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Ministry Description
A3 is a global leader network that changes the few who change the many. A3 nurtures intentional learning communities to build and sustain Christ's leaders around the world.

VISION: A vibrant community accelerating Christ-centered movements around the world.

MISSION: We equip and unify visionary Christ-centered leaders to influence Spirit-led change.


We foster purposeful networks with high-impact leaders to face their unique challenges... together.


A3 leaders are carrying the opportunity to reach many people in their local communities with the transforming message of Jesus Christ. They are positioned and poised to grow alongside other leaders with shared purpose.


Our process is centered around the belief that a Spirit-led community can change the culture of an entire nation—virtually anything—toward Christ's purposes. We give leaders a structure to connect and sustain each other, accelerate their own ministries, and expand the love of Jesus throughout their communities.


The relationships that develop in the context of this experience provide a network for ongoing collaboration, friendship, and growth long after the cohort graduates.

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Ministry Details
ECFA Charter Member
Location: Cerritos, CA
Founded: 1965
Tel: (626) 914-8990
Top Leader: Rev. Joseph Handley
Donor Contact: Mr. Mark Larsen
Member Since: February 1, 1980
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