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Mr. Monte Fisher
Achungo has primary schools for orphans of extreme poverty in rural southwest Kenya and pay all the expenses for our graduates to attend local high schools. The cost, all-inclusive, is about $1,100 per year. We have been given a $50,000 matching grant and have only been able so far to match half of it. Please consider participating in this life-changing educational opportunity for our students. See videos and stories of our schools and our students on our website:
The Encouraging Word
People are hurting, confused and searching - often searching the internet - for someone to PRAY with them! Over 25,000 people from all over the US and overseas called our 24-hour prayer line in 2022. In the first 5 months of 2023, we have already received over 25,000 calls! Over 800 people have accepted Christ this year through our prayer line! We praise God! Please help fund this vital part of our ministry to Share God's Truth with a Searching World. 1-866-899-9673 (PRAY).
American Bible Society
Where is the Bible needed most today? Wherever men, women, and children still don’t have their very own copies of God’s Word. But when you give a gift each month, you can help place even more Bibles in the hands and hearts of more waiting people. Help transform lives around the world through the hope of Scripture. Sign up to give monthly and send the Bible where it’s needed most.
American Bible Society
Too many men, women, and children around the world still don’t know about Jesus today. Some live in the shadow of violence, civil war, natural disasters, and extreme poverty. All long for the peace and redemption that can be found only in Scripture. But they don’t have God’s Word! With your gift, you can help share the Bible where it is needed most. Your gift will bring them the Good News they have been longing for and impact lives for eternity.
American Bible Society
Over 1.3 million men and women currently serve in our nation’s Military, and more than 18 million Veterans have returned home. Many have been wounded in combat or live with post-traumatic stress disorder. These brave warriors need the peace, hope, and healing that can only be found through God’s Word. Your gift will help place the life-changing Bible in their hands. Bring our American heroes hope and encouragement from Scripture!
American Bible Society
Millions of people in our world still need to know the hope that only God can give through His Son. You can help these souls receive the Good News with your generous gift. You’ll support a 3-step outreach that includes: watching the “JESUS Film,” participating in audio Bible listening groups, and the opportunity to receive a Bible. Help people be changed by Scripture and bring the light of the Gospel to the most spiritually dark corners of the world!
American Bible Society
There is a tremendous shortage of Bibles in China. And in order to grow spiritually, Chinese Christians need God’s Word. That’s why we need your help to place as many Bibles as possible into the hands and hearts of people in China. You can help answer the prayers of millions of Chinese Christians who don’t have their own copies of God’s Word. Help provide the Good News to someone who longs to know God even more and receive His message!
Hope's Promise
Hope's Promise provides free options counseling to women and men who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy. Only a small number of the women we counsel choose adoption. We strive to help those who parent create stability in their lives by connecting them with community resources and providing financial assistance to equip them to be successful in their parenting plan. Contribute to the Care Fund and help us care for these women and men at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable.
Hope's Promise
An average of 10 children enter foster care each day in Colorado. These children need safe and stable homes. Often their biological families need love, support, and nurturing. Hope’s Promise foster families provide temporary care for children whose parents or caregivers are unable to care for them. They also come alongside the biological families to mentor and encourage them as they work toward reunification. Join us in investing in the stability and permanency of Colorado families by supporting
Middle East Bible Outreach
Our specialized center in Lebanon serves children with special needs. As the economic crisis in Lebanon continues to deteriorate including a currency devaluation of more than 96 percent, parents can no longer afford to prioritize specialized support for their children, preferring instead to save their income for more pressing essentials such as food. Your gift will enable us to subsidize the cost of assessments and therapy sessions for children with special needs to continue their education.
Middle East Bible Outreach
BBS was established in 1956 as a Beacon On A Hill in Beirut. The school's tables and chairs require refurnishing after many years of use. The playground swings also need to be replaced and new ones added to accommodate the 450 students that use them. Our task as a learning community is to help students flourish socially, spiritually, and academically. We are raising funds to support our teachers and students in this endeavor.
