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Governance Toolbox Series 1

Recruiting Board Members - Leveraging the 4 Phases of Board Recruitment: Cultivation, Recruitment, Orientation and Engagement

The Recruiting Board Members video provides practical tips on how to avoid recruiting the wrong board members. The 20-page viewing guide (12 per toolbox) includes a board self-assessment tool and a pop quiz on board member recruitment effectiveness. Ruth Haley Barton says "One very common leadership mistake is to think that we can take a group of undiscerning individuals and expect them to show up in a leadership setting and all of a sudden become discerning."

Series No. 1 Toolbox Includes: 

  • Leveraging the 4 Phases of Board Recruitment: Cultivation, Recruitment, Orientation, and Engagement
  • Discerning Appropriate Board Member Qualifications and Criteria: The 6 Ds
  • Cultivating Christ-centered Board Prospects: "Dating Before you Propose Marriage!"
  • 4 Self-Assessment Checklists


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