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CBE International
We have been running 30-second radio spots weekly on three Salem Media Atlanta stations and the response has been overwhelming. There have been over 14,881 page views since we began running these spots in Atlanta, Georgia, early in 2022. The messages focus on Women in Scripture and mission and show that they were created to share leadership with men. We would like to run similar radio spots in new cities to promote biblical literacy. Join us today at
CBE International
CBE’s online courses advance CBE’s mission to affirm and promote the biblical truth that all believers—regardless of gender, ethnicity or class—must exercise their God-given gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility in church, home, and world. Currently our courses include "Answers to Common Questions about Women & the Church" and "Women in Pastoral Ministry." To help us add more courses to our e-learning library, go to
CBE International
In collaboration with award-winning film director, writer, and producer, Brandon Dickerson, CBE is creating a feature film on the life of an early evangelical medical missionary, Bible translator, and egalitarian activist. "Katharine" is based on the true story of Dr. Katharine Bushnell, who risked her reputation and life going undercover inside Wisconsin's lumber camps to expose the government-sanctioned trafficking of girls and women. To partner with us in bringing this film to screens around
New Life Center
We seek to foster meaningful relationships in a healthy Christ-centered community based on Respect, Encouragement, Accountability, and Love. We provide a path forward for people who are homeless and hurting that will help them discover value, find hope, and move from a life of merely surviving to truly thrive.
Prestige Learning Institute
Prestige Learning Institute exists to glorify God by educating, equipping, & ministering to immigrant and refugee families, empowering them to thrive in the U.S.
PRISM is a welcoming community for international students and scholars in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We're so glad you're here! We hope to help you gain a deeper experience with the American people and culture, and we want to learn more about your people and culture too!
Purpose Founder
Purpose Founder’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus by connecting them with Jesus and with one another. We do that by building community among those who want to grow in their religious convictions and relationship with Jesus.
Score International
SCORE International is a full-service mission organization that is impacting lives all around the world. SCORE’s current Executive Director, Scott Cannon, has been serving in that role since July 2022. Scott has helped SCORE to grow its efforts in long-term, sustainable ministries such as church planting, discipleship, anti-human trafficking, medical outreaches, orphan care, clean water initiatives, and much more.
Happy Hands Education Center
We provide children full access to language through visual and auditory methods in a uniquely enriched environment. We have the specialized teachers and therapists to ensure your child will learn as much as their hearing peers.
Long View Ranch
Longview is a unique piece of the Smoky Mountains. We exist to share the love of Jesus through fun, friendships, and adventure! Guests come from all over to experience the breathtaking view, warm staff, and the many activities the Ranch provides.
New Heights Middle East
Partnering with the Local Church to Reach People in the Middle East & North Africa Region! To engage people with God’s word by empowering partners with innovative programs.
Ozark Christian College
At over 50 years old, OCC’s dorms are showing their age. These dollars will renovate three of our six dorms. Renovation includes remodeled bathrooms, plumbing and electrical upgrades, HVAC units, windows, carpet, paint, a dorm kitchenette, and room furniture (beds, desks, dressers).
Ozark Christian College
Why did Jesus spend most of his three-year ministry training leaders? He knew “everything rises and falls on leadership.” With strong leaders, a movement flourishes. When leaders are lacking, a movement falters. With great crowds of lost people to reach, Jesus saw, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (Matt 9:37). Jesus started his little Bible college of twelve because more kingdom leaders were needed. n 1942, a little band of believers in the Ozarks saw this need for more work
Bethel Agricultural Association
Bethel Agricultural Association, Inc. is a faith based non-profit organization that is working with another non-profit organization in Ethiopia whose primary purpose is to establish the Bethel Environmental and Agricultural University and Training Center (BEAUTC) in Woliso, Ethiopia.
If you’re considering abortion for your unexpected pregnancy, get the facts about procedures, side effects, and potential risks first. You deserve to know the truth. Our staff will give you the guidance you need to make an informed choice. Schedule a free, confidential consultation to confirm your pregnancy and discuss your options.
The CLUB1040 purpose to reach the unreached of the 1040 window often happens through projects. Your support of the current high priority projects creates capacity to reach thousands more this year.
Lighthouse Angels
Because fentanyl and substance abuse are killing many young people across America and here in Shelby County, TN, Lighthouse Angels, Inc, is embarking on an opioid and fentanyl reduction program. The program aims to find troubled young people and enroll them into life changing workshops that will empower them to lead a life free of opioid and fentanyl. the program has a career development and educational component coupled with referrals.
