Lighthouse Angels

Memphis, TN

Founded: 2021

Tel: (901) 273-4844


Top LeaderMr. James Wolobah

Donor Contact: Mr. James Wolobah

Member Since: March 31, 2023

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   Cash Donations $151,104
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   Total Revenue $151,104
   Total Expenses $23,374
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Total Assets $127,730
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Net Assets $127,730
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The mission of Lighthouse Ministries is to improve the quality of lives of the less fortunate and most vulnerable in our communities through love, care, share, and social services. This mission is carried out by our dedicated and selfless volunteer force whose outreach efforts will find, stabilize and assist the less fortunate and most vulnerable in our communities. The organization's mission is also furthered through deterrence and resource programs provided in schools, in shelter homes, in school based tutoring and training programs, outreach initiatives, and via the Internet.

We support environmental protection by helping to plant trees each year. funding is needed to purchase and plant more tress.
We are evangelizing parts of Africa and the middle East in church planting and discipleship. We need donations to print more training materials and have more Bibles to distribute as well as transportation for laborers.
Lighthouse Angels, Inc seeking donations to enable it implement its "Feeding the Hungry" programs in America and Africa. We are also seeking donations to continue to do our evangelism in America, Africa and the middle East. We are embarking on church planting and discipleship in several ocean countries. We promote this program in conjunction with our social service project that caters to vulnerable women and children in areas of family planning, disease prevention, adult literacy and various sho
Help us reduce gun violence in Memphis-Shelby County, TN with our buy-back guns program from off the streets as well as reaching out to young people to engage them in career development, job search and education.
Because fentanyl and substance abuse are killing many young people across America and here in Shelby County, TN, Lighthouse Angels, Inc, is embarking on an opioid and fentanyl reduction program. The program aims to find troubled young people and enroll them into life changing workshops that will empower them to lead a life free of opioid and fentanyl. the program has a career development and educational component coupled with referrals.
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