Middle East Bible Outreach
60% of the population in Lebanon is under the age of 25, one of the highest ratios worldwide. As a Christian publishing house, Source of Life - Dar Manhal al Hayat in Arabic, seeks to engage this age group by publishing quality books that display and teach the biblical story through fun, interactive activities while communicating the love of Jesus. These books demonstrate Christian values, narrating exemplary Christian approaches to difficult situations and emotions in a region filled with uncer
Middle East Bible Outreach
The IDEAL Program is a university certificate program for youth whose special needs prevent them from enrolling as mainstream undergraduates. In a country where special education is not mandated after middle school, IDEAL is a dream come true for parents. IDEAL focuses on the academic, social, and career skills of learners with the goal of helping them secure a place in the job market and become productive citizens.
Central Michigan Youth for Christ
YFC is a movement that reaches young people everywhere with the hope of Christ. We work with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.
Embrace Grace
Embrace Grace exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families. Women experiencing unexpected pregnancies receive practical, spiritual, and emotional support through our global support groups.
Open Hands
Open Hands is an Anabaptist non-profit organization combating poverty by forming, teaching and mentoring savings and credit groups. Our vision is to see the financially vulnerable stabilized and growing, standing together in Christian community.
Patterns of Evidence Foundation
It is our mission to learn more about biblical history through investigative filmmaking. Patterns of Evidence films have helped many build confidence in the Bible and will continue to educate and preserve the work of God so it can be shared with the next generation and beyond.
Second Chance Global
Our mission is to end generational poverty through empowerment. We do this through various programs and initiatives partnering with children, young adults, and families in the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We believe that generational poverty crosses the areas of mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
SonRays Ministries
We exist to protect the unborn and provide affirmation, help, and mentoring to women, men, and families in need so that they may learn to live out the truths of God’s word and experience transformation in their lives through their own personal relationships with Jesus Christ.
The Glory Project
The Glory Project is an international missionary organization geographically focused on missions in Asia. We are a network of churches and missionaries who strive to reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ by filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14).
Changed Choices
Changed Choices exists so that women who have experienced incarceration lead restored lives marked by healthy decisions, self-sufficiency, and contribution to their communities. As followers of Christ, we empower current and recently incarcerated women to achieve lasting, positive change through programming and personalized mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual support.
Orphan Care Alliance (OCA)
When you donate to OCA you know your gift is supporting adoptive families, families in crisis and aging out foster youth. If you have questions about how OCA uses donations, give us a call at (502)498-4765 or shoot us an email at We would love to chat with you. Orphan Care Alliance is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit and will mail yearly giving reports at the end of each calendar year. $50 covers the background check every volunteer must have that is always paid
Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas
Our Mission is to produce and release spiritual leaders who know and express the authentic Christ to Northwest Arkansas and the world. We are a multi-congregational church with one Board of Elders leading all congregations. Empowered by those elders, each congregation is staff-managed and people-driven. Though distinct in style, all congregations share the same mission, vision, core values and beliefs, financial resources, facilities, and one strategic planning process.
Fulaa Lifeline International
Fulaa Lifeline International sponsors the Cornerstone Children's Home (CCH) in Adjumani, Uganda to care for some of South Sudan's most vulnerable children who have been orphaned or cast out. Each child is provided with food, shelter, education, medical care and Christian instruction in a loving family environment. Currently, 62 children live at CCH, most of whom are South Sudanese together with some desperately needy Ugandan orphans from the community. Giving for their basic needs is critical in
CrossNet Ministries
The Youth Center provides open door nights, afterschool programs, free meals and fun activities for youth in grades 5–12 in the ELANCO School District. Youth Center Schedule Youth Center times exist to offer a safe place for youth to connect with caring adults. A free meal is offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Snacks are available during 56 After school on Tuesdays. Tuesdays, 56 Afterschool, from 4:00-5:00 PM: Youth Center Open (5th-6th grade) Wednesdays, from 6:30-
We support education and other relief services for children and adolescents who live in poverty near Antigua, Guatemala. In Guatemala, the minimum wage is $350 per month. However, 70 percent of the workforce in Guatemala is informal, and, therefore, does not receive minimum wage. Adequate education for many is a gift, not a right.
