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Faithful Administration
The pattern for accountability for Christ-centered ministries and their leaders lies in biblical accountability - in the spirit of truth and love - holding each other to high standards in our individual journeys of faith and ministry service.
Tax Exemption
Acquiring and maintaining tax-exempt status is not only vital to churches and other nonprofits but is also very important to givers who desire a charitable tax deduction for donations made to your organization.
Compensating Employees
These nine compensation steps of excellence should be carefully considered when compensating employees.
Employer Reporting
Almost every church has certain payroll reporting responsibilities as an employer. In this video, we cover the 6 most important employer reporting issues.
Information Reporting
These 6 key issues regarding IRS information reporting requirements apply to almost all churches.
Financial Management and Reporting
Fraud and misuse of charitable gifts can create some of the most sensational news for nonprofits. Consider this guidance on preventing and detecting fraud.
Charitable Gift Reporting
The proper handling of charitable gift acknowledgments by a church signals high integrity to those who support a church with their contributions.
Special Charitable Gift Issues
Understanding these 7 special charitable gifts issues will enable you to better understand and handle these issues when you face them at your church.



Tax Guide Videos
Taxes for Ministers
There are two major decisions - both decisions to be made by the church - that determine ow a minister’s taxes are filed.
Compensation Planning
Sound planning can go a long way, and following the five steps highlighted in this video will bless both the church and the minister.
The Pay Package
The proper use of fringe benefits and reimbursements is a significant key to developing creative and compliant compensation strategies for ministers.
Housing Exclusion
Properly designating a portion of a minister’s cash salary provides an opportunity for a minister to exclude dollars from gross income for income tax purposes - not for social security tax purposes. Here are 6 key housing allowance and exclusion basics.
Business Expenses
Church-related business and professional expenses fall into three basic categories. Here are five key issues about business expenses and how they should be handled to maximize the stewardship impact for the church AND a minister.
Retirement and Social Security
Social security is an important benefit for ministers. It’s important to clearly understand these five social security principles to maximize its benefits in retirement.
Paying Taxes
Understanding these 7 key principles of how a minister pays income and social security taxes will serve a minister well.