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Founded: 1955

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Total Assets $189,818
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The heartbeat of Fishhook International is seeing individuals and cultures transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently we are working in India where our ministries cover three categories: Evangelism and Discipleship, Caring for the Destitute and Helping the Poor Become Self Reliant.

This program assists the children of AIDS patients in south India who are in dire need of financial support due to their parents' loss of health and in most cases employment. If parents are deceased or unable to care for their children, Fishhook identifies able family members to take them in. All funds are managed by the AIDS clinic social workers, who take each child for school enrollment and hand out supplies to the families during regular house visits. You can sponsor one of these children.
The Jaya Para Medical School trains destitute young people to be nurses dedicated to improving health in rural India. This school is improving life for two different groups of people. First, it trains young women and men who would otherwise be denied an education because of poverty, caste or societal barriers. Second, the school seeks to address health problems in villages that have no access to medical care by sending out well-trained professionals who have a passion to serve those in need.
One of Fishhook's responses to India’s poverty is our Sewing Training Program in south India. In this 6-month program women are taught to be seamstresses at no cost to them. At the end of the training each woman receives the gift of a new sewing machine. Every year about 80 women are trained in this program. With new skills and a sewing machine these women are equipped to earn a decent living for their families. Thus, these families have a pathway out of poverty. And many come to Christ also.
You can join with us in caring for orphans and other forsaken children in India by committing to pray and to give $35 a month to care for their needs. In Fishhook's homes for children, each child receives nutritious food, an education and basic medical care. In addition they are nurtured and loved in an environment where Jesus is honored and worshiped daily. Their eyes shine and their smiles are frequent. Quite a contrast to the life they have been rescued from.
Fishhook's partners in India oversee more than 400 native evangelists who go into unreached villages to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Operation World, India has more and larger people groups with no Christian church or Christian workers than any other country in the world. So these evangelists travel into villages where there are no believers talking to people, handing out tracts, sharing the Gospel in any way they can. The goal is to establish congregations of new believers.
The plight of widows in India is generally precarious at best. The vast majority live in poverty, poor health and illiteracy with little hope. Widows of any age are particularly vulnerable to being abused and cast aside by their families. The result is that many of these widows end up living on the streets. Fishhook International seeks to care for as many widows as we can in Christ-centered group homes. A $30 per month or one-time gift helps us provide for these women who have been cast out.
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