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Parent Organization: Plant with Purpose

TANZANIA - Since 2004, Plant With Purpose has partnered with farmers in Tanzania, the majority of whom are women, many widows and single mothers. In Tanzania, women and children are among the poorest of the poor. Almost all women in Tanzania earn their income through agriculture, but they do not have the same access to training and resources as male farmers and, as a result, produce 20-30% less food. In Tanzania, many program members participated in entrepreneurial training through their Purpose Group, and we saw an increase in the number of new members who opened new businesses, where 2,097 members managed to establish income-generating activities like selling livestocks and produce in the local markets and other entrepreneurial endeavors. In FY 2022 we worked with 491 VSLA groups, 12,255 members, graduated 76 groups, planted over 16M trees to date, worked with and influenced over 98,000 individuals.

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