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Jubal Band Ministries
Our vision is expanding God’s kingdom in Iran and all Farsi speakers in the Middle East by transforming their lives. Our heart is helping Iranian and Farsi speakers to grow in the knowledge of the Bible and Christian lifestyle and disciple and equip them to serve one another faithfully face to face and through media and taking believers from the milk of the word to the meet, and from religion to reality.
Heart for Lebanon
Heart for Lebanon provides bi-annual leadership training to top level ministry leaders and pastors in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. Leaders are mentored through a holistic process of leadership development. Impact the Christian influencers in the Middle East with your support!
World Compassion Terry Law Ministries
In 2010 World Compassion Terry Law Ministries began distributing Farsi Bibles and "The Story of Jesus" booklets in Iran. For $7.20 we can print and distribute a Farsi Bible to believers in Iran who have not had access to much needed Bible resources. "The Story of Jesus" 16-page, full color 'printed preacher' salvation message costs only 18 cents each to print and distribute to those in need in Iran. We have placed over 60,000 Farsi Bibles into Iran as of January 2016.
Partners Relief and Development
For more than 20 years, Partners Relief and Development has actively engaged Burma's displaced people and refugees due to the civil war there. Now we are also providing the same interventions for the people displaced by war and oppression in the middle east. We provide emergency relief, economic opportunities and community support for those groups of people who are victims of war.
Middle East Ministries
God is at work in the hearts of the people of Israel. The Gospel of Jesus is radically changing lives and bringing God's people together across all boundaries. Middle East Ministries aims to reach the lost, strengthen those who believe, and passionately serve God and his creation.
Ananias House
Ananias House seeks to preserve the rich Christian heritage of Biblical times, and, in the face of darkness and despair, proclaim the light and hope of Jesus Christ to believers and peoples of other faiths alike through meeting practical and tangible needs, knowing that it is often in the darkest times that the power of God is most evident.
Global Heart Ministries
Global Heart Ministries creates satellite television programming in the heart languages of The Middle East and Central Asia featuring TV hosts from these regions. With programs “by their own people, for their own people” the programs have high impact. Our pastor training overseas and our multi-lingual websites advance the Gospel message through church planting and discipleship.
Iranian Christians International
Partner with us today to minister and evangelize to the approximately 8 million Iranians and Afghans living outside their countries. We also nurture, equip, and train Iranian and Afghan believers in their Christian walk.
Beginning in 2011, ReachAcross began offering internships of various lengths (one month up to one year) in different locations. Many have taken advantage of the tremendous opportunity we have through our field leadership in the UK to participate in interaction with Muslims in that country. Other locations are the Middle East, Africa, and Indonesia. The REACH program is specifically a summer program. Donations help with project development, or one can support individual interns.
World Compassion Terry Law Ministries
Since 2006 we have distributed over 45,000 pairs of children's and youth athletic style shoes along with a Bible and The Story of Jesus booklets in Iraq. These evangelism tools have helped open the door for us to reach young and old alike. Our goal is reaching as many children and youth as possible so that we can change hearts to change homes to change regions and ultimately nations.
AMG International
AMG is working along the borders of Afghanistan, providing food, basic supplies, and assistance for refugees fleeing the country.
Middle East Media
Because of our excellent reputation of producing top quality, compelling animations, Middle East Media has been given exclusive rights from the owners of the Action Bible to produce short animated stories in Arabic using their beautiful artwork. We hope to produce 66 two-minute episodes to be shown on SAT-7, which has over 17 million viewers. The animations will also be available to our partner organizations to use in their online ministries.
One for Israel
We at ONE FOR ISRAEL strive to share the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) with Israeli Jews and Arabs in the Hebrew language. Our staff is comprised of both Jewish and Arab Israelis, with the shared belief that true peace in the Middle East can only come into existence under Yeshua. If you also believe that the best way to bless Israel is with Yeshua, we invite you to join us in the harvest field here, by partnering with us in prayer and finances.
World Compassion Terry Law Ministries
For nearly 25 years World Compassion has printed and distributed The Story of Jesus booklets in more than 70 languages or dialects. This 16 page colorfully illustrated booklet presents the Gospel in a very simple yet compelling way. Over 27 million copies have been printed and distributed. At an average cost of just 18 cents each, The Story of Jesus booklet is one of the most powerful and cost effective evangelism tools available. We use these booklets in the Middle East and Asia.
Levant Ministries
The heartbeat of our ministry is to see the Middle East healed and restored by the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about seeing the Gospel reach the Levant, and we do this through mobilizing the next generation, planting life-giving churches, and creating dynamic media content. Levant literally means “rising” and was used to imply the rising of the sun in the east. We believe it is a powerful symbol and foreshadowing of how the Lord will use us to transform the Levant.
SHARE Education Services
SHARE Education Services was established to assist parents in the daunting task of providing for their children’s education in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Central Asia. With a caring, compassionate staff of educators and years of international experience, we understand the joys and challenges of educating children in a cross-cultural environment and offer help in a variety of areas.
