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Warrington, PA

Founded: 1928

Tel: (215) 491-4900


Top LeaderMr. Kevin Oessenich

Donor Contact: Mrs. Tammy Butler

Member Since: July 1, 1987

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $9,899,861
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $670,398
   Total Revenue $10,570,259
   Total Expenses $9,126,133
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $8,673,502
Total Liabilities $373,982
Net Assets $8,299,520
Nonprofits need operating reserves.
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Glorifying God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on unreached peoples of the world.

In cooperation with the Association of Ifugao Bible Churches, we are building a training center to train national evangelists to reach into the Abra province in the Philippines. The training center will enable local believers to be trained in-province in their own language. The amount needed is $85,000.
Papua has over 250 languages, but only 3 have a complete Bible translation. Others have just the New Testament, or a number of gospels. Many are still unwritten and have no scripture in their own language. While Indonesian is the official language, spoken as a second language by many, experience has shown that people’s hearts respond to the message of the gospel much more significantly if they can hear and read it in their own heart language. Call 800.967.7109 x37.
Muslims who come to faith are finding their place in the Great Commission. African missionaries receive training and seed money to launch micro-businesses to support their families and establish a presence where they serve. Annually, each family needs approximately $1,200 for training, $1,500 toward daily living, and $2,000 for micro-business set-up and relocation expenses.
“More workers!” That’s the cry heard from missionaries and national believers around the world. More men and women of God are needed to expand the boundaries of the Church, share the Gospel, and make disciples. A gift to Mission: Mobilization will provide World Team with the necessary resources to explore new fields and mobilize more workers for cross-cultural ministry among unreached peoples throughout the world.
Missionary life is a high yet demanding calling. World Team is committed to caring for the spiritual, physical, and emotional health of each of our members. The Missionary Care Project increases accessibility to good resources so missionaries can not only survive, but thrive in the ministries to which they’re called. Suggested donation: $100.
What would you pay to have one verse of Scripture in your own language? $10? That’s roughly the cost to prepare one verse for publication. The Gospel of Luke and the book of Genesis are complete and printed. Acts needs a few checks before typesetting. Translation of Matthew and Mark are underway. Encourage 10 friends to each support one verse, or set a group goal to raise $850 and support the work of nine translators for an entire month!
Radio Lumière is an indispensable link between isolated churches, pastors and the larger Evangelical community throughout Haiti. It has contributed significantly to the remarkable theological unity of the church and is a tool, not only for evangelism, but also as a means to train teachers and disciple new believers. Estimates show that more than half of all believers in Haiti had their first contact with the Gospel through the ministry of Radio Lumière.
RFIS, the school most World Team Cameroon MK’s attend for Sr. High, recently relocated and expanded to better serve missionary families in Cameroon. Because of the relocation, World Team, along with partner missions, has begun construction for a new home for our MK’s. The critical need to complete construction on the new hostel for World Team MK’s is $48,000.
In the past 30 years, accessibility and affordability of technology has been changing at a blinding pace. At World Team, it is our desire to be flexible and innovative in our approach as we seek to fulfill our purpose of establishing reproducing churches among the unreached peoples of the world. Upgraded technology will allow us to bring a new level of efficiency and productivity so we can focus on the work of evangelism and discipleship.
The Gospel is spreading among the Vietnamese in Cambodia but there aren’t enough workers to disciple the new believers. Vietnamese workers from Vietnam are needed to assist with establishing reproducing churches among the Vietnamese in Cambodia.
50 years ago, the Trio and Wayana tribes were unevangelized. Today nearly 100% of both tribes have come to faith in Jesus. Now they send missionaries to reach other tribes within the Amazon region. Tribal leaders are requesting ongoing mentoring and development. A portable Bible school is helping meet these needs.
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