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10/40 Connections
“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!” says Proverbs 31:8. Our Voice for the Voiceless curriculum instructs audiences about the God-given value of females and the babies they carry. Merging science and the Gospel, audiences understand women’s health, baby development, nutrition, and the truth of abortion (from the pro-life side). Domestic violence declines, repentance increases, families heal, and lives are spared from death. $5,850 will open a new language and train teachers.
4KIDS of South Florida
4KIDS brings hope to babies, kids, teens, and young adults by providing safe and secure environments for healing, equipped parents and caregivers who are trained to love kids from hard places, essential resources to meet their physical needs, nurturing counsel to help them thrive, and a renewed sense of value in their hearts.
A Beacon of Hope Women's Center
God has invited us to become a part of building a culture of love and life for the men and women we serve, ultimately providing them with comprehensive care that empowers them to choose life and then offering a healthy environment to catch their breath and begin the process of parenting or placing the child for adoption. As you partner with A Beacon of Hope, you are helping both women and families thrive—during and after an unplanned pregnancy.
A Center of Hope CPC
Women’s Health and Wellness Clinic of Walton is a ministry dedicated to communicating truth to abortion-vulnerable women and families and offering compassionate care by providing life-affirming resources. Healthy Families Living Christ-Centered Lives, Practicing Purity, Pursuing and Promoting the Sanctity of Human Life.
A Door of Hope Pregnancy Center
Please consider contributing to A Door of Hope Pregnancy Center as our caring staff give free services such as pregnancy tests, confidential support, community referrals, ultrasounds, and more to the women in the local community.
A Family for Every Orphan
A Family for Every Orphan believes that the best way to care for orphans is by placing them with loving Christian families. Currently, we have several projects that need funding. Your donations will help transform the lives of precious orphaned children and the brave families who making the move to foster/adopt.
A Hope Center
A Hope Center is for women and families facing unplanned pregnancies in Fort Wayne, Columbia City, and the surrounding areas. With care, compassion, and understanding, our peer advocates and professional medical staff are trained to help you with confidential pregnancy services.
A New Generation
A New Generation’s mission is to help women and their partners make informed and thoughtful decisions regarding sexual and relationship choices as well as unplanned pregnancies. Restoration services are also offered for those who are in need of healing from past choices and circumstances. A New Generation promises to provide free, high quality and compassionate care. Please consider donating to this life-affirming ministry.
A Woman's Choice
We exist to preserve the sanctity of human life by providing life-affirming medical, counseling, and educational services designed to empower women to make healthy lifestyle choices. We are committed to provide these services in a caring, competent, confidential, and cost-free manner - exhibiting excellence, professionalism, and integrity in all our activities.
AAA Pregnancy Resource Center
The AAA Pregnancy Resource Center exists to offer care and support to those who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and those who are sexually active. We are a Christian organization with trained client associates who provide free pregnancy tests, confidential peer counseling, resources, material goods, and post-abortion counseling referrals. Please help support AAA PRC as we provide resources to promote life, teach God's design for sexuality, and provide counseling for post-abortion healing.
AbbaCare’s ministry is more crucial than ever to those facing unplanned pregnancy. Pandemic fears and financial concerns add to our clients' reasons for considering abortion. We come alongside these women and men with the love and support they need to see past the uncertainty of the present. Also, many of our clients have lost income as a result of Covid. As we provide them with diapers and other essentials for their baby, we have additional opportunities to share the love of Christ with them.
For those facing an unplanned pregnancy, it often seems they have no "choice" at all. At AbbaCare, we have the blessing of coming alongside women and couples who need hope, healing, and empowerment in order to choose life for their baby, and life-building decisions for their future. Your donation helps us reach women in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and in the Martinsburg, WV area as well.
AbbaCare has been serving women and families facing unplanned pregnancies in the Winchester, VA area since 1988. We were so excited to open a second location in Martinsburg, WV in February 2020! Martinsburg is a very under-served area in desperate need of the message of HOPE and LIFE that only Jesus can bring. Your donation will help us maintain our new location as well as continue to serve in Winchester.
ABC Women's Clinic
Lives are impacted daily! Because of your generosity, babies are saved and moms are made new creatures in Christ on a regular basis. Every week, life changing decisions are being made here at ABC Women's Clinic.
Access Justice
Metro Christian Legal Aid is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) ministry devoted to helping individuals with legal issues, individuals and churches in disputes and Christian non-profit organizations. This ministry serves those in need of legal aid by providing legal consulting services on a limited engagement basis. We will meet with individuals in financial, spiritual and legal need to consult, advise and provide guidance in legal matters and on legal issues.
Adult & Teen Challenge Illinois
Teen Challenge Illinois is a residential, Christian, faith-based discipleship and recovery support program. Dedicated to rebuilding the lives of men (18 and older) who have been devastated by life controlling addictions, TCI offers an environment of support and spiritual formation. The rigorous 12-month program is designed to assist residents in their lifestyle changes and includes pastoral counseling, peer mentoring, social and life skills, education, community service, and work experience.
Advent Christian Village
Advent Christian Village is a retirement community that expresses Christ's love by providing compassionate care and quality comprehensive services to senior adults. ACV aids seniors who have outlived their resources by assisting with personal care, nursing care, assisted living, medical transportation, meals, and housing.
Adventures in Missions
Help families strengthen their bond and develop a "Great Commission-oriented" family mindset by serving together on the mission field for a week.
Adventures in Missions
Help enable participants to experience opportunities, encounter God, and experience a passionate relationship with Him. As they step out of their comfort zones, this is a great opportunity to serve, grow, plant spiritual fruit, and minister side-by-side with others.
Agape House of Northwest Tennessee
Oasis Medical Clinic provides complete, accurate information, free lab-quality high-sensitivity pregnancy tests with immediate results, compassionate medical consultation and pregnancy consultation, and state-of-the-art ultrasound services to women and couples who are making decisions about unintended pregnancies.
Agape of Central Alabama
As a ministry of Jesus Christ, Agape’s mission is that vulnerable and orphaned children find permanency in safe, nurturing families. Since 1978, Agape has helped more than 2,000 children through foster care, and more than 250 children through the permanency of a Christian adoptive family. We have counseled hundreds of pregnant women facing unexpected pregnancies to make the best choice for their future and the baby’s future.
Agape Pregnancy Resource Center
Because of your support, many lives have been saved, both physically and eternally. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us financially.
Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach
The support services of Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach have been in existence since 1997. We feel that if we are going to encourage a woman to choose life for her baby that we should also provide any means necessary to help her through her difficult times. Support APO as we continue to provide a place of hope and help in difficult times!
Alaska Freedom Journey
Our heart at Alaska Freedom Journey is to be a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to bringing about healing and freedom from sin for the people of our lands through faith in Christ Jesus by: Training and growing Native leaders in ministry, partnering with organizations and individuals with the same vision, supporting Native ownership of ministry in the villages, towns and cities of our people, and building hope for the future by supporting children’s and teen ministry.
Align Life Ministries
We’ve extended life-giving pregnancy services to families within Lebanon and Lancaster Counties for more than three decades. We’ve come alongside thousands of pregnant women who were vulnerable to the pressures of abortion—some believed that abortion was their only choice. We provide first trimester ultrasounds, present pregnancy options, and meet some of the multi-faceted needs of mothers and fathers who want to parent their babies.
All God's Children International
All God's Children International is providing shelter, care and love to orphans around the world. Your financial support will provide not only clean water, essential medical care, and a safe place to sleep for children who dream of a place to call home, but also the tools for life they need through play, sports, and creative expression.
Alpha Grand Rapids
Our hope is that every client will say that Alpha Women’s Center of Grand Rapids is the best place to go for help. Our model of personalized care ensures clients’ needs are met with expert help and genuine compassion. We walk alongside women who are experiencing challenging circumstances, such as an unplanned pregnancy, by providing a safe place to make choices. AWC empowers women to thrive by offering holistic care through free and confidential services.
Alpha International Ministries
We support local believers by training and sustaining a local leader and their efforts to reach hard pressed communities. We create healthy communities through providing poverty-stricken children with biblical teaching and a first-class education, we are reaching communities with the gospel and helping to break the cycle of poverty.
Alpha Pregnancy Center
At Alpha Pregnancy Center, we offer assistance to women needing pregnancy services, abortion education, and abortion recovery. Services include pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, materials assistance, childbirth classes, Earn While You Learn parenting program, post abortion counseling and community referrals. Please contact us at 410-833-7864 if you are interested in giving to Alpha.
Alternatives Medical Clinic
Alternatives Women's Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Alternatives mission is to provide medical medical and educational services that empower women and men to make life affirming choices concerning pregnancy and sexual health. Our vision is to be the first choice for those facing an unplanned pregnancy and sexual health decisions. AWC is a fully licensed medical clinic. Services are free, staffed with 11 employees and 25 vol. We are financed by gifts from individuals and churches.
Alternatives Pregnancy Center
The currency of your donation is transformed into hope and new beginnings in the lives of those we serve. At Alternatives, panic and confusion are dispelled as teens, women and men are surrounded by respect and love. The 30-year legacy of Alternatives Pregnancy Center continues - join your legacy with ours and make a difference everyday with your donation.
Alternatives Pregnancy Center
Alternatives Pregnancy Center is a non-profit women’s medical health clinic licensed by the State of California. Founded in 1983, Alternatives is dedicated to meeting the medical, emotional, material, and spiritual needs of women facing unplanned pregnancies.
Ambassadors for Christ International-USA
We are a fellowship of gospel preachers and teachers with a clear eternal perspective who have been called by God to preach Christ. Our Christ-centered, Spirit-filled evangelists are devoted to righteous living. We are committed to the body of Christ; the Church, and seek to be a catalyst for revival, evangelism and training of believers throughout the world. Please help support this ministry as we carry on the work of the Lord through His provision.
America World Adoption Association (AWAA)
At America World Adoption Association, we believe that every Christian is called to provide hope to orphans. Many feel this call strongly resonate with their hearts, but don't know where to begin. AWAA is here to help you bridge that gap from desire to orphan care. Whether processing identity legal paperwork for children or giving practical living supplies to orphans or providing a plane ticket home to older children, AWAA is excited to partner with you as you become an orphan advocate.
American Bible Society
Times are tough for those who have a family member serving in the military halfway around the world. You can give comfort and hope through our Military Essential E100 Bible. The Bible comes with a 100-day reading guide, so families here at home will have the comfort of knowing they are reading passages their loved one is reading overseas.
American Family Association
Support the American Family Association as we represent and stand for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media - including pornography - on our society.
American Friends of International China Concern
Our Community Outreach Project is taking huge steps to prevent abandonment in China. The project offers urgent support to parents of children with high needs by giving them the essential tools and skills they will need to provide care. We offer support groups, physical therapy, respite services, advocacy for education and vocational training opportunities.
AMG International
Christ-centered program managing thousands of cases of abuse, neglect, and trauma in the dangerous urban settlements of Guatemala City. In partnership with IJM International Justice Mission, children are being rescued and restored while violaters are brought to justice. Also doing extensive work with the justice system, advocating for children's rights and proteciton.
AMG International
Providing food, hygiene, and basic needs for those affected by worldwide lockdowns and/or the virus itself.
Ananias House
Ananias House seeks to preserve the rich Christian heritage of Biblical times, and, in the face of darkness and despair, proclaim the light and hope of Jesus Christ to believers and peoples of other faiths alike through meeting practical and tangible needs, knowing that it is often in the darkest times that the power of God is most evident.
Another Way Pregnancy Center
Another Way Pregnancy Center exists to provide life-affirming choices by offering faith-based hope, support, and compassion while encouraging self-respect for those experiencing pregnancy or related concerns. We have always strived to save the lives of unborn babies at risk of abortion by serving the women and men facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies. Your donations enable us to help families in our community and supports our work of rescuing and restoring precious lives.
Apartment Life
Apartment Life is a faith-based, non-profit organization that has been serving the apartment industry since 2000. We believe every individual is created for community and that we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our goal is to live this out while providing strong business value to apartment owners. As a faith-based organization, we are committed to Fair Housing guidelines to ensure that all residents are treated fairly, equally, and consistently. All of our employees are traine
Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services
We have created the Brother's Keeper Fund as a way to provide supplementary funding for counseling and related services to those who need financial assistance. All donations to the Brother's Keeper Fund are used to pay for counseling those who cannot pay the full rate. Will you help today?