Indian Rocks Christian Schools
We thank God for your support of Indian Rocks Christian School’s enduring legacy! Our school is continuously Soaring Forward to provide the highest quality Christian education in Pinellas County, Florida. As a school supporter, your contribution will go towards our five main school pillars: Academics, Athletics & Arts, Alumni, Facilities, and Security built upon the foundation of God's Word.
Okoa Refuge
Parakaleo Ministry
We know what it’s like to struggle in your role because you feel unprepared to face the challenges in ministry. Sadly, many women in ministry do not have access to training and support. Parakaleo training and support provide a grid for living and viewing life through the lens of the gospel with practical, tangible tools. Born out of research and the belief that women’s contributions to church planting are vital to the advancement of the gospel, Parakaleo has been equipping women in church planti
Refugee Hope Partners
We believe that every human being is created in God’s image. All people are created with inherent dignity, and have been blessed with unique gifts, talents, and resources for the service of God and others. In light of that fact, we commit to respecting the dignity and competence of everyone, and to supporting families as they continue to grow and flourish in a new environment. Our programs, activities, and relationships consciously avoid imposing our cultural standards on their lives, fosteri
Sports Quest
Sports Quest is committed to reaching kids for Christ of all ages, experiences and backgrounds. We believe that social status and demographics should not be barriers against using the game of soccer as an evangelistic and discipleship tool. It is our aim to develop next generation leaders in the inner city and overseas as much as it is in middle class, suburban communities. To that end, we have developed “Outreach” programs for underserved, disadvantaged and at risk children.
Union Foundation US
Our growing team at the School is led by our new Provost, Dr. Clive Bowsher. New Learning Communities in Canada, and two in the USA join 26 other global locations where UST is raising up leaders and supporting church.
Talking Bibles
Our mission stems from a strong conviction that everyone in the world needs access to the Bible. The purpose of Talking Bibles is to give non-readers and the blind access to the Bible in their native language. Our mission is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by producing audio recordings of translated Scriptures in hundreds of languages and making these recordings accessible in the form of Talking Bibles for millions of people around the world who cannot read.
Talking Bibles
Millions of non-reading Christians in India live without personal access to the Bible, while others live in complete darkness and have never heard the Gospel. The Solution: Talking Bibles! If they cannot read, they can listen to God's Word on an audio "Talking" Bible. They can study, learn and grow in their faith! The Goal: Reaching a Nation! Talking Bibles International is on a mission to place a Talking Bible in every village in India by 2033. God is showing up mighty for people all ove
Talking Bibles
Refugees are fleeing because of violence, discrimination, and persecution. And they left their entire lives and homeland behind. Now, within the boundaries of this refugee camp, they wait. Placing Talking Bibles into the refugee camps is vital for the survival of so many. Our goal is to invite every household in the refugee camps to hear God’s Word in their language through a Talking Bible. What is needed is YOU! With your support, one $50 Talking Bible will encourage and guide around
Crossroads Prison Ministries
Your donation sends hope and the love of Christ to people inside prisons across the United States and around the world. Every $100 gift provides someone living behind bars with a year of lessons and the loving support of mentors. Crossroads mentors walk with students as they study God’s Word. They offer hope, friendship, and encouragement to incarcerated men and women through letters with every lesson. The experience shows students that they are not forgotten.
Be Broken Ministries
During Pride Month your gift will be DOUBLED (up to $75,000). Be Broken provides resources for individuals and families directly impacted by sexual brokenness. Whether you are a man needing help to overcome a pornography addiction or other unwanted sexual behaviors, a wife in need of healing from betrayal trauma, or a family looking for resources on God-centered sexuality, Be Broken is here for you. Be Broken provides personal help for families, churches, and professionals.
