Christian Friends of Korea

Black Mountain, NC

Founded: 1995

Tel: (828) 669-2355


Top LeaderMrs. Heidi S. Linton

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Member Since: December 16, 1999

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   Cash Donations $861,814
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   Other Revenue $48,159
   Total Revenue $914,449
   Total Expenses $414,749
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Total Assets $1,633,588
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Christian Friends of Korea seeks to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the people of North Korea by means of humanitarian, educational and religious projects and exchanges. Most of our recent work has focused on providing humanitarian assistance (hepatitis B treatment, clean water projects, care center and laboratory renovations, food, medicine, medical supplies, agricultural materials, etc.). We also assist other organizations who want to engage with North Korea but who may be challenged by the language, culture, ideological and political challenges that exist.

Walking tractors come in sets that include the tractor, a trailer, tiller, plow, and irrigation pump. They are used by rural facilities 5-8 hours each day and generally last 5-6 years before needing replacement. We have provided tractors to all of our 28 supported facilities but need funds for replacement parts to keep them in good working order. Replacement tires, belts, and parts for 1 walking tractor set: $360 / Total 2016 Goal: 28 Sets
Clean, abundant water has transformed health and daily living at 11 of our supported care centers so far. CFK teams install water tanks, a solar powered pump, and a gravity-fed piping system to a secured existing water source or a newly drilled well. There are 18 centers that still urgently need clean water. Dill 1 Water Well: $3,000-$5,000 / Water Distribution System Materials: $25,000 / 1 Water Filter: $60 / Total 2016 Goal: $112,100
These kits include the most basic diagnostic tools such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometers, hand crank battery lanterns, and other items in a bag marked with CFK's logo. These kits provide the basic tools necessary for medical personnel to carry out their vital work. 1 Doctor's Kit: $180 / 1 Nurse's Kit: $120 / Total 2016 Goal: 100 Doctor/100 Nurses Kits/$30,000
Gifts to our general funds help us keep our daily operations going, support shipping costs for food/medicine/medical supplies, and fund replacement parts/repairs. General Funds also give us flexibility to start new initiatives and respond quickly to emergencies or natural disasters. Service Fee for 1 Container of Medicine and Medial Supplies: $5,000-$15,000 / Shipping/Inspection costs for 40ft Container Shipment: $6,500 / Monthly mortgage and utilities: $1,380 / Total 2016 Goal: $185,000
More than 15% of the DPRK's 24 million people are likely to have chronic hepatitis B infection, and at least 25% of this group will likely die prematurely from progressive liver disease. Right now, there is no therapy available in the DPRK for chronic hepatitis B. However, CFK is working with multiple partners to give long-term access to therapies to suppress the virus and prevent liver damage, preserving both health and life and alleviating considerable suffering.
In North Korea, most non-surgical rest home patients prefer to sleep on the floor (Korean style). We want to send more interlocking high density foam mats that both cushion and insulate patients from the hard and often unheated floors. Mat for 1 Patient: $27 / Mats for 100 Patients: $2,700 / Total 2016 Goal: $33,750
Many facilities have 30-50 year old roofs, drafty doors and windows, and lack of wall and floor tile. In 2013, twelve facilities asked for support to either update current buildings or construct new patient wards, and several more places have requested similar support. CFK assits by supplying new windows, doors, roofing/ceiling materials, and floor/wall tile providing the materials needed for the care centers to complete construction themselves. Total 2016 Goal: $228,000
After sundown, utter darkness describes most CFK supported care centers in North Korea. In 2014, CFK began a project to equip these facilities with solar powered lighting that will allow patients and staff the ability to read, work, and care for patients after the sun goes down. The self-contained system supports 12V LED lighting, and USB charging ports for cell phones, portable lights or other USB rechargeable electronics. 1 12V, 18AH Lighting Sytem: $825 / Total 2016 Goal: 100 Systems
The Ministry of Public Health has invited us to organize more training events led by international specialists. Donations towards training initiatives will help us support medical expert travel, training supplies, and expand our on-site medical library. Travel Expenses for One Person: $5,000 / Total 2016 Goal: $120,000 / National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Development and Support / Total 2016 Goal: $190,000
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