Arise Ministries
Arise Ministries helps single-parent homes rebuild lifestyle foundations. We encourage and equip through our online education center with podcasts, videos, and articles that are accessed by single moms around the world. Recently launching online Bible studies and connect groups, Arise Ministries comes alongside single moms in their journey. Your gift would allow us to continue effective outreach programs that change lives and homes. You don't give to Arise but through Arise.
Arizona Baptist Children's Services & Family Ministries
Make a one-time donation, or become a monthly partner to help support critical services provided by ABCS ministries to hurting children and families across Arizona. Your contribution is tax-deductible, and qualifies for Arizona Tax Credits. You may designate your gift to any one of our seven ministries.
Arrow Child & Family Ministries
Arrow Child & Family Ministries serves children in the foster care system. The ultimate goal is to transition these children back into a healthy environment with their biological families. Or, if that is not possible provide a safe, nurturing home through adoption.
Arrow Child & Family Ministries
Arrow Child & Family Ministries serves over 4,000 vulnerable children, teens and families across the United States. Since 1992, Arrow has been helping kids heal from past abuse and neglect through foster care, treatment foster care, kinship care, residential care, adoption, and non-public specialized education. Arrow also helps those impacted by child sex trafficking to recover and heal through restoration foster care homes and a residential recovery treatment center.
Arrow Child & Family Ministries
Arrow Child & Family Ministries serves children rescued from abuse by providing traditional foster care, treatment foster care, restoration foster care and kinship care. The ultimate goal is to transition these children back into a healthy environment with their biological families. Or, if that is not possible provide a safe, nurturing home through adoption.
Aspire Together
The goal of the Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Burlington and St. Albans (Vermont) is to help clients make informed choices – for today, for tomorrow, for life. Your one-time or recurring donation enables the dedicated staff at Care Net to offer caring, supportive, life-affirming services to clients.
Assist Pregnancy Center
Assist Pregnancy Center exists to promote life through Christ to those vulnerable to abortion. Our vision is that women and men would choose physical life for their unborn child, spiritual life through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and abundant life by walking in obedience to Him. We provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling, pregnancy and parenting education, men's mentoring, sexual integrity outreach, and post-abortion counseling and Bible studies, all at no charge.
Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching & Service
In China, ACCTS' programs focus on building friendships, trust, cooperation, and peaceful relationships through: 1) Educational and cultural visits and exchanges, 2) Development projects in a peasant village, and 3) Medical assistance projects. Give today to help further the work of ACCTS in the China Ministry!
Assurance for Life
Assurance for Life understands that you want to make an eternal difference in the lives of the clients we serve. We want to help you do that. When you give to Assurance for Life, Inc., you immediately become part of a greater purpose. Nearly 3,800 people are alive today because their parents found the help and encouragement they needed at Assurance. Please join us in saving lives today!
Atlanta Union Mission
Hope begins with a meal! For $2.67 you can provide a meal for one person at Atlanta Mission! Each day, we provide over 950 men, women, and children with meals, shelter, employment support, counseling, and more!
Austin Disaster Relief Network
Giving where it matters most into ADRN’s General Fund equips ADRN with the resources needed, including personnel, supporting materials, equipment, and other disaster related materials to help us fulfill our mission to meet the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of those affected by disaster.
The vision of B2THEWORLD is to bless children, parents and families in countries that are recovering from war through transformative educational institutions. The goal is not just to build schools or send teachers, but to provide an education that transforms the lives of those involved. We also aim to comfort children who's families have been torn apart by war.
Bakersfield Pregnancy Center
Thanks to the support of our community, in 2016, over 300 precious babies and their mothers were saved from abortion. Donate now to ensure that this priceless work continues in 2017.
Baptist Foundation of Illinois
Baptist Foundation of Illinois encourages Illinois Baptists to respond, both individually and corporately, to God’s call of stewardship upon their lives, connecting them with ministry opportunities that transform the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
The Good Shepherd Children's Home (GSCH) in Honduras is home to more than 100 children in Honduras that have been abused or abandoned. The GSCH provides medical, dental, nutritional, educational, psychological, and spiritual care to the children.
Beautiful Feet Ministries
Beautiful Feet Ministries Of Tanzania Exists To Bring Hope And Healing To The Lost And Hurting People Of Tanzania By Restoring Hope To Children & Families, Providing Healthcare, And Investing In Christian Leaders.
Beltway 8 South Crisis Pregnancy Center
We are more fully convinced with each passing year that we live in an uneducated society when it comes to abortion. Wherever a door of opportunity opens to give forth the truth about abortion and cast out lies about pro-choice, we will accept the challenge. Please consider contributing to help us expand this area of the ministry!
Bethany International
Bethany International is a Christian missions training and sending organization dedicated to mobilizing disciples of Jesus and the church worldwide for the increase of God’s Kingdom.
Bethel Bible Village
If you share the value that every innocent and neglected or abused child should have a temporary place of refuge until his or her family can again adequately protect them and if you value the added spiritual benefit of the nurturing and protection that trained and supported Christian substitute parents and counselors can provide for these children then you should consider channeling your financial resources to help these children of families in crisis through Bethel Bible Village.
Bible Fellowship Church
For over 150 years, we have been Expanding Fellowship of Churches United to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have more than sixty-five local churches in seven states and two in Mexico. We cooperate in Church Planting (Church Extension Ministries), Worldwide Missions, (Board of Missions), a family camp (Pinebrook Bible Conference) and a children's camp (Victory Valley Camp). We also support Fellowship Community, a retirement community for our seniors.
Blackaby Ministries International
We believe people still need to hear the message we are sharing. We will be trusting God to guide us to know how to continue sharing it in the future. Thank you in advance for your partnership with us in helping people to experience God!
Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices
We Help individuals make informed decisions about unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, and provide support after those decisions are made. BCPC is a faith-based organization committed to being non-judgmental and non-denominational.
Both Hands Foundation
A Both Hands Project helps people to raise funds for orphans while serving a widow through home improvement projects. A team of volunteers request sponsorship for their day of service. The money raised through sponsorship goes toward funding adoptions and orphan care initiatives.
Bright Hope International
According to the World Health Organization, “About 830 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day.” In under-resourced nations, many hospitals will not admit a woman in labor if she does not bring her own delivery kit. As a result, these women must deliver their babies at home without proper tools or sanitation. When you give a Mama Kit, you can help provide a safe and hygienic birth environment for both mom and baby. Each labor and delivery
Bright Hope Pregnancy Support Centers
Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." We believe this verse is meant not only for those born but also for those still in the womb. This verse is the mainstay of our organization and the mission of all who work and serve at Care Net. We are striving to reach the multitudes. Your gift is critical to helping us spread The Good News throughout the Lehigh Valley.
BsideU for Life Pregnancy and Life Skills Center
In 2020, we purchased a used mobile unit from a pregnancy center in Indiana to launch mobile pregnancy care services in partnership with ICU Mobile. We are currently in two local zip codes weekly, and hope to expand to 5 days per week. We also need to replace the old generator and the old ultrasound machine on the unit because they are nearing the end of their lives.
BsideU for Life Pregnancy and Life Skills Center
BsideU For Life exists to protect the lives of unborn children and to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to those who are facing or have experienced a crisis pregnancy. We accomplish this by encouraging and equipping them to live productive lives empowered by God.
Buckner International
Since 1879, Buckner International has been dedicated to redemptive ministry that transforms and restores the most vulnerable, from the beginning to the ending of life. Our mission is driven by the call in James 1:27 to "look after orphans and widows in their distress."
Byelorussian Mission
It has been estimated by the Belarus government that 90% of children growing up in institutionalized social milieu will become institutionalized by adulthood either in prison or mental facilities. Consequently, their children will then have to be institutionalized, creating a never-ending cycle. What we are doing is placing orphans in Christian families. This allows the children to be exposed to a family lifestyle and, even more importantly, to be brought to church on Sunday.
Calvary Church of Santa Ana
Support families in our church who feel called to adopt, as well as aid foster and orphan care initiatives locally and globally.
Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je Association
It is our mission that everyone would learn to say the words of the song this camp is named for, "I'd rather have Jesus than anything!" Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is established for the sole purpose of winning souls to Jesus Christ through the spreading of the gospel, the edifying of believers through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and the evangelizing of campers through witnessing and missions. Please consider supporting Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je so we can help benefit so many churches and schools
Camp Peniel
Our camps are founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ and our staff members seek to show the love, grace, and truth of Him in all that they do. Kids can plainly see that actions speak louder than words. The lives of our staff are called to reflect God in such a way that the lives of their campers would be transformed. Please consider contributing to Camp Peniel and help us bring people to a face to face relationship with God through Christ centered adventures!
Cannon Beach Conference Center
The modernizing of the dining room and kitchen fits well within CBCC’s mission statement. These areas are central to providing guests relaxation and spiritual renewal in our beautiful setting. CBCC’s vision and practice have been to carefully lay projects before the Lord, moving forward as donors pray and support the project financially.
Capitol Ministries
Given the reality that approximately 75% of DC legislators once held an earlier office in a state capitol, Capitol Ministries remains committed to building ministries in all of America's state capitols. Presently, Capitol Ministries has birthed ministries in over one-half of the U.S. capitols and by God's grace, most are now organizationally and financially independent of CM. Please consider supporting our passion to make disciples in the political arena!
Care for Pastors
Pastors have a difficult and demanding job, and most lack the support system they need. At CfP, we provide comprehensive care for pastors and their families to help them remain in ministry. The care we provide from your donation leads to healthy pastors, which then leads to healthy churches. In our care for pastoral families, we equip them to pass on the care they receive to other pastors, congregation and the community.. Your donation will be far-reaching!
Care Net
Help us reach pregnant, abortion-vulnerable women nationwide. Each day, 3,300 women wake up in America believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy. In this tragic decision, not only is a human life snuffed out, but a woman’s life is changed forever. Care Net seeks the route of supporting one woman at a time, to spare her and her unborn child the anguish of abortion.
Care Net Center of Greater Orleans
Care Net Center of Greater Orleans is a Pregnancy Medical Center, offering pregnancy testing, education and limited ultrasounds. We provide these services in a safe and comfortable environment, giving those who find themselves dealing with an unplanned pregnancy the time they need to process, obtain critical information and make decisions about their situations. We offer support during and after pregnancy, with parenting classes, a learn-to-earn program with material aid in the form of diapers,
Care Net Pregnancy & Family Services of Puget Sound
You can give a life-saving gift today! Whether it be a financial gift or a material gift, your contribution will be used to make a positive impact on the lives of women and their families in your community!
Care Net Pregnancy Center - Houston
It is well-known that in an unplanned pregnancy, the baby's father has the greatest impact on a woman's decision to pursue and abortion or to give LIFE to her baby. At Care Net--Houston, we are gearing up to formalize ways that we can engage and support babies' fathers to enter into their God-given role to protect their child and their wife or girlfriend. We are raising funds to hire a male staff member to help develop this program and to oversee male volunteers who will minister to fathers in
Care Net Pregnancy Center - Houston
Care Net Pregnancy Center - Houston, one of the largest pregnancy resource centers in Harris County, relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque
Please consider your contributions to Care Net as we provide a safe place for women and their families to explore their options related to pregnancy and their future. We fulfill this mission by being the most trusted faith-based provider of confidential, loving support as well as free services, including limited medical care and support services for women, men and families.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central N.Y.
Each year we provide 350 - 450 free ultrasound scans to confirm pregnancy. Our cost per scan is approximately $100. In addition to confirming pregnancy, the ultrasound scan is an opportunity for mothers of unplanned pregnancies to bond with their preborn child. During this bonding period, many mothers who are on the fence choose life.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas
Since 2004, the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas has served well over 2,600 clients each year for pregnancy testing alone. We promise to give compassionate care, practical support, accurate information and links for futher resources and information. If you wish to help support Care Net of Central Texas, please contact us at
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Greater Concord
With the support of Care Net and its network of pregnancy centers, people facing unplanned pregnancies are choosing life and hope everyday. Without the generosity of so many people and businesses, the ministry of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Greater Concord would not be possible.
Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Southeastern Connecticut
At Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Southeastern Connecticut, we have friendly and informed counselors who are ready to listen and offer assistance to women who have unplanned pregnancies so that they can have accurate, educational information on all of their available options and can make the decision that's best for them. Please contact us at 860-448-2990 if you would like to support Care Net of Southeastern Connecticut as we empower people to make informed choices!
Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast
Contribute to Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast as we defend life and meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of those who may be experiencing a crisis pregnancy. We bring healing and wholeness to lives traumatized by abortion, to present the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to challenge our communities to adopt a godly view of sexuality and the sanctity of human life.
Care Net Resource Pregnancy Centers
ServantMatch Care Net is a nonprofit on a mission to bring practical help and hope in Jesus Christ to women facing pregnancy decisions. Will you join us and speak up for those who cannot speak (Proverbs 31:8)-- unborn children in the womb--by bringing truth and care to their mothers and families? As a LIFE DEFENDER, your faithful monthly gift of $25, $50, $100 or gift of your choosing allows Care Net to provide free evidence-based medical services, time with counselors, and the light of Christ.
Care Pregnancy Center
The Care Pregnancy Center empowers individuals to make informed, life-changing decisions by providing facts, confidentiality, emotional support, and practical assistance. Our vision is to create a culture where abortion is unthinkable. Our mission is to reduce the number of abortions by offering life affirming support and education in an accepting environment. Please consider supporting us today.
CareCenter Ministries
The Basket is a food program that serves over 10,000 individuals annually, giving boxes of food that will feed a family for three to five days. Our mission is to support and strengthen the poor, so they can eventually give back to the community in both body and spirit. The bulk of the food is purchased from the North Texas Food Bank for fourteen cents per pound. Because of this, your contributions can be used to help many people. Donations are welcomed!
CareCenter Ministries
The Tree of Life is a one-year residential program for battered and addicted women that provides refuge, training and a faith-based, 12-step program.  The program also includes refuge for single-mothers and their children providing shelter, support, advocacy, education, and resources needed to live independent lives free from addiction and violence. Your donations will help set these women and their children towards a path to success!
CareNet- Rhode Island
CareNet-RI has been serving the women and men of RI for 30 years. Our goal is to offer women facing unplanned pregnancies the support and information they need to change their fear into confidence. We believe that strong, confident women make healthy choices for themselves and their families.
Caring Families Pregnancy Services
Caring Families Pregnancy Services offers support to women who are pregnant by providing pregnancy tests, classes, abstinence education, options counseling, ultrasound, community referrals, parenting classes, sexual integrity program and post abortion support. Contact us at 860-450-8073
Caring Network, NFP
For 35 years, CareNet has been on the front lines in the battle for life. Our team has the best tools in the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy - the latest in ultrasound and skilled counselors who address the issues that compel a mother to seek abortion. But despite our tremendous effectiveness, nearly 5,000 abortions take place in DuPage County and surrounding communities. Help us reach women first - by adding centers and increasing internet advertising - to save the life of their unborn child.
Caring Network, NFP
Women faced with an unplanned pregnancy are often frightened and alone, cannot move beyond the difficulty of their circumstances, and don’t know where to turn for help. CareNet welcomes women with caring, non-judgmental support that empower them to choose life for their unborn, while sharing the truth in Christ. Prayerfully consider a gift to CareNet Pregnancy Services of DuPage – we rescue a child and save a mom!
Caring Network, NFP
Ultrasound is a powerful tool that reveals truth, introducing a mother to her baby. Even women committed to abortion are moved by the sight of their unborn child’s heartbeat and activity in the womb. CareNet’s nurse manager spends time providing mothers with as much information as possible on the development of their babies, free of charge, so she can truly make an informed choice. Prayerfully consider a gift to CareNet Pregnancy Services of DuPage – precious lives are at stake!
Caring Network, NFP
Ending a pregnancy can be devastating to both women and men. In a group or individual setting, CareNet offers the opportunity for deep healing to those who experience ongoing guilt or grief from a past abortion. Restore provides free, confidential post-abortion support to those in DuPage County and surrounding communities. Prayerfully consider a gift to CareNet Pregnancy Services of DuPage to help heal women and men.
Caris Pregnancy Counseling and Resources
Caris is a ProGrace pregnancy counseling agency providing free services to any woman who is facing, has faced, or is at risk of facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our vision is to see women and children thrive during and after unplanned pregnancy.
CEFF (Chinese Education Freedom Fund)
Our mission is to advance God’s Kingdom by developing Christ-centered, classical curriculum and teacher training resources for K-12 education in China.
Celebrate Life International
Teach One to Lead One is a community mentoring program that teaches universal principles to lead at-risk kids to a life of purpose and potential. By directly putting qualified mentors into classrooms, we offer a positive influence that many at-risk kids have never had. Our proven methods have brought us success since 1996. Please help fund our greatest needs.
Center for Arizona Policy
Center for Arizona Policy, Inc. (CAP) is a nonprofit research and education organization committed to promoting and defending the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom. CAP works to accomplish these goals by influencing policy, communicating truth and empowering families.
Center For Christian Growth
We're excited about partnering with people who have a heart for kids and understand the life-changing impact the camping ministry can offer people of all ages. We have a big vision to grow and serve in Texas and would love for you to jump in!
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
Donate and become a CPYU Ministry Partner today! The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
The mission of CTI is to provide resources for students, parents, pastors and educators to think more deeply about the transition from high school to college. This mission is accomplished through: (1) Speaking: College Transition Seminars are presented across the country to students and parents. (2) Writing: Articles, books, and expert interviews. (3) Blogging: A regularly updated blog provides commentary on trends in higher education.
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
Providing information and resources for parents, youth workers and educators to help kids navigate their digital world.
Center in Midland PA
At a Center in Midland PA we are able to provide more than 1000 kids in kindergarten through high school Students opportunities to participate in art, cooking, dance, acting, and mechanics classes, and even a STEAM program, as well as trips to Pittsburgh. Our food and clothing banks are providing for our community day by day.
Chariots for Hope
Chariots for Hope exists to honor God by loving, nurturing, and providing for vulnerable and orphaned children by leading and sustaining holistically healthy children's homes in Kenya. We seek to provide these children with opportunity and hope so that they develop into exemplary citizens, leaders, and followers of Jesus Christ. We invest in them through social, emotional, and spiritual care as well as education that goes far beyond just primary school.
Chester County Women's Services
We provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and pre-natal support, as well as material assistance in the form of clothing, diapers, and formula. We offer abortion alternatives counseling, parenting and discipline classes, mentoring and trauma recovery support. We strive to establish a long-term partnership with each client to empower and educate strong families and to share the redeeming love of Christ.
Child Hope International
Research and scripture confirm that children belong in families. Sadly, of the 32,000 children who live in orphanages in Haiti, 80% of them have families. The main reason for family separation is poverty. With the proper support, most of these families could care for their children in a loving home. Child Hope International is working to reconcile and reunify children living in orphanages with their families, by providing support and hope.
Childcare Worldwide
Provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity. Not only will your child have food, clean water and access to medical care as needed, they will receive an education that leads to employment, giving them the skills to provide for themselves. In addition, your child will hear about Jesus and be trained to have Christ-like character. For only $40 per month, you can radically change a child's life. Sponsor a child today!
Children At Heart Ministries
Children At Heart Ministries serves children and families through three ministries in Texas: Texas Baptist Children's Home in Round Rock; Miracle Farm boys ranch in Brenham; and Gracewood for single mothers and children in Houston.
Children Rescue Mission
Children Rescue Mission is an interdenominational Christian mission called by God to serve the Nepali people. Established in 2006, it is our passion to share the gospel, rescue at-risk children in Nepal from poverty and educate young people and their parents about the dangers of human trafficking. We do this primarily by starting, equipping and mobilizing Christian churches and through child sponsorships.
Children to Love International
Children to Love International was born out of a call to respond to the plight of orphaned and abandoned children in Romania in the early 1990’s. CTL began working with orphanage officials to facilitate international adoptions and to meet the immediate needs of children who could not exit the system. Since then, CTL’s impact has multiplied and expanded to India, Uganda, Ukraine and Thailand. Please consider partnering with us to provide hope for suffering children in the name of Jesus.
Children to Love International
Relationships are key for Children to Love. Do you want to support the growth and development of a child in need in a tangible way? As a child sponsor, you can help us cover the cost of providing food, education, medical care and spiritual teaching for a child in Romania, India, Uganda, Ukraine or Thailand. Whether through visiting in person one day or by exchanging letters and cards, being a CTL sponsor is a great way to form a personal connection with a child under the care of a CTL partner.
Children's Hope
Currently, Children’s Hope cares for 50 children at our children’s home, provides education to over 1,200 children, serves over 4000 people through our medical clinic, and engages and serves over 5000 community members in some way through our short-term mission teams. Your donation will help us shine the light of hope in Haiti as we care for children, strengthen families, and serve communities.
Children's Hunger Fund
Children's Hunger Fund is in close contact with our partners in Guatemala. We are positioned to provide food and other aid to families through a network of churches in the communities likely to suffer as a result of this volcanic eruption.
Children's Hunger Fund
Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) is responding with food and aid to help those impacted by Hurricane Iota in Central America. CHF has Mercy Networks in Honduras and El Salvador, and church partners in Nicaragua. Food and aid will be distributed by the Mercy Networks and church partners in country. Your gift will allow us to respond immediately by providing help and hope.
Children's Hunger Fund
Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) is responding to COVID-19 by providing food and aid for children and families in need. CHF works through corporate relationships and a global network of churches, making it possible to meet people around the world at the point of their need.The coronavirus was unexpected, and the need for assistance is immediate. Your gift to COVID-19 Relief allows us to respond with help and the love of Christ.
Children's Lantern
Children’s Lantern provides emergency supplies for human trafficking survivors, such as food, clothing, and rent deposits. We also offer mentoring and emotional support for survivors in transition. Children's Lantern conducts trafficking awareness training in churches, schools, community groups, colleges, events, conferences, meetings, concerts, and more. Your donation helps make these resources possible.
Children's Shelter of Cebu
Foster Friends is a long-distance friendship between a sponsor and a child being ministered at Children's Shelter of Cebu. Foster Friends is a “win, win, win” situation. The children receive the security that comes from knowing that people across the world care about them. The sponsors receive the joy of knowing that they are making a difference in the life of a needy child. And CSC receives financial help for the purchase of food, medicine, and other needed items.
Choices Medical Clinic
Choices Medical Clinic empowers women to avoid having an abortion by providing prenatal medical care, social services, education, practical support and adoption information - all at no charge!
Choices Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix
CPC is a non-profit, life-affirming ministry whose mission is "saving lives and protecting futures." Our goal is to impact the community by offering programs and services that boldly speak the truth in love while offering choices, support, and hope. Please call 602-508-3340 to make a donation.
Choices Pregnancy Services
Help us help those who need it most. By becoming a monthly donor you will receive ministry updates and information as well as invitations to special events that promote life. Your financial support makes a difference!
Choices Women's Clinic
Support True Life Choice in their efforts to provide free services to pregnant women. Please call 407-244-5527 to make a donation.
Chosen for Life Ministries
Most children who enter foster care have very little to call their own. Many times they enter a new home with literally the dirty clothes on their back and nothing else. If you would like to join us in this mission by helping purchase monogrammed pillowcases, towels, and duffle bags, please send a check to Chosen for Life Ministries with “My Name Matters” in the memo line, or donate online and call or email us to let us know your gift was intended for the My Name Matters gifts.
Chris Mikkelson Evangelistic Ministries
Chris launched this evangelistic ministry to bring the Good News to the nations of the earth. This ministry exists to preach the Gospel in the most remote and un-reached parts of the earth to those who have not heard the Gospel message.
Christ Health Care Ministry
Christ Healthcare Ministry promotes solutions to address the unmet physical and spiritual needs of low-income residents of Greater New York. We provide primary care, health information, referrals to existing health care entities, and Christian spiritual counseling.
Christ's International Ministry
The vision of the Centre International d'Evangelisation et des Missions, which is also called the Christ's International Ministry is to evangelize the Congo and the surrounding region by planting churches, training pastors and leaders and challenge these church planters to establish churches in their origin areas.
Christian Adoption Services
Partner with Christian Adoption Services as we seek to expand our Adoption Assistance Program created for Christian families who have the desire to adopt but do not have sufficient financial resources to cover all fees. Through your support CAS can offer these families no interest loans or grants providing more Christian families the opportunity to share their hearts and homes with domestic and international children in need.