As the world endures COVID-19, wars and disasters, our local missionary teams serving in Central Asia and the Middle East are now preparing to help a new wave of refugees. The crisis in Afghanistan has left thousands fleeing for their lives. Individuals and families in need of help are flooding into neighboring countries. Cru missionary teams are on the ground and mobilized to help now by providing Survival Kits to refugees and others like them who are in the middle of crisis. Each kit i
Iranian Christians International
Many Muslims in Iran and Afghanistan are turning to Christ. However, under the Islamic law (Shari'a) this is considered to be apostasy. Some persecution is carried out by the apostate’s family, but many of these Christian believers are arrested, interrogated, threatened, beaten, tortured, and even martyred by their government. ICI has helped over 1,000 persecuted families over the past 25 years by documenting their cases for immigration to a safe country and advocating on their behalf.
Middle East Media
Middle East Media has created our first online TV channel, through which a team of Middle Eastern youth are developing new, relevant material for other young people in the region. We also have a huge back-catalog of content which we want to make available. Most recent projects will also be shown on the channel, covering taboo topics such as HIV/AIDS and rape, as these issues are still highly relevant and need exposure in the Middle East.
Acceleration In Mission Strategies
The current crisis in Afghanistan has resulted in horrific upheaval among followers of Jesus. Fearing for their lives, many Afghan Christians have fled their homes and spent their savings in hope of finding safety. Make a donation to the Afghan Relief Fund of AIMS.ORG to provide immediate food and financial support for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.
The Anglican Relief and Development Fund
ARDF is partnering with a few Christian churches and organizations to help refugees fleeing Afghanistan after the recent takeover by the Taliban. Our partners will welcome refugees by meeting their immediate needs, offering trauma counseling, and building long-term relationships. Churches and volunteers will be trained and supported in their efforts to come alongside these refugees, as we know that this is not a short-term crisis and the needs of these people will be ongoing for some time to com
Smyrna Ministries International
We serve the Persecuted Church in the Islamic context and challenge the Body of Christ to respond to the plight of the Persecuted Church and the global advance of Islam. We mobilize prayer and resources to assist believers and national ministries under persecution including projects in Africa, Middle East, and Asia in areas of leadership development, families of martyrs/prisoners, convert care, evangelism/church planting, micro-enterprise, vocational training, children, and relief/development.
Encompass World Partners
We live in a world where one person is forcibly displaced roughly every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution (UNHCR, 2020). The global population is on the move, and God is powerfully working amidst the crises to open the eyes of the displaced to Himself (Acts 17:26-27). God is calling believers to join Him in caring for the migrants and displaced who have been thrust from their homes and are in need of everything to rebuild their lives – housing and food, relief supplies, emoti
The Joshua Fund
One of the primary ways we help people to be "warm and well fed" is through The Joshua Fund's warehouse in Israel. In partnership with local congregations and other allies, we use a significant portion of our funding to order, stock, and distribute food monthly to several storefronts throughout the land. The food is then distributed through home deliveries or a centralized location to assist the poor and needy in the name of Jesus. Partner with The Joshua Fund today!
Bridges for Peace
There are times when everything seems to break down at once. That is how it seems in Israel as we receive multiple requests for help from one end of the country to the other. The 18+ months of pandemic have stretched the finances of many towns, institutions and families to a breaking point. I am convinced that God has a heart to help each of them and that Bridges for Peace is acting as His hands and feet reaching out with love to encourage and meet practical needs. Let me share some of those nee
Middle East Bible Outreach
MEBO works closely with Middle Eastern Christian leaders on a multi-track mission to strengthen the witness of the Church in the Middle East. The family of ministries are six, locally-led, faith-based ministries united under the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development including the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Dar Manhal Al Hayat publishing house, the Beirut Baptist School, SKILD Center (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences), Baptist Children and Youth Ministry,
Sandy Cove Ministries
In continuing our tradition of supporting the military, Sandy Cove offers up to a 5 night free stay to military personnel (deployed to the Middle East) and their families, as a chance for rest and rejuvenation in a Christian atmosphere. We have had a tremendous response to this program. Your gift of any amount will help us continue this opportunity.
World Mission
Reaching Afghan refugees in Pakistan and India by providing food, shelter and medicine for this vulnerable community while sharing the Good News! This provides opportunities to impact those living inside of Afghanistan as well. Among Afghans, only 2 of every 10,000 know Jesus. This is unacceptable. Together we can make a difference! If you are looking for a credible, Christ-centered option to engage with during this tragic time, contact World Mission.
