The Urban Ministry Institute, Bay Area

Richmond, CA

Founded: 1971

Tel: (510) 233-7353


Member Since: January 1, 1981

Parent Organization: World Impact

The Urban Ministry institute of San Francisco (TUMI-SF) is committed to training indigenous leaders who help to transform urban communities. TUMI-SF desires to build Christian leaders who can provide strong leadership for new church plants and existing urban churches. In San Francisco, we work with students who are active in local church leadership as well as with graduates from Christian-based sobriety programs who are active in service at local churches. The Leadership Training Home allows students to live on site in order to focus on TUMI courses and minister at a local urban network church. Our TUMI graduates serve as leaders in their churches, lead otherLeadership Training homes, rightly divide the Word of God and minister to their neighbors and community in the name of Jesus Christ.

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