Gifts to Hope for the Middle East keep a wide variety of Arabic programs on the air by radio, Arabic Internet Radio, and, in some cases, handheld devices distributed by TWR. Programs for young people, along with Women of Hope in Arabic and the discipleship program Talmatha, are providing spiritual food and guidance to those who risk persecution if they openly follow Christ.
While much of the media world goes digital, including some of TWR’s ministries, there are still very strategic places for shortwave radio, and one of those is our ministry to China. TWR is still sharing the gospel by shortwave radio, and we are refreshing our ministry to China with new content that is solidly biblical.
GoTEN provides training in cross-cultural ministry among immigrants living in the United States. We Send. GoTEN sends disciples to areas in the world with the greatest need for a Christian community. We believe that peace, hope, and love are best demonstrated and received by living among hurting people.
Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Kentucky Mountain Bible College is a Bible-centered, undergraduate, higher education institution whose mission is to equip men and women to serve with: a passion to know God, a passion to prepare for His ministry, a passion to live and teach the message of biblical holiness, and a passion to evangelize and disciple the world for Christ.
Love One International
Many critically ill children in Uganda don’t have easy access to medical care, so Love One ensures they receive the emergency healthcare and rehabilitative services they need. When children are restored to health, they return home to grateful families and joyful communities.
My Sister's Place of Gainesville
My Sister’s Place is a nonprofit homeless shelter located in Northeast Georgia. In 2000, we opened our doors in love – our love and God’s love – to women and children in need.
Restoring hope is a Christian Ministry Helping Men & Women Break Free from Drug Addiction and restoring families.
Youth For Christ of Northern Indiana
Youth for Christ reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other likeminded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.
Big Table
We serve hope by building community and caring for those in crisis, transition, or falling through the cracks. We carevfor restaurant and hospitality workers in crisis through timely interventions, intentional relationships, and transformational care.
His Feet International
There are about 7,000 unreached people groups around the world that have never been reached by the Gospel. Many of these have no Bible in their language and no churches. Most have never even heard the name of Jesus! Help us go into the 10/40 window to equip and mobilize indigenous workers to reach the unreached! Giving to this cause serves as an opportunity for the gospel to be shared, disciples to be raised through pastoral training, and churches to be planted! Will you help us reach the unreac
His Feet International
Stand with us in prayer and financial support for our persecuted brothers and sisters! There are nearly 300 million Christians who are suffering intense persecution. In Asia, it is estimated that 2 out of every 5 countries persecute believers. Many face confiscation of property, destruction and closure of churches, loss of jobs, house arrest, imprisonment and more. Help us to provide care for the persecuted through Biblical trainings, Pastoral care retreats, and financial support for those in a
His Feet International
Emergency relief includes those affected by Covid-19 shutdowns, medical emergencies, those trapped in sex-slavery, natural disasters, and any critical need that may come up with those we serve all over! Your donations and prayers keep us in a unique position to show God's love in practical ways!
His Feet International
Giving to this cause helps us to train national missionaries and house church leaders to reach unreached people groups! Through your financial support and prayer, we are able to host discipleship and leadership trainings for new believers to be equipped as church leaders! This, along with resources such as Bibles and discipleship training materials disciples are able to make disciples!
His Feet International
Leprosy is a cruel disease that affects the nervous system and causes nerve damage. The dead nerves no longer feel wound and injuries, so the area becomes damaged and infected. This disease has taken the hands, feet, and even eyelids of its victims. The most devastating part however is the rejection they face. We have the unique opportunity to teach them about Jesus as well as provide medical care, supplies, water, and shower and development projects to reduce wound infection rate! Will you supp
His Feet International
His Feet International has been part of the distribution of tens of thousands of Bibles, evangelism, and Christian training materials. Some even in ethnic tribal languages! There is a great need for Bibles and materials to be distributed. Join us financially and through prayer to provide the Word in rural areas and cities that are difficult to get Bibles in! We also provide MP3 tracks with the Bible, Christian life teaching, and worship music!
His Feet International
Children of parents who are affected by leprosy are seen as outcasts in society. Sponsor a child to attend a Bible camp where they will receive love, care, food, and the opportunity to learn about God! For $150, a child will be sent to Bible camp!
