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Founded: 1976

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Middle East Media’s (MEM) purpose is to make a strategic contribution to moving Arabic-speaking people in the Middle East and North Africa towards life-transforming faith in Jesus Christ through the creative and culturally relevant use of media. MEM was founded in 1975 by a small group of Arab and Western Christians who realized the Church was not effectively communicating the foundational precepts of a loving God and a saving faith to the Muslim communities in the region. With studios in North Africa & the Gulf, we produce a wide range of projects, from an evangelistic Facebook page run by female believers from a Muslim background, to an apologetics animation series for Arab Christian youth. MEM seeks to fill strategic gaps in media ministry throughout the region. At times, this has meant letting go of our most creative staff to enable them to fulfill their own God-given visions. Just a few of the ministries launched by MEM include: SAT-7 (Christian satellite tv network with 25 mil

Because of our excellent reputation of producing top quality, compelling animations, Middle East Media has been given exclusive rights from the owners of the Action Bible to produce short animated stories in Arabic using their beautiful artwork. We hope to produce 66 two-minute episodes to be shown on SAT-7, which has over 17 million viewers. The animations will also be available to our partner organizations to use in their online ministries.
This project is a unique catalyst for Muslim-Christian dialog and enables people from the Gulf to share their faith journey through Islam to Christianity. True stories of individual struggles broadcast on websites, satellite stations and social media across the Arabian Peninsula reassure those questioning Islam that they are not alone and encourage others seeking answers. These programs have been well received and we are hoping to receive funding to produce more of these stories.
Blossoms provides spiritual and emotional healing to women in North Africa, including Syrian and Iraqi refugees. We provide psychological training and simple filmmaking workshops to enable them to capture their heartfelt needs on audio-visual messages. In groups, participants are encouraged to speak up, learn how to listen and effectively communicate with others. Potential leaders are empowered to provide the same training in their own communities to other women in need.
Providing a creative Arts Community Centre for the young people of the Gulf to meet each other and spend time with the team. These young people are often very isolated. Children as young as fourteen live alone with a cook, cleaners and chauffeur - with barely any family interaction. MEM wants to help them learn how to relate with equals and provide them with a community that genuinely cares for their emotional, creative and spiritual welfare.
Future leaders will train and equip 300 youth with media and leadership skills by end of 2017. Enabling youth to grow, remain relevant and sustainable in a time of fast and exponential change, this essential project enables young teens and youth to impart transformational messages of hope, love and reconciliation to their peers in the conflicted communities around them.
This radical project communicates the truth about Christianity and Christians in a region where they are a persecuted minority and where there is a steady flow of negative propaganda distributed about them. Through short, systamic animations Got it promotes sensible Christian-Muslim dialogue and clears up misconceptions about the minority population in the region. With around 2000 messages to impart, we seek the funding to produce and broadcast at least 100 each year.
This is a 26 episode animated series for children aged 5-9, which will be aired on TV as well as in the refugee camps. It is intended to provide comfort and encouragement to children in the Middle East , particularly those in conflict zones, many of whom are dealing with trauma, fear, loss and grief. Our immediate need is for funding for the first two pilot episodes, from which we hope to get feedback from viewers before developing the remaining episodes.
An established annual project in the Gulf, working in local high schools and colleges, its purpose is to build positive connections with young people and mentor them in media. It is film making competition in essence. MEM selects the winners, their prize to work in collaboration with other winners to produce their own professional level film with transformational content.
This project is creating an online safe have for women in Arab societies. Through it we seek to challenge women's core beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of themselves and others. We encourage women of all faiths and backgrounds to question inherited cultural patterns, empower them to undertake new endeavors and inform them about gender equality, citizenship and human rights.
This project involves training up believers from the Gulf Region in film production, while also giving them holistic discipleship training to meet their spiritual, emotional and practical needs. Through media, new believers can share their faith with their families, communities or even their whole nation, and still be able to live in relative safety and anonymity.
There is no shortage of educational curricula for the Arabic-speaking market, but none which present a holistic Christian worldview. Seeds is a 51-unit curricula for pre-school children which has been developed by a local partner organization intended for use by pre-school teachers and childcare workers. Each unit will present a biblical story which will provide the them for that unit's music, art and activities. Our goal is to produce a short animated film for each unit.
After the success of our Prodigal Daughter TV series, which retold the story of the Prodigal Son in a contemporary style, we are now using the same approach to tell the story of the woman at the well. We are retelling this story with a Syrian woman, who has an encounter with unconditional love from a stranger as she draws water from a well. The film will be shown online as well as on our partner's satellite TV station.
Middle East Media has created our first online TV channel, through which a team of Middle Eastern youth are developing new, relevant material for other young people in the region. We also have a huge back-catalog of content which we want to make available. Most recent projects will also be shown on the channel, covering taboo topics such as HIV/AIDS and rape, as these issues are still highly relevant and need exposure in the Middle East.
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