In Touch Mission International (ITMI)

Tempe, AZ

Founded: 1981

Tel: (480) 968-4100


Donor Contact: Mr. Steve Evers

Member Since: November 1, 1982

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $1,479,235
   Noncash Donations $22,563
   Other Revenue $1,019
   Total Revenue $1,502,817
   Total Expenses $1,392,644
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Revenues and Expenses are rarely equal.
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Total Assets $1,492,722
Total Liabilities $12,402
Net Assets $1,480,320
Nonprofits need operating reserves.
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In Touch Mission International is a mission focused on spreading the Gospel in restricted-access countries. We serve the Church in areas where they are experiencing difficulty because of persecution, a war-time situation or severe economic hardship. ITMI predominantly supports the work of national Christian leaders by making the Church's plight known to her brothers and sisters around the world. Through this, we are able to raise prayer and financial support so that followers of Christ can continue serving their people during the difficult times in their country. We also support the Church through providing training and materials as well as by sending short-term and long-term missionaries to partner with the nationals. We are currently serving in the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe, as well as South Africa, Sudan, Western Africa and Uganda.

Dr. Adrian Ban and his wife, Ema, serve Romanian families by holding marriage counseling seminars as well as overseeing the children’s ministry in their local church. They hope to open a retreat center for families as a place of renewal for married couples.
Andrew and Anna Gorski are a passionate, Christ centered and energetic Polish couple whom God has called to serve young seekers and new believers who come to Christ mainly through Gospel Joy ministry. They live in Poznan, Poland.
Bread of Life, founded by Richard and Brooke Nungesser, serves Polish homeless people by offering them hot meals, warm clothing, counseling, and most importantly, hope in Jesus Christ.
Charl van Wyk serves in South Africa through a unique ministry to freedom fighters and terrorists. He organizes prayer vigils, marches, protests, and rallies. Charl is also involved in training Christian leaders through Biblical worldview seminars.
Daniel has accepted God’s call to Poland – bringing the Good News from the perspective of a hybrid! He is both an “insider” and an “outsider” – a Polish-American who knows the English and Polish languages fluently, and has a firm grasp of both cultures. He has a passion to share the love and truth of Jesus with his countrymen. By understanding the context and many nuances of the culture, Daniel longs to show them that it’s possible to be a born-again Christian and still be Polish!
Principal Eugene Kalunga and his staff of Excellence Christian Academy provide education from a biblical worldview for children in Kabwe. ECA prepares them to be effective Christian leaders in whatever field of work God chooses to place them.
Gospel Joy impacts Polish culture and transforms individuals with the message of Jesus Christ using gospel music and through discipleship, Bible studies, worship services, national network of choirs, workshops and concerts.
The International School of Missions trains Christian leaders to impact their local communities. Many of the students are already in leadership in their local churches. Muhindo Kawede, ISM Principal, serves the young men and women who come to them for training.
Jim LaRose ministers to Polish foster children in the care of the government. There are many children in Poland who are being raised in environments where alcohol is the most commonly consumed liquid. These cold, uncaring and hopeless environments eventually cause these young people to be disconnected from everything - even life itself. Others are raised in government foster homes by paid employees who do not care about the children at all.
Kelly and Cherise Smith minister in the area of Zulu Natal South Africa to HIV/AIDS victims and their families. They use their farm property to provide education and relief for HIV/AIDS victims in order to share the Gospel with them.
Leszek and Ania Wakula minister to abused teenagers in Lodz through a Christian youth club where they develop relationships with them in order to present Christ’s message of hope.
The Kanyama township is a poor area with just 180 pastors for 300,000 citizens. Only a few of these have ever had any formal training. Lusaka Bible College (LBC) provides a secure place where these pastors can study and learn how to properly shepherd their flocks.
Mark Parris pastors a church in Durbanville, South Africa. He disciples and trains Christian leaders and has helped his congregation reach out to street children in the community.
Bread of Life’s Transitional Home - New Life Center - offers homeless Polish men a place to reintegrate into society. NLC staff hold the men accountable, provide godly counsel, and train them in critical life and job skills while also teaching them about the new life they can have in Christ.
As a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, poverty, and a host of other factors, many children in South Africa are born unwanted by their parents. Many times, parents who don’t want the “burden” of raising children simply dispose of their offspring in any way that is convenient. A better solution is allowing someone who loves the Lord and children to raise these unwanted ones as their own. Gerhard and Elmane le Roux are Christian parents who provide such a solution.
Paul and Molly live and pastor a small body of believers in the slums of India, where Hindu and/or Islam are the overwhelming cultural forces. They also have an intense ministry using athletics to care for, unite and invest in boys from the streets. Paul and Molly also minister to forgotten and impoverished widows and orphans. Paul and Molly also have responsibility for 19 girls whose lives were saved from the practice of female infanticide which is common in their area.
Polish Bible Translation Project (PBTP) is a translating and editing body based in Poznan, Poland, whose mission is to transform Poland for God. Since 2002, we have been working on the new Polish Bible translation, which so far has yielded Poland the New Testament in the contemporary language (pub. 2007). PBTP is a translating and editing body within K5N Baptist Church in Poznan, Poland. Together, we want to saturate Poland with the Word of God and take this passion to the ends of the earth.
Poznan International Church offers the many students studying in Poznan a place to hear the Gospel of Christ in English and connect with people who care. Poznan International University attracts students from all over the world. These students come to Poznan without friends or family and are actively looking for a way to connect with others. Because of this, there is a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ with them.
The Nungessers are the Founders and International Directors of Bread of Life, and Richard is the pastor of Poznan International Church. They moved to Poland in 2000 to share the gospel by teaching English. But when they discovered the great needs of the destitute and homeless in Poland, they founded the Bread of Life ministry to help Polish people meet the needs of their fellow countrymen.
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