His Feet International
For $40 you can help feed a leprosy victim for one month! We work in over several different leprosy quarantine villages in the worlds most populated country. Each leprosy camp contains 10-20 victims. Every $800 raised will feed all people in at least 1 leprosy village. We provide rice, cooking oil, blankets, clothes, toiletries, haircuts, Bibles, and other Christian resources. Within these colonies, churches have been planted and we are reaching people with the gospel.
His Feet International
Provide crucial medical care to leprosy victims living inside leprosy quarantine villages. These leprosy victims live in villages on remote mountains. Our team travels monthly to several leprosy colonies to clean and treat rotting flesh. Leprosy victims require constant care as they cannot feel pain due to nerve damage. Typically hospitals wont treat them to due the stigma around leprosy and the victims are physically incapable of ever leaving the colony.
His Feet International
'The Forgotten Community' Is a neglected shantytown-like village in the Philippines. His Feet International is the only ministry currently working in the 'forgotten community' The extreme neglect during covid-19 that this community faced, even while other villages received help is what caused the community to name itself The Forgotten Community. The community has no electricity. Will you help remind the community of over 100 families that although the government has forgotten about them, God ha
His Feet International
Help people hear the name of Jesus for the first time: In nations hostile to the Gospel, underground indigenous missionaries are reaching unreached people groups. They do this with little support from churches and they serve knowing they are risking arrest, fines, and even imprisonment. For $300 we can pay the rent for one of these missionary families for one month. They are grateful for any help they can receive. When you give to this need, you are directly supporting the ministries of indigeno
His Feet International
Inside Burma near the Thai/Burma border live hundreds of refugee children. There are multiple children's homes housing anywhere from 40-70 children each. These children have been displaced from their families due to the Myanmar military coup. The children have fled to safety leaving their families and villages behind. Many of them have traveled long distances by foot to reach the safety and refuge of the children's homes. When you give to this need, you are helping a child find safety. If you gi
His Feet International
Provide a Bible for tribal People living in war zones or gospel-restricted nations. His Feet International regularly supplies Bibles for those in need. In war zones, Bibles can be destroyed when people flee. In persecuted nations, Bibles are contraband and can be impossible to buy. They can also get confiscated by hostile governments. Our teams and partners have unique relationships to get Bibles to those in need. The average cost for a Bible in a tribal language is $15.00. It is our goal to sup
His Feet International
Did you know that there are around 773 million illiterate people in the world? Most of whom are women. When you give a $30 gift, you are helping those who have no way to Read the Bible finally get a chance to experience the amazing word of God! We will distribute audio Bibles to those living in indigenous regions, mainly in Asia, who have no ability or means to read the Bible. Audio Bibles also service those who have no written language!
His Feet International
Indigenous Missionaries serving the Lord in their native country are in need of support to help their kids receive an education. Please consider being a blessing to those that are a blessing to others. Many of these children's parents are faithfully serving in some of the harshest nations in the world. Please consider supporting these children and help their parents pay for schooling. $200 will provide a month of schooling per child.
Sovereign Grace Churches
Sovereign Grace currently has four development funds that exist alongside of our operating budget to financially support the planting and development of gospel-centered Sovereign Grace churches in different parts of the world: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. All donations are used for the following categories: Theological & Pastoral Training, Church Planting, Pastoral Care & Support, Resource Development. Pleas see the website for more details and specific countries being reache
In Grace Ministries
Join to partner in a global church planting opportunity. Sponsor Bible College graduates who are led to the field in the U.S. and abroad, in building programs and ministry training.
In Grace Ministries
Partner with InGrace and our partners to support disaster relief worldwide. We recently sent a humanitarian team to Florida and were, literally, the 1st on the scene to provide essential supplies and share the gospel for Hurricane Ian. We have, in the past, supported Typhoon relief in the Philippines such as Rai and Goni, to name a few, and provide disaster support around the globe.
LCBC Church
Give to support the ministry of LCBC - a growing church operating through 19 locations across PA and church online.
LCBC Church
At LCBC, we’re a church full of people who have experienced the hope and love of Jesus and have a desire to introduce more and more people to him. Through our For The One initiative, our goal is to invest in growing Church Online and our digital reach, expand Community Gatherings, and launch new LCBC Campuses. We want our church to be as easy as possible to get to for anyone and everyone, no matter where they live.
