a faith-based Christian organization which provides confidential, compassionate, and quality care to those from every background, ethnic and faith community. Services include pregnancy testing, medical ultrasound, pregnancy options information, parenting resources, mentoring, and training in healthy relationships and abstinence. Your donation helps meet needs with compassion.
Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons
The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) is a strategic response to the need for surgeons in Africa. We are a non-denominational, multinational service organization training African physicians to become surgeons who are willing to remain in Africa to meet this need. PAACS also disciples these residents to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ with their patients. The surgical and spiritual training of these residents is offered at several well-established evangelical mission hos
Paradise Bound Ministries
We proclaim the Gospel of Christ: beginning with medical clinics, then constructing homes, providing clean water, growing into village Discipleship groups; and ultimately becoming churches under our care and support. Training locals to be pastors-providing theological education in a 2.5 year seminary program. As of 2018 we have 32 churches under our care and 151 pastors have graduated the seminary. Your gifts will enable our ministry to continue to grow and advance HIS kingdom!
Parkridge Pregnancy Center
A woman deserves a safe and confidential place when seeking information regarding her reproductive choices. Help us continue providing our services free of charge by donating today.
Partners in Compassionate Care
PCC started in 2004 as a small group of volunteers who were invited by the local church in South Sudan to "Come and See". After doing so, and witnessing the hardships and devastation of our sisters and brothers in Christ, we felt that we had to do something. It was a life changing event for each one of us. Last year, MCH provided care for nearly 10,000 patients. "The role of the sower is to sow as much seed as possible and trust God to make it grow." I Corinthians 3:6-7.
Partners International
Would you walk through the night just to spend a few hours encouraging believers and reaching out to villages far from your home? In Asia and Africa, our dedicated church planters don't think twice. But you can greatly increase their ministry effectiveness with the gift of a bicycle, allowing them to travel farther and faster with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Partners International
Since 1943, Partners International has been working alongside national believers to bring Christ’s love to the least Christian regions of the world. We believe in holistic witness, which means caring for a person’s physical and spiritual needs. Our Harvest of Hope Gift Catalog is a sampling of our partners’ projects around the world. From goats to help families start small businesses to bicycles for church planters, you can give life-changing gifts and build God's Kingdom at the same time.
Partners International
A motorbike is too expensive for most of our partner church planters, but many of them tell us it would greatly expand their ministry. With a motorbike they can visit and start churches in more communities, spend less time traveling, and traverse rough mountain roads much more easily. Exponentially increase the impact a church planter can have by giving a motorbike!
Partners International
Children in rural Indonesian villages don't have access to books in thei