Best Christian Workplaces
Best Christian Workplaces is a ministry dedicated to helping Christian organizations and Christian-led businesses increase their Kingdom impact. Therefore, we are structured and operate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We look forward to serving you.
Center for Pregnancy Choices Metro Area
The CPC Metro area is a nonprofit with medical clinics that are here to listen, encourage and equip those facing pregnancy decisions. We have been serving the Jackson Metro area for over 30 years and have served over 23,000 women in our community.
Serge's Renewal initiatives serve pastors, church planters, and other Christian leaders all over the world. Our focus is to help these leaders hear and apply the gospel anew, even as they share the gospel with others. These leaders have spiritual influence that multiplies over time and can transform communities, yet they must be ministered to so they can minister to others. Your gift will help expand the impact of Serge's Renewal work and answer the growing requests from those who reach ou
Serge deploys missionaries around the world to build Gospel Communities — to become deeply involved in the lives of people who have never met a Christian, to see them and their communities restored. Your gift will help to come alongside missionaries with Gospel Renewal for themselves and their team - keeping them refreshed to continue reaching out and recruit and send more missionaries - so that missionaries have thriving, functional teams for long-term impact.
Serge missionaries are planting churches, training indigenous church leaders, staffing teaching hospitals in rural areas, opening businesses in secure countries, and discipling the next generation of missionaries. Your gift to Missionary Care will provide a foundation to flourish, support for missionary kids, and holistic care. You will help equip a missionary to navigate difficult situations. And you help them stay on the field longer, resulting in a long-lasting Kingdom impact.
Acts 29 US
Acts 29 exists to plant churches worldwide. We offer church leaders decades of experience-proven training, guidance, and tools for planting churches designed to grow and thrive. The call to make disciples is answered most effectively through gospel-centered churches—join us in the mission.
Denton Freedom House
Zera is Coffee with a Cause. Every cup of coffee purchased or private event hosted sows seeds into the Denton Freedom House. Zera fulfills the DFH mission by teaching men and women to be prosperous disciples of Christ within a healthy workplace. Residents are able to activate what they are learning in the classroom at DFH. Zera is a safe and family-friendly place to fellowship, study, get together with friends, or host your next event!
New Life Ranch
The ministry has set a long term vision to impact 500,000 lives by 2033. This will require expansion of existing and a newly acquired facility in Central Arkansas. The first phase of the campaign is a 4 year capital campaign that adds 304 beds to two of the three sites. It allows the ministry to make space for churches and organizations that are requesting use of our facilities. The need is 18.5 Million for the complete campaign. There is already a $1M pledge in place. The benefit is the exp
TWR Women of Hope brings hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations. We seek to educate, encourage, and equip women to pray, listen, learn, grow, and give through media, small-group interaction, and leadership development.
What began as a ministry to tsunami survivors a decade ago has grown into a countrywide lineup of biblical programs that air to Japanese listeners over 26 FM stations. The TWR Japan team reports: “By God’s grace, we currently broadcast in 17 of Japan’s 47 prefectures with a potential reach of almost 10 million listeners.
TWR is our flagship online source for accessing biblical content in 100-plus languages. Over a half-million times each month, people listen to, download, and share inspiring messages, sermon podcasts, music and radio streaming, the JESUS film, the audio Bible, video presentations about knowing God, and more produced by TWR and over 300 like-minded ministry partners.
Prison Fellowship International
Millions of prisoners around the world are cut off from society and left alone to cope with their feelings of hopelessness and despair. They are among the least-reached groups in the world. We’ve drawn from our 40 years of working with prisoners around the world to develop The Prisoner’s Journey®, an eight-week in-prison course that transforms the lives of prisoners by introducing them to a restorative relationship with the person of Jesus. Upon completion, graduates are given a Bible in their h
Agape International Children Ministries
We believe that the only hope for humanity is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Introducing someone to the transformative power of Jesus is the first step in their journey to new life. We boldly share about the love of Jesus in every project at AICM knowing that the greatest need we could ever meet is humanity's need for Jesus Christ.