The Kaleo Foundation
We're asking you to become a partner in our Kaleo Ship Mate program. The Kaleo Ship Mate program is how supporters can partner with us with a clear understanding and goal of helping with shipping costs. Kaleo receives goods by the semi-loads with a shipping cost of ~$1,200 per load. Each load impacts up to 10,000 families (depending on the content). The items are free, but the shipping is not.
In Grace Ministries
An opportunity to support Christian education beginning in preschool, elementary, high school and Bible College.
In Grace Ministries
Support needed for the over 100 people who attend every Friday evening at Quentin Road who are struggling with stubborn habits and/or addictions who are seeking help, guidance, a relationship with Christ and to see their lives and families restored. We now have over 30 Churches partnering in the U.S and Canada using the program so your support will help those Church Chapters unable to fund a new Chapter in their community, and see people saved through more Church and Chapter growth.
In Grace Ministries
Support though sister ministry, Quentin Road Baptist Church, in supporting many missionaries and planting churches in the Philippines, Togo and Ghana West Africa, the United States, Canada and Honduras
In Grace Ministries
InGrace Ministries broadcasts on over 550 Radio Stations globally and multiple television stations, including the Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN), in the United States and Europe
In Grace Ministries
InGrace Ministries helps Pastors, Ministries and Churches around the globe by sending free Gospel Tracts for those unable to pay to share the Clear Gospel in numerous languages with people around the globe.
In Grace Ministries
We have an In-House Military Chaplain, who through our sister ministries, Dayspring Bible College and Simple Steps Addiction Recovery, focus on training new laborers for Chaplain roles in the Military and Prisons.
PAZ International
PAZ International plants churches in the Amazon region. Transportation between villages is often difficult and time consuming. An amphibious aircraft is extremely helpful for church planters. We are currently raising funds to purchase one. We already have $150,000 in commitments and are looking for others to help us reach the $300,000 total needed. (Choose "Aviation" from the menu on our donation page.)
Care Net Pregnancy Center - Houston
We are actively working toward opening another satellite location in the Humble area—to serve Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita and the surrounding Houston areas in what we are calling the “northeast quadrant”. While we do an excellent job of serving the communities north of I-10, directly to the north and to the northwest, we are not effectively serving families to the northeast. Would you consider partnering with us and contributing financially in support of this new location?
Extreme Response International
We believe education is the key to breaking free from generational poverty. In order to create sustainable life change, we provide homework help, computer access, nutrition, and mentoring at six Dream Centers Ecuador, South Africa and the Philippines.
Through a series of highly relational, interactive, and transferable workshops, we invest in small groups of pastors twice a year over several years. The primary source of transformation is God’s Word, so each workshop involves a deep immersion into a single book of the Bible. This interactive and relational method gives pastors the tools to discover the message of the book themselves. Throughout, the pastor is equipped to train others, multiplying the impact of God’s Word around the world.
REAL Christian Foundation
“We help rural, Christian ministries successfully overcome the challenges of exposure, resources, and structure.” Rural Education and Leadership (REAL) Christian Foundation is a Christian non-profit that is located in Richland, MS. REAL aspires to improve the quality of life for underserved, rural Mississippians by helping the Christian ministries that serve them successfully overcome the challenges of exposure, resources, and structure. For 24 years, REAL has been blessed to address the common
Right now, billions of people are still out of reach of the gospel. Many are soul-searching and uniquely spiritually open, yet most do not know anyone who can tell them about Jesus. Will you prayerfully consider making a financial gift to help send more workers into God’s global harvest? Whatever you give today will equip SIM USA to partner with American churches to recruit, prepare, and journey with men and women willing to go to the ends of the earth to share Jesus.