International Messengers
DTC is a ministry of International Messengers that was established to provide the training, personal character development, and missionary experience for those from the Middle East and N Africa planning to serve in missions. Your financial support will help offset the cost for the program: minimal housing and food during the 3 month training plus a one year stipend during internship of $250 dollars per month. Each individual raises $50 per month locally to give them a stake in the training proc
Middle East Media
This is a 26 episode animated series for children aged 5-9, which will be aired on TV as well as in the refugee camps. It is intended to provide comfort and encouragement to children in the Middle East , particularly those in conflict zones, many of whom are dealing with trauma, fear, loss and grief. Our immediate need is for funding for the first two pilot episodes, from which we hope to get feedback from viewers before developing the remaining episodes.
In His Image International
In His Image International uses medicine to bring hope to those in desperate need. Dozens of overseas trips have been conducted involving family medicine education, medical clinics and disaster relief trips. Over 5,000 local nationals and medical professionals have been trained and educated by In His Image medical teams and well over 16,000 individuals have received life-changing medical care. Your donation helps the ongoing work of transforming nations through medical education and healthcare.
Impact Middle East
IME sees firsthand how God is at work in the Middle East. Through house churches and ministries to refugees, Impact Middle East empowers Arab Christ-followers to share the grace and truth of Jesus among the least reached. Your partnership in giving assists IME in multiplying house churches, serving the flood of refugees, and in the training and equipping of emerging leaders in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Morning Star Development
Morning Star Development's sole focus for over 20 years is Afghanistan. During this crisis, we continue to train and support Afghans who live in Afghanistan. We also have Afghan resettlement programs in India, the USA and now in new places (Tajikistan). We work with whole Afghan families inside and outside of Afghanistan.
A large percentage of Arab believers do not have a high school diploma. PTEE is developing an affordable, 12-course secondary equivalent diploma program that will initially be made available to church members in Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Algeria. Evangelicals have always been on the leading edge of educational reform, championing access to Christian education. Your support of this ministry will potentially help hundreds of adults develop ministry skills for leadership.
BigLife International
Biglife has multiple relief and rescue teams on the ground in Afghanistan meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the persecuted and distressed. Biglife has already helped dozens of families to safety, with hundreds more desperately requesting our help.
SAT-7 North America
SAT-7 in reaching isolated Christians and seekers through inspirational, informative, and educational Christian media in the Middle East and North Africa! Four TV satellite channels broadcast HOPE into the region in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish languages. $1 = 1 viewer for 1 year (very cost-effective).
Help The Persecuted
As radical groups target Christians, we are responding with urgent, real-time support to the persecuted through our field teams and trusted partners on the ground. Your partnership helps the Body of Christ not only survive, but thrive in hostile regions. Our goal is to build long-term discipleship relationships that empower the church to flourish—even in hostile regions.
Roads of Success
ROS is devoted to serving women, refugees (IDPs) and persecuted minorities throughout the Middle East by empowering them through media and education, advocating for equal rights and freedoms and supporting their needs to maximize their future potential.
North American Mission Board
Send Relief is strategically working with our trusted ministry partners to minister to Afghan refugee families. We can connect you and your church with opportunities to pray, serve and give to support this response!
Samaritan's Purse
Samaritan's Purse is helping desperate people who have fled the crisis in Afghanistan. We deployed our DC-8 cargo jet loaded with 19 tons of medical kits, hygiene kits, blankets, and other items to the region to assist those who have been evacuated from Afghanistan. The plane also flew in members of our disaster assistance response team (DART), including medical personnel. We have relief specialists working in five different locations where Afghanistan evacuees are temporarily staying.
Tearfund USA
The world is witnessing multiple crises unfolding with a natural disaster on the island nation of Haiti in addition to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. We at Tearfund, like you, are grieved to see the images of communities devastated, families driven out of their homes, and children robbed of hope.
The For All Mankind Movement
Our vision is to reach the millions of men and women who leave their homes in South Asia and come to the Middle East searching for a way to provide for their families and loved ones back home. A Compassion Kit is a simple and inexpensive box of items that helps meet basic needs and opens the door to share the gospel. You can share a loving gift and the compelling message of Christ through your donation which helps us bring Compassion Kits to those in need.
WorldVenture is ready right now to help Afghan refugees. Our network of global workers and community centers are already ministering to displaced peoples. We are ready to serve Afghan refugees with food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and more.
Health Outreach to the Middle East (H.O.M.E.)
H.O.M.E. exists to bring physical, psychological, and spiritual healing to poor and suffering people in the Middle East in the name of Christ. For a multitude of reasons, from civil wars, political and economic difficulties, to resource scarcity, many impoverished people live in this part of the world and are deprived of appropriate healthcare. The mission of H.O.M.E. is to provide adequate and high quality healthcare services to even the poorest of the poor.
LDi Foundation, Inc.
Help us to continue to provide leadership development services including teaching, experiential learning, and family services in East Asia and the Middle East. These offerings lay the groundwork for the relationships at the heart of our calling. Help people discover the transformation only Christ can make--from the inside out!
International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)
IDES has the ways and means to get funds into Afghanistan to continue meeting the needs of IDPs and others who are suffering during this crisis. Your help will ensure the flow of resources they desperately need, all while sharing the love of Christ.