Orchard Alliance

Colorado Springs, CO

Tel: (833) 672-4255

Website: https://orchardalliance.org/

Parent Organization: The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Orchard Alliance, a subsidiary of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, is a non-profit ministry that provides financial products and services to individuals, families, churches, and other like-minded organizations. We help people and ministries do immeasurably more with the financial resources entrusted to their care through stewardship education and alternative forms of ministry funding. With a mission to equip God’s stewards for greater Kingdom impact, Orchard Alliance provides fixed-rate investment options and facilitates cash and non-cash gifts to churches and other ministries using tools like charitable gift annuities, donor advised funds, trusts, endowments, and much more. Orchard Alliance also finances property purchases and facility construction and offers loan refinancing for organizations in The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Orchard Alliance manages roughly $400 million in assets from its headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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