Christian Adoption Services
As a pro-life agency, Christian Adoption Services offers free counseling and assistance to North Carolina birth mothers in crisis. Partner with CAS as we provide options for women considering abortion. The Birth Mother Assistance fund allows CAS to assist pregnant women with housing, utility, food and medical care needs during pregnancy.
Christian Alliance for Orphans
CAFO unites more than 190 respected Christian organizations and a national network of churches. Working together, our joint initiatives inspire, equip and connect Christians to “defend the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17). Ultimately, we seek to stimulate and help grow Christian communities committed to adoption, foster care and global orphan care in the local church. Our united efforts include the annual CAFO Summit, the Orphan Sunday campaign, monthly webinars, and an array of other initiatives.
Christian Children's Home of Ohio
During these difficult times, will you consider joining with us as a financial partner in order to glorify God and to improve the human condition in our state? Tax deductible contributions of $25, $100, $250 and $1,000, and charitable legacy gifts will ensure that Christian Children's Home of Ohio will be here for individuals and families in need of a helping hand to get back on their feet.
Christian Family Care Agency
Christian Family Care recruits, trains, licenses and supports adoptive parents. CFC families have adopted infants from birth through private adoptions and infant to teens, children with special needs, sibling groups, and children who have physical or emotional challenge from the state foster care system.
Christian Family Care Agency
Christian Family Care provides specialized services for children and their families including adoption issue resolution, attachment therapy, crisis debriefing, family therapy, play therapy and respite care. CFC also provides parenting-skills training to equip those parenting difficult children. All counseling is from a Biblical perspective.
Christian Family Care Agency
Christian Family Care's foster care program, licensed through the state of Arizona, provides short and long term care for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. CFC's role in serving these children is to recruit, train, license and support foster families who have the qualifications and expertise to help children with a variety of special needs as a result of their circumstances. On any given night, there are approximately 400 children in CFC homes.
Christian Family Care Agency
The Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit helps low income children and reduces your state income tax. One way to make a difference in the lives of children is through the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit. A donation of up to $1000 to Christian Family Care Agency may qualify you for a $1000 state income tax credit. This is not a tax deduction, rather an actual tax credit.
Christian Family Care Agency
Christian Family Care serves young women facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing individualized, caring counseling at no charge to help them make an informed decision for themselves and their child. CFC also provides education, support, housing and medical care if needed to maintain the well-being of the birth mother, her unborn baby and other dependent children living with her.
Christian Family Care Agency
Christian Family Care has joined forces with Safe Families for Children to bring a successful national compassionate model of service that gives hope to families in crisis. SFFC is reducing the rate of child abuse and neglect, and keeping families intact by providing safe and loving homes for children while their parents deal with temporary crisis.
Christian Healthcare Centers
Since 2015, Christian Healthcare Centers has provided a different approach to healthcare for both doctors and their patients. As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization operating independently from the constraints associated with traditional insurance reimbursement, CHC is free to focus exclusively on patients and their wellness – physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. We believe doctors should work for their patients, not an insurance company or a government bureaucracy.
Christian Heritage
In FY 2017-2018, 7,967 children were involved in the foster care system in Nebraska. Most of these children were taken out of their homes and placed in foster homes. Christian Heritage began working with HHS in 1987 to provide foster homes for some of these children. What began in one family home has now become a multi-city outreach with an average of 205 children cared for in Christian Heritage foster care across Nebraska on any one day. Touch the life of a child!
Christian Heritage
Families Together is an opportunity for the local Church to step up and begin caring for families in crisis like never before. By providing safe, loving, temporary housing for kids at risk, Families Together provides the time and support bio parents sometimes need to get back on their feet and begin a new chapter in their life. There are are a number of amazing ways and impactful roles through which people in the local church can serve and support these families; but the biggest thing Families
Christians in Action
As Christians, we have a destiny, an inheritance in Christ that's eternal, Ephesians 1:13,14. However, there are young children in this world whose future looks dim. That is where the Destiny of Hope Orphanage is making a huge difference for abandoned children in Guatemala City. We have dedicated personnel on site to run the orphanage, government approval; all that's needed is $28,000 US to finish the building renovation. Will you help?
Christians in Action
A Christians in Action program in the Philippines that provides full-year scholarships (K-12) to at-risk children from three locations--Palawan, Romblon and Bacaue. These are children from families living below the poverty line who cannot afford to send their children to school. The children are empowered with education and their parents are required to attend monthly seminars on personal finance, social responsibilities, family development, morals, ethics and values.
City Union Mission
City Union Mission provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care, counseling and the gospel to the homeless of the greater Kansas City area. The Mission provides a camp, in the summer, for urban children. It costs us an average of $16.31 per day to care for the multiple needs of each person.
Clarity of South Central Indiana
Clarity of South Central Indiana relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Clearway Clinic
Clearway Clinic is a caring, non-judgmental clinic. We specialize in supporting women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. Our mission is to help during this vital decision-making process by sharing knowledge, wisdom, and resources. Every woman’s situation is unique and we are committed to serving individual needs.
Coaches Outreach
Passing on a healthy faith means passing it on in the context of a healthy marriage. Your support of this ministry helps make it possible for coaches and their spouses to get refreshed and renewed so that they can minister to others. Please support this valuable ministry.
Colorado Christian Services
We only charge our adoptive families one half of what it actually costs to complete an adoption. The remainder of the cost is paid for through donations. Please consider giving on-going monthly financial support to Colorado Christian Services. We also appreciate all one-time gifts, in any amount, large or small.
Columbus Christian Academy
Columbus Christian Academy is an esteemed biblical worldview PreK-12th grade school located in the heart of Mississippi. CCA is proud to partner with Christian families seeking to educate their children with the assurance of biblical worldview standards.
Come Over and Help
During the winter time the main financial burden for poor families in Eastern Europe and Russia is paying for public utilities. Most of the families spend 50% of their monthly income on these utilities. The Winter Help Program provides the neediest familes with food, heating, and medication. Please consider taking part in supporting these families.
Community Pregnancy Center
The Positive Life Choices Character Education Program is committed to empower young people to make healthy choices for life. The Services we offer include classroom presentations, juvenile detention peer groups, leadership workshops and youth group presentations. Please consider contributing to this program to help promote purity and healthy choices for life.
Compass recognizes that foster care is the mission field right next door, in our community, and all around us. Compass provides training, 24-hour support, financial assistance and ongoing parental education to foster families, as well as ministering directly to foster youth through educational support, school assistance, 24-hour support, adult and independent living skills and other individual assistance. Consider giving to this valuable ministry to youth and families.
CompassCare Pregnancy Services
CompassCare's mission is to erase the need for abortion by transforming women's fear into confidence. CompassCare offers free, ethical medical services to women facing unplanned pregnancies in order to give them a vision of a healthy future after having a child. Using ultrasound, STD testing and treatment, and a comprehensive community referral plan, CompassCare offers all the resources, information and support these women need in order to turn their fear into confidence.
Compassion International
Save the lives of infants at risk. Learn more about Compassion's Christian Child Survival Program. Send your tax-deductible gift today.
Compassionate Hope Foundation
Compassionate Hope provides hope and a future to victims and potential victims of human trafficking and religious persecution in Southeast Asia. We believe these “victims” are what the Scriptures refer to as “the least of these.”
Concepts of Truth International
We depend upon the generous support of people who believe in sharing the truth about life. Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to save the unborn, educate youth in sexual integrity, and help those hurting after abortion find hope and healing. Partner with us in a unique, effective, nonprofit organization that is saving lives! Thanks from all of us and from those waiting to be born!
Concerned Women for America
CWA is America's largest public policy women’s organization with a rich history of over 40 years of bringing Biblical principles to all levels of public policy. There’s a cultural battle raging and CWA is on the frontline protecting those values through prayer and action. We focus on 7 core issues: family, sanctity of human life, religious liberty, education, sexual exploitation, national sovereignty, and support for Israel. CWA also has Young Women for America chapters on college campuses.
Connie Maxwell Children's Ministries
Connie Maxwell has a long history of caring for children and their families, and has continued to develop new programs with individualized services that provide stability and Christ-centered support during their time of need. We offer support in four different ways: Residential care, family care, crisis care, and foster care.
Corazón de Esperanza
Corazón de Esperanza, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope to orphaned children, at-risk teens and impoverished women of Northern Perú through the support of youth transitional homes, orphanages, schools, youth development, women’s sustainability projects, short term mission trips and volunteer programs.
Corazón de Esperanza
Corazón de Esperanza, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope to orphaned children, at-risk teens and impoverished women of Northern Perú through the support of youth transitional homes, orphanages, schools, youth development, women’s sustainability projects, short term mission trips and volunteer programs.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Cornerstone Assistance Network was established to meet the needs and restore the hope of individuals and families suffering under the burden of poverty. Cornerstone serves thousands each year with emergency food, clothing and furniture; free medical, educational and employment services. Cornerstone’s vision is to complete renovations and continue expanding and creating needed services. Please help us to complete Phase II of this project. An additional $2,766,000 will complete the renovation.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Cornerstone Health Services offers a free Medical Clinic serving the uninsured in Tarrant County. The newly expanded clinic provides non-emergency care to families ineligible to obtain healthcare through other services. The mission is to provide quality comprehensive healthcare to our patients, diabetic and healthy heart education, cooking classes and a fitness facility. Now available is a vision clinic for cataract and other eye procedures for Tarrant Co. residents.
Cornerstone Assistance Network
Transitional and Permanent Housing is offered through scattered site housing which provides up to 24 months of rental and utility assistance to homeless families. All participants receive intensive case management services. The New Life Center offers 18 homeless men a seamless transition from rehabilitation services as they emerge from drug addiction. The Promise House offers housing to women as a part of re-entry services. The Housing Dept. builds low income housing for those who qualify.
Cornerstone Ministry Village
Cornerstone Ministry Village, Inc dba ThriVe Orlando relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Cornerstone Pregnancy Services
Cornerstone Pregnancy Services provides life-affirming alternatives to abortion, support services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment to those who are experiencing lifestyle distress. Our mission is "Share Christ, Save Lives, Transform Hearts" with over 1000 women who seek out our services yearly. Your gift of $365 or $30/month will ensure that a life-changing appointment will occur at our center or on our mobile unit.
Cornerstone Ranch
Cornerstone Ranch is a Christian, family-centric environment where independence thrives, character grows and confidence is nurtured. Adults with special needs can experience abundant life as they serve, exercise, worship and work as productive and useful members of the community. Most families simply cannot carry the lifelong heavy financial burden of care for their special needs children on their own. We rely on generous donations so that tuition is affordable for every family.
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is setting forth the teachings of the Bible about the complementary differences between men and women, created equally in the image of God. These teachings are essential for obedience to Scripture and for the health of the family and the church.
Creative Ministries
WJTL is a radio ministry that plays contemporary Christian music. We are a commercial-free, listener supported radio station. Your support will help us continue to glorify God in the Lancaster area.
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater
The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater (CPC) is a Christ-centered organization whose mission is to reach out to those women and families involved in crisis-related pregnancies offering them real help for the present, hope for the future, and healing for their past. Support the ministry of CPC and save lives and spare hearts from a great tragedy in our community!
CRISTA Ministries
Assist CRISTA as we honor Christ by bringing joy and purpose to the lives of seniors. We provide a spiritually healthy community reflecting Christ's love to seniors!
Cross International
There is a transformation taking place in impoverished areas of the Philippines! Cross asks for donations to help CCT assist 1,000 poor, but ambitious, families to build profitable, faith-based businesses with micro-loans, low interest rates and weekly fellowship groups where about 30 “partners” meet to study the Bible and encourage each other in business goals and financial discipline.
Cross International
Thousands of Haitians cross the border into the Dominican Republic, hoping to find work and a better life. Often, they find themselves practically enslaved as they live in conditions worse than what was left behind. Since their children have no documentation to show they have legal residence, they cannot attend state schools and are left to run the streets. A Christian development group, MEBSH, started 6 schools for these cane-cutter children, which allow 1,100 students to receive an education.