Every Child Ministries
In Africa, a child born with a disability is at an extreme disadvantage, as most families don’t have the means to properly care for the child’s special needs. At ECM we have chosen to focus on God’s ability to restore hope in the lives of these children, and not on their disability. We work to improve quality of life by covering the cost of life-changing surgeries and other medical expenses, and providing medical equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers, physical therapy, and respite care for pa
Every Child Ministries
Kamwokya (pronounced kuh-moh-chuh) is a downtown slum area in Kampala, Uganda, and is home to many ethnic populations including refugees who moved from the north when Joseph Kony’s LRA bands were terrifying the countryside. In Kamwokya, ECM helps vulnerable children, including those with albinism, stay in school or receive vocational training through child sponsorship, seeking to reach these children and youth with the Gospel and to help provide developmental opportunities for them. Some familie
Every Child Ministries
Medical needs abound in Africa, as they do in so many places around the world. From eye exams and eyeglasses to surgeries, medical equipment, and even nutritional supplements, ECM strives to provide these physical needs to show the love of Jesus in practical ways. This is often done through one-to-three-day medical camps set up in a village or community, but sometimes ECM is made aware of a need that requires care as quickly as possible. When funds are already available, we can meet these nee
Every Child Ministries
We sometimes take clear, healthy water for granted. But in many places in Africa, that is not the case. If a well is not near, the choice may be drinking dirty, contaminated water or walking miles to the nearest well and carrying heavy jugs of water back to your home. ECM has provided training for some of our staff to drill wells, whenever possible, but also hires companies that specialize in the work to drill a well in a community. Either way provides much needed clean water that numerous c
Every Child Ministries
Every Child Ministries' Hope Fund is our Where Needed Most Fund. This fund supplements all our specific funds when they are short, ensuring that all our programs and projects can meet their budgets. Giving to The Hope Fund brings the flexibility to use funds where they can best help!
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Your gift gives godly national believers and their churches in Pakistan the opportunity to share the Gospel while providing basic necessities such as food or medicine in Jesus' name.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Help a godly national believer who has been equipped to teach the Seven Areas of Life Training (SALT) Material to believers or seekers in their country. In Touch Mission International has used the Biblical principles taught in the SALT material widely in international settings and found the SALT material to be highly effective in catalyzing heart change and repentance that leads to faithful Christian living. Your gift helps an equipped godly national believer with the expenses involved in holdin
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Give a child from a Muslim slum in India the opportunity to learn about the Lord for a whole year while being prepared for grade school and benefiting from two nutritious meals a day. For some, these are the only two meals they will eat because their family struggles to feed them. Families in this slum live in one-room shacks or lean-tos and are plagued by pervasive poverty. Your gift gives a child the opportunity to see and hear God’s truth through our partners David and Taru Kumar.
Southern California Youth For Christ
YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other likeminded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ and commitment to social involvement.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Many believers in rural villages are scared and unprepared for how to talk to their Muslim neighbors and community members, much less to discuss the truths of the Gospel. David Kumar is an Indian believer and leader who has a passion to equip Indian Christians to share Jesus with their Muslim friends and neighbors. He travels to rural villages and equips believers there to reach Muslims with the Good News. As a result, many have led their Muslim friends and neighbors to the Lord! Your gift suppo
The Foundry Ministries
The Foundry Ministries is a haven where the addict and destitute experience the love of Christ, find freedom and discover purpose. Permanently transformed lives through Christ-centered ministries is the vision behind our story and our process.
Training Pastors International
Pastors trained by us bring the gospel to people that only they can reach. They gain biblical knowledge as well as practical knowledge in how to study god’s word and execute the great commission. They then bring it back to their indigenous communities as trusted, respected missionaries to their local communities.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Casa Dorca Children’s Home provides a loving Christian home for Romanian children whose parents cannot care for them. Unlike state-run institutions and orphanages, Casa Dorca is like a family. It is a place of healing and hope, where children with tough pasts not only hear about Jesus but also experience Him through the love and care of the staff and the local church.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Equip South African believers to share Jesus and his hope with impoverished families living in an informal squatters camp called Stone Hill through a robust set of Gospel-centered, Christ-preaching outreaches. Your gift helps support outreaches such as weekly Bible studies, soup kitchen, tutoring for children and youth, outreach programs for youth, a medical clinic, a safe house for girls, and an early childhood development center.
Partner 135
Partner 135 is committed to equipping and assisting today’s church to reach today’s world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this primarily by leveraging Kingdom Partnerships between US disciples and groups of indigenous disciples to fulfill the Great Commission within specific cultures and geographical regions (Acts 1:8) through the local Church and Church networks.
