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Founded: 1997

Tel: (303) 723-0333


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Financial Data

   Cash Donations $766,872
   Noncash Donations $28,630
   Other Revenue $6,534
   Total Revenue $802,036
   Total Expenses $832,097
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $2,060,754
Total Liabilities $6,272
Net Assets $2,054,482
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The mission of Christian World Outreach is to participate with the Body of Christ in responsible evangelism, to bring dignity, self-worth and encouragement through leadership development and to meet the physical needs of people through humanitarian assistance. CWO is currently working in Zimbabwe, Africa, in the area of leadership development and children's ministry. In Haiti, CWO is ministering through leadership development, youth leadership and evangelistic camps, radio, medical assistance, vocational training for women, and a feeding program for children.

CWO has 7 churches in the northwestern part of Haiti and one in Port-au-Prince. Leadership training assists those working in the churches as pastors, lay leaders, and ministry leaders make a difference in the communities where they live. In a country where people do not have the answers, they often look to their pastors and church for solutions. The training sessions teach pastors how to deal with the practical and spiritual questions people are facing on a daily basis.
CWO has two Feminine Training Centers in Haiti. These centers offer the opportunity for women to learn a skill in sewing, cooking and baking, crafts, and cosmetology so they are able to obtain employment or start their own business and provide for their families. Women who graduate from the training centers are able to make wedding dresses, clothing and food that can be sold. Cosmetology graduates are able to work for a salon or start a business in their home.
CWO provides pastor and leadership training in Zimbabwe where the need for exceptional leadership is greatly needed. Dealing with AIDS, poverty, and an unstable economy pastors and leaders in the churches are constantly approached by those seeking answers. The goal is to give pastors and leaders the tools they need to understand what a Biblical lifestyle is and to demonstrate it to those they minister to.
CWO has developed a program to work with the AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe. The "Okay Kids" program uses volunteers in communities to work with children with the highest need. Working with the community and families caring for these children CWO provides education, food, clothing and other physical needs. Weekend camps are also held for the children sharing God's love for them, group and individual counseling, and time to just have fun.
CWO is providing vocational training at the Village of Opportunity. The goal is to provide young women with Christ-centered training to help them recognize their inherent value and learn a vocational skill that will allow them to provide for their families. Currently offered are classes in sewing, agriculture, and cosmetology with classes in cooking and event planning to be offered in the future. The students also take courses in small business to help them learn to manage their skills and work.
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