Cross International
Thousands of Haitians cross the border into the Dominican Republic, hoping to find work and a better life. They often find themselves practically enslaved as their families live in conditions worse than what they left behind. Making only $3 per day, these immigrant cane-cutters don’t have enough money to feed their families, going days without food. Working through a Christian development group, MEBSH, Cross provides supplemental food bags — filled with beans, oil rice, flour, and sardines.
Cross International
An estimated 5 million families in the Philippines are in need of safe housing. These poor men, women, and children live each day on the edge of survival. Working with a Christian community development foundation, Cross is helping transform these dirty, dangerous slums into safe, beautiful communities with the hope of a brighter future. Several families are waiting to receive a well-constructed home. A gift of $2,500 will build a sturdy new house for a family in desperate need.
Jim & Lynne Jackson began Connected Families in 2002. With their growing team, they are committed to bringing you content that will challenge, encourage, and equip you to be the thoughtful and confident parent you long to be. Our key services for helping parents and families are accessible across the United States, Canada, and even worldwide.
Crossfire Ministries
We are in desperate need of some pantry staples such as, flour, sugar, oil, salt, baking soda, baking powder, etc. We are also in need of any and all non-perishable food items. Partner with us in helping to feed the hungry in our community. Financial donations or donations of items accepted anytime!
Crossfire Ministries
The need for coats is greater than ever and the cold weather is quickly approaching. Partner with us in providing warmth for families. Consider partnering with us in this coat drive!
We learned to stop asking “how do we help someone in poverty?” and we began to ask instead, “how do we help get someone out of poverty?” At CrossPurpose, we abolishing relational, economic, and spiritual poverty through career and community development. We help people in need achieve certifications and/or apprenticeships in one of many available career tracks for FREE.
Crossroads Care Center
Crossroads Care Center helps women and men who are involved in an unplanned pregnancy to choose life for their unborn children. We help them make decisions based on factual, godly information that allows them to understand that their child is a gift from God, created in His image. Last year we had over 2200 appointments, doing pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI/STD testing and treatment and peer counseling. We also teach sexual risk avoidance at the center and in 52 public and private schools.
Crossroads Care Center
The SHARE program is an enhanced Sexual Risk Avoidance Program now taught in twelve school districts and 52 schools. For more information, please visit our web site at
CrossRoads Christian Counseling
CrossRoads frequently helps single mothers as they face the challenges of raising children on their own. It can be very difficult to face the isolation, the tension of re-entering the workforce and loss of a husband's protection. Your gift could help a woman work through some of these issues while seeing one of our senior therapists.
Crossroads Kids Club
Mobilizing God’s people to share the Good News in public schools through church-led clubs and connecting children and families to the life of a local church in their community so that they might experience the abundant life that Jesus promised.
Crossroads NOLA
Crossroads NOLA’s mission is “to connect children in crisis to the families, individuals, and opportunities they need to thrive.” Your support to this ministry enables Crossroads NOLA to recruit, train, and support foster parents, and to change the lives of children in the New Orleans foster care system. Please consider a one-time or monthly donation to this valuable ministry.
Helping families pursue the relationships that matter most. We exist to help families grow together and impact their corner of the world. Our mission is to effectively develop godly families who change the world one home at a time.
Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center
Valuing all human life, the CCPC compassionately ministers hope to those experiencing unplanned pregnancy, healing to those who have experienced abortion, and upholds truth to our community through sexual risk avoidance education. We believe that all have intrinsic worth and are created in the image of God. All services are free of charge and all are welcome. If you wish to donate to the Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center please call 615-451-1717 or visit us at
Daybreak Ministries
The mission of Daybreak is to empower women, men, and families in the Midlands to choose the most positive, healthy, abundant life for themselves and the unborn by providing exceptional care, education, and medical information about sexual health and pregnancy. We extend grace, speak truth, build connections, and offer hope in a compassionate manner to ensure that everyone in our community is empowered to choose the abundant life that God intends for us all.
Del Rey Missions – el Rancho Del Rey
Challenged by a mission that continues to burn in our hearts and inspired by faith in a God who knows no limits, we envision a place where children who have been traumatized will grow in safety. We will provide an environment that has the resources to meet a full range of physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual needs, and where the boys’ parents receive training, safe haven as needed, and support to become healthy families.
Delaware County Pregnancy Center
DCPC is a Christ-Centered organization that supports women, men and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Based upon the Truth of scripture, we educate them to make informed decisions concerning their pregnancy and personal relationships. Donor-supported since 1986. Will you help us bring the message of hope and LIFE to those facing an unplanned pregnancy? Abortion is NOT the only alternative!
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries provides services ranging from emergency shelter to job training. Every day, the services we provide touch the lives of more than 1,400 men, women and children in the Detroit community. Help rebuild the inner-city, one life at a time by making a donation today!
Doulos Ministries
Our ministry's founder passed away a few years ago after a long battle with cancer. He started Shelterwood in 1980 and invested all of his energy into developing leaders and caring for families. Richard had a special way about him, always eager to connect and care for others, and willing to talk to anybody. His conversations were always filled with humor and care. Richard always saw the best in people and has had a lasting impact on many around the country. Donate today in his memory.
Dr. James Dobson Family Institute
Your gift will help Dr. James Dobson continue to provide trusted advice to families through his new ministry Family Talk using radio, video, social media, web, newsletters, and other resources. Family Talk’s listener-supported programs offer sound biblical principles to strengthen marriages, equip parents, present the gospel, and engage the culture.
Eagle Ranch
Eagle Ranch helps make life better for children and families going through a crisis. Boys and girls live on Eagle Ranch's campus, while families stay actively involved with an ultimate goal of reunification and renewal. The Wings Initiative provides assistance to new and existing children's programs across the United States and abroad. Since 1985, Eagle Ranch has helped thousands of children and their family members gain resiliency and skills that lead to better lives for generations to come.
Earth Mission
We are committed to meeting the physical needs of people as a reflection of our Christian beliefs. We do this by providing culturally sensitive, efficient and sustainable solutions to problems that require technical or medical skills, and by mobilizing prayer and financial support.
Educational Media Foundation
EMF is more than just the K-LOVE and AIR1 radio networks. In addition to providing great music and messages, we create and distribute books, podcasts, on-demand videos and other media and resources to help you grow spiritually and draw closer to God. Please give today to further the work of this ministry!
Ekisa Ministries International
In Uganda, special needs are often seen as a curse, and it is not uncommon for people living with special needs to be shunned by their communities and families. At Ekisa Ministries, we create a nurturing environment for people living with special needs. We work with communities and families to change the negative views towards people living with special needs and empower families to better care for their child. We fully believe these empowered families will be the catalyst of change in Uganda.
Embrace has provided life changing programs and resources to vulnerable children and their caregivers. Our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve thanks to the generosity of our community, partner churches, and the many volunteers who give their time and talent to improve the lives of children. By partnering with Embrace you’re helping children lingering in the foster care system find the love and stability of a forever family.
Embrace has provided life-changing programs and resources to vulnerable children and their caregivers. Our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve thanks to the generosity of our community, partner churches, and the many volunteers who give their time and talent to improve the lives of children.
Embrace has provided life changing programs and resources to vulnerable children and their caregivers. Our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve thanks to the generosity of our community, partner churches, and the many volunteers who give their time and talent to improve the lives of children. By partnering with Embrace you’re helping children lingering in the foster care system find the love and stability of a forever family
Embrace provides life-changing programs and resources to vulnerable children and their caregivers. Our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve thanks to the generosity of our community, partner churches, and the many volunteers who give their time and talent to improve the lives of children.
Embrace Waiting Children
Embrace has provided life-changing programs and resources to vulnerable children and their caregivers. Our services are provided at no cost to the families we serve thanks to the generosity of our community, partner churches, and the many volunteers who give their time and talent to improve the lives of children.
Ethiopia ACT
We are a gospel-centered, multi-cultural team actively loving the “least of these" of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We work to reconcile people to God through Jesus Christ, and to reconcile them to themselves, others and creation—all resulting in the planting, growing, and maturing of churches that in turn transform lives and communities through faithful witnesses to the Gospel.
The focus of our efforts is to eliminate the double jeopardy of poverty and its manifestations that hinder the empowerment of women and children, by engaging in the following three steps in order to provide a holistic approach in restoring vulnerable communities.
Evangelical Child and Family Agency
Evangelical Child and Family Agency’s vision is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families and protect and nurture abused, neglected, and dependent children. Our offices in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin deliver Christ-centered social service programs, including Pregnancy Support Services, Adoption, Individual and Family Counseling and Intact Family Services.
Every Child Ministries
The Biriwa Hope Center helps stop child trafficking at the source. Biriwa is a known location for child trafficking. A sponsored child almost never gets trafficked.
Exile International
Join Exile International and take an active role in helping war-affected children become leaders for peace. Exile International provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to thousands of children healing from trauma. Hundreds of young people serve as “Young Peacemakers” in their communities, and dozens of national leaders and caregivers are being trained to facilitate trauma care programs. Become a Restore Partner to support the ongoing efforts to change the lives of war-affected children.
FaithBridge Foster Care
FaithBridge exists for one reason: to change the way America does foster care. And we do that by partnering with local churches and supporting families who provide a loving, safe place for foster children. You can help. By sponsoring a foster child or getting involved, you can make an eternal difference.
Family Connections Christian Adoptions
Throughout California, the US, and the world, more than 145 million children need permanent, loving families. FCCA is a full-service adoption agency licensed by the State of California to provide domestic and international adoption services, including adoption from foster care, overseas orphanages, and from birth mothers placing newborns. We do our work as a service to Jesus Christ and in response to His command to care for the orphans of this world (James 1:27).
Family Empowerment Centers of Chicago
It is also our conviction that real empowerment, freedom, and holistic growth have their foundation in an individual’s experience of the love of Christ through His body. the church, and the truths found in the Scriptures. Family Empowerment Centers recognizes mankind as spiritual, physical, psychological, and social beings.
Family Life Communications Incorporated
Family Life Communications delivers inspirational, Christ-centered Christian music with relevant, Bible-based programs such as Insight for Living, Focus on the Family, and In Touch. These are all focused on communicating Christ's love and hope.The flagship Family Life Radio program of Intentional Living, while it's own ministry, also bolsters the outreach to those in need of Christ, with a popular, nationally syndicated call-in opportunity. Support the work of this ministry by giving today!
Family Matters
Would you like to be part of equipping families for every age and stage of life? You can by making a tax deductible donation to Family Matters, a ministry committed to equipping couples, parents, and grandparents to keep their commitments and bring the best out of those they love the most. Your donations will be used to develop additional tools to encourage and strengthen families all over the country.
Family Research Council
Established in 1983 in Washington, D.C., Family Research Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, advancing Faith, Family, and Freedom from a biblical worldview. FRC conducts research, develops policy, drafts legislation, educates policymakers, pastors and the grassroots, testifies before Congress and shapes public debate through the media and internet. FRC depends on your financial support to sustain our work. Please give today!
Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center
Donations and contributions, no matter how big or small, are vital to our ministry. Help guarantee the existence and effectiveness of this ministry by giving today!
FCOP International
FCOP International is a church planting movement that cares for widows, orphans, and separated children in need in the nation of Cambodia. Through church planting and services such as medical and dental care, wells and water filtration, micro-enterprise, prison ministry, food and clothing distribution, disaster relief and many more, FCOP is changing the nation of Cambodia, one life at a time.
Feeding the Orphans
Many widowed Ghanaian women struggle to provide for their children. They face a gut-wrenching decision: keep children whom they cannot feed, put them in an orphanage, or allow them to enter into slave labor in exchange for food and shelter. We provide single mothers with artisan training and materials to generate income so the family can stay together. These single moms also receive training as disciples of Christ, so they can grow in their faith and raise their children in the joy of the Lord.
Fellowship of Fathers Foundation
The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation exists to help any and every dad who wants to be the very best father he can be. We exist to strengthen fathers, family and faith in the United States and around the world.
Finishing Well Ministries
While we may retire from an occupation, as disciples we never retire from growing in Christ. Jesus calls us to press on and to “Finish Well.” Our productivity for Christ keeps growing out of who we are in Him, and our impact ought to be increasingly compelling throughout the final decades of life. At every age we live, He calls us to invest continually in eternity by investing in others. Your donation helps Finishing Well Ministries to equip the older generation for maximum spiritual impact.
