Josiah Venture

Wheaton, IL

Founded: 2001

Tel: (630) 221-9332


Top LeaderMr. David Patty

Donor Contact: Ms. Molly Carstenbrock

Member Since: October 9, 2006

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $13,583,806
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $361,608
   Total Revenue $13,945,414
   Total Expenses $12,534,841
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   for the Year
Other $0
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   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $18,121,812
Total Liabilities $629,317
Net Assets $17,492,495
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Josiah Venture desires to see a movement of God among the youth of Central & Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transform society. Josiah Venture is a mission organization that works with young people in the former communist nations of Central & Eastern Europe to develop passionately focused, faith-filled youth leaders who can multiply self-directed evangelistic programs and services within their local churches and national church denominations.The team is composed of disciple makers and leadership training specialists serving in several Central & Eastern European countries.

Reaching youth through rock/gospel choirs and performing arts groups based in local churches. Youth hear the gospel and see Christ at work in the leaders and other members. This ministry is expanding through Eastern Europe, including both year-round groups and music/performing arts camps and workshops.
Purchase river rafting equipment for evangelistic camps to reach more young people in Ukraine.
Using the momentum from Exit 316 TV broadcast, the Exit Tour will targets major cities across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. An American Christian band headlines this tour and leads the lectures and discussion groups, penetrating the schools during the week and hosting evangelistic rallies on the weekend.
Develop citywide outreaches around key national holidays in Estonia. This model has been prototyped in Tartu with great success and could easily be expanded to other locations.
This facility will be the base for evangelism and leadership training in a country of 38 million people that has less than 1% evangelical believers.Camps are the most fruitful form of outreach in Poland, and focused training can equip a new generation of leaders for the church.
Using conferences and seminars, provide training to pastors and elders that will equip them to lead healthy, reproducing churches.
Provide year-long internships that combine intensive coaching with theological and Biblical training, ministry skills, and character development for 75 promising young leaders.
Plans are ready for the construction of a 600 person event center that will allow the movement of God among this region to continue to take place. This will also allow us to shepherd and care for young leaders who are currently impacting over 400 churches and expand that impact to include many others.
Expand the impact of the year-long “School of Leaders” by training another 500 emerging leaders in the ministry priorities of Christ.
Invest in the largest Eastern European youth conference that invites Slovak youth leaders and their teams to come together to be challenged, inspired, and motivated to give themselves to the work towards reaching the Slovak youth for Christ.
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