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Christian Medical & Dental Associations

Ministry Description
The Christian Medical Association (CMA) was founded in 1931 and currently serves over 13,000 members. CMDA conducts overseas and domestic mission projects including approximately 45 short-term medical mission trips per year to developing countries, coordinates a network of Christian doctors for fellowship and professional growth, sponsors student ministries in over 90 percent of the nation's medical and dental schools, distributes educational and inspirational resources, holds marriage and family conferences for doctors, promotes and addresses ethical positions and policies on health care issues, provides Third World missionary doctors with continuing education resources, and conducts academic exchange programs overseas.
Ministry Details
Location: Bristol, TN
Founded: 1931
Tel: (423) 844-1000
Top Leader: Dr. Mike Chupp
Donor Contact: Mr. George Courtney
Member Since: December 13, 1988
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Campus ministries reaches out to medical and dental students on 242 medical and dental school campuses across the US. Encouragement for students is provided through organized campus Bible studies, evangelism, organized mission teams, school leadership training, and outreach functions.
CMM’s mission is to inspire, educate, and equip medical missionaries. A bimonthly e-newsletter, international rotation scholarships, and pre-field orientation sessions train medical missionaries to advance the cause of missions and international health care in their work for Christ. Medical missionaries in the field are encouraged and challenged through the monthly epistle. Effectiveness is increased through consulting services and management training.
In partnership with Prison Fellowship International, our medical and dental teams bring healthcare and the Gospel message to prisoners in foreign countries, many of whom have never had health care. Nothing is changed unless hearts are changed and so our efforts support indigenous pastors and the Prison Fellowship of that country to get volunteers including physicians and dentists to support their important ministry.
Pastoral Conferences are part of the medical and surgical outreach in foreign countries. This is an important investment in the spiritual leadership of countries where no seminary training has been given. Pastoral conferences cross denominational lines to encourage and exhort pastors to work together, develop pastoral prayer groups, and reach out with faith-based initiatives to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Pastoral supplies for ministry are supplied to each attendee along with lunch for the day.
Medical and dental teams are treating thousands of the poor and needy internationally with life-saving procedures along with the provision of much needed medications and/or orthopedic equipment and supplies. Through the care provided in these clinics, patients become open to prayer and the sharing of the Gospel. The average cost per patient for medication is only $2.
Over fifty medical/dental and surgical teams are sent out annually on 1-2 week trips into developing countries around the world to share their faith and expertise among the poor and needy. These missions are planned with national partners to open doors of opportunity for the national partners to share the Gospel message, disciple new believers, plant churches, grow national churches, and demonstrate the love and the compassion of Christ in a material way.
CMDA’s Washington office is a liaison with Congress, the administration, and policy organizations, presenting life-honoring perspectives through the national media, and publishing resources on vital issues.
Grassroots campaigns are organized to promote and support life-honoring legislation and referendums at the state level on physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, and other ethical issues.
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