First Care Women's Clinic
From material to financial resources, Cobb Pregnancy Services relies on the donation of our ministry partners. Please give a gift today and allow us to make a life saving and life changing impact on the men and women who come to the center.
First Care Women's Clinic
Continue the work of First Care Family Resources as we preserve the dignity of all who are affected by unplanned pregnancy!
First Choice Women's Resource Centers
With five locations in New Jersey (Morristown, Montclair, Jersey City, Newark and Plainfield), First Choice protects the unborn by empowering women. Approximately 11,000 women, babies and students are served, some in our centers and others in their public high school through our Real Talk presentation. With an estimated 12,000 abortions performed per year in our service area, we provide counseling, medical services and practical support so that abortion is not needed or desired in our area.
First Coast Women's Services
First Coast Women's Services is a pregnancy resource center dedicated to preventing the tragedy of abortion by offering truthful information, emotional support and practical assistance to women facing unplanned pregnancies. We present sexual abstinence as a positive lifestyle for singles and provide opportunity for healing and restoration to those who have been hurt by abortion. Our services are free and confidential and supported solely through donations and fundraising.
First Image
Accelerate the work of Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland by giving a donation to further empower individuals to make life-affirming decisions through education, counseling and compassionate care based on the ministry of Jesus Christ! $10 pays for printed materials for one woman to go through our HEART ministry. $45 funds one ultrasound scan. $250 covers all the costs for a woman to go through our program from pregnancy test to birth.
First Liberty Institute
First Liberty is preparing for a nationwide effort to protect the First Amendment rights of high school students. Top students and valedictorians have earned the right to speak at graduation ceremonies and many will want to honor God. Some will be hindered, as our client Angela Hildenbrand was, when a judge decreed she’d be thrown in jail if she prayed. We won Angela’s right to pray and speak of Christ in her graduation speech. Your gift will help Liberty protect these rights.
Fishhook International
The plight of widows in India is generally precarious at best. The vast majority live in poverty, poor health and illiteracy with little hope. Widows of any age are particularly vulnerable to being abused and cast aside by their families. The result is that many of these widows end up living on the streets. Fishhook International seeks to care for as many widows as we can in Christ-centered group homes. A $30 per month or one-time gift helps us provide for these women who have been cast out.
Focus on the Family
Through your gifts to Focus on the Family, you help strengthen families, promote traditional values and transform lives through the power of the gospel. But you also accomplish something else: You enable Focus to extend its ministry to those who cannot afford to support it.
For His Children
We strongly believe that every child should grow up in a loving family. Believing that all children are created in God’s image, For His Children exists as a Christ-centered ministry to homeless children, providing care in a loving and supportive environment, striving to unite them with their biological or adoptive family, and advocating on their behalf to others.
For the Nations Refugee Outreach
We offer a wide variety of educational programs to help refugees continue in the long process of adapting to life in the United States. We also help families adjust to life in America by advocating for them. Most importantly, we share with refugees the good news of Jesus Christ. Over the last several years we have developed high quality, effective educational programs and our vision is to bring these proven programs to more and more of the area’s large refugee population.
Forest Hill Church
We wish to support families in our congregation seeking to care for children through fostering or adoption. This will come in the form of grants for direct expenses to the families for legal or other costs.
Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Ministries
To provide, through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry, and hope for their future, offering nutritious meals, referrals & other support to the public 365 days a year.
Fort Worth Pregnancy Center
If you choose to make a financial investment in this ministry, our commitment to you is that all funds are used wisely and with complete accountability to our donors. Every gift is invested in reaching out and making a difference in the lives of the women who come for help, and in the lives of their unborn children. Won’t you consider being a friend of the center?
Fostering Family
We are seeking to create easier on-ramps for foster families, and then we want to train those families to understand and connect with traumatized children. We want to provide care and support to foster families through mentoring and a healthy system of support. And we intend to collaborate with any agency, nonprofit, church, business, etc., willing to work with us.
Fostering Hope New England
Fostering Hope empowers churches and individuals to care for children and families impacted by foster care. We serve as a trusted partner to guide churches into sustainable service to the foster care community. We encourage and empower individuals to serve the foster care community in a way that aligns with their current gifting and capacity.
Fostering the Family
Fostering the Family partners with Live the Promise. Working together, our goal is to flood the foster care system with well trained, well supported foster families. We endeavor to create an environment where children and families can thrive through legislation and policy changes.
Four Corners Home for Children
Sponsorships are available for a child, family or the program itself. We provide a safe, loving home for children who come from abusive and neglectful backgrounds through three community homes that are staffed by trained houseparents. The program is licensed to care for up to 28 children.
Four Corners Ministries
The Child Development Program at Abaana’s Hope is designed to assist vulnerable children in realizing their full potential in Christ, in the home, and in the community. “A tree is easier bent when it is young,” so we believe now is the time to invest in these children from a comprehensive approach. The program is designed to give them a solid Biblical foundation to make a positive change in their homes and to lead the next generation. By sponsoring a child, you are providing a scholarship into t
Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center
Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality – Romans 12:13. Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Free the Oppressed DBA Free Burma Rangers
The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement working to bring help, hope and love to people in the conflict zones of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan. Working in conjunction with local ethnic pro-democracy groups, FBR trains, supplies, and later coordinates with what become highly mobile multipurpose relief teams. After training these teams provide critical emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and human rights documentation in their home regions.
Free the Oppressed dba Free Burma Rangers
The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement working to bring help, hope and love to people in the conflict zones of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan. Working in conjunction with local ethnic pro-democracy groups, FBR trains, supplies, and later coordinates with what become highly mobile multipurpose relief teams. After training these teams provide critical emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and human rights documentation in their home regions.
Friends of Tenwek
Tenwek’s Community Health & Development programs provide community-based health care and appropriate development within needy communities. This holistic ministry focuses on taking God’s hope to the individuals, families and communities that need it the most.
Friendship Center for New Beginnings
Donations will be used to share the Gospel as we assist single parent families with new baby and children's clothing, diapers, baby toiletries, and minor home and car care/repairs for those enrolled in our Life Skills classes regularly - also for abstinence education and premarital and marriage strengthening outreaches in the community.
Gate of Hope Ministries International
Gate of Hope Ministries International exists to create an environment where East African individuals, families and communities are equipped and empowered to live out a more spiritually fulfilled, socially connected, and economically stable life in order to holistically transform their communities and nations.
Gateway Women's Care
Help Gateway serve more women so that they find the help and hope they so desperately need. $100 will save one unborn baby through our online marketing campaigns, and $300 will save three unborn babies this summer,
Generation to Generation Network
Our vision is to lift up children from dehumanizing circumstances with the grace of Jesus, redefining and fighting poverty alongside the younger generation.
Genesis Community Health
Our clinic is an integrated healthcare facility providing primary medical care, basic dental, mental health, specialty referral, and medication assistance to those who are uninsured and have a lower income. When you give to support the work of Genesis, you provide fuel for improving the health and well being of people and communities. You are coming alongside a “neighbor” and helping him or her build a ladder out of their situation.
Genesis Institute
Genesis Institute is a 501(c)3, faith-based, non-profit counseling and training ministry located in Spokane, Washington. We seek to collaborate with churches, businesses, and other civic organizations to help meet the needs of people in our community. At Genesis, we approach counseling from a perspective that integrates biblical truth with evidence-based theory and practice.Our view of people is fully informed by the revealed truth of Scripture.
Geneva Camp & Retreat Center
The mission of GENEVA Camp & Retreat Center is to create an environment where the presence of God is experienced, the love of Christ is demonstrated, and a Spirit-filled life is inspired. Your support of Camp Geneva keeps camp affordable and makes it possible for ALL kids to come, regardless of financial situation. As we approach the end of the year, please consider a gift to help us connect kids with Christ.
Global Impact International
Global Impact International is partnering with the City of Rome to re-purpose of the former Southeast Elementary School building as The Restoration Rome Center for Foster Care Services (Restoration Rome).
Global Outreach
At Global Outreach, we believe that God has called us to go in Christian compassion and love in an effort to alleviate spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental suffering around the world. We feel that God is leading us to care for orphans and widows and support indigenous Pastors and Christian ministries in such places as India, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bosnia.
God Cares Ministry
God Cares Ministry seeks to connect Christ-centered churches and individuals with senior care facilities by providing the training and resources needed for this unique mission field, and by supporting Christians and ministries as they make an enormous difference in the lives of seniors. Please consider donating to this valuable ministry or adopting a care facility with your church or family!
Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett
Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett demonstrates the love of Christ by providing quality and affordable primary healthcare and dental services at our two locations in Norcross.
Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson
For over fifty years, the Rescue Mission here in Tucson has been a relief for those caught in the shackles of homelessness and addiction, cutting through the chains of circumstances binding these men and women and reestablishing them on the road of freedom and hope. Give today and continue our work to not only meet the physical needs of these precious souls, but also meet their spiritual, educational and job related needs.
Grace House Ministries
GHM is a pregnancy center serving Weatherford, TX and the surrounding area. Believing life is sacred, begins at conception, originates and ends by God’s determination, GHM engages the community with an integrated approach to offer life-affirming support and resources through three arms of service. Options Clinic offers pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STD testing and treatment as part of a pregnancy consultation aimed at helping expectant moms and dads choose life for their child. Grace House
Grace Ministries International
We strive to offer a safe place of respect and acceptance where one can be vulnerable and free to discover and experience Christ’s rest. Your contributions make it possible for Grace Ministries International to cover the cost of operating the ministry and to offset discipleship counseling fees which some clients are unable to pay.
Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns
The Center for Pregnancy Concerns was founded in 1980 for the purpose of providing women facing an unplanned pregnancy with a place to explore their options in a non-threatening, comfortable environment. We offer a variety of services, all of which are entirely free. Our mission is to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual lives of women and their unborn children. As we continue to come to the aid of women and their families, our need for your financial support continues to grow.
Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity
Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity pursues opportunities so that life might flourish in rural Haiti. We connect people in the U.S. with rural Haitians to build infrastructure in their communities. We affirm the dignity of our Haitian partners by listening to and following the local leaders’ priorities and insights. These partnerships have produced three churches, two schools, five composting toilets, a bread oven business, multiple medical clinics, and an ongoing livestock exchange program.
Haiti Hope Alliance
Our mission is committed to the spreading of the Gospel and meeting the needs of the Haitian people through economic development and empowerment.
Handi*Vangelism Ministries International
Ministering to parents who have experienced the loss of a child. The death of a child is like no other loss. The grief is profound and deep. Our BASIS staff, including some who have personally experienced this grief journey, is willing to walk alongside and help "bear the burden" of grieving parents who have lost a child for any reason, whether that child is not yet born, stillborn, a baby, a toddler, a teen or an adult.
Handi*Vangelism Ministries International
Providing monthly support groups, newsletters and special events for parents of children (of any age) affected by disability.
Hands of Hope Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry
Our mission is to uniquely and deeply love orphans at home and around the world. We place a high value on going deep to change the trajectory of a child's life. We educate on God's heart for orphans and vulnerable children, motivate individuals to get involved, and support those who do. 100% of funds donated to projects and child sponsorships go directly to help children. We believe that God's heart beats for these vulnerable children.
Hands of The Carpenter
Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is a faith-based nonprofit community that uniquely serves low/fixed income single mothers and widows by addressing the often overlooked issue of transportation. Hands provides automobile donation/placement, repair, maintenance, and related education to keep women on the road towards economic self-sufficiency. Hands welcomes volunteers with some car repair experience to help with minor repairs and maintenance on clients’ vehicles and to prepare donated cars for use.
Harvest USA
Consider becoming a donor of Harvest USA and help equip the church in bringing the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of those affected by sexual sin.
Heal Africa USA
The HEAL Africa teaching hospital in Goma is one of only three referral hospitals in the DR Congo. The 197 bed hospital provides surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine as well as providing a range of Family Medicine care and consultations. It is the hospital of choice for good care in the region. Area residents come to the hospital for quality eye care and dentistry. Consider donating to the “Adopt-A-Bed” project or other aspects of the ministry.
Healing Hands International
Our mission is to aid, equip, and empower those in need around the world in the name of Jesus Christ so they might experience God’s healing grace. Our vision is a world that is full of hope where physical needs are met and hearts are surrendered to Jesus Christ. At the core of Healing Hands International reside our mission, vision, and values. Everything we do as an organization is driven by these principles.
