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Creating a Safe Culture Webinar-On-Demand


This Webinar-On-Demand will focus on the Creating a Safe Culture—Making Sure #MeToo Does Not Happen At Your Church or Nonprofit with Theresa Sidebotham, Attorney at Law at Telios Law PLLC, and Sally Wagenmaker, Attorney at Wagenmaker & Oberly, LLC.

Creating a Safe Culture—Making Sure #MeToo Does Not Happen At Your Church or Nonprofit

The recent rise of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements reveal the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, and as further evidenced in the even more shocking #ChurchToo hashtag, churches and nonprofits are far from immune. This webinar will cover the basics of what every church and nonprofit should have by way of rules and administrative procedures to prevent harassment and assault against employees, volunteers, and participants, and to properly address situations that may arise. Ministry-related organizations must not only be vigilant and responsive to minimize legal liability, but also to prevent a culture which opens the organization or its leaders up to the accusation that inappropriate actions were allowed or even encouraged.

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