Clement Arts
Clement Kids provides excellent arts instruction in dance, music, drama, & art. Kids enjoy a fun and uplifting environment with instructors who love children as well as their craft. In addition to summer camps, classes run on a fall and spring semester schedule. Proceeds benefit local adoption. Children in foster care are invited to attend classes tuition-free.
MEDIAlliance International
MEDIAlliance International helps train, assist, connect, consult, mentor, and encourage Christian broadcasters, who are often serving in places of challenge and difficulty for the cause of Christ.
Palmetto Women's Center
We empower women and families facing unexpected pregnancies in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We provide accurate information, free services, and practical support with a holistic and compassionate approach. ?We give each of our clients the care and attention they need, empowering them to make an informed decision for themselves and their future.
Revelation Wellness Foundation
Revelation Wellness is a non-profit ministry dedicated to educating and inspiring you to live healthy and whole in Christ so you can love others well. We believe that as the body of Christ gets healthy and whole by the power of the love of God, they will be fit for their purpose—to proclaim and share the love of Jesus across the world.
The Crucible Project
The Crucible Project is a not-for-profit organization committed to create a world of men and women who live with integrity, grace and courage, fulfilling their God-given purpose.
Middle East Bible Outreach
Our partner churches in Syria quickly opened their doors to serve people who sought refuge after the earthquake in February 2023. Through them and because of their unfailing love for their neighbors, we have already provided thousands of hurting families with blankets, winter clothes, food, and hygiene items. Because the earthquakes happened in the context of a pre-existing humanitarian crisis, they will have long-lasting repercussions on affected families and the entire country. Help us sustain
Through our family of ministries, MissionWorks provides individuals,churches,mission organizations and schools with all the outstanding resources,connections and training needed to be successful in local and global mission work.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central N.Y.
Each year we provide hundreds of free ultrasound scans to confirm pregnancy at six of our eight centers. We would love to upgrade four of our older machines to newer technology. Thank you in advance if you choose to support this campaign.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central N.Y.
Each year we see hundreds of women with an important decision to make regarding their unplanned pregnancy. Through good peer-counseling and ultrasound, many choose life. Now in our 34th year of ministry, we feel blessed to serve the Lord in this capacity and hope you will support our mission.
Door of Hope International
It is now over one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. As Putin began bombing the power grid, we have been able to deliver wood burning stoves, generators and small portable cooking units to homes, churches and bomb shelters where people can go to stay warm, use the Internet and recharge their phones. These items are critical for people without heat and means of cooking food and are needed well beyond winter. With your help we can ignite hope into the homes of Ukrainian families!
Door of Hope International
Door of Hope International is providing emergency relief to victims of the devastating earthquake from northwestern Syria. Our team is working closely with a local church to provide 200 dislocated Muslim families with immediate aid, blankets, food & water and other essential items. We are also looking into ways to offer sustainable help to these families as we walk alongside them and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Carriage Town Ministries
We serve 460 meals per day - breakfast, lunch and dinner to those experiencing homelessness and the extremely poor. If you are hungry, it is difficult to take the necessary steps to move to a self-sufficient lifestyle. Often a hot meal served with love can bring hope. It also give us the opportunity to share the love of God in a tangible way. Your help is crucial.
Village Schools of the Bible
Your gift allows the disadvantaged in the USA, Africa and Asia to take our courses.
Run Global
In many parts of the world, being a Christian is not easy. Other religions dominate the culture and it makes it difficult to share there. Opposition can come in many forms. It can be government restrictions on sharing your faith or converting someone to a new faith. It can mean getting kicked out of your village because you changed your religion. It could also mean having your home burned down or being placed in prison. Please consider supporting our workers as they share under great pressure.
