Lawrence Street Shelter

Denver, CO

Tel: (303) 294-0157


Parent Organization: Denver Rescue Mission

The Lawrence Street Shelter is the Mission's most recognizable location. Many refer to it simply as "Jesus Saves," because of the neon Jesus Saves sign that adorns the corner of the building. This facility shelters up to 200 men nightly, 300 in inclement weather. Emergency care is provided through meals, shelter, food boxes and clothing distribution. Our clinic is also located here and provides medical care mainly for program residents. Shelter: The Lawrence Street Shelter offers up to 200 beds and up to 100 additional cots that can be set up in the chapel during inclement weather for a total of 300 overnight guests. Ten of the shelter beds are reserved for men just released from the hospital. This facility is a male-only overnight facility that serves women and children during the day only. Meals: Three meals a day, and up to 700 meals total are served daily in the dining room. All are welcome to join us for a nutritious meal. Breakfast starts at 5:30 a.m., lunch at 12 p.m., and dinner at 8 p.m. Clothing: Men, women and children in need can receive clothing, shoes and coats through Client Services. Client Services: Persons in need of emergency assistance such as: food boxes, furniture, referrals to other agencies, or prayer may receive help from Client Services. Clinic: The clinic offers free medical, dental, optical and chiropractic care, as well as referral information. Last year the clinic received over 4,400 patient visits. Care in the Mission's clinic is currently provided primarily for participants in Mission programs. New Life Program: The Lawrence Street Shelter is an entry point for many of our New Life rehabilitation program residents. Men who are committed to positive change in their lives spend a probationary period at the Lawrence Street Shelter before they join the long-term New Life Program at The Crossing or Harvest Farm. Chapel Services: Daily chapel and Sunday church services are offered for all. However, chapel attendance is not required in order to enjoy a meal or a bed.

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