Penfield Addiction Ministries
Penfield Addiction Ministries is a nonprofit organization committed to providing you or a loved one rehab care with respect. Along the way, we offer a judgment-free space for self-expression and support.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
In Touch Mission International has partnered with godly national believers, leaders, and pastors in Poland and Romania for decades to demonstrate and declare the Good News in Eastern Europe. With Russia's invasion of Ukraine, these partners have had many opportunities to demonstrate and declare the Gospel to hurting Ukrainians - those in Ukraine and those who have fled. Your gift supplies our partners with the resources they need to be Jesus’ hands and feet to this hurting population. This inclu
Family Life Services
Nestled on the west side of Colorado Springs is an intimate community of single moms and their children. It’s a secluded village—a safe place carved out for courageous women who are building new life patterns and leaving old ones behind. These are working moms who are also working hard at transformation. It’s gritty and challenging—and full of promise.
Jeremiah House
Jeremiah House is a 10-12-month recovery program for men experiencing addiction and mental health illness. Jeremiah House program will work closely with drug courts, mental health courts and justice reform in providing hope, sobriety and a new beginning in efforts of transforming men back into society.
Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center
If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we can help you by providing a free pregnancy test, ultrasound confirmation, and answers to your questions about abortion, parenting, and adoption.Our trained staff is ready to provide you with confidential help at no cost, thanks to our generous community support.
Silk Road Catalyst
We believe in providing our missionaries with member and soul care. For Americans, raising money to be part of a team retreat is easier than it is for our missionaries from the Global South/Majority World church. Yet, their need to retreat to refresh and be cared for is just as necessary as it is for an American missionary. This is why we are inviting you to invest into the lives of our Global South missionary staff so they can enjoy a retreat in 2023.
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Our South Sudanese partner, Lazarus Yezinai, has the opportunity to reach youth who have joined gangs in Juba, South Sudan. Many are homeless and do not have family they can rely on, so they join a gang to survive. Some have become separated from family during outbreaks of violence, others voluntarily leave home because their home life is so bad, and others are orphaned. These marginalized youth have responded eagerly to the attention and Biblical teaching Lazarus gives them. Lazarus has identif
In Touch Mission International (ITMI)
Village life can be deeply impacted by the provision of clean, safe water that is accessible nearby. By funding the drilling of a well you can provide life-giving water for an entire village, open the door for the gospel to be welcomed with open arms in a village, save lives by reducing the spread of disease through unsanitary water, make way for doctors, teachers and people providing services to come to the village, and reduce the risk of women and children being mauled by crocodiles. Our partn
Little Lambs International
We serve and empower orphaned children worldwide, with the love of Jesus Christ. We will do that by encouraging, enabling, and teaching them to reach their full potential, giving them knowledge, skills, and confidence to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation.
BCS Together
Our mission is to partner with the Church and community to tangibly support kids and families in the foster system while advocating to keep the biological family together. We exist to connect those we serve with caring members of our incredible BCS community: churches, businesses, agencies, nonprofits, volunteers, and donors. Our hope is to bring the light of Jesus to all those we serve and work alongside.
Eastern European Mission
We share God’s Word with the people of Eastern Europe and beyond and seek to educate and inspire God’s servants in this work.
Lighthouse Angels
Help us reduce gun violence in Memphis-Shelby County, TN with our buy-back guns program from off the streets as well as reaching out to young people to engage them in career development, job search and education.
Fellowship International Mission
Tax-deductible donations for the overall operating needs of the mission, and to fund member care trips to visit missionaries on the field.
Lighthouse Angels
We support environmental protection by helping to plant trees each year. funding is needed to purchase and plant more tress.
OMF International
In East Asia, there are 667 MILLION people without access to the gospel. As a global fellowship of Christians, OMF seeks to share the gospel with East Asia’s peoples. We believe every person on earth needs to hear the good news, whether from believers in their own people group, from reading or hearing the Bible in their own language, or from churches in or near their community. The Task Unfinished is a call for Christians worldwide to take the gospel where Christ is unknown. 100% of the fu
Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center
Your financial contributions help support women and families by providing needed essentials for them to choose life for their pre-born child.
Lighthouse Angels
Lighthouse Angels, Inc seeking donations to enable it implement its "Feeding the Hungry" programs in America and Africa. We are also seeking donations to continue to do our evangelism in America, Africa and the middle East. We are embarking on church planting and discipleship in several ocean countries. We promote this program in conjunction with our social service project that caters to vulnerable women and children in areas of family planning, disease prevention, adult literacy and various sho
Lighthouse Angels
We are evangelizing parts of Africa and the middle East in church planting and discipleship. We need donations to print more training materials and have more Bibles to distribute as well as transportation for laborers.
