Christian Aid Mission

Charlottesville, VA

Founded: 1953

Tel: (434) 977-5650


Top LeaderMr. David Bogosian

Donor Contact: Mrs. Nancy Duff

Member Since: October 22, 1997

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $12,053,184
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $1,259,704
   Total Revenue $13,312,888
   Total Expenses $13,150,627
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $24,901,474
Total Liabilities $2,209,377
Net Assets $22,692,097
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Christian Aid Mission is an evangelical missionary organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia, that assists indigenous missionary ministries overseas through prayer, advocacy and financial support. Since 1953, Christian Aid Mission has identified, evaluated and assisted more than 1,500 ministries in more than 130 countries that are reaching the unreached for Christ in areas of the world where there is no witness for Christ, where Christians suffer from poverty or persecution, or where foreign missionaries are not allowed. For more information, please visit

You can provide a gift of a Bible, clothing, meals, medicines, goats and chickens, well, supplies to rebuild church buildings and more with the 2016 Christian Aid Mission Christmas Catalog!
Malnourishment is a world-wide epidemic that contributes to the death of an estimated five million boys and girls each year. Some children consider themselves lucky if they get one good meal a day. In dozens of countries, Christian Aid-assisted ministries operate feeding programs that provide physical and spiritual sustenance to orphans, homeless street kids, and youngsters from impoverished families. As they receive care in an loving environment, they are open to the good news of Christ.
Help indigenous ministries in Ecuador share the love and hope of Christ while they provide aid (clothes, food, water, shelter, trauma counseling) to victims of the Earthquake in the coastal town of Pedernales in April 2016. These indigenous ministries are assisted by Christian Aid Mission.
In Pakistan, pastors are imprisoned, believers attacked, and house churches burned in this country where Christianity comprises just 1.45 percent of the population. News stories abound of kidnappings, torture and unjust executions. This is a land of suffering for many Christians. "The level of intolerance is diminishing drastically every day," writes a ministry leader. "Burning of houses and church buildings has become common. Please pray for believers' protection.
Christian Aid Mission seeks to establish a witness for our Lord Jesus among unreached people groups by assisting highly effective native missionaries in poorer countries who already know the language, culture, political environment, societal norms, and are getting the job done for less cost.
As the conflict in Egypt has escalated, there continue to be protests in the streets, mass killings and the burning of towns and villages over differing religious and political opinions. More than 1,000 people have died and an estimated 3,500 injured. Christian Aid supports multiple ministries in Egypt that are continuing to share the gospel and reach out to unbelievers despite daily protests and attacks -- including the burning of their own facilities.
When Russia annexed Crimea in March, thousands in Ukraine fled from conflict. Ukrainian ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission are housing orphans from Crimea & displaced families to escape the instability in eastern Ukraine. Ministries are also sending relief supplies in tractor trailers to Christians in eastern Ukraine. You can help provide relief to the families and the ministries while the conflict continues.
Deep in the brush of the Amazon, a dynamic Bible institute trains and sends native missionaries among a half dozen previously unreached tribes. They also offer a mission hospital that offers medical care, lab work, dental care, while helping children and pregnant mothers overcome malnutrition. Serving tribal groups in southwestern Brazil, this ministry works to transform the lives of those struggling to survive. For 80 years, this ministry has taken the gospel to places only locals are permitted
Babith was raised in a Hindu Dalit family but heard the gospel through a relative. She committed her life to serving Jesus and enrolled in a Bible school supported by Christian Aid Mission in India. This year, she completed the two-year program. Ministries supported by Christian Aid also provide Bible education and in-depth training to pastors and ministry leaders who pour out their lives as God's vessels to their fellow man. You can help them be filled and replenished as well.
During an Easter celebration in Lahore, Pakistan, a bomb from a suicide bomber killed many Christians worshiping Christ as well as Muslims also in the public park. Indigenous ministries in Pakistan assisted by Christian Aid Mission are reaching out to Christian and Muslims families who lost loved ones to console them and assist with medical costs, regardless of religion.
More than 2 million internally displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS, are currently packed in the Irbil region, sleeping on the streets with only the clothes on their back. They need shelter, food, water, medicine and transportation and you can assist indigenous ministries in the ground in Iraqi and neighboring countries provide these needs and more.
Christian Aid provides hundreds of thousands of copies of the Word of God to native missionaries engaged in evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Placing a Bible in the hands of an unbeliever is sometimes the only way to reach them, such as in closed, Islamic countries where openly sharing the gospel is forbidden. In many countries, believers are too poor to obtain their own copy of the Bible, so Christian Aid provides the funds to buy them.
The victims of the earthquake – the largest in Nepal since the 1934 killer quake that claimed 10,000 lives – are desperately in need of prayer and physical provisions like food, water, medicine and shelter. Christian Aid Mission assists 12 indigenous ministries in Nepal who are taking these supplies to all in need while sharing the love of Christ. Your gift will make a difference!
When the radical group ISIS began terrorizing Iraqi Christians, most foreign ministries withdrew from the country. Iraq became inaccessible to outside ministries, but 16 indigenous ministries in Iraq and surrounding countries are on the frontlines helping Iraqi believers targeted by ISIS. Christian Aid Mission assist these ministries in their work to provide food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing and care while sharing the love of Christ to Christians and Muslims.
You can sponsor an indigenous or native missionary to share the gospel with his people overseas. Native missions have proven to be among the most effective to share Christ. Native missionaries know the language, culture, political system, societal norms and already live among the people. There is no cost for language training, traveling and no time lost adjusting to a new environment. Especially needed is support for missionaries working in areas that North American missionaries are not allowed.
In dozens of countries around the world, God is using Christian Aid to bless orphaned and neglected children through our child sponsorship program. These are boys and girls who need monthly assistance for meals, shelter, education and medical care. Some receive compassionate care in children's homes run by indigenous missionaries. Others live with family members who lack the adequate resources for food, clothing or schooling. While practical needs are being met, children learn of God's love.
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