Healing Thine Hearts Ministries
At HTHM, we believe that committed, married relationships offer great opportunities for fulfilling the Great Commission. We also believe that striving to succeed at that commitment is deeply meaningful and even joyous – but it’s a process. Our Motto, “Building Stronger Families by Strengthening Relationships,” is our ultimate goal! With services for singles, premarital couples, married couples, and blended families, we equip men and women to be the husbands and wives God intended.
Heart for Lebanon
Heart for Lebanon serves in a politically volatile region with many security challenges. We believe that being "the hands and feet of Jesus Christ" we need to be one of the first to respond to man-made and natural disasters as they arise by providing for people's basic needs of food, safety, and shelter. Once material needs are met, healing and restoration of hearts can begin. Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Lebanon are the focus of our humanitarian aid and showing the love of Christ.
Heart of Hope Ministries
No young lady is ever turned away for a lack of funds! It is a life event being a pregnant teen. It is quite another life event being a parenting teen. As a maternity home, we can only serve through pregnancy, and we know that our young minors need a home where they can continue to reach their milestones and be the parent their child deserves and needs. Our Home sits on 23 acres of land, and there is room to grow. When you partner with us, you are impacting generations! Visit our website!
Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida
Christian volunteers can serve the Lord by caring for the spiritual and emotional needs of the elderly in Long Term Care Centers. Many opportunities to serve in this local mission field are available, each with a different level of responsibility and commitment. Group Bible studies, general facility maintenance, holiday decorating and many more opportunities are available. Or, consider a financial contribution to further our ministry.
Heartlight Ministries Foundation
We provide a safe haven for struggling teens at our residential counseling center. Our atmosphere of relationships creates an arena of change for teens and parents lost in a broken world. We then offer help and direction for parents of all teens through our materials, parenting resources, seminars, and conferences all dedicated to offering effective and practical ways for parents to counter the influence today’s culture is having on their child.
Hellenic Ministries
With no shelter of its kind in Athens, a sprawling city of 5 million people with one of the highest abortion rates in the world, there is great need for a crisis pregnancy center/home. Our desire is to provide counseling and encouragement for girls to give life to their unborn children and not to seek an abortion. We want to offer ‘Hope’ and a safe refuge for girls to stay in during their pregnancy. We plan to help girls get set up in their new life with their baby after they leave our Center, o
Helping Hands Unlimited
Where do girls go when they have no home or family? Many leave school, end up on the streets, and get involved with drugs and other crimes. The Bethesda Home for Girls is a place where girls can seek shelter, love, care, food, education and God. Join Helping Hands in supporting this valuable ministry to girls in the Dominican Republic. Please prayerfully consider donating to the Girls’ Home food or uniform fund, or to another of Helping Hands Unlimited’s ongoing projects.
Here I Am Orphan Ministries
Here I Am Orphan Ministries is dedicated to reaching out to orphaned children domestically and abroad. Your gift makes an ongoing impact on our current programs like Journey of Hope Summer Host Programs, Adoption Grants and Loans, and Forever Family training and events. You are blessing children with the opportunity to learn about their Heavenly Father and helping families bring their children home!
His Branches
His Branches now has its own online shopping mall featuring thousands of partner stores like Staples, The Home Depot, Sears, Macy’s, Dell, Best Buy, Gap, and many more: All the stores you shop at on a regular basis for items needed in your household – stuff you’re planning to purchase anyway, regardless of whether it will help us. When you make purchases at the His Branches Mall, you get paid to shop, and His Branches receives donations from the advertisers because we told you to shop there!
His Heart Foundation
His Heart Foundation is confident that as we draw closer to God we will draw closer to one another. That is why we are passionate about our work in mental health, mentoring, and restoration. We are committed to breaking the stigma of mental illness by serving local churches and individuals - so that they will know that there is hope and healing for their minds, bodies, souls, and relationships.
Holston United Methodist Home for Children
Our Mission is to see that Children are raised by healthier families that prepare them to live the fullfilling Adult lives that God intended for them. We believe that Every child should be taught about Jesus. All things are possible in Christ. Every child should have a warm and secure place to live.
Holt International Children's Services
Grants from Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund offset the cost to adopt children with special needs, and also help families pay for any medical care the child may need once home. Your gift to Holt’s SNAF fund will help children join loving, permanent families of their own.
Holt International Children's Services
Orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children around the world need love; they need belonging and security. Established on a Christian foundation over 50 years ago, Holt International continues to be a world leader in international adoption, domestic adoption and programs that enable children to have families of their own. Through Holt you can bring a child into your life by adopting or by sponsoring the care of a child in our program.
Holt International Children's Services
Help where it’s needed most. Your gift will help us immediately address the specific, vital needs of children and families – needs that might otherwise go unmet.
Holt International Children's Services
By providing livestock, vocational training or start-up funds for a small retail business, Holt helps struggling families work toward a place of self-reliance and lasting stability. Your support for Holt’s income-generating programs can help give families the tools and resources they need to care for their children.
Holt International Children's Services
Older children, children with special needs, and boys are the children now most in need of families through international adoption. Visit our website to learn more about adopting through Holt International.
Hope 1312 Collective
Our efforts were launched in 2014 by a small group of community members, social workers, foster parents, youth pastors, business executives, who were tired of seeing kids linger in the foster care system and kids from hard places continue to struggle to find hope. We wanted to see resources leveraged for meaningful impact, see the church truly be the church, and lives changed through an encounter with Hope.
Hope Choice
CareNet Pregnancy Centers & Mentoring Programs seek to help teens and families by delivering valuable, life-affirming ministry. We offer free pregnancy tests, sonograms, benevolence items, and educational classes for our Pregnancy Center clients. We offer mentoring and leadership programs for youth ages 8-18. Please consider partnering with CareNet to say to our community: you are not alone, we believe you are worth it, and we believe in your ability to choose hope.
Hope Family Ministries
Since May 1995, we have quietly served thousands of families and individuals, both in Tupelo, MS and around the world by providing biblical counseling and marriage enrichment workshops, on a donation basis! The lives being touched directly and indirectly for positive change are countless, reflected by numerous referrals from satisfied clients. Unless otherwise designated, all donations are used to continue to provide biblical counseling to those in need.
Hope For Families Worldwide
Hope For Families helps start programs, organizes and runs camps, and supports the work of existing ministries through practical and financial support, connecting people and organizations in the communities in which we work. Our goal is to expand our efforts into other nations as well as other parts of the US. Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission of helping to share HOPE. Your generous support allows us to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children.
Hope House Ministries
Hope House Ministries exists to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty through gospel restoration. Poverty is much bigger than lacking material things. Poverty is rooted in broken relationships with others, with ourselves, and ultimately with God. Our goal is to help people see that only the restoring power of the gospel can truly overcome their poverty.
Hope Matters Marriage Ministries
Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs offer several services when it comes to ministering to individuals and couples concerning Marriage and Leadership in the home, their family, and their relationships. On the local level, Jeff & Cheryl offer on-site counseling in Plano, TX; and available for conferences and retreats, they are available for travel anywhere you need them to be. Thank you for considering a donation to Hope Matters Marriage Ministries. Every dollar helps fuel our ministry. God Bless You!
Hope Media Group
Your giving provides Houstonians with hope and the messages of God’s love on KSBJ and NGEN. Like you, we want more people to come into a personal relationship with Jesus. Christian music is a powerful vehicle to let others know about His love. We’re a tool for you to use to introduce your friends and family to God and His deep love for them. Your generosity brings a sense of belonging, family and connection. You help bring God’s love to people when they need it the most. When they’re experienci
Hope Pregnancy Center of Brazos Valley
Hope Pregnancy Center helps those struggling with the consequences of poor choices and difficult circumstances. Their vision is to encourage, educate, and build relationships throughout the community concerning Hope’s message of hope and sanctity of life. They want to share with them the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
Hope Pregnancy Centers
Hope Pregnancy Centers, Inc., dba Hope Women's Centers exists to encourage and equip women to make informed choices regarding unplanned pregnancies. All of our services are free and confidential. To donate, call (954) 724-0005.
Hope Pregnancy Centers
Hope Pregnancy Centers relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Hope Ranch of Montana
Hope Ranch International seeks to follow God in Ethiopia by defending the cause of the fatherless and poor. We help provide hope through love, nutrition, education, shelter, clothing, and health care to needy and orphaned children through child/family support. A vital component is self-generating income and training to sponsor children's parents and guardians. Hope Ranch International comes along side local indigenous NGO's coordinating all sponsorship, sponsor travel, and project development.
Hope Resource Center
Every $1 is significant at Hope Resource Center! Donate a one-time gift or partner with Hope Resource Center with regular, monthly giving. Your gift provides life-changing hope to men and women in the greater Knoxville community. Your support is vital to making Hope Resource Center's ministry possible. For only $1, your donation provides a free pregnancy test, encouragement, support, and prayer to a woman in need. Imagine the impact of $20, $50 or even more!
Hope Walks
An estimated 2 million children face a lifetime of disability and exclusion from a treatable condition called clubfoot. Clubfoot, leaves the foot twisted inward and upward making walking difficult or impossible; but with early treatment, using simple casts, these feet can be corrected freeing them to walk, run, get an education and achieve their God-given abilities. As in John 9, we use clubfoot as an opportunity to bring glory to God. Join us in offering hope and freedom from disability.
HOPE Women's Center
HOPE Women's Center relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches, and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation. Call us today at (972) 562-4673.
Hope's Path
Hope's Path serves to provide a place of healing within a Christ-centered environment, where former foster youth are supported, equipped, and empowered to grow in their potential to lead successful independent lives.
Hope's Promise
Hope’s Promise serves expectant parents and adoptive families with ethical, faith-based adoption services. However, like so many of the values we hold dear, Christian adoption has come under fire in recent years. It is important for faith communities and believers to join us as we work to protect ethical Christian adoption. Support us in providing services designed to meet the physical emotional and spiritual needs of adoptive families, pregnancy clients, and children.
Hope's Promise
Hope's Promise provides free options counseling for over 100 women and men each year who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy. Only a small number of the women we counsel choose adoption. We strive to help those who parent create stability in their lives by connecting them with community resources and providing financial assistance to equip them to be successful in their parenting plan. Contribute to the Care Fund and help us care for women and men in crisis who decide to parent.
One of the most challenging elements of any organization can be funding. Our programs are growing and we need to keep our resources on pace with that growth. We want to be able to respond and include every child who comes to our program for help. We do all we can to be good stewards of the funds with which we are blessed. Your gift will help provide incredible dream-come-true moments for some very sick kids. Will you consider partnering with us in this work?
Hopeline Women's Center
Our pro-life, no-cost services include pregnancy tests, ultrasound services, abortion recovery programs, parenting classes, abstinence education, and so much more. Please, consider how you can give today. Underwrite a special event, contribute to a fund-raising campaign, or donate monthly through our electronic giving program. The gift you give today will save the lives of precious women, children, and their families.
Horizon Pregnancy Clinic
Our mission is to encourage anyone impacted by a crisis pregnancy to choose life. We are a free, safe and confidential Christ-centered pregnancy medical clinic, providing hope and healing through counseling, education, abstinence training, and recovery.
House of Providence
We instill hope in minors who have only known the intense instability of the foster care system by allowing them to stabilize and heal in a therapeutic and familial environment. We provide several vital intervention and support services combined with individualized care and attention that afford foster children the emotional, mental, and physical security to stabilize and begin to process their difficult journey through trauma focused therapy.
Houston Pregnancy Help Center
While every gift is a blessing please remember that the electronic monthly support program (eFriends of the Fifth Ward) keeps us stronger and more effective. Please consider becoming an eFriend today!
Houston Pregnancy Help Center
Would you prayerfully consider a gift to help Fifth Ward and Downtown Pregnancy Help Centers serve women, men and children who are at risk for abortion? Thank you for your support. We anticipate miracles daily.
Human Coalition
We are funded nearly 100% by donations. This money directly impacts our ability to reach families facing unplanned pregnancy, educate them with life-affirming messages, share the Gospel and counsel them as they choose to embrace being parents. Every dollar you give takes us one step closer to eliminating abortion and making a way for the Lord’s children. We invite you to prayerfully consider making a monthly commitment of “life support.”
