Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers

Dallas, TX

Tel: (972) 528-6100


Parent Organization: Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health

The Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers was a major event held in Bangkok, Thailand in June, 2016 with over 2,500 pastoral trainers from 101 countries participating. The GProCongress connects, unites and strengthens pastoral trainers in view of two million plus under-trained and isolated pastors. Its priority geography is wherever Christ's Church is numerically growing (Asia, Africa and Latin America), with its secondary focus being formerly closed (Central/Eastern Europe) or historically less-fruitful (Middle East) regions. The goal is 100,000 connected, united, and strengthened pastors from 200 countries by 2020. Additionally, to reach 10,000 new people for Christ through personal proclamation, congregational discipleship, and pastoral training that will help provide spiritual health for One Billion Individuals over the following decade (2020-2030).

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