Pioneer Bible Translators

Dallas, TX

Founded: 1976

Tel: (214) 699-4300


Top LeaderMr. Greg Pruett

Donor Contact: Mr. J.R. Bucklew

Member Since: October 24, 1989

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $18,596,938
   Noncash Donations $86,588
   Other Revenue $553,314
   Total Revenue $19,236,840
   Total Expenses $16,382,276
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $22,558,672
Total Liabilities $496,655
Net Assets $22,062,017
Nonprofits need operating reserves.
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Pioneer Bible Translators exists as a team to disciple Bibleless peoples, mobilizing God's people everywhere both to provide enduring access to God's Word translated into their languages and to maximize its impact to grow the Church.

International Service Center - Field missionaries become accustomed to living without many things they are used to, and find it hard to buy many items they need. Care packages help to provide them with encouragement, favorite treats and needed supplies. Your contribution would bless a missionary family more than you will ever know! Per family/per month: $25.00 - Per family/per year: $300.
The Reentry Fund meets many needs for our missionaries returning from the field. Benefits include covering extra expenses involved in debriefing, tuition for Reentry camps for missionary kids to adjust to living in the US (after growing up in another culture), counseling for those who have had a severely stressful term of service, and other missionary care needs. Suggested amounts: $25, $50, $100.
God’s Word is priceless. Yet today, 1,576 languages have no Scripture—not a paragraph, not a sentence, not even a word. One verse of Scripture is just $38. How many verses of Scripture could you provide?
Pioneer Bible Translators is ministering to newborn orphans in a West African country by providing them with food and health care. You can be involved in this life-saving effort with your spare change, supplying milk and cereal for an infant. Orphan care per day/per infant: $2.50 - Per month/per infant: $75.00 - Per year/per infant: $900.00.
Within Our Reach is a $3.5 million campaign to supply translation teams with equipment, facilities, and other resources to fulfill a vision—the New Testament translated into every language on earth with a network of churches using these Scriptures to grow and multiply, all by the year 2050. More than one billion people still wait for God’s Word in the language that touches their heart—and God has placed finishing this task Within Our Reach!
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