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Parent Organization: Plant with Purpose

BURUNDI - In 2008, we started working in various parts of Burundi. Currently we work in some of the most rural areas of Burundi in four different provinces with plans to expand our program to new areas. Burundi is one of the poorest and most food insecure countries in the world, not to mention the amount of deforestation that has taken place over the past few decades resulting in more families living in conditions of poverty. In Burundi, environmental protection was a top priority during fiscal year 2022. Burundians came together to plant trees and combat bushfires, facilitate school lessons about environmental education, and applied unique strategies to continue to heal the environment. In FY 2022 we worked with 577 VSLA groups and 13,832 VSLA members. We planted to date 7.4M trees, worked and influenced over 140,000 participants, and more.

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