Human Coalition
Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills offers P.A.C.E. Lead by a counselor experienced in post-abortion issues, P.A.C.E. helps women through the grieving process so their pain and guilt can be replaced with the truth of God’s love and forgiveness. Your financial support will help women find hope and peace and discover a new freedom.
Human Coalition
Donate to Online for Life today and save children and families from the destruction of abortion. We are revolutionizing how children and families are rescued from abortion. We have already saved 1,274 children. Together, we can save more. Please join us!
ICU Mobile
Join us as Friends of the Fleet, working together with your prayer and monthly financial support we are able to provide training and ongoing support for the fleet of ICU mobile clinics across this nation. ICU Mobile partners with and equips these pregnancy centers with new mobile medical units so that they can GO to women who are considering abortion. $60/month supports training one new team member. $200/month promotes ongoing coaching of one mobile team with supplemental training and support.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Dr. Adrian Ban and his wife, Ema, serve Romanian families by holding marriage counseling seminars as well as overseeing the children’s ministry in their local church. They hope to open a retreat center for families as a place of renewal for married couples.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
As a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, poverty, and a host of other factors, many children in South Africa are born unwanted by their parents. Many times, parents who don’t want the “burden” of raising children simply dispose of their offspring in any way that is convenient. A better solution is allowing someone who loves the Lord and children to raise these unwanted ones as their own. Gerhard and Elmane le Roux are Christian parents who provide such a solution.
India Partners
Save a rural family from hunger by blessing them with a goat! Hearty and easy to raise, goats are a great way to help a family increase their income. Goats are start-up capital for a small entrepreneur. Selling just one goat is very profitable and can provide a family with food and other necessities. Your gift also includes feed for one full year. $130 per goat
India Partners
An Indian buffalo produces about 50% more milk than a cow. The milk is also richer, making it an excellent source of nutrition. A family can sell the extra milk and earn a sustainable income. $695 per buffalo
Interlocking Ministries
There is a momentum of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the Kenyan people. Interlocking Ministries strives together with the Kenyan believers, training them in evangelism and discipleship in schools, the marketplace, church plants and summer camp programs. We also believe that we need to assist physically with the widows and orphans in the community. We meet regularly with them to pray and discover how to help them meet their needs. We invite you to join us in supporting this valuable ministry.
International Christian Adoptions
Help International Christian Adoptions as we offer children hope in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We offer hope for basic needs, hope for an education and a bright future, and hope for a home in a family they can call their own. We provide adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid, counseling and support.
Involved for Life
Our unique approach to women's reproductive health comes from a resolve to offer more services than Planned Parenthood except abortion and ADDING prenatal care, abortion pill reversal, and post-abortion exams & recovery. We partner pregnant women with mentors during their pregnancy & the first year of their child's life. We PROACTIVELY exercise our pro-life muscles by combatting abortion, and infant & maternal mortality through addressing medical, emotional, and spiritual health of at-risk women
Involved for Life
Garland is an area in the DFW area that is unique in it does not have a hospital available to its residents. When Baylor closed and left a few years ago, almost all OB/GYNs left as well. It is a true medical desert for women in their reproductive years. The Lord has laid on our hearts to open a satellite location in Garland, with an emphasis to the large Hispanic and Vietnamese communities who live there, as well as serving other underserved females with fully comprehensive health services.
I Pour Life is an international nonprofit that develops people to build stronger communities. We teach individuals with social and economic disadvantages how to develop and apply their unique strengths to become self-sufficient. There are three ways to support and empower change in a community: relief, rehabilitation, and development. I Pour Life is leading the connectivity between relief, rehabilitation, and development by providing an effective pathway to sustainable change for the individ
JH Ranch
Your willingness to invest in the lives of others is the spirit of the Giving Tree. The Giving Tree Program gives people the opportunity to attend a Ranch program who would otherwise not have the financial means to participate.
Joni and Friends
Our mission is to communicate the Gospel and equip Christ-honoring churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disability. A nonprofit organization, Joni and Friends shows God's love in a practical way through programs such as: Wheels for the World, Family Retreats, the Christian Institute on Disability and more. Joni and Friends gives practical help, strengthens families and offers education and training in disability ministry all while presenting the Gospel of Christ.
Joy Ranch
Contribute to Joy Ranch, a Christian Home for Children as we provide a welcoming, safe, caring and Christ-centered environment to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of children and their families in crisis. These children face real challenges. They're not bad kids, just sad kids, enduring situations beyond their control… children who need a safe harbor and guiding light. Joy Ranch has been blessed to be a safe place for children for over 60 years. You can donate to our
Kairos Prison Ministry International
Kairos programs offer to prison residents, their families, and those who work with them, the opportunity to receive God’s forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ, and to grow in their faith and servanthood in Christian community. Donate today and enable the work of restoring the light of Christ into dark and broken lives!
Kalamazoo Area Christian Retirement Association
The Park Village Pines, a Christian Assisted Living Center, is a place where resident comfort and caring is a full-time commitment. We are located in a quiet, natural setting in Michigan, but we are not far from friends and family. We provide medication monitoring services, 24 hour staff and emergency care, and consultations with residents' health care professionals. Call (269) 372-1928 for donation information.
Katy Christian Ministries
We have Social Service Departments that offer emergency financial assistance, a Food Pantry, a Crisis Center that houses the Domestic Abuse Center and the Sexual Assault Center, Resale Store, and Donation Center. We rely on area churches, local businesses, corporations, and individuals for support. There are many opportunities to get involved and to help us fulfill our mission: “Transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community."
Kingdom Global Ministries
Our purpose is to expand the Kingdom of God through connecting & growing people in men's, women's, and mission's ministries. KGM connects Kingdom-minded businessmen, pastors, ministers with global leaders—individuals working on the ministry fields of their native nations through church-planting, orphanages, and humanitarian projects, to create expansion in the Kingdom of God. Your donations change the world!
Kingdom Workers
Together we are working alongside communities at home and around the world. Everything we do is possible thanks to the support of people like you. People who believe it is possible to bring real change to people's lives—change that is not just for the moment, but for eternity. Discover how we put our mission into action and make a difference in someone's life today.
Knox Pregnancy Services
We are a safe, non-judgmental place to receive accurate information, specialized counseling services, relational support and material resources for needs related to sexuality, pregnancy and past abortion decisions.
Lakeshore Pregnancy Center
We deeply desire to build relationships and become a quality resource in the community. Our center offers a variety of programs: medical, men's ministry, prenatal education, church partnership, sexual health education, and parent education. LPC is committed to integrity when serving clients, earning their trust, and providing promised information and services. Help us meet people at their point of need and choice.
Lakeshore Rescue Missions
Help provide food, clothing, shelter, rehabilitative services and long-term programs for homeless men, women and children in West Michigan. Our ministry strives to meet the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the homeless and hurting. We invite you to join us in our cause to offer hope and help to the hurting.
Lakeside Bible Camp
Lakeside Bible Camp is a place of renewal and reflection for believers. It is a place to experience the beauty of God's creation. It is a place that people don't come to just once. Some families are in their fourth generation of loving Lakeside! Over 30,000 volunteer hours are donated each year to provide an amazing experience for youth and families. In addition, about one third of LBC's operating funds come as gifts. Whether a gift is large or small, seldom or frequent, your donation matters.
Least of These Carolinas
Least of These Carolinas' primary focus is on children/families in foster/kinship care. The Bags of Hope program provides duffel bags for children upon entrance into foster care. Bags are designed for each individual child and include a special note from one of our coordinators and an age appropriate Bible. These bags are just a start in restoring hope and giving back a piece of what the child has lost. Your donation helps provide this tangible source of love to children in need.
Legacy Pregnancy Center
Legacy Pregnancy Center relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Liberty Godparent Foundation
The Liberty Godparent Home is a residential maternity home providing housing, education, medical care, and counseling for single, pregnant women. We understand that women in crisis pregnancy situations face emotional, financial, legal, physical, and social hardships. We help them deal with the difficulties, offer the necessary support to meet their needs, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ and His unconditional love. Together, we are “Saving One Life, Changing Another.”
Life Centers
Helping women in unexpected pregnancy situations is a special way of sharing Christ's compassion, love, and hope. Life Centers affirms the value of life in this way by providing a network of care that includes counseling, healing support, and resources that explain the truth about life.
Life Choice Center
Pregnancy Care Centers of Clovis, NM relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, local churches and businesses to fund the daily operation costs of our ministry. To partner with us, please consider joining us by making a financial donation.
Life Choices Center
Our Positive Choices program educates and empower teens to make good decisions about their relationships and sexuality. We provide the space and the opportunity for them to talk and hopefully learn about some options they may have never considered. We equip youth groups with tools to talk with teens about healthy relationships, and we offer small groups and one-on-one mentoring at Life Choices Center.
Life Choices of Central Michigan
We serve teens, women, men and families. We offer our services free of charge and make our services confidential. Our medical services include pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment (when available) for females, STD testing and treatment (when available) for males through the age of 21, and limited obstetrical ultrasound.
Life Choices of Memphis
Financial integrity and godly stewardship has always been a top priority at Life Choices. The value we place on the gifts committed to the ministry can never be understated. By your gift, you become an extension of our compassionate care of women and babies. It costs approximately $300.00 per potential mother to be served by Life Choices.
Life Choices Pregnancy Support Center
Our mission is to expand the kingdom of God on earth by preserving the sanctity and dignity of human life and ministering to all family members needing pregnancy support – by promoting sexual purity, deterring the abortion-minded, and providing pregnancy care services.
Life First Pregnancy Centers
Everyone who walks through the doors of Care Net Pregnancy Resource Centers will be greeted by someone who is ready to serve with compassion, provide accurate information and listen to all concerns. We offer free pregnancy tests & ultrasounds, caring and confidential staff, abortion recovery counseling, STD education and community referrals. If you wish to help support Care Net Pregnancy Resource Centers, please contact us at
Life for All International
OUR MISSION Mobilizing the global church to share Christ through pro-life ministry. OUR DESIRE To see lives saved, women and men healed, local churches strengthened, and people transformed by Jesus. We help provide resources to Pro-Life Ministries across the globe. We come alongside other ministries that have few financial resources. We help provide resources to help them reach out into their communities to help women and their families. We need your help to carry out this
LIFE International
LIFE International's partners are often the only evangelistic life-giving ministries in their country, and they have limited access to training. Our Life-Giving Travel Fund enables LIFE International to send teams overseas to: speak to indigenous pastors and leaders to cultivate vision for life-giving work, train nationals for life-giving ministry, and mentor existing ministry partners in boardmanship, development, strategic planning, income-generating activities, and post-abortion ministry.
LIFE International
Hundreds of individuals and groups from scores of nations have asked LIFE International for help in getting started with life-giving ministry. Through our Life-Giving Impact Fund, we empower and equip nationals by sowing seed grants into new or developing ministries overseas. Gifts to the Life-Giving Impact Fund provide for materials and equipment, vision/training events, projects, microenterprises, etc.
LIFE International
Your partnership with LIFE International reaches men, women, and children around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth about abortion. Lives are being saved physically and transformed spiritually, thanks to those who have teamed up with LIFE in our mission to multiply healthy, Christ-centered, life-giving ministries wherever abortion exists around the world. Every prayer, talent, and gift sown into LIFE helps multiply life-giving ministry and impact lives for Christ.
Life Matters Worldwide
Life Matters Worldwide is providing consulting for the ongoing development of PCC's in Chili, Ecuador, & Peru. Funds Needed: $4,000
Life Matters Worldwide
Full-time position - 32 hours/week. Funds Needed: $30,000
Life Matters Worldwide
This two day conference for Pregnancy Care Centers (PCC staff, volunteers, and board members) focuses on spiritual growth and effective ministry. It includes challenging and encouraging plenary sessions, educational workshops, and purposeful interaction. 150 or more PCC leaders from across the U.S. join us the 2nd or 3rd Thursday & Friday of May each year. We need individual, business or foundation underwriters to assist us in caring for all the actual costs of the Summit. Funds Needed: $10,000
Life Matters Worldwide
A trip is planned to Honduras to meet with missionaries & nationals. Funds needed: $2,000
Life Network
Make a difference in the life of a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy while impacting the life of an unborn child. Your gift will support the ministry of the Pregnancy