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Advocacy and Justice Reform

Parent Organization: Prison Fellowship Ministries
Ministry Description
Prison Fellowship advocates for justice that restores, an approach to criminal justice that recognizes the value and potential of every person. We promote reforms that help transform those responsible for crime, validate victims, and create safer communities by:
• Advancing accountability that is proportional and restorative, including alternatives to incarceration where possible.
• Facilitating good citizenship through a safe and constructive corrections culture that provides prisoners opportunities to develop life skills and character, make amends for their crime, and earn back the public’s trust.
• Unlocking second chances, so people with a criminal record can achieve closure and return to communities as contributing citizens who fulfill their God-given potential.
• Supporting values-based reforms that will protect communities and officers from harm while promoting respect, dignity, and cooperation.
Ministry Details
Location: Lansdowne, VA
Tel: 7034780100
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