ECFA Tax Guides - 2024

Cutting through the complexity of taxes and finance.

With practical pointers and easy-to-understand explanations, this guide is here to help churches, nonprofits, and ministers each step of the way.

Core Features of the 2024 Tax Guides
The latest tax forms from the IRS, the impact of Capitol Hill legislation, the effect of court decisions, and more.

Church & Nonprofit

  • Latest legislative updates
  • Expert tips on handling charitable gifts
  • Tried-and-true steps for reporting financial information
  • Key steps in sound compensation planning
  • Examples of required IRS filings


  • Latest legislative updates
  • Clarity on ministerial tax status
  • Housing exclusion worksheets
  • Sound retirement planning ideas
  • Compensation planning guidance
  • Sample tax returns

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These tax guides are designed specifically for churches, nonprofits, and ministers to help make tax season less stressful.

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Free Tax-Related Resources
We offer many free resources to help you navigate church, nonprofits, and even personal tax issues.

Gift Acceptance Guidelines

Guidelines for a nonprofit to follow when determining what gifts should be accepted from donors.

Housing Allowance Worksheets

Worksheets that ministries may use to officially designate the housing allowance.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Discusses conflicts of interest and related-party transactions and includes a sample conflicts of interest policy along with related documents.

Tax Guide Video Series
Have specific questions come up as you prepare your taxes? Look through our concise tax guide videos as we break down common tax questions for you.
What's inside the guides
Find easy-to-understand answers to your tax questions and maintain financial integrity as you prepare your 2023 tax returns.

Recent Developments

Financial Integrity Foundations

Tax Exemption

Compensation Policies

Reporting Rules

Business Expenses

Retirement and Social Security

Charitable Gifts

IRS Forms and Tax Rates

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