Run Global
RUN Global works to reach unreached people groups to share with them the love of Jesus. Jesus came, lived, died, and rose again 2,000 years ago, but over a billion souls in South Asia have never heard his name. We are working in India and Nepal, planting churches, discipling new believers, and sharing the gospel with over 25,000 people each week. With your help we can place large indigenous teams around more of these Asian mega-cities in the next 5 years.
Family Life Ministries
Family Life raises operational funds twice each year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The actual sharathon dates are April 12 - 15, but the sharathon funds are received and are designated for the next 6 months We would be incredibly blessed to have you become a financial partner!
Harvesters Ministries
Through Harvesters Hub-Model Church-planting program, new believers are coming to Christ daily in over sixty countries, and become part of a new church plant, with its own student pastor from among the new believers To help them grow in Christ, we seek to place a Bible in the hands of every student pastor and new believer in discipleship in the newly-planted churches. In a newly-formed partnership, Biblica is going to provide several hundred thousands of Bibles for these new believers. Har
Calvary Baptist Church
More than 3 billion have still not heard the gospel according to recent estimates. Nearly all the unreached (97%) live in the 10/40 Window, making this region the final frontier for sharing the gospel. Calvary Baptist Church NYC (CBC) has dedicated over 12% of its annual Operating Budgets to Missions. In 2023, CBC will support 59 missionaries with nearly half of them serving in the 10/40 Window. CBC dedicates 8% of its total contributions to these missionaries. Do you have a heart to reach the
Grace Adventures
As a year-round Christian organization in northwest Michigan, we are working to strengthen spiritual, personal, and professional relationships for children, adults, and families through training, retreats, and camps. We believe that one life touched by God can change the world. A strong family can work to create a healthy church and community.
Hope Force International
Hope Force International (HFI) has been responding to the plight of earthquake survivors in Turkey. For $500, donors can provide well-insulated housing that will last a long time, and is reusable. View our shelter report here:
Grace Adventures
We want to impact the next generation of students and families. We are committed to teaching the truth, loving people, and equipping future leaders. We want to create a place where people can discuss their learning, share their hopes and dreams, and make memories together. Our new dining facility is being constructed with this mission in mind.
"You saved me!" Three beautiful, incredible words. We heard these three words from Christy when reconnected to TheHopeLine after that first desperate night when she contacted us...ready to swallow a bottle of pills. TheHopeLine offers 24/7 faith-based Live Crisis Chat to students and young adults. Demand to connect with a trained Hope Coach has been growing each month. We want to expand our monthly staffed hours from 1200 to 2000 by the end of the year.
Lutheran Bible Translators
GOD’S WORD GIVES HOPE, LIFE, AND TRANSFORMATION. But without global partnership, generations will pass without Scripture in their own language. They will not experience the fullness it brings to their lives. God’s Word is more than words. Lutheran Bible Translators partners with local leaders around the world to launch Bible translation movements. We know God’s Word is for everyone, so we are committed to support these passionate leaders. When they are equipped with the resources, time, and cap
Crisis Aid International
CAP (Child Anti-Exploitation Partnership) Program: The CAP Program began In 2019. Crisis Aid, the St. Louis County Police Department, and ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Division embarked on a revolutionary new collaborative initiative that focuses on reaching sexually exploited children BEFORE Trafficking begins. As of March 2023 we now have staff in 7 [police departments.
Lake Church
Lake Church is an established church body located in the center of the DFW Metroplex with a heart for prayer, discipleship, hospitality, transformation, multiplication, church planting, missions, and have active ministries in counseling, tutoring, and children's sports. As people who have come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, we, the people of Lake Church, desire to know Him more fully, and make Him known to our world. Visit to learn more about us.
Christian Educators Association International
This is an opportunity to support our leadership training summit, an intensive discipleship opportunity at which volunteers are equipped and inspired to raise up ambassadors for Christ among educators, largely in our public schools.