The Prayer Covenant
At The Prayer Covenant, children are our passion, and we know they play an important role in God's kingdom. In Joel we read: I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophecy. God is raising up a great harvest force of children and youth for the Kingdom. The Bible highlights children's ministry. There are more than 8,000 Bible verses referencing children or families. We are responsible for teaching two generations (children and grandchildren) about the Lord (Deuteron
The Encouraging Word
Each quarter, we distribute approximately 7,500 print copies of The Daily Encouraging Word, a daily devotional magazine. TDEW is our most requested resource, and is provided free of charge to anyone who requests it. Several thousand are mailed quarterly to inmates and prison chaplains to encourage believers and non-believers "behind the walls" of institutions across the US. Each issue costs The Encouraging Word roughly $2.00 to print and distribute; please help us support and GROW this vital m
Thunder Mountain Church
Expand our ability to reach out, touch lives, and grow people to know, love, and serve Jesus TODAY!
MAP International
Hurricane Ian survivors need your help! Your gift now of any size will help us raise $50,000 to rush critical relief supplies – including Disaster Health Kits filled with things like first aid kits and soap for personal hygiene – to hard-hit areas of Florida.
America Prays
America Prays is a movement of united prayer. We are a family of believers, churches, ministries, and businesses covering America in day and night prayer. We are a multiethnic, interdenominational, Jesus-centered prayer movement.
Engadi Ministries International
We’re a non-profit organization on a mission to restore the children of Guatemala’s slums to their full potential in Christ. We want to create a brighter future for families who fight to survive in Guatemala’s violent slums. That begins by raising up boys to become men of character and influence.
Genesis Ministries of Rockingham County
Genesis Ministries exists to provide a new beginning for individuals who are bound by addictions. Through instructions, modeling, and a Christ-centered atmosphere, students will be set free to live healthy lives spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By using biblical principles to disciple our students, we pray they will learn to find their help and value from the Lord.
Hope International Ministries
Giving help and aid to the countries of Latvia, Baltics, Ukraine, Poland and Romania.
Mercy is a group of people working to transform lives caught in the cycle of physical, spiritual, and relational poverty. Empowered by your generosity, we work with partners and local churches around the globe to provide clean water, food security, children’s education, health, literacy and life skills, and the hope of the Gospel.
Southern Hills Youth for Christ
YFC is a movement that reaches young people everywhere with the hope of Christ. We work with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.
Tin Man Ministries
Tin Man provides coaching, mentoring, and consulting, and offers guidance to those who want to recover the life they've lost and discover the life they desire, by learning to live from the heart.
Village of Hope Uganda
Village of Hope Uganda provides safe homes, education, trauma counseling, and spiritual guidance for former child soldiers and children orphaned through the effects of war and poverty.
Youth For Christ of Northwest Ohio
YFC is a movement that reaches young people everywhere with the hope of Christ. We work with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.
Northshore Community Church
When you give to Northshore, 100% of your money helps lead people into life-changing relationships with Jesus.
Evangelicals for Social Action-Fresno
Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA)/Love INC of Fresno serves the community by connecting caring Christian churches, ministries, and individuals, to their neighbors in need.
Somebody Cares America
Somebody Cares has a longtime presence in Florida with chapters and numerous church relationships there. We hare partnering with several churches along the Gulf Coast to serve hot meals, supply Points of Distribution, support the needs of local pastors, pray with and meet unique needs of survivors, and help with long term recovery as the Lord provides. Semi truckloads of food, cleaning materials and other supplies have been sent with more to come.
Reformed Mission Services
On Sept. 28, 2022 a Category 4 hurricane made landfall in southwest Florida. With windspeeds of 140 mph near Cape Coral, Florida much damage has been sustained by the area. The Disaster Response Committee of RMS is diligently seeking ways to be of the greatest assistance. If you would like to donate towards these efforts please do so below! If you would like to donate to the Disaster Relief efforts for Hurricane Ian please click on our Donate button.
Plain Compassion Crisis Response
Hurricane Ian is currently looking like a catastrophic event and is predicted to make landfall this afternoon as a high-end category 4 or even a category 5 hurricane. Our goal is to go in, assess the situation as it unfolds, and help where we can. Pray for us as we respond to this situation!
Austin Disaster Relief Network
ADRN is partnering with a network of churches in the Orlando Area to respond to the devastation left behind by Hurricane Ian. We'll send aid in the form of Survivor Care Kits for families who are displaced from their homes.