Bethesda Mission - Outreach Ministry

Mechanicsburg, PA

Tel: (717) 691-0410


Parent Organization: Bethesda Mission

Recognizing that poverty and hunger are less visible, yet harder to cure in outlying areas, our Rural Outreach began in 1997. Bethesda Mission partners with churches and other agencies in counties surrounding Harrisburg to provide hundreds of bags of food and essential daily household products to hungry and needy individuals and families. Donations are received from individuals, businesses and churches both from this area as well as other locations in the Commonwealth and country. These donations are stored in a warehouse in Mechanicsburg which handles both dry foods and perishables with distribution handled by two trucks, one which has refrigeration capacity. As these physical needs are being met, church members and agency staff are sensitive to listen for other emotional and spiritual needs, offering encouragement, help and referral.

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