Way Cool Angels
Holocaust survivors are rapidly passing away. We have precious little time left to reach out to them through music. Music has an amazing ability to soften even the hardest, most damaged, hearts. We travel throughout Israel and other locations with survivors to love each one personally through music. Our songs hearken back even to the days before the holocaust, when they would hear lullabies from their mothers or popular tunes they will remember. It enables them to remember happier times, be
Way Cool Angels
Our repeating 7-week Changed Lives program gathers, helps, and feeds families while gifting groceries, clothing, necessities and toys. We train on receiving with appreciation and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. We build family relationships that transform lives for the better. We replace fear, devastation, loss and crime with a future and a hope. We give Mexican locals hope and direction for the hurricanes and storms - both physical and others that come against us. We in effect,
Way Cool Angels
“Tourism with a Cause” opens the door for tourists to have more than a vacation with a chance to “give back” and serve the community of Cabo. While most tourists are being served by the local people, Tourism with a Cause flips the coin and brings tourists to meet and develop relationships with the local community. Tourists find that as they are serving the local community, everyone involved is richly blessed including them! It enables the tourists to deliver groceries, construct and improve hou
Way Cool Angels
Music has the unique ability to go beyond what we hear and even what our mind can comprehend. In these days, not a day goes by when the cry of conflict and war in the world are not heard. Music has a way of softening even the hardest of hearts to bring peace, love, and joy to those who hear it. Music is medicinal to people who are hurting from the pain of life. We evangelize to the world through music. We also celebrate various cultural and inspirational speaking events. Whether inspirational
Way Cool Angels
A warm friendly smile will positively affect the people around us. Way Cool Health is an outreach program that serves those who are sad, lonely, desperate, hurting and in need of help. These past years were difficult for everyone as the world was adversely affected by Covid-19. Through our targeted rescue missions, community chiropractic and eye glass outreaches, children’s fun dental parties and more, we bring love, healing, joy and a lot of smiles back to the people!
Way Cool Angels
Way Cool Learning was birthed out of an unfortunate local education system that does not properly prepare children for a promising career and rewarding future. Every child deserves to have a bright future and hope for their lives. Built upon a foundation of life and learning, Way Cool Learning homeschool program brings enjoyment to learning together with functional family training while receiving the skills necessary to ensure a successful future. English/Spanish, reading, translation,
Way Cool Angels
It’s amazing to travel throughout this wonderful world and discover new places and meet people from all different backgrounds. Wonderful World includes other WayCool Programs within each place helping to develop meaningful international relationships, experience diverse cultures and specific historical training. We offer the opportunity to be part of a worldwide community. Tucked inside many countries are interesting and charming places that many of us typically do not have the opportunity to e
Way Cool Angels
Over the past several years, we’ve been focusing on investing in individual and family businesses. You may recall us sharing a story with you of starting a store for Jessy’s family. Their store has grown so much that they’re now known as the “Costco” of their Caribe neighborhood. They are a light to so many!? We have continued that direction into the Impact Investing Venture Capital space. We have been coaching, consulting and assisting entrepreneurs and investors to come together, collabora
Lakeshore Pregnancy Center
There are many fundraising events you can participate in throughout the year! Whether it’s participating in a Baby bottle campaign during Sanctity of Human Life, the Annual Movie Night, Walk4Life or the Golf Marathon, showing your support for this life-giving organization can take many forms. Through our events, it is our hope to raise the necessary funds to continue to reach women, men, and students in our communities and fulfill this mission.
Crossing Cultures International
Our Global Conference brings together the top international staff from multiple countries for a week of prayer, training, fellowship, and ministry expansion plans. These national leaders return to their countries with new knowledge and experience to help further the gospel and build His Kingdom. We anticipate approximately 200 staff members to attend. For these staff members to participate, we need to raise $75,000 for travel to and from Thailand, lodging, and food.
BEYOND has sent $20,000 of aid with disciple-makers into areas no one else has yet accessed in Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria. The need is still great. Please continue to pray. The aid and ministry will continue. Will you prayerfully consider a donation to reach the Unreached in this crisis? By donating to those in crisis in Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon you supply immediate needs that will also result in new multiplying disciples and house churches.