Sonrise Ministries

Middleburg, FL

Founded: 2009

Tel: (904) 878-0078


Top LeaderMr. Talmadge James

Donor Contact: Mr. Arthur Bennett

Member Since: February 28, 2021

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   Cash Donations $872,702
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   Other Revenue $5,800
   Total Revenue $878,502
   Total Expenses $1,035,020
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Other $0
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Total Assets $155,819
Total Liabilities $116,130
Net Assets $39,689
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Provide relief and aide to those in need both in the U.S and abroad. - CURRENT PROGRAMS IN SOUTHERN UGANDA: Sonrise Babies Home - established 2009 rescues and cares for vulnerable babies. Family reunification. - - Sonrise Children's Home. Started 2010 as an offspring of the Sonrise Baby Home. Cares for 70+ children. Family reunification. - - Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls - established 2011, cares for rescued vulnerable girls. Cares for 30+ girls. - - Sonrise Christian Nursery & Primary School. Established Feb 2018. Serves Sonrise and 150+ village children. - - Melchizedek Pastoral Ministry. Pastoral training and church planting. 8 churches currently.

Construct 2.5 km access road between Sonrise Children’s Home and adjoining provincial road. Raise the road grade with culvert cross drains and grade to finish grade. The Sonrise Children’s Home serves 70 orphaned children and leadership, primary / nursery school and farm. The ministry serves to promote the Good News of Christ in their area of influence through education, farming, school, outreach and discipleship.
Raising up indigenous biblically sound pastors and establishing growing church bodies in Uganda. Led by Pastor Ivan Mukulu, Jinja, Uganda, and mentoring U.S. based churches and pastors, we are striving to grow Gods Church through pastoral training and care. Involves months of bible and leadership training, evangelism, community work, prayer-walking, benevolence, home visits, building mud-hut homes for the poor, and counseling.
The Sonrise Children’s Home, Kamuli District Uganda, provides a home, care and education to about 70 children who have been orphaned for various reasons. Some have been with us since they were babies. The need is to provide annual dental cleanings. We offer child sponsorships, but it does not address all the costs necessary to raise the children. The ministry serves to promote the Good News of Christ in their area of influence through education, farming, school, outreach and discipleship.
Malaria is very prevalent near the Sonrise Children’s Home and School. A key component of preventing an infection is using mosquito nets on beds, without holes, to keep mosquitos out during sleep. With the constant wear and tear of draping, tucking and untucking the nets under the mattress pad, nets must be replaced frequently. Treatment requires medication, IV drip and test kits. We strive to assist village families with nets and medications when possible.
Supports the Sonrise Ministries Home and Primary & Nursery School medical clinic which provides medical services to 500+ children and leadership. Maintains supplies for nurse’s station. Basic first aid, midwifery, dehydration, malnutrition, bacterial infections, malaria, etc. MMR, Typhoid, Hep B, Yellow Fever vaccines. Malaria meds, pain relievers, antibiotic ointments, typhoid test kids and medications, ring worm creams, bandages, IV saline drip supplies, etc.
We partner with Sonrise Children’s Home and Melchizedek Pastoral Ministry in Uganda to support humanitarian aid and discipleship of believers. A critical aspect of our church planting efforts is the ability to provide a copy of God's word. For $10 per copy we can purchase a copy of God’s Word either in Lugandan or English. In our predominant Muslim area, God’s Word if cherished among Christian Believers.
Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls, a rescue home opened in 2018 to provide a safe, caring, loving environment for young girls living on the streets of Jinja. Currently caring for and educating 34 girls. Needs: construct critical infrastructure, maintain operational staff, increase sponsorship of girls and village children to attend school, vehicles, continue discipleship efforts.
The Sonrise Children’s Home currently cares for 66 resident children and 8 resettled in villages. The ministry includes 3 duplex living cottages, cafeteria/meeting hall, primary and nursery school, and farm. Their need is to construct critical infrastructure, maintain operational staff, vehicles, increase sponsorship of children and village children to attend school and continue discipleship efforts. They serve as a hub in neighboring villages to share the Good News of Jesus.
Established in 2009 to rescue and save babies in Uganda who are starving or in need, and seek to provide a loving and safe environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the ultimate goal being that they would know the saving love of Jesus Christ and grow in His grace. Needs: construct critical infrastructure, maintain operational staff, increase general fund and vehicles.
Provides critical food for our Children’s Home, School children and leadership by providing labor and materials to increase food production. Crops include maize, sweat potatoes, green peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, green beans, dry beans, rice, edible sugar cane, spinach, bananas, matooke, papaya, pineapple, cabbage, passion fruit, mango, eggplant, bitter melon, greens and Irish potatoes. Supports our efforts of becoming self-sustaining reducing requirements for produce purchases.
A mission born of love by 3 orphaned Ugandan siblings, to rescue starving and vulnerable children of Uganda. Established in 2010 with the Sonrise Baby Home followed shortly by the Sonrise Children’s Home, Mirembe Cottage for Girls, Pastoral Training Ministry, economic development, education and discipleship. This project supports our general fund which includes grants to 3 Ugandan NGO's and US operating expenses.
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